blood on the dance flood

//Assuming you meant Adult Reborn cause yeaaaaaaaaa//


It was raining. Clouds have formed covering the sky in a blanket of grey. You and Reborn were coming back from the market (thankfully) dry and arms full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your arms felt like they were dying and although Reborn offered to take all the bags, you insisted you share (he still held the umbrella). Of course, you wouldn’t even be having this problem in the first place if he listened to you and took the damn car.

(Bastard brought an umbrella, he planned all this.)

Reborn suddenly stopped mid-way, a few drops of rain tickling your nose. You tried to wipe the wet spot with your shoulders, wondering why he had stopped. Before you can question anything, he gave the umbrella for you to hold (like you already didn’t have enough things to carry) and walked off to a lamppost.

“What the-?”

“I’m singin’ in the rain. Just singin’ in the rain. What a glorious feeling. I’m happy again~” he sang in a deep, yet jovial tine. He had a hop in his step, using the lamppost to add a little kick to his impromptu musical. “I’m laughing at clouds. So dark up above. The sun’s in my heart. And I’m ready for love. For love~”

And you had to admit, he had a damn good voice and body. You’d compliment him… if it weren’t for the fact your arms were shaking like a newborn fawn on ice.

Reborn let out his hand, winking, his signature stupid smug smirk on his face. “Shall we dance?”

“You did not just use that line on me.” You somehow managed to cross your arms while holding an umbrella. “It’s raining, you’re wet, we’re carrying groceries, and I feel like my arms are going to fall off. Of all the times you can ask me to dance, is now really appropriate?”

“I don’t see why not? I’ve seen others do it.”

“What? Where?” You were genuinely surprised. Out of all the weird and spontaneous friends Reborn had that pooped by, none of them seemed to be this weird.

He tipped his fedora, Leon peaking out from his suit and turning into a green rose. “High School Musical.”

“Oh. My. God.” You wanted to slap that wink off his face so badly. “You did not just reference that fucking movie.” Despite your tone, a grin came crawling up your face. “As for you, Leon… I expected better of you.” It reverted back, curling its tail in amusement. “The both of you are so campy.”

“Oh?“ He quickly pulled you to his chest, his arms wrapping around your waist. “Is this what a ‘campy’ person would do?”

You rolled your eyes playfully. “Is the sky blue?”

His grin widened, pulling you closer. “It isn’t now.”

“Wrong expression. You know what I meant.”

“Of course I did.” He spun you around, dipping you just before your head hit the ground, before puling you into a chaste kiss. “But it doesn’t take away from the fact I was correct.”

“Fuck you.” You pulled his collar, kissing him deeply - his body heat warming yours, unable to pull away back into the cold. He slid his left arm over your back and the other under your bottom, slightly lifting you off the ground. His touch lingered, trying to preserve the heat before the wet chills took your nerves again. You both pawed at each other, as if their touch was going to be their last. You were passionate from the heat and grossed out from the wet clothes at the same time.

Surprisingly, he was the first one to stop. “Let’s take this inside, shall we?”

You eyed the fallen bags of food on the ground gathering rain water before nodding. You were sure Leon would either bring it back or give it to some locals. Looking back at him, you noticed his silent plea. Reborn had been stressed and destructive since Tsuna was hospitalized from the Naples attack. Of course it wasn’t directed towards you but you could still feel his irritation when he came home after a couple days of presumably living in the shooting range with Colonello.

You couldn’t guarantee erasing his worries in a single night, but if it distracted him from being self-destructive, then so be it.

“I love you.” You curled your fingers around his, kissing him on the cheek. “Lead the way.”

He smiled, the darkened  features of his face softening. “Love you too.”


Gokudera bit down, trying desperately not to blow up at the man in front of him. “Not your right first, you idiot!”

Yamamoto chuckled nervously, his shoes clacking on the polished floor. “Uh… Sorry?”

He sighed, making sure Yamamoto placed his arms on the appropriate spot. “Let’s try this again. Place your feet together as the starting position. Not that close. Just a bit- yeah. Okay. First step: left foot forward approximately 64 cm. Second step: right foot forward approximately 74 cm in a 90 degree angle adjacent to the fourth step. Then third step: move your left foot horizontally…”

You stared admirably at the two men trying to waltz, munching on some imported snacks as you observed the two from the veranda. This had been going on for about an hour or so now - Gokudera yelling some gibberish and Yamamoto unable to follow said gibberish. Sad thing was, Gokudera wasn’t even teaching him a waltz yet, it was basic box dancing.

“Okay, now you go- fuck!”

“Sorry! Sorry!”

You gave your sentiments to the poor man. To your fiancé or Gokudera, you didn’t know.

“How do you expect to dance during the party with your two left feet!?” Gokuera yelled.

“Sorry, it’s just that this type of dance doesn’t really suit me?” Yamamoto shrugged in response.

He grumbled, eyeing you from across the ballroom. “Hey!” He yelled your name. “Come over here and teach your idiot of a fiancé to listen properly!”

“Why?” you yelled back, “You’re the one who insisted you can teach a bird to fly to Tsuna!”

“If your heels floods with blood during the dance, it’s not my problem!”

You rolled your eyes and got up, heading towards the pair. “Wow, harsh. Didn’t need to reference Cinderella, Hayato.”

“Shut up and tell Toby Maguire over there to stop his stupidity.”

“I’ll do you one better. I’ll teach him. And before you say anything, no you’ll not be disappointing Tsuna. Besides, he was going to ask me anyways.” You smirked. “Though you do dance greatly as a woman.”

“You think you can do better?”

You just smiled in response, taking Yamamoto’s arm and dragging him to the veranda. “Okay Takeshi, I’m going to be your instructor from now on.”

He nervously scratched his cheeks, looking away. “Really? Are you sure?”

You weren’t exactly the best dancer but at least you can do basic box steps. “Well, I know you learn by touch, and Hayato isn’t really one for that, now is he?”

He grinned. “I can’t argue with that.”

You gently placed your left hand on his right shoulder, guiding his right hand around your waist, your other hands locked together in an embrace. You looked up at him, your bodies touching each other. You stepped your left foot forward slightly, making sure his eyes registered the movement.

“Wait! I can’t dance-” You pecked his cheek, shutting him up instantly. “Shh… I think you got an earful from Hayato already. Just feel, Takeshi. You know the steps, know let your body feel it.”

He nodded, Following your movement (although he was in leading position) and like magic, he danced like a professional. To be honest, you’d be jealous of the way Yamamoto absorbed talents so quickly but the accomplished smile on his face erased those feelings in an instant.

You danced for another round, before letting go and stretching. “See? I knew you could do it. Let’s practice one more time before-”



With a crack of lightening, a sudden downpour left the two of you drenched in the rain. “So much for practice…” you thought bitterly, hair sticking to your face. “Takeshi, let’s go inside- Woah!”

In an instant, you were back to your position, with his hand around your waist and the other in your hand. “I’m wet.”

“That’s what happens when you’re with a Rain guardian.“ He winked, pulling you closer.

You rolled your eyes playfully, enjoying the warmth of his body pressed against yours, yet still disgusted by the drops of rain dripping on your face. “Really?”

He gave you butterfly kisses, leading. “May I have this dance?”

“You’re supposed to ask before you grab me, dummy.” Despite your tone, you followed his lead.

The two of you danced in the rain for a while, complaining about the weather and the messed up appearance yet still laughing. He was an excellent leader and if it weren’t for the rain that made the tiles a bit slippery, you would’ve said he was a veteran in the arts.

He called your name. “Sorry, zoned out. What is it?” you asked.

His moved slowed until it was nothing more than gentle swaying. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Everything. I was so worried that I might’ve embarrassed you.” He pulled you in even closer, his lips kissing the crook of your neck. “I was so worried I might’ve disappointed you.”

“Those are you insecurities talking again. You’d never disappoint me. You’re an amazing person.” You gently embraced him, following his gentle movements. “I love you.”

You could feel his smile of relief tickling your skin. “I love you too.”

Meanwhile in Massachusetts

Meanwhile in Massachusetts Jack Kennedy dreamed
Walking the shore by the Cape Cod Sea
Of all the things he was going to be.
He breathed in the tang of the New England fall
And back in his mind he pictured it all,
The burnished New England countryside
Names that a patriot says with pride
Concord and Lexington, Bunker Hill
Plymouth and Falmouth and Marstons Mill
Winthrop and Salem, Lowell, Revere
Quincy and Cambridge, Louisburg Square.
This was his heritage—this was his share
Of dreams that a young man harks in the air.
The past reached out and tracked him now
He would heed that touch; he didn’t know how.
Part he must serve, a part he must lead
Both were his calling, both were his need.
Part he was of New England stock
As stubborn, close guarded as Plymouth Rock
He thought with his feet most firm on the ground
But his heart and his dreams were not earthbound
He would call New England his place and his creed
But part he was of an alien breed
Of a breed that had laughed on Irish hills
And heard the voice in Irish rills.
The life of that green land danced in his blood
Tara, Killarney, a magical flood
That surged in the depth of his too proud heart
And spiked the punch of New England so tart
Men would call him thoughtful, sincere
They would not see through to the Last Cavalier
He turned on the beach and looked toward his house.
On a green lawn his white house stands
And the wind blows the sea grass low on the sands
There his brothers and sisters have laughed and played
And thrown themselves to rest in the shade.
The lights glowed inside, soon supper would ring
And he would go home where his father was King.
But now he was here with the wind and the sea
And all the things he was going to be.
He would build empires
And he would have sons
Others would fall
Where the current runs
He would find love
He would never find peace
For he must go seeking
The Golden Fleece
All of the things he was going to be
All of the things in the wind and the sea.
   – Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

Planet Earth (Poem) by Michael Jackson

Planet Earth, my home, my place,
A capricious anomaly in the sea of space,
Planet Earth, are you just
Floating by, a cloud of dust,
A minor globe, about to bust,
A piece of metal bound to rust,
A speck of matter in a mindless void,
A lonely spaceship, a large asteroid.
Cold as a rock without a hue,
Held together with a bit of glue,
Something tells me this isn’t true.
You are my sweetheart, soft and blue.
Do you care, have you a part
In the deepest emotions of my own heart,
Tender with breezes, caressing and whole,
Alive with music, haunting my soul.
In my veins I’ve felt the mystery
Of corridors of time, books of history,
Life songs of ages throbbing in my blood
Have danced the rhythm of the tide and flood.
Your misty clouds, your electric storm
Were turbulent tempests in my own form.
I’ve licked the salt, the bitter, the sweet
Of every encounter, of passion, of heat.
Your riotous color, your fragrance, your taste
Have thrilled my senses beyond all haste.
In your beauty, I’ve known the how
Of timeless bliss, this moment of now.
Planet Earth are you just
Floating by, a cloud of dust,
A minor globe, about to bust,
A piece of metal bound to rust.
A speck of matter in a mindless void.
A lonely spaceship, a large asteroid.
Cold as a rock without a hue,
Held together with a bit of glue,
Something tells me this isn’t true.
You are my sweetheart, gentle and blue.
Do you care, have you a part
In the deepest emotions of my own heart,
Tender with breezes, caressing and whole,
Alive with music, haunting my soul.
Planet Earth, gentle and blue,
With all my heart, I love you.