Incubus AU || @bloodyrosebushes

The incunus demons ha been lurking im the dark and people’s beds fkr centuries, sucking off their energy and having sex wjth everyone they could. They let women pregnant, men needy for more and children terrified.

Francis was one of those demons. He had snuck in a person’s bedroom at night to ‘feed’ from them, body covered in leather, shorts and a vest, boots and a necklace at his neck.

The blond demon sat on the bed, beginning to whisper seductive words in his victim’s ear.

Merman/Hunter AU || bloodyrosebushes

The merman was swimming through the dark water, looking around for any source of food; seaweed, some fish or hopefully a dead seaman. There wasn’t very much luck in this period because there were rarely storms to make the ships sink and men to drown in the water. What he heard though, was a masculine voice singing.

Batting his dark bleu tail, freckled with bright, shining scales, the blond merman made his way at the surface, looking up at the ship that was passing by. Now…how to attract their attention? All he could do was to swim at the surface, making slight jumps.

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The Frenchman happened to be lost in the town, during night too. He had to make a delivery but after that he couldn’t find the way home anymore. Nobody was on the street too. Francis cursed under his breath as he looked around, suddenly bumping into a strange man. “….Ah, hello, sir!
 I seem to be lost and…” Something was not right with the man’s eyes.