blooming snow white

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Blooming Snow White anon here! Sorry for the lack of info. It's the regular jsk in pink, and I was hoping to go for something a bit more on the classic side rather than sweet. Thanks for the fast reply!

I think the biggest hurtle to jump would be a blouse because of the neck straps. If you wanted to remove them you could easily put it with a lot of different styles of blouses. Something in ivory/white/offwhite (whichever color the lace is I’m having trouble telling which) with a high collar would be a very elegant Classic look, but if you wanted to keep the neck straps you could look for something with a low Peter Pan collar and tuck the straps under the collar. You could also do a blouse with a square neckline so you’ll just see the sleeves and then the straps won’t have any competition. Then you could do lace tights or lace socks to compliment the gorgeous lace in the dress. From there you could continue with the pinks and whites into the hair accessory, shoes, bag, etc. or you could get away from that and do an accent color like the red you find in the print. Red shoes, if you like bonnets an ivory/white/offwhite bonnet with pink and red roses tucked in the brim would be pretty, or a flower headdress like this. Or you could do something more simple like a corsage. For jewelry I think gold would be really pretty, maybe with touches of the other colors in it. The gold jewelry Baby makes would be perfect. Then you could do lace gloves with a pretty ring for an added little Classic feel.