bloom of doom

Did you know that the game Shadow the Hedgehog is a filthy shipper, on top of everything else?

Say you like Shadamy. There’s a path you can take to make their romance bloom!

Here, Shadow obeys Black Doom until he meets Amy in Cryptic Castle - then his love for her reedems him, and he turns into a pure hero until the very end. How romantic!

But maybe you’re into Shadouge more. You’re in luck, because there are two paths for you!

Same story, except it’s meeting Rouge in Digital Circuit that makes all the difference.

If this is too perfect, there’s a less smooth version:

Shadow falters for a bit in Prison Island before keeping being a hero. This is the story where Shadow finds Charmy so annoying that he’d rather ruin his perfect hero record than help the bee and his stupid secret disks. But he still manages to honor Rouge’s wishes <3

(or alternatively, this is the path the player can take to avoid losing their will to live in Lost Impact, but that’s a different matter)

And believe it or not, the game supports Sonadow (and a bit of Knuxadow) too!

Here, Shadow is on a quest for himself only, caring for nobody in his way… but apparently he has a soft spot for Knuckles, as he helps him in Glyphic Canyon before keeping himself neutral once more… but when he meets Sonic in Space Gadget, our blue hero manages to sway Shadow on his side, and he turns on the side of good just in time, just for Sonic.

This game is a big fanfiction in more ways than you ever imagined :D

my hero academia fancharacterrrr


Age: 29

QUIRK: BLOOM BOOST! Can manipulate anything even remotely floral to extremely flexible means, straight from a flower’s seed or a mature plant. If it blooms it spells doom 

clothing is lined with seed friendly materials

his battles always smell very nice

Bungou Stray dogs, as you all know, is one of my favorite series and the promotional/official art is no different. They are some of the most beautiful pieces of art for an anime series I’ve ever seen. One of my favorites is the one with the flowers, which are featured here:

I actually tried to guess the flowers they are holding, even going so far as to look up examples and their meanings.
Because I am a sad 23 year old who has no life. <|…D;;;;;;

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This is the country of God

Ghosts of the past
Their aging skills cast
The shadow of death
Serpent tongues
Invite to relax
Invading intruders
Get into the act
Troubadours on the side road
Day dreams are turning to stone
Ballet shoes spin on
Apollo’s light turn into hilarity
Dead man bones rattle on the doorstep
Roses of doom bloom in cheat and chivalry
Ministers perspectives metamorphosed
In teenagers monkeys
This is the country of God and Satan takes a nap in heaven