The Musketeers | Athos, Aramis, Porthos & D’Artagnan

Blood on the ground,
Sun turning red.
Head over heels,
Over our heads.

Trouble will rise,
And tears will be shed.
Wherever we go,
Whatever comes next.

We’ll always-
We’ll always be-
One for all,
And all for one.

- “All For One” by Five For Fighting

Can you come find me
Under these lonely evergreens
Needles scattered round
Can you come find me
Hidden away in our cove
Where we used to play
Can you come find me
I thought to come back one last time
Before I left our childhood behind
Can you come find me
Before this blood sinks into the ground
And my flesh becomes just bone
Can you come find me
You’re the only one who knows
Under these lovely lonely evergreens
In our secret grove

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"Hey you're bleeding!!" (( ;3))

Haze looked up quickly at Keplers voice. He seemed to be on the ground, sunglasses a few feet away. Although the sunglasses where in peices. Plus, there where plants grown everywhere, so it seemed whatever had happened, it had been a pretty bad fight considering Haze used his ability.
He had really been hoping Kepler wouldn’t find him. There was blood dripping down his skull, his hat also on the ground, and he was gripping his chest, eyes full of pain as he focused on Kepler. He obviously wasn’t in good shape. He could barely remember what exactly happened, his head feeling heavy and fuzzy.
“K-keps?” He stammer, frowning up at the other, before attempting to stand, and letting out a grunt of pain, sitting again, with a sigh.

government agent: *punching me in the face* TELL ME WHAT KEK MEANS

me: *spits blood on the ground* go to hell kek

government agent: TELL ME. WHAT. KEK. MEANS.

Dumped - Open starter

His hands and feet were bound tightly together with rope, and his mouth was gagged. He had multiple wounds that left blood on the ground beneath him. Two on his head, two on his upper back and one his lower back where his horns, wings, and tail had been removed in a barbaric manner.

Sam simply laid there for now, in a forming puddle of his own blood. He felt cold, weak, and barely opened his eyes at the sound of someone approaching.

AU where Nico grows up at Camp Half-Blood

The difference starts right after Nico calls up the ground to swallow those skeletons. Except this time, Percy runs after him when he starts sprinting toward the woods. Percy has been training for a while and he’s several years older than Nico. He catches him before Nico gets too far. Nico is yelling and crying, but he’s only 10. He’s not that strong, nothing Percy can’t handle. “Nico, NICO, look I get that you’re upset but there are monsters in the woods you’re gonna get hurt.” Nico’s rush of anger has faded and now he’s just bawling and whimpering about Bianca.

Percy doesn’t really know how to deal with him. But there are plenty of people at camp who do. Percy takes him to the Big house and Chrion lets him go into the back room for a while to cool off. Chrion asks Silena if she’ll look after him for a bit. And of course Silena does, because she’s a sweetie. She’s a child of Aphrodite, so she can feel all of the emotions swirling through this poor kid.

It takes a really long time. But she helps him sort through those emotions one by one. This isn’t a few hours, but over the course of several weeks. Now matter how nice Silena is though, Nico still misses Bianca so badly he can’t stand it. He wakes up crying sometimes at night. He’s trying to be as silent as he can, but there are a lot of people in the Hermes cabin. He still stays there because Hades hasn’t officially claimed him and Hades doesn’t have a cabin anyway.

The Stolls, although immature, are head counselors for a reason. They have to deal with a lot of kids anyway, many of them coming from rough backgrounds. Tears in the middle of the night is nothing new to them. Connor is a lighter sleeper than Travis, so it’s normally him who ends up taking Nico out on the front porch, giving him some (stolen) candy, and telling him crazy Hermes kid stories until Nico has stopped crying enough for him to get back to sleep.

Nico discovers his powers the same way most campers do, on accident. He falls into shadows sometimes and pops out somewhere else. He gets angry and suddenly skeletons are clawing their way to the surface, ect.  

Nico still plays Mythomagic. He ends up teaching Cecil, who sleeps right next to him, how to play. They stay up really late at night sometimes and play. Slowly some other people come around to playing as well. A couple of Athena kids, A Demeter kid, A couple more Hermes kids, ect. It’s a pretty good group once it evens out. They meet by the lake once or twice a week to play and eat unhealthy food that the Hermes kids had snuck into camp.

He still gets a crush on Percy, and he starts getting angry with himself over it. But Silena can kind of tell. She is having none of Nico’s angry attitude and she forces him to sit down and talk it out with her.

Later Nico meets this other year rounder with pretty blue eyes and blond hair. He’s kind of laid back but he’s also really blunt. He sings really badly at the campfire and carries band aids with cartoon characters in his pockets. He works in the infirmary. Nico starts getting little injuries on purpose, not to go see him of course. No way. But he does have a really cute smile. He smiles at Nico when he comes into the infirmary. “Hurt again Death boy? If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re doing this on purpose.” Sometimes Will asks him to help when the infirmary is busy. He just cuts bandages and wipes of counters, that type of thing. They become friends, but Nico always gets a fluttery feeling around Will. A couple years later Will asks Nico to be his date to the 4th of July fireworks show.

Everyone knows Nico is the son of Hades, by now he’s been claimed and even if he wasn’t it’s super obvious. Yea some of his powers are scary but… Nico? Scary? It’s a little hard to be intimidated by a little brown eyed Italian kid that freaks out over playing cards and trips over his own feet. He’s such an obvious dork. Everyone gets that he’s powerful, but he’s Nico.

Nah, it's just a dragon, you guys can handle it...

DM: As you enter the room, it’s bigger and darker than the rest of the undergrounds of the city. In the middle you find a man naked…in the ground you find blood and corpses…

Dragon: Now I am hungry, lucky you all come to my room…

DM: Roll for initiative

Fighter: Power attack!

Barbarian: RAGE!

Rogue(me): well, I move a little far from the dragon and cheer for you guys 

Everybody (ooc) WHAT!?

Me: nah…you guys can handle that…

*after many spells, attacks, and unconscious characters lying on the ground…and everybody looking angry at me* 

Rogue(me): ok, I attack with my two short swords…

Rolls nat 20. twice

DM: you killed it…

Me(ooc): See? Just one more attack and you had it, I knew you could handle that yourselves…

Everybody: YOU (offensive random words for, like, 5 minutes)

Bloody Royal Fingerprints AU

Character A is a bit of a criminal, in both their eyes and the eyes of the police. They take pride in the work they do as it’s all they’ve ever known, but through a few hiccups on their part, they accidentally leave their DNA at the scene of their most recent crime. The police are thrilled to have found those few drops of blood on the ground but are stunned when forensic analysis proves that Character A is a member of the long-lost royal bloodline. 

The heir has finally been found.

Bucky Reacting to Your Death Would Include


[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[warnings]: character death obviously, swearing, angst, v v sad Bucky

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Bucky reacting to your death would include…

  • He would be out with Steve and Sam at the time.
  • He would get a text from Natasha saying that he needed to get back to the Tower immediately.
  • He never gets texts like that from Nat so he would rush back to the Tower and Natasha would just be a mess and he would hear your name in Nat’s muddled speech so he wouldn’t even listen to the rest of what she had to say, he would just nervously rush to the room that you two share.
  • And boy oh boy he would not be able to handle what he saw. 
  • Your lifeless body was on the ground, lying in the pool of the blood that you had spilled.
  • Hail Hydra smeared on the wall beside your body. 
  • He wouldn’t even cry at first he would just stare, eyes completely empty. 
  • Steve, already crying upon seeing the tragic sight, would put a comforting hand on Bucky’s shoulder, concerned at his silence. 
  • And Bucky would just collapse, his legs would just give out from underneath him and he would fall to the ground in defeat. 
  • Then the crying would begin.
  • And everyone who heard it would get chills because they had never heard something so heartbroken and defeated and devastated. 
  • The sobs would travel down the empty halls of the Avengers Compound and occupy Bucky’s entire being. 
  • He would grab your hand and just cry a little bit harder because feeling your previously warm and soft skin so cold made your death all the more real to him.
  • Not even paying attention to the blood that would stain his clothes later, he pulled your body close to him, hoping, in his shocked daze, that he could warm you up and that you’d come back to him.
  • Rocking you back and forth on his lap, sobs echoing from his mouth, he would stroke your hair and beg for you to come back.
  • You promised that you wouldn’t leave me baby, you promised.
  • Come on [y/n], get up baby girl, get up.
  • I’m so sorry [y/n], God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for them to hurt you.
  • When they take away the body, Bucky would throw a fucking tantrum.
  • N-No you can’t take her. She needs to stay with me, she needs me.”
  • Because the idea of not seeing you ever again was suddenly realistic and he never wanted that. 
  • That man would kick and yell and do anything in his power to keep them from taking your body away until Steve convinced him that you were gone and it was was just your body. 
  • Steve would get concerned when Bucky stopped talking like he did when he arrived at the Avengers Compound for the first time.
  • Therapists would try to help him, but nothing helped. 
  • He tried to speak at your funeral, he really did, but he just couldn’t.
  • Oh boy, the guys at Hydra had better watch their backs because Bucky was out for blood.
  • He would dream about you a lot. Nice, sweet dreams about holding you again and talking to you again and feeling your lips on his skin again.
  • And every morning was so painful because when he woke up, it was like you were being ripped from him over and over again.
  • He would laugh sadly at the silly selfies that you took with him. 
  • He held a death grip on every fucking memory that he had with you because if he lost that, then he’d totally be lost.
  • Every Hydra mission that was assigned, he was on because he wanted every opportunity he could get to make them feel the pain that he’s felt. 
  • He looked forward to every night where he could fall asleep, your pillow secured tightly in his arms, and could get you back for just a little bit in his dreams.