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Regarding the eyes, how close to real vision is it? I know Chitz uses a work around to use less First Material and is therefore very different, but are Pymary Eyes basically regular vision? (Maybe even SUPER vison!?)

Duane’s eyes are okaaaay. Proper ocular simulacrae like the two eyes Duane was fortunate enough to be given by Lemuel are very pricey as they require enormously lengthy spellwork and hence high-end First Materials to hold it. They work almost as well as flesh eyes but the vision is bloomy, with Aspect-laden khert lines putting a bit of a golden haze onto things. That’s how they work, more or less. They read all the metadata in all the surrounding materials and translate it into visual signals for the mind. I could get really technical with them and decree Duane can’t see First Materials, but I’m just saying there are workarounds programmed into them for that because needless complexity is a drag.

There are definitely nicer models of eyes out there and sure, ones with super vision and all kinds of bells and whistles. But Duane’s are simply adequate.

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If Dwayne's eyes read khert metadata from materials around him, why can't the stupid attack zombie tell limestone from basalt?!

That’s how the back-end works, but they’re not like Terminator vision where it’s a constant floating read-out of Aspects and Materials. It’s all translated to normal vision for his mind to process. He sees just like us, but with a bloomy golden haze and random hair-fine strands dancing at the periphery.

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Hey Lauren! I go to school on the Upper East Side and I would definitely recommend checking out Alice's Tea Cup or Serendipity! They're both only a few blocks away from bloomies, too 😉

So you’re basically like Blair Waldorf ;) Thank you for the suggestions!! I’ve never heard of Alice’s Tea Cup so I’ll have to look into it - but Serendipity is always a definite yes :)

Anyone else have suggestions for where I should eat/shop in NYC? :)

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Hi. I'm Maddi and I am a 15 year old girl from England. I saw your post on my dash about how you wanted people to message you so I'm doing just that. How's Sweeden? What's the weather like? Where is your favourite place in the world? What do you think you would do to the world if you had magic? Do you believe in magic? What kind of magic do you want? Where do you want to be in 6 years?I hope you have a fantastic day and smile all the while. But not at a crocodile :)

Hi, Maddi! Thank you for taking you time to message me :) 

Sweden is beautiful with lots of trees and nature. You can even see a wall of mountains surrounding you when driving on the highway. We have seasons, so it changes up from warm summers to bloomy springs to orange and red autumns and to ice cold winters when everything is covered in white thick snow. 

My favorite place on earth is France because I love the rich history, the language, the style, the food and the atmosphere. Or it could also be venice because it’s such an unique city in the midst of water and romantic canals. What about you? 

Oh, I want to believe in magic but I don’t… If only because I’ve never seen it. It would have been cool though, wouldn’t it? But if I had it I’m pretty certain that I’d make myself wise and fill my head up with knowledge and information. 

In 6 years I’ll be 23 and hopefully alive. I’ll want to live in my own apartment, studying psychology or history and learning to be an independent adult.

I hope you’ll have a fantastic day as well! :)