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Oh, wow! The Parlour Trick’s album A Blessed Unrest just got a rave review from Bloody Disgusting, one of my favorite online horror zines. They don’t often do music reviews on the BD blog (there’s a separate music podcast), "but this group is simply too good to not bring to your ears" says editor Jonathan Barkan. "Described as haunted chamber music and dark, dreamy ambienceA Blessed Unrest is wonderfully eerie, beautifully creepy, and a perfect fit for anyone that wants a classical edge to their horror. This isn’t horror synth, like Goblin or Fabio Frizzi. Rather, this is something more Victorian and organic. I can’t explain exactly why but I envision Southern plantations and haunted French castles while listening to this album.“

Thank you so much, BD! 

PS: Let it be known that I sure do lubs me some Goblin and Frizzi. (You can kinda sorta hear it in the intro to ”The Lady of the House of Love“. Which definitely takes place in a castle!)

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Album cover photo by Ellen Rogers.

The Dark Tower Movie Release Date
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From Bloody Disgusting:

The long-gestured adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is showing signs of life.

Sony Pictures is feeling so confident they went as far as to date the feature for January 13, 2017, which means production could commence anytime in the next year.

Last month the studio committed to A Royal Affair director Nikolaj Arcel to get behind the camera.

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