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My Echinopsis subdenudata ‘dominos’ bloomed again last night… with two flowers this time! We set up a time lapse to capture it in action - this is a loop of roughly 4 hours from midnight until they were fully open. That’s my watercolor painting of the same cactus in flower from earlier this summer. The flowers are already starting to fade now - such an amazing and short-lived show!
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I finally realized what bugged me about “Queen for a Day”: Stella is the only princess we’ve seen that has enjoyed flaunting her royal status since Day 1. Bloom had trouble adjusting once Domino was revived and Aisha was our rebel princess (still loyal to Andros). Stella always seemed like she was excited to be queen; she had a strong sense of nationalism like Aisha in S3. But in “Queen for a Day,” she pouts whenever she has to face the smallest bit of responsibility. Stella isn’t a baby, c'mon.            

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It’s Friday the 13th so be careful on your way home.


It’s alright, I took down Jason earlier.




Be more grateful, ,


Go sleep in your gym uniform*.


I took down your dominos* next.




Sorry, you worked hard on the dominos, good night.


Use your bed covers properly, or you’ll catch a cold. Goodnight.

*They’re referring to the first episode of Club Slazy Extra Invitation ~Malachite~ where Izawa’s character, End, wears a gym uniform as pyjamas and Mokkun’s character, Bloom, lines up dominos and tips them over. 


Tbh I can’t understand why the Winx fandom hates Bloom so much..

Especially if you’ve read any of the comics.. even though Bloom is in this strange new world, full of magic, find out that her adoptive parents aren’t her real parents,
Oh hey Bloom, you’re the Princess of Domino!
She remains the same awesome girl she was when she was on Earth. She doesn’t get this “Holier than thou” attitude, she even goes out and finds herself a part time job that most people in Magixs were chased off from.

She gave up a piece of her Dragon Flame because her friends power was taken away from them! Granted, the name was cheesy, but she cared enough for her friends to give up a piece of herself to help her friends.

I dunno. I’ve always really liked Bloom (and it’s not that I hate any other character, Bloom’s just my favorite) and I hate that the fandom is filled with so much hate towards her.


Echinopsis subdedantum ‘Dominoes’ / bloom cycle

This fragile bloom takes weeks to form as a bud, but growth during the final few days is rapid (the last 5 images are approximately 24 hours). The open bloom usually occurs in the middle of the night, although it remains through early morning in its perfect state assuming there is no wind to beat it around. Over the next few days it will wither and fall from the plant with no sign that it ever existed.