Yeah, what a fucking travesty, having a president who wants women to actually be able to make her own choices. Hell, when will people realize that “pro-choice” doesn’t mean “ABORT ALL THE BABIES!!” but rather actually having the choice of doing what she feels is best for her body and her situation?

Source is [here], though the entire blog is full of uneducated, deluded bullshit. It’s a shame that so many Republicans think this way – and further, that their voices drown out the reasonable Republicans that used to dominate the party. I’ve always been on liberal side of things, but this is just perpetuating the insanity… and bigotry against women, minorities, and anyone else who isn’t a wealthy white man (and his wife/barefoot woman in the kitchen).

Bloobloo giving people rights is hard and infringes on my ability to be a bigot bloobloo

one day i’m going to muster up the energy to tl;dr about why graces is amazing despite its flaws

and one day i’m going to finish that CHERIA IS FUCKING AWESOME AND HATERS NEED TO SIT DOWN post that i started like a year ago

i have so many thoughts about graces, it is an imperfect game but it will always be my top tales game because there’s just so much to love about it AND I GET MAD THAT PEOPLE SHIT ON IT SO MUCH goodbye


I made my sisters bed, because my room is clean and nicely made  beds look good in a clean room. I didn’t think she’d be coming down for awhile so I was looking forward to enjoying the sight of the bed undisturbed. Guess who’s coming down tonight?