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10 29 & 39 pls



“Stop pushing me away.” Calum says, trying to communicate with you. “Please, Y/N, talk to me.”

You had it all, you were happy. You had a house, friends and family, a loving husband and a baby on the way. The doctor had already told you the baby was a girl, and you were over the moon. She would’ve been beautiful, Calums eyes and your nose and lips. She would’ve been beautiful.

And then that night happened.

You were craving again, pickles with peanut butter this time. You were just walking down the stairs, when you slipped. The next thing you know, blood was everywhere and you were screaming bloody murder.

Your baby would’ve been beautiful, if you hadn’t slipped.

You lie in bed, all day long. You hand on your belly, where once was that little human being.

“Y/N don’t you think I’m hurting, too?” Calum cries, kneeling beside you. He takes your hands from your belly and presses kisses to them. “If I had just gone to get the fucking pickles and peanut butter, like you asked me to, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Calum…” Your voice is hoarse from the crying and not talking for days.

You just wrap your arms around him and cry with him.

So I’m at the store picking out cute crop tops and I found some warboy pants

Black cargo trousers with lots of pockets


ALSO there is a baby screaming bloody murder and Im going to die

Like pls stop little man

Sawyer was currently in a crisis. She has been rummaging through the halls, searching for a specific and daft male who had quite apparently didn’t pull out quick enough that the scientists were correct about babies being born with all the sperm meeting some egg, yada, yada, yada. There’s a bloody baby growing in her womb and she isn’t excited about that — at all. She was, what you say, pissed off. So when she caught sight of a disheveled hair that she doesn’t enjoy as much as she did a few nights before that belonged to a male which is in fact, one of her best mates, hanging out with his mates. She saw red. Sawyer stomped towards Bowen, tugging him by his shirt and pulling him away from his friends, she pushed him into the nearest empty classroom and crossed her arms. “We need to talk.”

  • baby:sobs uncontrolably
  • people:aww what an angel
  • baby:screams bloody murder
  • people:what a precious creature
  • baby:vomits on everything
  • people:what a gift from god
  • baby:murders their family and joins ISIS
  • people:honestly lovely what a precious gift

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Well you should know my name, but just to make sure ;) BIANCA :DD And my fav is Harry :))

Bianca & Harry #3

“Bianca? Yo where the hell are you?” 

“I’m in here, Harold.” Bianca called out, putting out on last pillow. Harry had been recording and editing for a couple of hours now - so she took the opportunity to make a huge pillow and blanket fort in the living room. 

Harry walked down the hallway, smiling at her before his eyes widened at the sight of the huge fort. “Jesus christ, babe! It’s huge!”

Bianca only giggled, taking his hand and leading him over to the fort. He climbed inside it with him, before laying down next to him. 

“Isn’t it nice though?” She smiled, resting her head on his chest when he laid down. “I figured this would be a good way for you to cuddle with me.” 

“Bloody hell baby, you know it.” He grinned, leaning down to kiss her. The couple spent a good few moments kissing before the front door opened, hearing two voices echo throughout the penthouse. 

“What the fuck?!” Calfreezy and Callux both shouted, causing Bianca to laugh into Harry’s chest. 

“You guys better go to your bedrooms tonight, the living room is all ours.” Harry yelled. “So piss off.” He said before leaning back down to kiss her.