they'll never bring us down: a mix for those days when you just want to rebel and smash the system

I’m Not That Guy (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) || Rent (Rent) || Totally Fucked (Spring Awakening) || Revolting Children (Matilda) || Defying Gravity (Wicked) || Reefer Madness (Reefer Madness) || Look Down/Beggars (Les Miserables) || The World Will Know (Newsies) || Madame Guillotine (The Scarlet Pimpernel) || Be Prepared (Lion King) || I’m So That Guy (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson)

A Tales of the Abyss Ask Meme

Luke: Are you more childlike than you appear? What childish behaviors do you exhibit, and what “kids stuff” do you still enjoy?
Tear: Have you ever secretly liked something but been embarrassed about it? If so, what?
Guy: How do you act around the opposite sex?
Jade: Have you ever invented or tried to invent something totally strange? If not, what would you like to invent that our world doesn’t currently have?
Anise: Which would you rather be, safe and wealthy but alone, or poor but with a few great friends at your side?
Natalia: Has something regarding your birth or origins completely changed/influenced you as a person?
Ion: Would you consider yourself religious? How so?
Mieu: Has someone ever considered you annoying? How did you cope with that?
Asch: Do you yell a lot?
Dist: Do you feel more masculine or feminine as a person?
Legretta: How’s your aim?
Largo: Is there someone you haven’t seen in a long time that you miss?
Sync: Are you proud of who you are?
Arietta: Do you enjoy spending time in the wild?
Van: Describe your eyebrows.

we had a theory that the six god generals actually represent the different types of people you might see at a hot topic

(van drives them there, but he doesn’t go in. van only shops at pacsun. van is a prep.)


You may be good at remixes but no one will ever beat this one.