Officially announcing…

bookstacksonstacks‘s First Official Book Exchange!

Thank you so much to everyone who showed initial interest in wanting to participate in the Book Exchange! Here’s a brief run down of how it will work:

How It Works

  • If you’d like to participate, please send me the survey at the bottom of this post to my email: (this allows you to type however much you want in one message.)
  • I will work tirelessly and thoughtfully to pair you up with someone according to some quality such as geographic location, interests, and spending limit
  • I will message you, by both email and tumblr, the name, address, and interests of your partner - but not the username. This is a surprise!
  • You will work tirelessly and thoughtfully to create the perfect package for your snail mail pal. You should plan to purchase at least one book, one bookmark, and any other item of your choice. The specialty item should be something that reflects your personality or something you interpret from your partner’s personality, and doesn’t have to be bookish.
  • Ship it!
  • Wait for your package to arrive, tear into it, and get to reading! (Dancing around the mailbox optional.) (Unboxing posts encouraged.)


Had to include some rules, right? We’ve got to ensure everyone gets their goodies, after all.

  • After receiving your partner, please write back to confirm.
  • You should try to complete your shopping and ship the package within two weeks. I figure some people are away for the summer at various times, but if you can’t get the package sent in two weeks’ time, please wait for the next swap.
  • After receiving your package, please confirm it was received. This can be an email, a post, an ask, etc., but I want to make sure all books are sent and received so this is fair for everyone! It will be glaringly obvious if someone flakes, so please don’t be that guy (or girl).

If this isn’t something you can commit your time and money to right now, please, please wait until next time! (This includes clearing it with your parents and/or finding reliable transportation to/from bookstores/post offices if you are under age!)

The Good Stuff

Okay…send me ( this:

  • Your FULL name
  • Your tumblr user name
  • Your age
  • Your FULL address as it appears on any mail you receive (yes, down to the spaces!)
  • A list of your 5 favorite books
  • Your favorite genre
  • A list of your 3 most hated books
  • Your least favorite genre
  • Your price limit (If some people wanna spend $50, I’ll match you with someone else eager to spend a lot. If you want to spend $0 and send a used book, say so. I’ll do my best.)
  • Your general likes in life (cats? outer space? carnivorous plants?), or any defining characteristics about you that you wish to share (vegetarian? politics? fear of flying?)
  • Optional: Link to your Goodreads, if you have one. (If you don’t mind a little bit of casual stalking, this is very helpful because your partner will be able to see what you have already read. If your Goodreads is linked too closely to your Tumblr, you may want to skip this step to keep the anonymity safe.)

Final Note(s)

I will probably cap this swap off at 30 participants. (If you are tagged at the bottom, now’s the time to message me! This means you expressed early interest and will get priority spots, but only up to 30! And it is still first come, first serve!) After 30, I’ll make a stand-by list. If the first 15 pairs go swimmingly, I’ll start to pull from the stand-bys to make more pairs. I’ll send you an email or ask confirming you will be paired with someone, then send you your pair 1-2 days later, depending on how soon you respond to this. 

If you didn’t express early interest - please do not be afraid to join! Still send me your info and I’ll get you in the swap!

HAPPY SWAPPING and I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you!


Aaaand those who expressed early interest:

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welcome to the mind of william rackham. it goes downhill from there, i’m sorry to say. but the side characters are what kept me going. sugar’s pretty awesome as well

welp do not want

but okay i shall keep reading

i am pretty interested so far so we’ll see

bloodychambered replied to your post: oh my god kill it with fire