Bloodied Tux - Bonus Scene

Rating: NC-17

Jonghyun’s hands move from Kibum’s stomach down to his hips, where his fingers taptaptap along his hip-bone. He nips Kibum’s lower lip eliciting a low moan from the brunette. Jonghyun smirks as he tugs Kibum’s slacks down until they’re resting around his ankles. “St-stop,” He huffs, but it only makes Jonghyun want to do more. “I’m going to untie your hands, don’t get any funny ideas.” Jonghyun warns as he reaches around to loosen the knot around Kibum’s wrist. He nods, breathing heavily as he waited for the tie to flutter loose, the moment it does, Kibum’s shoulders sag and he flexes his fingers and shakes his wrists to get some of the feeling back. Jonghyun pulls away from him and takes him by his arm helping him up. “Can you stand” He asks, Kibum nods, stepping out of his pants and running a hand through his sweaty hair. “Good,” Jonghyun tugs off his own leather pants and pulls Kibum close to him. He inhales deeply, his eyes fluttering. “I could fuck you right now.” Kibum’s eyes widen and he tries to squirm away, but Jonghyun has a vice like grip on his waist. “Ah-ah, not so fast.” His hand slides down to grope Kibum’s ass. “Mmm,” He hums and Kibum’s nose scrunches up in disgust. “You sicken me.” He spat but Jonghyun chuckles. “Your body seems to disagree.” Saying this he thrusts his pelvis forward, their clothed cocks rubbing against the front of their boxers. “You like this…” Jonghyun murmurs, turning Kibum around so his back was resting against the desk. “Your blood is telling me that you do.” Jonghyun continues to grind against him, his abdomen tingling as the friction between their bulges increased. Kibum rests his hands against the desk as Jonghyun pushed into him; his head drooping back as his body gave away to the pleasure. “Mmm,” He hums and Jonghyun grins latching his lips to the flesh on Kibums neck, his teeth slide down and this time he bites the skin on Kibum’s shoulder. Kibum yelps again, but this time he wanted to see, to see the way Jonghyun’s teeth sunk into his skin and sucked his blood. It felt painful at first, like two needles to the skin, but the pain faded away into a mind numbing pleasure. Kibum’s hands slip out from underneath him and he lays his back across the wooden desk. Jonghyun quickly takes Kibum’s wrists and pins them above his head. Kibum doesn’t even attempt to try and break out of his grip, instead he gives in, his head turning so Jonghyun could get a better bite. Noticing this Jonghyun smirks and unhooks his teeth from Kibum’s skin with a pleased smack. “So you’re done resisting?” He hums, Kibum bites his bottom lip which was bleeding. Jonghyun’s gaze turns feral as he captures Kibum’s bottom lip and sucks hard. Kibum moans, his legs spreading as Jonghyun juts against him over and over sending his body into an electrifying frenzy. They slid back and forth across the desk, the smell of iron and sweat permeating the air.

Jonghyun shoves off his boxers and rips Kibum’s off, he drops down to his knees and bites the plump flesh of Kibum’s thighs. “Shit, that hurts!” Kibum yells, Jonghyun shoots back up, clamping a hand over his mouth to shush him. “Quiet.” He hisses. Kibum shakes his head. “Thwake oth thee blind—“

“What?” Jonghyun pulls his hand away so Kibum could speak. “Take off the blindfold, I want to…see you.” Jonghyun tilts his head. “Now why would you want to do that?” Kibum shakes his wrists out of Jonghyun’s loosened grip and brings his hands to the older’s chest. The tips of his fingers brush along Jonghyun’s nipples and then they’re sliding down, feeling along the planes of his abs. He lets out a whimper and Jonghyun watches as Kibum’s hands descend lower, past his happy-trail and then to his erection. “I want to see.” He begs and Jonghyun smirks, the red of his eyes glittering as his hands slipped down to grip Kibum’s hips and spin him around. With his ass now exposed to Jonghyun’s wandering hands, Kibum felt even more vulnerable, his knees quaking. “Seeing a vampire and feeling one are two totally different things.” Jonghyun says in that same calm and even voice, his left hand cups Kibum’s left butt cheek and he massages the firm mass in two circular motions. “With that blind fold on, I can send you to heaven and hell and then back.” Kibum shudders, his spine curving inward as he felt Jonghyuns lips brush against his shoulder. “Wouldn’t you want that?” Kibum chuckles, the sound catching Jonghyun by surprise. “No, I rather see your expressions as you enter me and bite me, the way your fangs will look sinking into my skin,” Kibum inhales and then exhales slowly. “That’s what I want to see.” Jonghyun’s eyes widen and his heart (forgetting that he had one for a moment) begins to beat, taking off in an offbeat rhythm full of excitement. And in that moment Jonghyun felt as though he had to mark Kibum, every last inch of him. “You’ve really,” he pauses and then laughs, shoving his ashen bangs out of his eyes. “Honestly, I don’t want to hurt you,”

“Then don’t.”

“But,” Jonghyun slaps Kibum’s ass and the brunette jolts, a sigh tinged with pleasure and pain breaks from his lips. “I want to see just how sweet I can make your blood, just how high can you take me.” Jonghyun murmurs his nails digging into Kibum’s hips as he positions himself. “I promise to make this an enjoyable experience for both of us.” Jonghyun says in a soft voice, his fangs peeking out as he spreads Kibum and begins to enter him, the head of his cock slipping past his walls. Kibum bites his bottom lip to keep from screaming, his legs nearly giving out once Jonghyun was fully inside of him. Jonghyun stays that way for a moment, not moving and just allowing himself to sink into Kibum’s heat. “You smell,” Jonghyun inhales. “Wonderful.” He shudders, his tongue running over his fangs and simultaneously he sinks his teeth into the side of Kibum’s neck and begins to thrust.

“Ah!” Kibum screams, but Jonghyun reaches a hand up to cover Kibum’s mouth, muffling the rest of his moans. Jonghyun sucks Kibum’s blood, his hips working tirelessly, moving in and out of Kibum. “Fuck,” he pants, his eyebrows furrowing as Kibum clenched around him. A trail of bright red blood descends down Kibum’s neck and mixes with his sweat as it slides across his back. Jonghyun watches the trail—hypnotized—before moving his hand away from Kibum’s mouth and slipping the blindfold off as his thrusts increased. Kibum blinks trying to adjust his spotted vision. “Are you alright?” Jonghyun asks, honest concern showing in his voice. Kibum nods, turning to look at Jonghyun who was staring right back at him. “People call me a monster, you’ve probably heard the rumors.” He says and Kibum nods, Jonghyun chuckles somewhat sadly. “I am one though.” Kibum stares into his red eyes and shakes his head. “All I see is a little boy who’s always trying to get something that isn’t his.” At that reply Jonghyun laughs loudly, but this time it was softer, more boyish and Kibum smiles, but his smile falters when Jonghyun’s cock brushes against his prostate. His lips tremble and his eyes flutter. Seeing his expression, Jonghyun grins. “I guess we should hurry and finish this.” He begins to move again, licking up the smeared blood on Kibum’s back. “Hurry?” Kibum questions breathlessly. “Aren’t vampires creatures of the night?” Jonghyun stares at Kibum and then he shakes his head with bright smile. “I think I’m really going to start liking you.”

A/N so yeah, I started writing this a while back and didn’t finish it until today ^^;; 

Either I’m unusually tired, or I’m about to become another flu statistic. It’s one of my pet hates about teaching in Japan: students insist on coming to class even when they’re very sick, and then sit there snorting, coughing and hacking into largely useless masks. You, as their teacher, imprisoned in a tiny stuffy too hot classroom, don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. You’re sick. Stay at home! Damnit!

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