Ours to Choose (pt. 4)

Part 3

Celine walks with Damien back to the apartment after the party is over. “Don’t go up there, Damien,” she pleads. “Come stay in the hotel with Aunt Kathryn and I, or better yet, go spend the night with your friends. They’d be happy to have you.”

Damien shakes his head. “Those two will be out until dawn,” he says with a smile. “Besides, you know it’ll only make him angrier if I don’t come home.”

“That’s not a home,” Celine mutters. “It’s a prison. Please come back to the hotel with me.”

“No, I wouldn’t want to impose on Aunt Kathryn.” Damien scratches the back of his neck and stares down at the sidewalk beneath his feet, wet from a late afternoon rain and sparkling in the lamplight.

“You know she would’ve taken you, too, if she could.” Celine grabs his arm, and he’s forced to look up at her. “I-I’m sorry that I left you here alone.”

“No,” Damien chides. “I was happy to see you go if it meant getting you away from him.” He gives another half-hearted smile before he rests his head on her shoulder. “It won’t be much longer now before I leave for university. It’ll be much better after that.”

Celine swallows the tears in her throat. “He’ll hurt you.”

Damien shakes his head again. “Nah, I’m not the little kid I once was. He knows he can’t push me around anymore.”

“You’re lying,” she spits, pushing him back as he tries to hug her. “You’re lying to save my feelings, and I’m sick of it! I’m sick of you saving me! Who’s going to save you?”

“I’ll be alright, Celine. Just a few more weeks, and I won’t ever have to come back here, alright?” Damien reaches for her again, and this time, she lets him hug her.

“Let me walk you up, at least. That way I can be sure he doesn’t try anything,” Celine says into Damien’s shoulder, but he’s still shaking his head.

“Not a chance.” He lets her go and heads up the steps. “I’ll see you again before you leave, alright?”

Celine nods. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Damien smiles again and disappears inside. He heads up the steps, hoping his father has decided to just go to bed. When he opens the door, however, he’s met with the pungent scent of alcohol and cigar smoke, his father’s signature aura. Damien grits his teeth and steps into the den where he knows his father is waiting on him. “Damien, sit down,” his father commands.

As much as Damien would like to bolt for his room, he does as he’s told. His father already has his belt in his hand. “Now, I know you think you’re very bright,” he starts, “and that you’re even smarter than your old man.” He leans down so his putrid breath is right in Damien’s face. “But I know more about you than you think, kid. That’s why I phoned and told that university you won’t be attending in the fall. Told ‘em, you’re just not ready to leave your dear ole’ dad yet.”

Damien jumps to his feet, rage flooding him. “You did what? Father, you can’t possibly do this!” That’s when he hits him, the blow stinging after the belt leaves a cut on Damien’s cheek.

“Watch how you speak to your father, you ungrateful brat! Don’t you think for one moment I don’t know about your little plan to get away from me! But I know about you, about your demonic powers, just like your mother had.’ He’s in Damien’s face again, but Damien doesn’t back down this time.

“I didn’t know what she was when I married her, but I refuse to let her filthy spawn run rampant on an innocent world.” His father smirks, grabbing a handgun off the table by his chair. “Or maybe I should just kill you and that witch you call a sister, do everyone a favor…”

Damien’s hands clutch into fists. His anger is so intense, so wild, that he can barely hear himself think as he screams, “Why won’t you do me a favor and kill yourself already?”

As the words leave his mouth, Damien feels something else leave him, like he’s had the breath knocked from his lungs, and even though he expects to be hit again, or maybe even shot, silence follows. His father’s hand shakes and then rises, holding the gun to his head as his face morphs into something full of terror. Damien takes a step back as the gun goes off, spraying red all over the wall beside his father.

He trips and falls onto the floor, staring at his father’s lifeless body as the red blood turns a vibrant, violet blue right before his eyes, and Damien screams.

Who Killed Robert Kennedy? 

For a moment Americans thought that Robert Kennedy was going to be the second Kennedy who became the President. Robert was a breath of fresh air, a new hope of Americans, who had tough times fighting with mafia and the North Vietnamese army. No wonder why in 2 months after the death of Martin Luther King Jr.,on June 4, 1968, Robert Kennedy met the same fate. 

On that day, Kennedy scored a major victory in winning the California primary. He addressed his supporters shortly after midnight in a ballroom at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Leaving the ballroom, he went through the hotel kitchen, where he was shot three times. Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian who opened fire was immediately arrested. A motive cited for his actions is Kennedy’s support for Israel in the June 1967 Six-Day War . After his arrest, Sirhan said, “I can explain it. I did it for my country.” Sirhan was sentenced to life in prison.

However, there are many suspicious details in this case. First of all, there were too many bullets. Serhan’s gun had only 8 bullets, but Kennedy was shot 3 times and 5 other people were wounded. In total, there were 9 bullets. LAPD admitted that there were 9 bullets. However, the Los Angeles Free Press published several photographs proving that there were more than 9 shots. Taking into account other newspapers, there were totally 13 shots. 

Could there be another gunman? Thane Eugene Cesar has been consistently cited as the most likely candidate for a second gunman in the RFK assassination. Cesar had been employed by Ace Guard Service to protect Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel. The LAPD, which interviewed Cesar shortly after the shooting, did not regard Cesar as a suspect and did not ask to see his gun. Some witnesses stated that they observed a woman in a polka dot dress in various locations throughout the Ambassador Hotel before and after the assassination. One witness stated that the woman exclaimed, “We shot him, we shot him!”. Also, the bullet taken from Kennedy’s neck did not match Sirhan’s gun. However, any evidence supporting this theory were destroyed right before the trial of Sirhan. Allard Lowenstein who was an American Democratic politician planned to reopen the investigation but was murdered in his Manhattan office on March 14, 1980, at age 51 by a mentally ill gunman, Dennis Sweeney.

Some witnesses stated that they observed a woman in a polka dot dress in various locations throughout the Ambassador Hotel before and after the assassination. One witness stated that the woman exclaimed, “We shot him, we shot him!”.

So who killed RFK? There are theories that CIA asked mafia to kill him, there is a possibility that mafia itself decided to do that. They hated Kennedy because of his efforts to put mafia kingpins behind bars. Jimmy Hoffa confessed on his “deathbed to killing Robert if he wins the elections.” Some people believe Edgar Hoover took part in Kennedy’s assassination. 

BBC Television’s Newsnight suggested that three senior CIA operatives were behind the killing. Three men seen in video and photographs of the Ambassador Hotel immediately before and after the assassination were positively identified as CIA operatives David Sánchez Morales, Gordon Campbell, and George Joannides. Morales got a court order, but died before the appointed day. 

Communicate. That’s the biggest and best first thing you can ever do. Whether it be with a teacher, sibling, friend, parent or even a counselor. Being able to communicate is the first step to your life getting better. It doesn’t have to be even talking; it can be a letter or email or text…let people know what’s going on in your life, your thoughts and emotions.

People can and will help you, you just need to search them out. Oh and one last thing, never EVER let someone bring you down. You’re you, and you is always good enough. Never stray from who you are because you never know who will come along and want and love “you”.

—  Marc M. (Brampton, ON, Canada)

“Step right up! Step right up! Come change, come float! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry! You’ll cheer, you’ll die! Introducing Pennywise the Dancing Clown!” 

Hey guys! I’m back with a new artwork! (Storm blew me away) What do you think?

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While bullying doesn’t cause suicide, a stressful environment and persistent, emotional victimization can increase a person’s risk of suicide. Together, we can create awareness about the dangers of bullying and give emotional support to those who may be contemplating suicide. If you or someone you know is in an emotional distress or suicidal crisis, please call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).