Maybe it’s just the way you’re exhausted and shaky right then, but the fact that the scent and first sip of this tea is light is just what you need right now. It’s like the feeling when you smooth your palms over your face, telling your features it’s ok to relax. The way you close your eyes and press your lips to something warm and sigh out as deeply as you breathed the scent in.

Even if it’s a little weak - a little more about winding down and not about bringing you up - there’s that hint of spice in the back, in the edges, reminding you that those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

And maybe it should be left to steep a while too long, maybe it should get a bit bitter.  Because not everything should be sweet and not everything should be on time. Besides, add some honey to temper the bitterness and you end up with something more complex, more interesting, and a reminder that sometimes the darkness can get light again; that wounds sometimes heal.