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You have such cute clothes! Like not gym clothes (those are cute too though lol) but where do you shop?!

my gym clothes are mostly lulu lemon & nike or tjmaxx/marshalls/target 

for regular clothes i shop a lot at department stores (nordstrom, neiman, bloomies etc), urban, h&m, free people, zara,, jcrew for sweaters (!!)

i have really expensive taste and no money to fund it so i usually buy like one item at a time and my closet has just built up. but i honestly wanna chuck out my entire closet and start fresh so badly










Long overdue appreciation post for joan’s jammies – Part Deux

(Part one at

Kinda awesome that there were enough of these to make up two whole posts.

See where you can purchase some of these at, but be ready to drop some big bucks. ;) The giant eye one is $125 at bloomies, and the hawk one is $115 at shopbop.



1. + 2. Outside was gloomy so I dressed bloomy 😚🌺

3. CAFFEINATED CRYSTAL LIGHT might have an addiction

4. I like routine and since July’s a new month, I’m switching my lunch from berry salad to Greek veggie salad 😛

5. Tried a new flat out roll - not as burrito-y as I prefer but still good

6. + 7. My back will never be the same after tonight’s Crush60 workout omg. I could barely even lift my arms to take these selfies 😅


Enter the mind of Sprayground Blackout…The All New Cut & Sew ✖️ with Mesh & Camo details. Live on 7/13

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Damien looked quite taken aback b here sudden confession. He didn’t expect any of it, but the silliness and desperateness in her tone made him laugh in amusement. I’m not accusing you of doing something you didn’t do, miss.

“Ah really?” Sophie asked before emitting an embarrassed laugh, relieved to hear the words coming from the other’s mouth. Sure, picking flowers in a park where it was forbidden to do so wasn’t what people would consider a big crime, but she needed to clarify that the flower crown in her hands had nothing to do with the big, now empty and flower less hole left in the otherwise bloomy grass. “Thank you, I’m glad. They’re not even the same type of flowers, look!”

#repost @bloomie_sara //screams for 5 years// her part of our art trade ;7; she drew my gemsona oc aquamarine ;A; 💖💖💖💖

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Hi! Where do you get most of your clothes like dresses in particular.. you have a really good sense of fashion :)

Tough q because I don’t have one place I usually shop at- id check bloomies, Nordstrom, or online stores like urban, singer22, or mura boutique for dresses :)


I will always remember reading that even when pasteurized, a cheese made with a combination of milks will always have a fully rounded flavor- it imparts the creaminess of the cow’s milk, the slight tang of the goat milk, and the saltiness of the sheep milk. Here to test that theory today is Rocchetta- a cheese made from cow, sheep AND goat milk!

  • Country of Origin: Italy!
  • Milk type: pasteurized goat, sheep, and cow!
  • Rennet type: TBD

Rocchetta is a Robiola- which is a family of soft ripened cheeses made in Piedmont, Italy. Caseifico dell Alta Langha is the producer of Rocchetta- a name that you may recognize if you’ve ever tried another one of their rich little cheeses, La Tur. Rocchetta has a soft, bloomy rind, and an intense creaminess- when young, the texture is almost fluffy and chalky, but as it ages, Rocchetta starts to run a little bit. As one of my coworkers always used to say “I like my cheeses running out the door!”

Rocchetta is a younger cheese- aged for barely more than a week, which is why it’s so noteworthy that it has such remarkable flavor. many young cheeses stay mild- chevre, mozzarella etc. Mushroomey notes come through, as well as a slight tang reminiscent of creme fraiche, with a delicate earthiness. It is tart, and rich- a perfectly harmonious blend of milk types.

When eating Rocchetta, you’ve got many options! A glass of a nice, sparkling wine, and a hunk of honeycomb with fresh baked bread make a perfect appetizer or dessert out of this cheese, but one can just as deliciously use Rocchetta to make a sauce for pasta- just brown butter until nutty, pour over pasta of choice, toss in chunks of Rocchetta, steamed asparagus and capers, and toss until Rocchetta is melted. Tah dah!