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My Tumblr Dream [a bulleted synopsis]

Last night I was high on cough syrup and really excited to meet Sara and somehow this dream came out of it. I’ll do what I can to remember all of the weird content, so sit back and enjoy

  • It opened with Sara of course. I arrived at her apartment and she said she had a surprise inside, so I followed.
  • In her living room were fifteen or so people I immediately recognized. 
  • The first was Brittany. She had a rose shaped cake but she was really disappointed because she thought I’d look like Natalie Dormer, but she said that once she got drunk it wouldn’t make a difference!
  • Then I met Miranda [idk what you look like but you looked like this girl who lives next door to me] but she didn’t say anything beCAUSE SHE WAS JUDGING MEEE
  • I met Cait who wanted the keys to my car but I didn’t have my car so she and Sara went out for a joy ride and they left me with the alcohol which Brittany promptly stole
  • then there was this girl I didn’t know and I was like ‘omg wat’s ur url?’ and she says 'xdragon-wholockx’ and i was like SHIT I DON’T KNOW YOU
  • so I moved on
  • I met Maga but she was crying about her feelings so brittany gave her some cake
  • i met silvia and we talked about shit for like 50 hours and then everyone started chanting for us to get married so we all roadtripped to vegas and silvia and i got married under a palm tree and apparently i didn’t care about college or rl obligations
  • then my mom walked in [DUN DUN DUNNNNN!]
  • but she couldn’t see me because brittany kept hugging me
  • and emily was there but SHE WOULDN’T TALK TO ME idk you were pissed at me or something
  • yup that was my tumblr dream

These people are awesome and I luv them:

also iman and sumayyah bc idk why they’re not here

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welcome to the mind of william rackham. it goes downhill from there, i’m sorry to say. but the side characters are what kept me going. sugar’s pretty awesome as well

welp do not want

but okay i shall keep reading

i am pretty interested so far so we’ll see

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i mean, i obviously don’t want to speak for her, but from everything i’ve seen in interviews i’m p sure she identifies as a latina woc? are ppl saying she’s white to make jeyne white? again?

They probably think Oona is a white spaniard with a tan? lol those people. 

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i think she explicitly says in her wic interview that “she’s not white.” lol ontd.

I remember reading something like that, just like i remember being excited over a latina playing a noble woman but well you know how that turned out.