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Hannibal Girls & Disney Princesses

Abigail Hobbs: Melody from “The little Mermaid 2″

Alana Bloom: Snow White from “Snow Whote and the seven Dwarfs”

Bedelia Du Maurier: Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”

Freddie Lounds: Merida from “Brave”

Beverly Katz: Pocahontas from “Pocahontas”

Margot Verger: Jane Porter from “Tarzan”

Bella Crawford: Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”

Chiyoh: Mulan from “Mulan”



F I R E  A N D  B L O O D 

         The Targaryen dynasty united the Seven Kingdoms and lasted nearly three centuries. It was a dynasty forged in fire, sealed in blood, and destroyed by rebellion.          The Targaryens are blood of the dragon, descended from the nobility of ancient Valyria, a once mighty empire in the East. When the cataclysmic Doom laid waste to Valyria and its people, the Targaryens survived, having settled on the island fortress of Dragonstone years before. They remained there for a century, until the rise of Aegon the Conqueror. lnstead of attempting to reclaim the eastern lands of his ancestors, Aegon sailed west for the Seven Kingdoms, his sisters Visenya and Rhaenys at his side.          To keep the bloodlines pure, Aegon continued the custom of his Valyrian ancestors and took both of his sisters to wife. Together, they came ashore on the eastern coast of Westeros. Their blazon - a dragon with three heads, representing Aegon and his sister wives.         And their words? Fire and Blood. While their host was small in comparison to the armies of Westeros that awaited them, Aegon and his sisters had a secret weapon - the last of the dragonsHe conquered every kingdom, save Dorne, which eventually bowed to Targaryen rule a century later.          He had the swords of his enemies melted down by the fiery breath of his dragon, Balerion the Black Dread, and forged into the Iron Throne. The capital city of King’s Landing was built on the eastern coast, where Aegon and his sisters first came ashore. And Aegon ordered the construction of a royal castle on its highest hill - the Red Keep.          For 300 years, the Targaryen dynasty stayed strong in the face of rebellion, civil war and plague. But the line of dragon kings was broken when Aerys Targaryen, the second of his name, was overthrown in rebellion. Aerys was betrayed and slaughtered by Ser Jaime Lannister, a member of his own Kingsguard.          His son and heir, Rhaegar Targaryen, perished on the field of battle at the hands of Robert Baratheon, who claimed the Iron Throne for himself.

“How odd I can have all this inside me and to you, it’s just words.”- David Foster Wallace.


The fully blossomed camellia fell from his lips, followed by a thin line of blood. Scarlet dripped onto the flower’s golden stamens, staining them the same shade as the surrounding petals.

Leaves and stems suffocated his lungs as they continue to grow within the constricted space, bearing blossoms that only bloomed with winter’s first snow.

White covered his surroundings like a soft blanket and muffled all other sound besides his own breathing. The icy flakes dusted his hair and eyelashes. He blinked them away.

The red petals spotted the clean snow till they were picked up by the passing wind and blown far away.

Softly, gently, lovingly, he whispered the name again.


Dazai let the blossoms escape without hindrance. 

“I love you.”

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Yoonmin vs Jikook. Jungkook loves Yoongi, but Yoongi loves Jimin, a sweet and fragile boy who needs all the protection of the world (in the eyes of Yoongi). Jungkook Jimin gets angry and starts to be mean to him until he was hit by the kindness of Jimin and begin to see it with new eyes (passionate eyes, please). Jimin will match it, claiming to Yoongi he wanted to be treated like a person and not like a porcelain doll. Jikook happy ending.

Thank you really much for the prompt, dear Moussy!!!! ❤❤ I hope that you’ll like it~ C:

Title: Porcelain and cookies
Pairing: Jikook ; one-sided!Yoonmin ; one-sided!Sugakookie
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Genre: Uuuuuuhm…. fluff and angst? ^^
Word Count: 5.4k+
Warning: swearing, character death, mentioned illness

Jeongguk walks with springy, excited steps and looks at his reflection in every shopping window he passes. A satisfied smirk spreads across his face at the sight: he wears the nicest, coolest clothes he could find in the depth of his messy wardrobe, strictly black and white because those are Yoongi’s favorite colors. The backpack within the piano sheets hangs loosely from his broad shoulder, one hand is in the pocket of his black skinny jeans. His hair is perfectly styled; dark, soft locks curling from under his beanie (because Yoongi likes beanies so much). He looks good and confident – or at least, he hopes so.

He has to look extremely good and confident today though, because today is the first time he is going to visit Yoongi’s own apartment. Min Yoongi’s very own apartment, and they going to be together alone for one entire hour (that’s the duration of Jeongguk’s piano lessons). Well, they were already together alone other times but this is the first when Yoongi invited him to his flat.
A flat. Where no one can disturb them. Where there is a bed… Jeongguk tries to restrain his mind before it could go crazy and start to create inappropriate images. His stomach flips and he can’t stop smiling, even though the nervousness makes his head dizzy and palm clammy.

The weather is not really nice because dark grey clouds are floating through the sky, so this is not a day what people usually call ’perfect’ – but still, Jeongguk thinks, it’s perfect, because today is the day when Jeon Jeongguk will finally seduce Min Yoongi after almost six excruciating months of pining.

Jeongguk inhales and exhales deeply, calming down his racing heart. He was way too excited about today and after picking out the perfect outfit for hours, he rushed through the entire city to arrive on time. That’s why he stands at the specified location – right in front of Yoongi’s apartment house – half an hour earlier than the beginning of his lesson. He checks himself out again in the screen of his phone, combs away one annoying lock from his forehead and then nods to his own reflection. Okay, he can do this!
He has nothing to do but wait for 30 minutes and figure out how exactly would he seduce Yoongi. (Because he has more than a hundred plans in mind but he has to choose the best one which will definitely work.)

A moment later a single waterdrop falls on the asphalt, next to Jeongguk. It makes a small, dark patch – a warning sign. Jeongguk looks up with a frown. No, no, no, not today when he has no umbrella! It can’t be—

Yes, it can. The rain starts with tiny drops but then it turns into a thunderstorm in no time. The water is pouring and the wind almost blows Jeongguk’s beanie away. Spring is like this, capricious, so he should’ve bring the damn umbrella with him, Jeongguk thinks irritably as he runs to the gateway with his hoodie on. It’s late though, the storm already messed up his perfect outfit and hair, water dripping from his curls and his sweater is soaked on the shoulders. His phone beeps and the boy reads the text from Yoongi with a pout.

’ Sorry, Jeongguk-ah, I’m going to be a little late. So you don’t have to hurry. – Y

Jeongguk knits his eyebrows together and shivers lightly; the wind is chilly and the small raindrops are pricking his skin like needles. Yoongi probably thinks that he is still at home now… He texts back a short message immediately: ‘ It’s okay, hyung. Take your time. – Guk ’.

He likes the way Yoongi sometimes calls him ‘Guk’, it sounds good on the older boy’s deep, hoarse voice. The nickname sounds and looks in the text so… intimate. Jeongguk smiles fondly as his thumb is circling around Yoongi’s name what is flashing on the phone screen. He is so immersed in his own thoughts that he doesn’t even notices the cold wind against his skin anymore, or the other person’s presence next to him.

“Hello,” a cheerful, smooth voice chirps and Jeongguk’s head jerks up, startled. “Are you waiting for someone? You can’t go inside?” A boy around Jeongguk’s age stands in front of him, his cheeks are round and his eyes are soft, and there is a plastic bag full of food in his hand.

He is pretty. With his pink, plush lips, cute button nose and fluffy brown hair, the stranger is incredibly pretty and attractive. If Jeongguk were not that into a certain swearing, pale-skinned, sharp-gazed pianist, he would might smile a little bit more flirtatiously.

But since he is that into a certain pianist plus he is too awkward and shy to shamelessly flirt with strangers, his smile (or more like a grimace) is weak and his muscles are stiff. Not flirtatious at all.

“Ye-ah,” he mutters and then immediately clears his throat. “I’m waiting for my piano tutor, he is coming soon.”

“You are talking about Min Yoongi, right?” The boy asks with a giggle and Jeongguk can’t help but smile a little at the adorable sound. Who the hell allowed this person to be this goddamn cute? This level of cuteness is unfair – it’s bad for Jeongguk’s heart and health. Min Yoongi is already enough distraction in Jeongguk’s life, he doesn’t need hot strangers whose giggling sounds like sunshine and chocolate cakes and all the happiness in the world.


“Come in,” the boy invites Jeongguk while pressing the right numbers on the gate’s keypad. “I’m Yoongi-hyung’s flatmate and friend. You can wait for him at our place if you want.”

The storm roars around them and the water is cascading from the roofs. Jeongguk only hesitates for a second before nodding and mumbling a "Thank you.”

"No problem,” the boy smiles and his eyes turn into tiny crescents. Jeongguk wants to melt, the boy looks so squishy and puppy-like. While making their way towards the staircase, he shakes the raindrops off his orange umbrella, and Jeongguk notices that he is limping pretty bad. "I’m Jimin, by the way,” the limping boy continues their conversation. "Park Jimin. Nice to meet you!”

And just like that, Jeongguk’s nice feelings about the boy disappear in a blink of an eye. He stops and looks at Jimin, eyes wide with disbelief, his stomach squeezes in disgust.

”You are Jeon Jeongguk-sshi, right? Yoongi-hyung talked about you a lot,” Jimin continues and he is about to pat Jeongguk’s shoulder in a friendly manner. Jeongguk slaps Jimin’s hand away.

"Don’t touch me,” he hisses, the anger and jealousy bubbling in his guts like molten lava. He can see the confused and hurt look in Jimin’s eyes (eyes which are definitely not pretty at all, no, they are ugly slits) but he ignores the slight pang in his chest. He actually wants to hurt Jimin, wants to torture and destroy him, because—

Because from the very beginning, Yoongi didn’t really like to talk about his personal life. But on the rare occasions when he did, he always talked about that he is working as a pianist at the Opera’s orchestra. Those times his eyes became uncharacteristically dreamy and soft while remembering and ranting about some guy called Park Jimin. All Yoongi could talk about with passion was music and that Jimin guy. For example, how he and Park Jimin practiced for hours and then ate salad together. Or how once Jimin told him a lame pun and then laughed at his own joke so hard, the whole Opera echoed the sound. How kind and harmless Park Jimin is. How fragile and sweet and caring he is. Yoongi didn’t say those things openly but Jeongguk heard the compliments and affection in his husky voice, it was obvious by the way his tone became smoother whenever he was talking about Jimin. Yoongi didn’t tell him who this mysterious Park Jimin is and what kind of relationship they share but when Jeongguk finally gathered the courage and asked it outright, Yoongi looked away and grumbled a quiet ’We are good friends, that’s all’.

From that moment, even though Jeongguk still didn’t know who Park Jimin is, he decided that he hates the guy.
Everything about him made Jeongguk upset. The tender look and the sparkle in Yoongi’s eyes, his softening expression, the ghost of a smile lingering on his lips whenever he was talking about Jimin. The light pink what was blooming on his snow-white cheeks at the mention of Jimin’s name. Jeongguk usually was not that good at reading people’s emotions but he studied Yoongi so much, now he already knows the pianist’s every gesture by heart. He tried to make Yoongi laugh, he tried to make him smile as brightly as Jimin’s name could, but failed. He had no chance against that fucking Jimin guy, and this harsh fact made Jeongguk go crazy, it made the blood boil in his veins and his heart burn with envy.

And now, the object of his built-up jealousy and hatred is standing in front of him with a troubled and slightly offended expression.

"U-hm, excuse me?” Jimin stutters and looks at Jeongguk with his deep hazel eyes. Which are not beautiful and fascinating at all, no. Ugly slits. Jeongguk grits his teeth and his hands ball into fists.

"I changed my mind. I’ll wait for Yoongi-hyung here,” he states dryly, looking around the corridor.

"B-but…“ He stops and searches for Jeongguk’s eyes. When he finds them, there is nothing in them but hardness. “Did I do something wrong to you?” Jimin asks resignedly and still confusedly.

His voice is so pained, Jeongguk almost feels guilty. Almost. Then he remembers that Jimin not only constantly steals Yoongi’s attention and affection away from him but he even lives together with the pianist.

"Yes. You were born,” he spits to Jimin and turns away from the boy. Maybe he is childish. Maybe he is unreasonable. Maybe he is too whipped for Min Yoongi to think straight.

There is a minute of silence, heavy with questions and unsaid words, but Jeongguk steels himself and doesn’t look back. He studies the tiles of the corridor with stiff muscles while chewing on his bottom lip. Only when hears Jimin’s limping, shuffling steps farther and farther, he dares to take a glance towards the top of the stairs where Jimin’s slender form is waiting for the elevator.

Ten minutes later, Park Jimin comes back with a fluffy towel in his arms.

“I don’t want you to catch a cold, Jeongguk-sshi.” That’s all he says before pushing the towel into the dumbstruck Jeongguk’s hand.

Jeongguk hates that he doesn’t know and can’t understand the reason behind Park Jimin’s illogical kindness. Jeongguk hates the softness and sweet scent of the towel. And Jeongguk definitely hates that – when he is about to leave Yoongi’s apartment after the lesson and it’s still raining outside – that there is an orange umbrella waiting for him in the foyer.

"I was kicked out of the studio last week, so I had to reorganize Jeongguk’s lesson somewhere else. It’s a great luck that I have a piano at home.”

"Yeah, it is,” Jimin agrees. "He played Chopin’s Winter Wind really well.”

"He is the most talented student I’ve ever had,” Yoongi says with a small smile and beaming eyes. "Taehyung is pretty good too, but Guk is awesome. He has a great flair for music and he is pretty hard-working. I’m really proud of him.”

Jimin nods while smiling sadly. He finally met today with this ’Guk’ guy, of whom Yoongi always speaks in superlatives. He heard through the paper-thin walls that how undeniably talented Jeon Jeongguk is, and it’s good to see Yoongi being happy and smiling wholeheartedly. (It’s unfortunately a rare sight. As rare as his praises.)
But still, he can’t forget the piercing gaze said oh-so-talented Jeongguk was throwing at him a few hours ago.

”Why didn’t you came out your room and introduced yourself to Guk, Jiminie?”

”Sorry… I was trying to sleep,” he lies, his tongue feels heavy when the words roll off it. "You told Jeongguk-sshi about me?” Jimin asks cautiously after a small pause. "I ran into him this afternoon in front of the doorway, and as soon as I introduced myself, he seemed like… Like he was angry at me for some reason.”

Yoongi frowns and his expression darkens. "That brat! Did he say something rude to you?”

Jimin bites his lips and shakes his head. "No, not really. It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m just confus—”

"So he hurt your feelings, that little shit,” Yoongi concludes on a soft, too soft tone. His cold, bony fingers are tracing on Jimin’s tanned skin, his thumb draws tickling lines on his jaw. Jimin shudders and is about to flinch away but Yoongi’s hand comes up and cups his face, and he smiles at Jimin so fondly, it makes Jimin want to turn his head or close his eyes. He doesn’t want to see, to feel the sweetness and care in Yoongi’s every movement. This amount of sweet makes him sick.

"I’ll scold him next time we meet for being an asshole to you, Jiminie,” Yoongi continues, his hot breath is fanning over Jimin’s skin, goosebumps appearing on its surface when Yoongi pulls him into a hug. "Nobody can mess with you, not even my most talented student,” he whispers into Jimin’s silky hair and breathes in the scent of his citrus shampoo.

"You told him about me, hyung?” Jimin repeats, Yoongi’s cologne is strong and spicy around them.

"Yeah,” Yoongi murmurs into the crook of his neck and Jimin wants to jerk away. "But I didn’t say anything that could make him mad at you.” He strokes Jimin’s back lazily.

Yoongi wants to pull him even closer and kiss him, but he is afraid of being pushed away – again. He did it once, only once – trying to kiss Jimin –, but it ended with an awkward kiss on the cheek followed by a long silence and embarrassed laugher. Yoongi convinces himself that it’s fine, it’s enough and he can wait. Yoongi convinces himself that he can wait for Jimin forever.

"Then I really don’t understand,” Jimin shrugs and unfolds their embrace.

Yoongi inhales sharply and after a little pause, he asks, "What did he say? And what did you do at the doorway? I told you not to go anywhere without me! It’s dangerous, Jimin.”

His tone is strict and disciplining. Jimin suppresses the urge to roll his eyes. "I was just buying milk and bread, hyung. I was alright and finished shopping quickly,” he smiles at the other boy kindly.

Yoongi swallows thickly and nods. "Okay. But next time call me whenever you need something and I’ll buy it to you.”

Jimin wordlessly nods but his thoughts are already circulating around Jeon Jeongguk again. Before telling Jeongguk who he is, the boy talked nicely and shyly with him, and seemed really cute – just how Yoongi described him earlier. Jimin wants to know why Jeongguk changed his attitude as soon as he heard his name, and he wants to clarify if the younger boy holds a grudge against him.

"As long as I don’t find a new, cheap studio, I have to take the piano lessons in my apartment,” Yoongi speaks again.

Jimin decides to seize the opportunity and interrogate Jeongguk as soon as possible.

Jeongguk’s ’seducing Min Yoongi in his own flat’ plan didn’t work for two main reasons:

1. Yoongi seemingly has absolutely zero interest in Jeongguk besides his piano skills,


2. Park fucking Jimin was in the next room.

Today was a disaster and Jeongguk feels a teeny tiny bit guilty about being mean to Jimin (who is probably oblivious about the entire situation), but his anger and helplessness and disappointment easily suppresses it. He sighs and impulsively grabs his phone. He types ’Park Jimin Opera’ in the search bar and wonders if the internet could find that one person who Jeongguk is looking for. Park Jimin is a quite common name, after all.

To his great surprise, Park Jimin even has a Wikipedia article. Jeongguk curiously clicks on it and starts reading. It’s not much, considering the fact that Jimin is only 22, two years older than Jeongguk himself. Jeongguk learns that Jimin was a dancer of the Opera and the critics said that he was one of the most promising young talents. The article is written in past tense and is deficient; there is nothing more about Jimin or his career, nor Yoongi. On the official webpage of the Opera, Jimin’s name is not there among the dancers. Jeongguk’s eyes scan Jimin’s picture and he – even though hates to admit it – realizes again how pretty Jimin’s face is.

Jeongguk makes a small, resigned noise and types the random words ‘Park Jimin Opera ballet dance’ into the YouTube’s search bar as well. There are results, and he clicks on the first video; it’s a short fragment from the ballet Swan Lake where Jimin played the role of Prince Siegfried. The video has poor quality but Jeongguk still can clearly see Jimin’s movements, they are all powerful and clean, lithe and graceful. Jeongguk forgets how to breathe while following the dancer with his gaze, he can’t take his eyes off him. Jimin is like a fish in water: the stage is his natural element, and the spotlight makes his face gleam with joy. He is marvelous and stunning, and his smile… His smile is so bright and dazzling, oh God! Maybe he can understand now, why Yoongi is so enchanted by this guy.

The video ends, and Jeongguk has to blink a few times and inhale deeply because honestly, the dance took his breath away.
Under the video, one of the comments says ’poor boy, he was such a great dancer’. Jeongguk recalls Jimin’s limping figure and wonders, what happened with him. He goes to bed with nothing in his mind but Park Jimin, and that wide, genuinely happy smile of his. The morning finds him watching that video again on repeat, completely mesmerized.

”Jiminie, I’m going to go shopping. Do you need something?” Yoongi knocks on the door gently, hoping that the younger doesn’t sleep.

”Yeah, please buy me some lamb skewers, hyung,” Jimin’s answer comes immediately. ”And some chocolate.”

”Chocolate is not good for your health,” Yoongi shakes his head, even though Jimin can’t see it.

”Ah, c’mon, hyung, pretty please,” Jimin whines and Yoongi knows for sure that he is pouting behind the door right now. And he is always, always weak against Jimin’s pouting face and kicked puppy eyes.

”One bar. Only one,” he gives in grumpily, like he always does in the end but Jimin’s cheerful giggle washes the feeling of defeat away quickly.

”Thank y—” Jimin starts but before he could finish the sentence, Yoongi interrupts while entering the room.

”Guk has a lesson today at three o’clock. I told him what the door code is. If I don’t come home until then, please let him in.”

”O-okay,” Jimin bites his lip in nervously. ”Please try to come home as soon as possible, hyung,” he adds shyly.

A small chuckle escapes from Yoongi’s lips. ”Don’t worry, Jiminie, if he’s going to be mean to you again, I’ll break his spine.”

Jimin’s lips curl into a wide grin at the image of the small and thin Yoongi threatening and trying to break the tall and broad Jeon Jeongguk’s spine.

”What are those dishes on the kitchen counter, by the way?” Yoongi asks and Jimin shrugs.

”I just wanted to bake some cake today so I prepared the things I need.”

”Okay, do what you want, Jiminie,” the pianist smiles at him with that too-soft look in his eyes again. ”But don’t use the knife with the brown handle, it’s too sharp. Also, wait till I come back home and don’t use the oven, okay?”

”Hyung, I’m not your chi—“

“Jimin!” Yoongi says his name with that nagging tone Jimin hates so much.

”Fine, fine, whatever. Just go shopping already,” he murmurs with a scowl.

Yoongi bangs the door loudly. When he is finally alone, Jimin’s first path leads to the oven and he switches it to pre-heat.

Jeongguk presses the numbers with a slightly shivering finger, and when a loud beeep signs that the door is open now, he pushes it and walks into the house where Min Yoongi lives. He looks at the small note in his hand, the adress is written on it with messy handwriting. This is only the second time he visits this house and he needs something to confirm the exact adress. Fourth floor and apartment numbered 82. He climbs the stairs and rings the bell of the 82th apartment. He hears some shuffling and brattling, and while waiting for the door being opened, Jeongguk’s phone signs that he got a text.

’ Sorry, Guk-ah, I’m going to be a little late. Be nice to Jimin or I’ll kill you, brat. – Y

Jeongguk snorts at the feeling of déjà vu spreading uncomfortably in his chest. He decides to turn on his heel and wait for his piano tutor at the tiled corridor, like he did last time, but before he could rush away, the door swings open and Jeongguk finds himself face to face with a smiling Park Jimin.

Suddenly all memories from the last two days washing over Jeongguk: that fascinating video what he watched at least two times a hour every day, the way Jimin looked so unbelievably ethereal while dancing, and their first meeting in the rain. Jeongguk stares at Jimin and suddenly he wants to say or ask so many things but the words die on his tongue.

”Jeongguk-sshi,” Jimin smiles at him warily but his voice is warm and welcoming. ”Please come in and wait until Yoongi-hyung comes home.” He goes out of the way and waits till Jeongguk reluctantly but finally steps in the apartment. He pushes the key into the lock and then turns to the younger boy.

”I made cookies and they finally cooled down. Do you want some?”

”Uh, n-no. No, thanks,” Jeongguk is awkwardly shuffling with his boots, unable to look into Jimin’s eyes.

”You don’t know what you are missing,” Jimin giggles. ”My cookies are really fine!”

”It’s yours so I don’t wanna,” Jeongguk grumbles.

Jimin bites the inside of his cheek and forces cheerfulness into his voice. ”Alright then. Please take off your shoes and come in. Yoongi-hyung will be here soon.”

Jeongguk follows Jimin to the living room. Jimin’s limping is even more conspicuous than last time, his face contorts in pain when he sits down on the couch across from his guest.

”Do you want something to drink, Jeongguk-sshi?”

The silence is full of tension, it’s like the time freezes for a moment.

”No, thank you,” Jeongguk replies and his voice is more rigid than intended. Jimin’s smile falters and the corner of his mouth trembles a little.

”U-uhm, did I do something wrong to you? Please tell me, if I—” he starts on a small voice but Jeongguk interrupts him.

”Are you… Yoongi-hyung’s boyfriend?” He asks and Jimin blinks at him with a genuinely surprised face.

”No,” Jimin shakes his head and something sour flashes through his soft features. ”No, we are really good friends and flatmates. That’s all.”

Jeongguk grits his teeth, this is almost literally the same answer as the one what Yoongi gave him formerly.

”And you want this to change? Do you love him?” He doesn’t know why he is asking someone he barely knows about a sensitive topic like his love life, but he wants to know. He needs to know.

”No, I want us to stay friends,” Jimin sighs and he sounds so… tired. ”I like and respect him as a hyung, as a friend and as a musician, but that’s all. Why?” He stares into Jeongguk’s eyes and under that tender brown gaze, the younger boy feels being more exposed than ever.

”Well,” it’s embarrassing, damn, this whole situation is so damn awkward! ”Yoongi-hyung does want your relationship to change. He loves you,” Jeongguk breathes and his voice is barely audible. His nails are nervously scratching the fabric of the armchair and he looks everywhere but at Jimin.

”You think so?” Jimin chuckles but it sounds sad, more like a whine. Jeongguk finally rises his head and their eyes meet. ”That’s not true, he doesn’t love me.”


”He is in love with some illusion, not me. He is in love with the feeling of taking care of someone vulnerable, someone who is weaker and more fragile than him. He is in love with the feeling of being the stronger and protective one.” Jimin’s voice is nothing more than a whisper, he plays with his fingers and his expression turns bitter at the end.

Jeongguk swallows hardly, his throat feels dry and narrow. ”Is it because of your leg? Because you are limping?”

”So you noticed?” Jimin smiles ruefully at him, the orange afternoon light paints his contours golden and his fluffy hair glows like a halo. Jeongguk can’t tear his eyes off the sight because the boy in front of him looks so broken and still so incredibly, ethereally beautiful.

”It’s not that hard to notice,” he shrugs and a ghost of a smile appears on his lips when Jimin giggles.

”Yeah, you’re right.” He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. ”You know, Jeongguk-sshi, two years ago I was a dancer at the Opera.” Jeongguk nods with wide eyes. ”I had lead roles and everyone told me that I have a bright career ahead of me. Then…” Jimin pauses a little, like he is gathering the strength to continue the story. He wants to tell this to someone, anyone, because these unsaid words weigh on his heart and mind and sould, and Jimin feels like suffocating. ”Then me and a friend of mine, who was another dancer, had a car accident. My friend, Hoseok-hyung… He died.”

Jimin’s hands clench into fists and his eyes are too shiny. He tries to continue but his voice breaks and shakes, laced with pain and sorrow. He doesn’t really understand himself, why is he sharing these terrible, unbearably terrible memories with someone who is almost a complete stranger but there is something in Jeongguk’s round, innocent eyes what fuels him to tell the younger everything. ”Hoseokie-hyung was Yoongi-hyung’s best friend, they were almost inseperable and I—”

Jimin exhales and inhales slowly, trying to calm down. Jeongguk doesn’t know what he should do with the trembling boy – he was never good at dealing with emotions after all – so he sits next to him and clumsily caresses Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin immediately curls up against the other body’s warmth, and buries his face into Jeongguk’s shoulder. The younger boy is a bit surprised at the sudden hug but considering that Jimin said only a minute ago that a good friend of his died, he sympathetically wraps an arm around Jimin’s delicate figure. Soft, light brown hairlocks are tickling Jeongguk’s chin and small, so so small fingers are gripping his sweater. Jimin’s scent is intoxicating, it leaves a delicious citrus-like flavor in Jeongguk’s mouth.

”They had to amputate my leg,” Jimin speaks again, his voice is muffled by Jeongguk’s neck. ”I got a prosthetic leg, doctor Kim did an amazing job. But with a leg like this,” he pats his right leg, and it makes a metallic sound, ”I couldn’t continue my career as a ballet dancer. I was unemployed and ill, completely lost my hope and dreams. Then Yoongi-hyung offered me his place, he offered to take care of me. I think, he just wanted some distraction from his best friend’s death… He was dealing with Hoseok-hyung’s absence that he became overprotective of me and treated me like a porcelain doll.”

”Two years after the accident, he still accompanies me, even when I go down to the store just around the corner. He holds my bags and stuff, even if they are not heavy at all. He helps me walk, even though we both know that I can walk perfectly with this prosthetic leg now. I had another friends before the accident, like the conductor of the Opera’s orchestra, Namjoon-hyung, but Yoongi-hyung doesn’t allow me to go for a walk or do something on my own – he says it’s dangerous alone – so I didn’t really have a proper opportunity to meet with Namjoon-hyung or others. Sometimes I wonder if he even sees me as a person or just as some treasure which must be kept under lock and key?”

Jeongguk strokes Jimin’s soft hair gently, and draws circles on the small of his back. He wants to say something comforting, anything, but his voice catches in his throat. His antipathy and grudge towards Jimin flew out the window and all he feels now is sorry and some strange fondness.

”So that’s how you honestly feel about me, Jiminie.” The hoarse voice frightens both of them.

Yoongi stands in the doorway, his expression is unreadable as he watches Jimin in Jeongguk’s arms, pressing against the younger boy’s firm chest. His mouth is a thin line and there is something shrill in his gaze. Jimin immediately peels himself off of Jeongguk and limps towards his hyung as fast as he can. Tears are rolling down his cheeks as he cries Yoongi’s name.

”Hyung, n-no, I— I’m not… just…” He rambles and hiccups, wipes the tears away and Yoongi embraces him tightly.

”Go away,” Yoongi points at Jeongguk with his chin. ”Go home, Jeongguk. We will make up your lesson some other time.” When Jeongguk doesn’t move, Yoongi sighs. ”Leave us alone. Please.”

Jimin takes a glance at him, his brown eyes are beseeching, and Jeongguk leaves the apartment without a word.

That night he dreams about a boy as usual, but this time the boy doesn’t have long, bony and pale fingers but tanned, short and chubby ones. This time the boy doesn’t have sharp eyes and raspy voice but soft smile and a giggle what sounds like sunshine and chocolate cakes and all the happiness in the world.
Jeongguk wakes up with a smile probably for the first time in his whole life.

Jeongguk’s phone signs with a short sound that he got a message. It’s from an unknown number but Jeongguk opens it and a wide smile spreads across his face.

’ Hey, Jeonggukie, it’s Jimin. I’m so sorry about yesterday, I (and everything else) was a huge mess and… yeah, I’m truly sorry. But after you gone, we talked with Yoongi-hyung all night and I think now we understand each other a little bit better. I’ll tell you the details, if you want and care. ‘

Jeongguk hurriedly types back a ’ yes please ‘ and waits for the reply.

’ Well, Yoongi-hyung allowed me to meet with anyone I want, and apologized for the past two years. I still live with him and I’m more than thankful for his care but we both want to start again with a clean slate. Hyung will concentrate on his compositions and tutoring from now on, and I’ll start to work and plan my future. I want to help my family and get into a college. Also, hyung says that you can come to make up the piano lesson tomorrow at 5PM. (But I’m at home the whole day, if you wanna maybe come a bit earlier and eat some cookies~ I’d like to know you a little better after this, uh well, pretty awkward beginning. ^^) ’

Cookies, yeah. Very smooth, Jeongguk chuckles. He reads the line ’Yoongi-hyung allowed me to meet with anyone I want’ again, and decides to take it as a permission. With fluttering heart, he starts typing, his mind is swirling around Jimin and his beautiful, dazzling smile. Since the day he watched that video on YouTube, he thought about Yoongi romantically less and less, it’s almost frightening how fast he got over that crush on the pianist. But this is probably not a bad thing, not at all.

‘ I wanna start again with a clean slate too, Jimin-hyung, so there is no way I miss those cookies the second time. ;) ’

Today’s clothes. Trying to be a classy hobo, at the very least. Even if I’m still a hobo. I guess I don’t normally wear heels like this with lolita (I prefer shoes with an ankle strap!), but I just wanted to wear these shoes today and I felt they matched with the dress.

JSK is BTSSB, bolero is IW, shoes are TUK, tights are offbrand, and the hat is from a weird vintage store in Tucson. I miss Tucson vintage stores. They always had the best, weird stuff for insanely low prices.

anonymous asked:

Blooming Snow White anon here! Sorry for the lack of info. It's the regular jsk in pink, and I was hoping to go for something a bit more on the classic side rather than sweet. Thanks for the fast reply!

I think the biggest hurtle to jump would be a blouse because of the neck straps. If you wanted to remove them you could easily put it with a lot of different styles of blouses. Something in ivory/white/offwhite (whichever color the lace is I’m having trouble telling which) with a high collar would be a very elegant Classic look, but if you wanted to keep the neck straps you could look for something with a low Peter Pan collar and tuck the straps under the collar. You could also do a blouse with a square neckline so you’ll just see the sleeves and then the straps won’t have any competition. Then you could do lace tights or lace socks to compliment the gorgeous lace in the dress. From there you could continue with the pinks and whites into the hair accessory, shoes, bag, etc. or you could get away from that and do an accent color like the red you find in the print. Red shoes, if you like bonnets an ivory/white/offwhite bonnet with pink and red roses tucked in the brim would be pretty, or a flower headdress like this. Or you could do something more simple like a corsage. For jewelry I think gold would be really pretty, maybe with touches of the other colors in it. The gold jewelry Baby makes would be perfect. Then you could do lace gloves with a pretty ring for an added little Classic feel.