bloo blah


my fallout 4 oc, Carver :0 she’s probably gonna live forever just out of spite

“But that’s not what queerness is. Being queer is about breaking heteronormativity. People who are hetero-asexual are queer because they break societies conception of what a good straight person should be.”

lay me down to die

straight kinky poly childfree blah blah bloo bloo people are queer too, i’m sure. everyone who’s not literally a stereotype of the Ideal Straight Person is queer. slurs for everyone! you get a slur! and you get a slur! everybody gets a homophobic and transphobic slur!

Sometimes I absolutely hate myself for identifying as kin (therian, rather). I’m really ashamed of people knowing about it or speaking my mind on the topic. Though it’s definitely more of a spirituality thing – I don’t precisely think that I’m canine, rather that I used to be a wolf or wolves or dogs, but then again I sort of am because spirit is timeless and collective – regardless, people are very judgemental and sometimes it feels like I can’t even investigate my beliefs and experiences because people are crushing me with all their assumptions and I’ve internalized all of it