bloo hair

a-lazy-fox  asked:

I would swoon so damn hard if you dyed your hair electric bloo. It's one of my fave hair colors, but not on myself for some reason. Other than that, I would suggest purple but I dunno how you feel about purple. Most people I meet/talk to actually hate it :c it's my fave color next to mint green (and I'm kinda disappointed I didn't still force myself to plan a trip to AX. I would've like to try to meet you)

I might go w the electric blue tbh just cause it’s a bright color I haven’t done yet and I like the way it looks too also you should go to ax next year! By then I’ll probably be setting up in artist alley at cons so it’ll be easier to find me too

i promised myself id learn how to draw brassxgoggles’s hair better

might as well learn now. at 4 something am. i am so sleep deprived but i dO NOT CARE this is just more proof that i was made to be nocturnal and/or live in another country where presumably rn it is daytime ya feel me

but in general i think i mastered the bloo hair u_u here u go carissa!