bloom of doom

If I would remember what the older plants have told me, back at 2009 when Bloom and Doom Corp. had just created sentient plants for combat, they followed laws that humans sticked with because they were loyal followers towards our creators. But they soon realized that not all rules could be applied to us (not to mention that some of them are crap, no offense), so they changed it to the way that would fit the plants, and that’s what we are following up to this day.

Minuet of Fire and Earth

Earth, nurturing soil, dirt,
I gift you crystals, glass,
and geodes.

Anything that sparkles
in the light of my love,


Earth, you embrace me,
smother me completely.

I am alive
in the passion; the heat
you hide beneath sheer
impenetrable layers.

I am the fire, melting
your adamant; moving that
which you figured

I will cause your inevitable
eruption in trembling
gasps of molten

Earth, dear earth, why don’t
you love me?


Light of my life, why do
you tempt me so? This love
can never be.

I am not just of sylvan
pulp, of bosk to feed
flickering flames.

I am solid ground, stable
and rooted, my heart is an
element harder than stone,

terra firma they call me.

And yet by your smoldering
gaze these petals wilt; pulse
growing seismic from the sun.

What if that distant burning
is worth the ache?

So before my flowers blossom,
now budding in their graves,
make much of my tinder!

Together, ashy stems
and green pyres; one as
smoke blooms in the wind

-doomed, I thirst for
nothing more.

A collaboration between @maya-doolali and @definegodliness.

If you trade a male Oddish from RBY into SuMo, nickname it, fully evolve it, put it in the daycare with a female of the same egg group, cover it in cologne, bury it, dig it up, and have it use its Z-Move with reversed move order, activating the opposing Pokemon’s Aftermath, 

you have a Trick Room Nom de Plume Heirloom Bridegroom Perfumed Entombed Exhumed Bloom Doom Vileplume Boom.