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There was something special about the Keterburg Inn that never failed to draw people in. Maybe it was the food, warm enough to make stomachs glow after a long day’s work. Maybe it was the fire that always twinkled in the hearth, providing a safe haven from the city’s constantly frigid weather. Maybe it was the other patrons, the dull roar that rumbled through the building as everyone chatted and laughed with one another. Whatever it was, it gave the Keterburg Inn a sense of warmth, of comfort, of home that no other of its kind could quite match.

Knowing that, Asch really wasn’t surprised that his replica had picked this place.

It was empty and silent when he walked in. There were no other people occupying the couches of the lounge area. There was no one behind the front desk. There was no chatter of voices or buzz of laughter; the only sound was the occasional pop of the crackling fire that was still blazing in the hearth.

Asch stepped in further. A warm feeling settled over his shoulders that felt so real, he almost forgot it was fake.

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“She is beautiful.
She is trim in the waist and young— only sixteen years old— and frisky as a new filly.
I have been all over her, trying to find her wanting in some respect, but found nothing to diminish her in my eyes of in my heart.
I have swum with her in the harbor and felt her bottom and it was smooth and sound. I have thrust my knife into her knees and into all her cracks and crevices and found nothing but good, solid bone.
I have been with her at sea and found her there to be the most amiable of consorts. She was as spirited and wild as any mermaid as we splashed headlong through the waves, a bone in her teeth, and her tail to the wind.
She belongs to me and I love her and her name is Lorelei Lee.”

—The Wake of the Lorelei Lee, by L.A. Meyer

Bloody Cupcakes


- the afternoon air felt light on her skin. Haebitna had her hands hidden on her pocket as she steps outside her home, feeling the sunshine prick on her face. the air was fresh, and smelled quite… sweet? As immediate as it entered her nostrils, Haebitna faced to find the origin and was greeted by a colorful parade of baked cupcakes held by a woman who wore such sweet smile on her entire face.taken aback as she isn’t really used to strangers greeting her, she hid her face a bit, bowing her head in response.- Uh, hello, Ahyoung-ssi. I’m Haebitna. - seeing the lady’s smile as she lifted her head had eased her a bit.- It’s a pleasure to meet you as well. Those cupcakes are too cute to eat!

Ahyoung smile never seemed to fade as the wind blew her hair back, she acted like she did every day interested in meeting them, seeing that ticked inside their heads. “Haebitna, such a wonderful pleasure to meet you.” She said to the shy girl as she bowed her head slightly, at the moment she should’ve felt her body weaker and the blood drip down her skin. But instead the blood was soaking in her clothes, and her body was colder then usual but she couldn’t feel it. Impossible for her to feel anything, she looked down at the box of cupcakes and grins from ear to ear, light head Ahyoung shifted her weight her smile getting weaker.
   She pushed the cupcake box towards the other. “take one, I made them. They are so tasty.” She says looking down at them, she watches the blood drip down the container. Her expression confused, Ahyoung laughed with not saying much. That’s just frosting Ahyoung, relax. Don’t scare the new girl. She leaned against the closet table she found, her heart racing. Ahyoung looked in shock at the blood pool under her. Her CIP caused her to not feel pain, more dangerous to her then her own work. She didn’t check herself before hand thinking everything was fine and was just hungry for the light headedness. She realized she had been shot. “Oh no.”