Yahoo and Bloom Energy Light Up Fuel Cells on Sunnyvale Campus

By Ken Goldman, Yahoo Chief Financial Officer

left to right: Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Davis, Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman, Bloom Energy CEO KR Shridhar, Yahoo Adviser to the CEO Patricia Moll Kriese, Yahoo VP of Real Estate and Workplace John Bruno

At Yahoo, we are committed to being an environmentally responsible company, including using energy efficient and cleaner technologies whenever possible. Our goal is to meet half of our annual electricity needs at our campus in Sunnyvale through on-site energy generation, which will allow us to reduce our reliance on the traditional power grid, improve our energy and economic efficiency in powering our facilities, and reduce our environmental impact.

Earlier today, I was thrilled to help flip the switch on five fuel cells that will power one-third of the electricity to our buildings here in Sunnyvale. We were joined by our project partner KR Sridhar, Ph.D., Principal Co-Founder/CEO of Bloom Energy, as well as Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Davis. These fuel cells will generate 1MW of electricity, and help bring us one step closer to reaching our overall goal. 

As a global company, we’re focused on making sure our operations around the world are as energy efficient as possible. A great example of this is our data centers, which power the daily habits of our over 800 million users worldwide and are among the most energy efficient in the industry. Our patented Yahoo Compute Coop data center building design utilizes the passive flow of outside air to cool our servers for 98% of the year – significantly reducing the draw of energy and water that would be required to power a traditional data center facility.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility doesn’t stop there.  We continue to explore other economic, renewable and clean energy options that can be deployed in our facilities around the world. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on additional steps we’re taking to make our operations as energy efficient as possible.