Bad: Myungsoo

just something i’ve been working on for a bit ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ heavily based on infinite’s mv ‘bad’ and the movie ‘mirrors’. i would love to hear any feedback on this bc im torn between loving it and wanting to never touch it again lmao

TW: horror/paranormal themes, swearing, blood

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Sightings of ghosts and eerie presences, signs of an after world or an immortal life after death, were rare or even positive occasions. Some ended badly, but many resulted in one anxious night that usually dissipated the next morning. It was just a figure of your imagination, that was all.

And you had thought the same thing when you watched Myungsoo’s reflection in the mirror stiffen and smile one morning. The reflection locked eyes with you and continued to stare even after Myungsoo had turned away.

But mirrors can’t do that. They can’t show two different reflections, you had thought. And you were sure it was just tiredness or irritability and tried to put it out of your mind for the rest of the day.

The thought remained however, quietly brewing.

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