I haven’t really seen a list of lesbian movies anywhere

I’ve never seen a post or anything that lists lesbian movies, but I’ve seen a lot of people asking for some to watch, so I thought I’d make a list. Here are a few lesbian movies that you can (mostly) watch online or on a streaming service (there is some explicit content in some most of these movies, fair warning):

  • Claire of the Moon (1992): Description here, available on Hulu or watch here
  • Imagine Me & You (2005): Description here, link to watch here
  • Loving Annabelle (2006): Description here, available on Netflix and Hulu or watch here
  • I Can’t Think Straight (2008): Description here, link to watch here
  • Kyss Mig (2011): Description here, available on Netflix or watch here
  • Elena Undone (2010): Description here, available on Netflix or watch here
  • Bloomington (2010):  Description here, available on Netflix or watch here
  • Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013): Description here, available on Netflix or watch here
  • Still a Rose (2015): Description here (disclaimer: this is a short film that has four different couples, one being lesbian), link to trailer here
  • Raven’s Touch (2015): Description here, available on Hulu or watch here
  • Carol (2015): Description here, link to watch here
  • Almost Adults (2016): This movie hasn’t been released yet, but here is the website

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The BPD is supposedly conducting an “internal investigation” on the matter… here’s a list of reasons why the investigation should be outsourced:

 "As a matter of policy, each person who makes a formal complaint against a Bloomington Police Department employee will be advised of the final result of the investigation. If you have any questions about the internal investigation policy or procedures, please contact the office of the Chief of Police at (309) 434-2350.“

they have no obligation to tell us ANYTHING about the process, just the person who filed what they decide in the end. no way. no. nope.


You might not believe it at first, but this amazing model of Howl’s Moving Castle is actually a work of unbelievably awesome cosplay. It was created by Hopkins, Minnesota-based artist Sonja Cool of Elentari Cosplay. She spent a year and a half working on this spectacular project, which weighs 30 pounds, features LEDs illuminating each house on the castle, and blows smoke. So awesome.

Cool told BuzzFeed: “It’s a base of chicken wire, 12-gauge wire, with a little bit of mattress pad foam, and then a TON of EVA craft foam,” says Sonja. “The houses are made with foam poster board […] I also used a bit of Apoxie sculpt on the church, and a lot of wood glue to fill in cracks. I bought a largest glue gun I could from the hardware store when I first started, and I’m proud to say I have worn it out.”

Still don’t believe us? Here you can get a peek at her feet peeking out from under the castle:

Cool wore her geektastic walking castle at CONvergence in Bloomington, MN and won Best Master and People’s Choice in their Masquerade Costume Contest.

Click here to watch a video of this awesome cosplay in actionat CONvergence.

Visit the Elentari Cosplay on Facebook or DeviantArt for more photos of Sonja Cool’s outstanding costume.

Photos by Peter J Verrant and Elentari cosplay respectively.

[via Fashionably Geek]