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What is Codot-verse Doctor Crane's hygiene like? His overall grooming and shower regimen and whatnot. I hope this ain't a terribly strange question, but I'm asking because I've seen many varying interpretations and headcanons of this, ranging from sparkly clean to only showering once every four years.

Jonathan Crane has learned one thing through his years of testing: Unclean/Unsanitary testing conditions lead to unsatisfactory and inconsistent results.

While not being the most… orderly of youths (in more than one way), Jonathan quickly learned that keeping clean and organised yielded better outcomes and results in his work. Ablutions quickly became a part of Jonathan’s routine. His laboratory is immaculate, and Jonathan himself is incredibly clean. His office is dusty, but there’s no testing being done there and Jonathan doesn’t allow Arkham cleaning staff into his office. It will almost always fail the White Glove Test.

Now Jonathan lives his life by a schedule. He shaves every morning. His dirty clothes are picked up every Sunday at 8:00am, and are returned clean and folded by noon. His hair is trimmed on the first day of every month - a pompadour that is slicked back in the morning and is always hanging in front of his face by noon (sometimes hair just doesn’t stay where you want - Edward has suggested product, but that’s beyond Jonathan’s realm of understanding/interest).

Contrary to the general fantasies floating about the good Doctor’s underthings, Jonathan wears white socks, white Y-Fronts, and a white undershirt. His business shirts are white, and his slacks are brown. He has one black suit which is kept pressed and in a suit bag hanging in his closet. He has five ties - one for each work day; five different shades of black (don’t ask - they all look the same to everyone else except Jon and Edward).

On his off days, Jon wears jeans and flannel or cotton shirts.

Side Note: I may have mentioned this before, but Jonathan has an allergy to synthetic fibres, and only wears 100% cotton clothing. Anything else will cause him to itch and develop rashes.

Should any of these habits become subject to change, one is encouraged to ensure Jonathan is still taking his medication and is not talking to ‘himself’. Otherwise, notify Arkham officials or Batman himself.

Bob and Eliza are just so dang cute together, aren’t they?

*no way in a thousands years should you construe this as me saying I ship real life people… I just like seeing two old friends enjoying each other’s company and feeding off each other well*

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Which as the season progresses will just get worse. The CS fans are not going anywhere so they will be asking those questions. When is Hook gonna wake up,is something gonna happen to trigger a memory of Emma. At the cons coming up it's gonna be CS fans asking questions and he needs to just accept that no matter what his half ass assurance does people still want answers and hope.

Yeah, I can’t see it going away unless questions are screened at upcoming cons.

It’s this whole NO SPOILERS BC TWIST ridiculous mindset that really hurts this whole reboot concept, and I feel so fucking bad for the three returning regs because they’re trying to do their best within the confines they’ve been given and it’s like…what the fuck else can they talk about? Just let them talk about their characters so that there’s something to fill the dead air besides talk about CS/Rumbelle, because if there’s nothing else, THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE WILL ASK ABOUT BC IT’S THE ONLY KNOWN FACTOR LIKE WHAT ARE THEY EXPECTING?

Let them talk about their cursed/alt personalities – I mean they showed them in the trailer, so I don’t understand why they’re only letting them say “oh it’s a new iteration”. Like, obviously they put out there that Hook’s going to be a police officer, so let Colin talk about what that means – what’s different between the Killian we know and Officer Rogers? What’s the same? What’s the challenge in playing this new persona? What’s an average day for Officer Rogers? Like you don’t even have to say if it’s a curse or an au or, whatever the fuck.

For real, if it’s going to be revealed in the first four seconds of the show, it’s not a twist – let it gooooooooooooooo.

Like legit the only talking point Colin (and I’m assuming Bobby and Lana) had the whole weekend was “things are kind of new, but not completely new, like new iterations – but it’s hard to explain because I’m not allowed to say anything. Emma and Hook are happy. Script is super interesting and I’m really excited.” And that shit is coming from A&E who have this attitude that fans need to trust them implicitly and are fanning wrong if they don’t, and Colin, Bobby, and Lana are the ones taking the heat for that policy.

Sunday Six

Six paragraphs from my WIP, The Bloody Office, the sequel to Quriosity.


“I see it,” Bond said.  “Q, they’re gearing up, dividing into teams and moving out.  They know you’re active.  Are there any weapons in R&D?”

Q scanned the counters and shelves.  Everything was in some stage of tinkering, anything active was immediately stored in the Armoury.  For a moment Q regretted being such a stickler for protocol — procedures had been much shoddier before he took charge.

“Nothing functional.”  

“They’re moving fast, 007,” R muttered.

“I see,” Bond hissed furiously.  “Q, is there a place to hide?”  From the bleakness in his voice, Q already knew how futile it was.  The lab was an open space, every cabinet shallow and cluttered with equipment.  If he had a chance to make it to another room Bond would have had him running by now.

“It’s all right, James,” Q said.  “The job is done.  Make sure Moneypenny and Stefan evacuate.”

Fleet Commander Sunshard

“Esme Sunshard,

Your name has crossed my desk through various means as a woman who is equally accomplished at sea and one who wears the scars of someone scorned. The fact that we have not met and made acquaintances is something I must admit troubling. Though, given the history of your former life, I believe you will be thankful for our previous distance.

I am Lord Leoc Blacksquall, High Kraken of the Bloodied Squall, Lord of Dawnbreaker Anchorage of the Emberlight. I was asked to write to you on behest of Lord Izulde Netherstar as part of an apparent treaty between the Dawnspire and my people. Already two of my sons serve within the Crimson Fleet, Severus and Aiden. They have served both during the Invasion of Zul’Aman and the Winter of Woe and I believe they are talented commanders.

I will offer you this, five ships, all frigates of high order, manned by my corsairs to join the Crimson Fleet on its expedition around the world. While they are best served in combat, they may also serve as logistical support. I also, will join with you at the helm of my personal destroyer The Krakens Reach may serve as you command. Once your military mission has been completed, then my ships shall leave the fleet and rejoin my own. 

Let us hope you find a new found faith in the call of the Bloodied Squall Sunward, for Drakos has marked you yet.

Lord Leoc Blacksquall

High Kraken of the Bloodied Squall”


To Fleet Commander Esme Sunshard

Fleet Commander,

I am not a member of your Crimson Crusade, but me and mine marched astride your soldiers at my lord’s behest during the battles against the Bleeding Eye, and by proximity and prestige alike I know the Sunguard well. Your passioned plea for Captains have not fallen on deaf ears; I write to cast my lot in amongst the candidates to captain a vessel for your Crimson Fleet.

Salt and storm are in my blood, and I bear the ancestry of a hundred, hundred generations of seafaring folk who worship the tide and traverse the ocean. Though the Cult of the Bloodied Squall aren’t wont to extend their hand in friendship with any ease, and our beliefs may be bloodier than many who bind themselves to the brine, we do believe in the strength and unity of the Shoal, and as the months tarry on and victories against the Legion forces ebb like an errant tide, one thing has made itself quite clear; we either stand together as a united force on the face of this earth, or lose any earth to stand upon.

Name the time and place, and I will be there with whatever credentials I can offer, though I may lack in anything as fancy as title and peerage and official document.

Almohra Redmoor

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At  first  I  was  kind  of    ???    how  did  Hot  Pie  actually  remember  all  of  that  information  and  pronounce  the  names  properly    ?    and  then  I  figured  it  was  probably  because  he  heard  it  was  Arya’s  brother  and  really  listened  because  he  cares  about  her