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in case anyone forgot my favor towards dysfunction

meh bloo-blah, speculative meta in fic form, takes place after Bruce returns from being lost in time 

Damian likes it black and white, cut and dry.

He prefers seeing that way. He prefers feeling that way. He prefers killing that way (although that would not get him any points, it seems). He does not like the mix of emotions inside, seething, squishing, screaming. It is…messy. And for a man so focused on action (and he is a man, truly), he did not have the time or the will to invest the time to untangle the mess inside. So he lies to himself. He slams the dark forces inside, sobbing and oozing and weeping, and locks the trapdoor underneath him. Steps on it, to make sure nothing gets out.

But sometimes, things do.

Damian does not think highly of himself, in the way most men do. He is a man of action, and he prides himself on his quick fingers, his crushing blows. The way his tongue can lash as any whip is able, planting seeds of doubt. Part of the battle, his mother told him, is psychological.


He would be more accepting of the idea if it hadn’t appeared as a double-edged sword in his life. He had used it as a tool before, not really considering its consequences. He was a man of action, he did not consider the consequences. At least, in regards to other people.

But now it has come back around. That karma so often spoken of in a blasé manner, it attacks with a vengeance.

His father doesn’t trust him. Understandable, to be sure. He wouldn’t be Batman if he didn’t. But Bruce is not just Batman. Damian knows that now, after Grayson’s stories. After Grayson’s laughter, his clenched jaw to stave off grief.

So Bruce is not just Batman, is not just Father. He is a man. A man who values action, not petty words. Damian is a man of action. He turned his back on his mother, on his upbringing. He has not brought mortal blood on his hands. He has changed.

Then why.

Damian closes his eyes.

Why does his Father refuse him?

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my fallout 4 oc, Carver :0 she’s probably gonna live forever just out of spite


I told you it was possible to hack into those stupid microcam security cameras you put up, James! “They’re totally safe, and thieves will never spot them bloo blee blah blah” I told you!

I’m sorry, does someone not think me and “I’m paranoid enough to put matte paint and painter’s tape on everything so the Mirror Masters can’t find me” Hart can build a completely secure security system? 

You probably just left a trail somewhere else, brat.

anonymous asked:

hello how do i fully join the tf2 fandom it seems so great but i dont got the game i just mainly like the characters. ye sorry to bother ya

idk what “FULLY JOIN” would mean…. i mean.. you’re in it if ya say you are and that’s that y’know. 

but on the other hand, to “FULLY ENJOY“ tf2 is a whole different story y’know what i’m sayin.

i would recommend watching the Meet the Team videos and then reading the comics, if you haven’t already. you can go ahead and explore, read the past updates, explore tf2 wiki etc. but you should definitely try the game if you can since a) it’s free b) it’s fun and c) IT’S FREE!!

if you end up liking gameplay, you can watch tf2 youtubers’ gameplay commentaries (popular youtubers being STAR_ or Jerma) or get into watching (or playing!) competitive gameplay. a lot of competitive players stream on teamfortresstv @ twitch and many of their matches are shoutcasted on that channel. PRETTY ENTERTAINING STUFF!!

if you’re not so into gameplay there’s plenty of cool sfm vids and art out there, not to mention there’s also cool tf2 communities, here on tumblr, reddit, etc. etc. blah blah blee bloo. plenty of artwork (and fanfics lol) and plenty of amazing people that you can befriend!! tumblr has a lot of friendly and talented people!!

there’s a lot of other stuff too, but this is just stuff coming from the top of my head. sorry if this was not helpful since it is a dookie poopie post, but i do hope it helped… :Bc


“But that’s not what queerness is. Being queer is about breaking heteronormativity. People who are hetero-asexual are queer because they break societies conception of what a good straight person should be.”

lay me down to die

straight kinky poly childfree blah blah bloo bloo people are queer too, i’m sure. everyone who’s not literally a stereotype of the Ideal Straight Person is queer. slurs for everyone! you get a slur! and you get a slur! everybody gets a homophobic and transphobic slur!

Sometimes I absolutely hate myself for identifying as kin (therian, rather). I’m really ashamed of people knowing about it or speaking my mind on the topic. Though it’s definitely more of a spirituality thing – I don’t precisely think that I’m canine, rather that I used to be a wolf or wolves or dogs, but then again I sort of am because spirit is timeless and collective – regardless, people are very judgemental and sometimes it feels like I can’t even investigate my beliefs and experiences because people are crushing me with all their assumptions and I’ve internalized all of it

  • poc: this movie looks really white wow where the poc at?
  • white person watching frozen: well actually frozen is based on a danish bladdy blah blah blah bloo blah blah and so poc can't be in this movie because it would be unrealistic to the original story
  • white person watching frozen: haha that talking snowman is so funny!
  • white person watching frozen: wooooo so much magic! this is so magical and UNREAL wow!!
  • poc: ............................

blah blah bloo blah for 10 minutes

Okay, guys, here it is! The Dregs shall hereafter be known as (insert trumpets, crashing cymbal noises, someone screams in the distance)


So why the title change? There were concerns that the word “dregs” was unfamiliar to a lot of readers, but it also came down to the fact that while some of the members of Kaz’s crew are also members of the gang known as the Dregs (one of the worst in the Barrel natch), some aren’t, and this book is about Kaz and his crew more than it’s about the gang.

Why Six of Crows? Well, crows are allll over this book and they’re important to Kaz in particular. More to be revealed in 2015 and you can come on out and ask me all about it on my tour!

10/31 - Grisha Halloween at Books & Books, Coral Gables, FL 7pm

11/1 - Octavia Books, New Orleans, LA 5pm

11/3 - Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge, MA 6pm

11/4 - Gibson’s, Concord, NH 6pm

11/5 - Jones Library (w/ Odyssey Books), Amherst, MA 6pm

11/6 - Books of Wonder, New York, NY 6pm

11/8 - YALLFest, Charleston, SC (details TBA)

11/9 - Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN 2pm

We’re going to have an amazing Six of Crows related gift with purchase at all of these stops (while supplies last blee blah bloo) and I’ll be reading from the new book at most of them. (Not at Yallfest because honestly that would be weird. But you should still come to Yallfest because YALLFEST.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing a little bit more about Kaz, Inej, Wylan, Jesper, Nina, and Matthias this week. I can’t wait to share more about them and this story in the new year. And I can’t wait to see some of you on the road in just a few weeks! Come stare directly into my eyes and tell me of your customs.