bloodborne dlc

“A corpse… Should be left well alone…”

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Hey there! This is the first page of a short comic I’m planning to do. For now I’m having to put it on hold, so I decided to share this little teaser :D
And in the worst case scenario, if I’m not able to resume the comic, at least this is a cool standalone illustration as well~


How to train your Blood-starved Beast

A lot of people probably know that the Blood-starved Beast in a cave in Hunter’s Nigtmare can be baited out to fight the Bloodlickers that hang out close to the entrance. I’ve decided to try and take this a step further.

This beast is programmed to be hostile towards everything except for the beast patients and the hunter inside the cave. There are stones at the entrance, positioned so BLB can’t get too far, but if you know what to do it’s actually pretty simple to get him through - just stand next to the stones and bait BLB’s lunge attack. The momentum will carry him over the obstacle and he’ll easily slide past.

He will follow you through the entire map including the first area of Hunter’s Nightmare. If you lead him to the first shortcut and wait a bit, he’ll get through the narrow door on his own. Now you have your new beast buddy fight all the baddies in the area!

PS: No, he can’t enter Laurence’s boss room, don’t think I didn’t try. :(



Maledictus…   [Cursed…]
Somnum limax
[The snail of sleep]
Infici mur…
[We’re infected…]
Maledictus bestia
[Cursed beast]
Mater nos inducas
[Mother lead us]

Infici mur… [We’re infected…]
Argentum aquae in tenebris
[Silver in the dark waters]

Mater sanguine [The mother’s blood]
Redemptionis nostrae
[our redemption]

Exi et exi, et pleba tua salus [Get out and out, and your people shall be saved]

Vale, vale [Goodbye, goodbye,]
Infici mur..
[We’re infected…]
In tenebris aquae
[In the dark waters]

Maledictus… [Cursed…]
Et argentum aquae
[And the silver of the waters]
Infici mur…
[We’re infected …]
Et argentum aquae
[And the silver of the waters]

Sanguine! [Blood!]

I’ve done it guys. THESE ARE THE LYRICS. And they make so much sense. Bless the School of Mensis.