bloom and grow forever

This Isn’t Love

Title: This Isn’t Love - Part 1

Words: 571

Pairing: Eventual Lucifer x Reader

Summary: Reader develops irrational feelings for the devil. But those feelings could never be reciprocated, could they?

Warnings: None yet. Eventual smut and goodness knows what else.

A/N: Taking a stab at a Lucifer series since this idea has been hanging around my head for so long.

This Isn’t Love – Part 1

Love isn’t something that can be explained, predicted or accounted for. It happens without sense or reason, without agenda or expectation, and it can only have two possible outcomes. The first is that the subject of your desires reciprocates; feelings bloom and grow and that person becomes irrevocably tied to your life forever. The second, and undoubtedly the more difficult of the two, is that the subject does not reciprocate, which they are free not too, but still they become tied to your life, hopelessly within reach of our finger tips, yet always just far enough that we can only brush up against it and never quite grasp it.

Sometimes love is slow building, evolving over time due to proximity or circumstance. Other times it’s instant, like a freight train barrelling over you without hearing it’s blaring warning sound or having a chance to dodge it’s oncoming. The possibility of love is always around us. It can be suffocating or life giving, it can be cruel or kind. But if there’s one thing you’d learned about love in all your years…

Man was it stupid.

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she created your life
from within her womb
but spends her own life
creating you a home
she sang you sweet lullabies
from her lips
and from her heart
whispers prayers for you
she cradled you as an infant
in her tired and feeble arms
but calmed all your fears
in the strength of her embrace
she gently kissed the scrape
upon your wounded knee
and deep within her marrow
still holds your every pain
she nurtured you to grow
and bloom
but will forever carry
your burdens
within her soul