Does anyone else ever randomly think about the fact Rent takes place only 27 years after Hairspray? The characters of Hairspray could be the parents of the characters of Rent, that’s how close their timelines are.

I’d just like to take a moment and talk about how amazing the movie “Geography Club” was. And no, it is not actually about a Geography Club, that name is a way for the group to meet secretly and not have to be known it is really a LGBTQ support group.

First off, I haven’t seen a movie in a while where the relationship between two men was so pure and chemically positive I actually forgot they were even making sexuality a topic. It deals with the topic of coming out in high school and acceptance of lgbtq.

Second off, like a lot of gay-themed movies, this one does NOT make sex between the two men the main thing, in fact kissing is the farthest thing portrayed between the two, so it really is about their emotional relationship, and not the physical one (like a lot of what is in the media currently with gay characters).

The main character Russell is realistic and written beautifully, and portrayed even better. 

However, it is not just about Russell’s story, as the people he comes to know as friends have their own reasons for being a part of the Geography Club, and it turns into a journey of self-discovery and acceptance of yourself and others, and ultimately sloughing off what society will think of you.

The rest of the cast, including Justin Deeley as his romantic interest (You might know him from his role on 90210) did a superb job of portraying what high school can really be like. Being yourself is one of the hardest things that no one can teach you in life.

You should go watch this movie because it is so friggin cute, realistic, heartwarming, sad, and just all around a good movie for this generation. It is currently streaming of Netflix, so go watch it. You will not regret it!

story time

I was ten when “Hairspray” came out. Prior to its release, my mom rented the original movie for me, and I watched it every day until the new one came out. After that I bought 2 copies of the dvd, the novelization, the soundtrack, and I dragged my parents to go see it in theatres FIVE TIMES. I memorized all the songs, joined an online fan club, and breathed that movie for a straight year. I wanted to grow up and be Tracy Turnblad and she was my fictional rolemodel for a very long time.

And that is the impact on a little girl with body issues that a chubby protagonist can bring.

cause everyone knows the girls run the show (listen)

good morning baltimore (nikki blonsky - hairspray) watch what happens (kara lindsay - newsies) everything else (jennifer damiano - next to normal) dead girl walking (barrett wilbert weed - heathers) fabulous (ashley tisdale - high school musical 2) legally blonde (laura bell bundy - legally blonde) the coolest girl (bonnie gruesen - a very potter sequel) a summer in ohio (anna kendrick - the last 5 years) take me or leave me (fredi walker, idina menzel - rent) mama who bore me (lea michele - spring awakening) cabaret (liza minnelli - cabaret) spanish rose (chita rivera - bye bye birdie) harry (jaime lyn beatty - a very potter musical) i guess i’ll miss the man (rachel bay jones - pippin) what is this feeling? (idina menzel, kristin chenoweth - wicked)