bloom town


Twinleaf is an exceptional combination of the flowering blooms that any Spring town desires, and the gentle, lucid atmosphere of a town at night. Everywhere you step is a blast of color, with flowers sprouting up on every inch of grass. The town of Twinleaf will provide anyone who visits with an adorable outfit, an expansive array of neatly lined paths, and a sense of whimsy as you explore with petals falling all around.

Visit @redbeanjean and their peaceful town of Twinleaf ~*

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i was never really actively involved in mlp fandom (i guess i maybe drew some fanart at some point…?) but some of the fanworks were pretty good. did any of y’all play that one pixel game where like… apple bloom finds this little town in the woods where none of the (adult) inhabitants have cutie marks, and at first it’s just cutesy rpg stuff (talking to everyone, exploring anywhere) but then you find a skeleton in the fireplace of an abandoned house and like the whole atmosphere changes and it turns out the ponies in the town think cutie marks are some sort of curse or disease or something and so they kill anyone who has one? i don’t remember it too well but i do remember liking it, it had more of a ghost story vibe than your standard Edgy Playable Creepypasta

although speaking of edgy playable creepypasta i do remember getting a kick out of luna game

there was one other fangame i’m blanking on the name of but it had multiple endings… it was about an OC, i think, who was trying to earn her cutie mark and there were like multiple possibilities for what cutie mark she could end up with depending on how you played, and most of them were like cute or silly (i think there was one sort of difficult one where it turns out her special talent is making muffins or something?) but if you played late at night and made a series of deliberate bad choices there was also a pretty dark ending you could get


Places seen from above

  1. Brasilia, the capital of Brazil
  2. The otherworldly Mount Whaleback Ire Ore Mine, located in Western Australia
  3. The roads crossing along the Stelvio Pass, a road in Northern Italy, are the highest paved routes in the Eastern Alps
  4. The Burning Man festival, which is held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, USA
  5. The Nardo Ring is a high-speed circular test track in Italy
  6. At the Huelva Orchard in Spain, fruit trees create a swirl-like pattern on the hills
  7. The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park gets is vivid colour from pigmented bacteria that grow along its edges
  8. The Spiral Jetty is a counterclockwise coil jutting out from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA
  9. The blooming tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands during the peak bloom season in April
  10. The town of Bourtange, Netherlands - shaped like a star