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Torn Between Brothers

Rebekah x Reader


Imagine: you are in love with Kol and Klaus Mikaelson and calls Rebekah, your best friend, to help you deal with it.


Word Count: 1314


Yes, what happened, Y/N?”

“Can you come over, please? I sort of need to talk to someone right now…”

Okay, I’m coming, just give me a minute.

She hung up and, once more, you were all alone and free to become a victim of your own thoughts. They had been so overwhelming lately. Well, since you discovered yourself completely in love with Kol and Klaus Mikaelson. Yes, the awful psychopath and the big bad hybrid, both part of the oldest vampire family in the world. And, also, if all of that is not bad enough, they were your best friend’s siblings. You could picture how mad Rebekah would get. 

You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down and find the strength to open up with someone about the subject. It was hard, though, because, so far, you have not been able to understand what the hell was going on with your feelings. And it was not because you did not take some time to think it though, to analyse who you liked more. Klaus was the very thing you should not have and you want it so badly. His soft words and kind gestures, heck, he was intoxicating. Kol, on the other hand, brought out the crazy on you. The way he would show up in the middle of the night in your room just to stole a kiss from you was so bloody hot. How in earth would be able to choose between them? 

“So, darling, why you sounded so desperate on the phone?” Rebekah said, unexpectedly and making you jump forward, scared. 

“Oh my God, Bekah, can’t you knock like everybody else?”

“I’m your best friend and also an Original vampire, which means I’m not like everybody else. Now, spill the beans.”

“You’re such a sweet person!” You remarked, ironically. “But you’re right, I need to get it out of my head before I go nuts.”

“Well, I’m all ears for you, darling.”

“Ok, hum… Shit, it’s hard.” You gasped, frustrated. “I want to tell you, yet, I feel like I’m going to throw up if I do.“ 

The blonde narrowed her eyes and crossed arms, looking at you sceptic. You sighed, knowing you had to suck it up and tell her. Still, they were her brothers and, eventually, you would hurt one of them by choosing. When this become so hard?

“Okay. I’m going to say it.”

“I’m waiting.” You gulped, biting your lower lip. “You’re a weird person, Y/N.”

“Yes, I know that. Now here it goes: I’m in love.”

“Seriously?” Rebekah raised an eyebrow. “You were all nervous just to tell me you care about someone?”

“Not quite that.” You said, pursing your lips. “I’m in love with two guys.”

“What?!” She questioned, stunned. “Y/N, care to explain me what the bloody hell is going on?”

“That’s not it.”

“There’s more?” You nodded, slightly. “Damn it, Y/N! Go ahead. Finish. I’m definitely eager to know who are them.”

“Yeah, about that, promise me you won’t be mad when I tell you.“ 

"Why would I be?”

“Just promise.”

“Okay. I promise. Now, tell me.”

Never, in your whole life, you had ever felt more scared than right that second. Rebekah had an inquisitive look and you knew how much she hated when you took so long to tell her something. Again, it was not an easy thing to do. Especially because she was related to them, which made impossible for her to be impartial. You giggled, nervous, and finally let it out:

“It’s Klaus. And Kol.” You whispered, hoping she had missed it. 

“Y/N, are you serious?”

“I wish I wasn’t.”

Rebekah, unexpectedly, chuckled. And embraced you in a hug. Instead of yelling that was wrong and being mad, she seemed genuinely happy. You frowned and looked at her as if she had a horn in her forehead. Come on! You needed someone to tell that being in love with two maniacs was a horrible mistake. Because, honestly, it seemed impossible to do it by yourself.

“You’re going to be my sister in law!” She squeaked.

“For fuck’s sake, haven’t you heard what I told you?”

“So what you’re in love with them? I’m sure you love one more than the other. Now you just have to pick.”

“It would be a lot easier if I did know which one.”

“Oh. Oh!” Rebekah widened her eyes.“And you want me to help you choose?”

“Yes. It’s exactly what I want you to do.”

“No. I can’t. Out of my reach.”

You shook your head, letting out a huff and starting to pace restlessly in your room. What you were supposed to do? Because if you choose Kol, Klaus would probably dagger him, which would be terrible. And, if you picked the hybrid, the younger Mikaelson would flip out and probably would end up boxed. Both scenarios were dreadful and you did not want to put yourself or the brothers in that situation. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”, you though, feeling uneasy.

“Stop!” Rebekah cried, grasping your shoulders. “You’re making me nervous.”

I’m nervous! And you refuse to help me.”

“I said I can’t help you choose. You have to do that alone. But I can help.”

“Enlighten me then.”

“First, go out with them. Like, in dates. Oh, and make sure they know you feel like that.”

“Rebekah, my life it’s not a bachelorette TV show. And I don’t need to feel like I’m a prize.”

“I’m just trying to help.”

“I know that! And… Thanks. I’m aware of how messed up this is.”

“You’re my best friend, Y/N.” She pointed out, hugging you one more time. “Now, if I were you, I’d call and ask them to come here.”

“Okay, if this goes wrong, I’ll blame it on.”


Letting a loud laugh come out, you reached for your phone and then dialled Klaus’ number. Even though it was risky and it would probably bring a bad outcome, you should come clean to them. After all, they deserved to know and it would make you feel better. Eh, so you hoped.

Hello, love.

“Hey, babe, can you come over?”

I’ll be there in a second.

“Wait, is Kol with you?”

No, but he’s close. What do you want with him?

“I kind of need to talk to both of you… Can you come?” You requested, using the “I’m crying, please answer all my wishes” tone. It always worked.

Okay, We’ll be there.”

For a second you though about giving up. If it was hard telling Rebekah, who, by the way, was lying lazily in your bed and acting like nothing was going on, imagine having to face your beloveds and let them know you did not have faintest idea who you wanted to be with. Definitely a good talk. “Y/N, keep it together!”, you thought, shaking your head and trying to focus on how better you would feel.

“This will be fun.” Rebekah said.

“Yes, I’m a complete wreck, but, sure, very funny.”

“You have to relax, Y/N/N. My brothers seem like alpha male type, but they are just boys.”

“Do you think I can handle it?”

“Of course. I know you and I know them. I’m pretty sure it all work out fine.”

Both of you heard a thud downstairs. Okay, so they had arrived and you needed to go there and talk to them. For the thousandth time you freaked out. When exactly did you become such an insecure woman? You used to be this girl who would go and make things happen. All right. It was time to bring your other self back.

“Good luck.”

“You’re not staying?”

“Oh, no. You should have privacy. But if they fight, send me a video.”

“You are a bitch!”

“Go to your boys, darling.”

“Fuck you, Bekah.”

“I love you too.“ 

Then she disappeared.

You gulped and went to your living room.

It was time to face the beasts.

Acknowledge Part 3

A continuation to “Acknowledge”. Dan’s relationship with his boss Phil Lester has finally become official.

Warnings: Pre-Smut

Louise had arrived to work extra early for a change, mostly due to the fact that she planned to bombard Dan with questions about his weekend with Phil as soon as he got here. She set her handbag and coffee down on the desk and turned on her computer.

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Love, Actually [Part 1]


TMR Cast Imagine Series [ next ]

Pairing: Thomas Brodie Sangster x Reader (eventually)

A/N: Really just wanted to write before heading out for a client. Y/N joins as a new member in the TMR cast and being a fresh face in the industry, she is very intimidated and shy to meet everyone else whose already so close to each other. Decided to make this for filming of The Scorch Trials, not really gonna delve into Y/N’s character in the film or how it deviates from the actual story line just to make this less confusing. Might be making future parts?? Idkkkkk

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naruhina; chance

rating: K+
prompt: “I’m a punk singer and am hiding from fans in a florists and you work here and are snarky and funny and are adorable go out with me?”
a/n: another cute NH au because I haven’t done one in a while (no, i’m not using this as an excuse to take a break from writing smut for nhsm watchu on about) i also tweaked the prompt so it’s not exactly like that. enjoy!



How the heck do they keep finding me?

The adrenaline surging through his body pulsed through to his feet as he ran as fast as he could. The patter sound of footsteps following him as close as they could hastened the pace of his heart with every step he took forward. He made the mistake of glancing behind, the sharp eyes of his pursuers reminded him how he was cornered into a dangerous game of chase where his safety legit hung on a thread.

The surroundings around him seemed tinted a somewhat burgundy shade with his sunglasses slipping a little down the bridge of his nose from his hasty running. The beanie tightly snug around his head pushed down his bangs till it impeded his vision slightly so he depended on his instincts to avoid bumping into pedestrians. He had hoped the further he ran, the faster the pursuers would lose hope and concede in defeat.

This mouse and cat chase had been going on for nearly twenty minutes and it didn’t seem like he was able to shake them loose anytime soon.  

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The Cell Phone Swap

Summary= Two strangers accidentaly bump into each other, only to make a fateful mistake: they mix their phones. And as much as Lucy wanted to get hers back, he only seemed focused on flirting with her. [Modern Day AU].

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= 1/3.

Word Count= 1655.

Hope you like this little fic I wrote for you~

Lucy Heartfilia’s day had, again, started horribly wrong.

She’d always thought that working in her something she enjoyed would bring her bright days, with nice workmates and boss, where she could put all of her into it. Being a journalist, she’d thought problems wouldn’t be a problem.

Oh how wrong she was.

Of course a place where gossip was all that mattered would be a web of lies and conflict.

And of course her boss would be a dick, too.

“Lucy,” her coworker, Yukino, popped her head behind the door with a sad smile. At least she was someone nice. “Mr. Jiemma wants to see you.”

Lucy cursed under her breath, putting everything she owned back into her purse, already knowing what would happen. She kicked the wall with all her strength before leaving her small office, heading to her final destination.

The pity, false looks the others gave her were the last straw to her sanity.

A younger girl opened the door when she arrived, and Lucy grumply made her way over Jiemma’s desk. The horrible man, owner of Sabertooth Magazine, looked at her hardly, his enormous figure too big for the small table.

She’d never liked this man, and she would never do.

“So, Miss Heartfilia,” he started, his hard voice sending shiver through hers as she sat, and not the good shivers. “Lately our company has been having some… little difficulties,”

“Yes.” Lucy said through gritted teeth. She wasn’t in the mood for stupid formalities.

“That’s why, I’m so sorry to say this,” Jiemma continued, not sounding sorry at all. “You are fired.”

Lucy did her best not to flip the table over and shout, “Oh… okay.”

“We hope you can carry on with your life, and we wish you the best.”

Before she jumped over and strangled him with her tiny hands, she stood up and left, ignoring all the glances and giggled behind her. To top of it all, her high heels were killing her. She heard Yukino calling her in the distance, but Lucy wasn’t in the mood of kindness, either.

All she wanted was to curl up in her bed and take a long nap. Probably until next year, if possible.

Storming out of the large building, Lucy glared at everyone on her way in the streets, mentally cursing the bad weather and the gray clouds and everyone who was truly happy.

Why her? Why did everyone have to be against her? Damned world.

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hey, can i request a steve reader fic? 11 august is my birthday, so its kinda my birthday gift.. steves son from the future traveled thru time by accident and found out how his parents met, coz thats something his parents wont discuss bcoz its too funny and embarrassing? and later tag me?? Tq - @shamvictoria11

A/N- Happy Birthday I hope it was great!! Also I couldn’t think of a name for yours and Steve’s child so I named him shamelessly after Bucky.

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines


“How did you and daddy meet?” your five year old son, James, asked at breakfast one day as he ate his cereal and swung his legs.

Your eyes met with Steve’s over the table for a brief moment and you both had a silent conversation of ‘we’re not telling him’. “Um, we met at a party,” you lied, not so smoothly.

“Yeah, your uncle Sam introduced us,” Steve elaborated and you nodded in agreement, thankfully your son didn’t seem to notice.

“Okay,” he said quietly, eating his cereal quietly for the rest of breakfast and you and Steve let out a sigh of relief.


“Dad how did you meet mum?” James asked slowly as he and Steve prepared dinner, you would be home a little late so it was up to them to make dinner and not burn the kitchen down. Steve was a god awful cook no matter how hard he tried.

Steve had a brief moment of deja vu but shook it off, “At a newspaper stand,” he said without thinking and internally cursed his imagination.

“Uh-huh,” James said in a ‘go on’ tone.

“We both wanted the last copy of new york times. I said she could have it if she gave me her number. She did, I called her and we went out,” he gulped quietly, hoping that story sounded believable. “Why?” he glanced at his son.

James shrugged, “No reason.”


“Say, mum,” James started as he slid next to you as you worked on your laptop, “How did you meet dad?”

You bit your tongue and continued to type for a brief moment as you thought, “Well, James, you know that your dad was Captain America?”

James nodded.

“Well, I was working as a receptionist at the Avengers Tower, so I saw your dad every day for a few months before he plucked up the courage to ask me out,” you gave a little nod, how you wished that story was true.

Your son hummed and you couldn’t quite tell what he was thinking before he was out of the room leaving you to get back on with your work.


James was now twenty five years old and was hanging out with his uncle Tony in his lab. He had decided he wanted to be an engineer of some sort as a career and Tony was letting him hang around the lab for a while and shadow him.

Tony had gone off to get lunch, he was currently working on some big project that he didn’t deem necessary to tell James about. Whilst he was out James walked through to the cordoned off room and explored, inside was a large metal circular contraption with a huge hole through the centre.

He flicked a switch and the machine turned on, a clear blue light erupted from the hole. Fascinated, James touched his hand to it and was surprised when his hand went all the way through the portal. He was going to pull his hand back and turn everything off before Tony got back but an unknown force tugged on his hand.

The force pulled his entire body through the portal and he was free falling for a long few seconds then his body collided hard on the pavement. He looked up and saw that he was lying down in the middle of a busy street and people were walking around him as if they didn’t notice he had appeared out of nowhere.

Standing up he looked around and recognised where he was. He was outside the Avengers tower that was for sure but there were some differences, the signs that he knew from his daily walk to work looked fresher and new. The fashion everyone was wearing was practically decades old, heck even the Avengers Tower looked in better condition. In that moment James knew what had happened and where he was.


James slowly walked inside the Avengers tower, there was a small petite blonde receptionist tapping away at the computer. He walked over to her, “Excuse me, miss? Sorry to bother you but could you tell me the date?”

She looked up at him, “August 11th.”

“And the year?” James prompted.

She squinted at him, “2014,” she said slowly, “Have you been drinking?”

James quickly shook his head, “No, sorry. I just, I need to see Mr. Stark.”

“He’s very busy.”

“I know but it’s very important,” he pleaded.

The receptionist sighed, “He’s fully booked but he’s throwing a party down at the bar this evening, you could catch him there.”

James nodded, “Thank you.” He began to walk away then turned to face her, “Do you happen to know any receptionists by the name Y/N Y/L/N?”

She shook her head without looking up from her computer and James finally left. If you weren’t a receptionist then how had you met his dad? He had already figured that most of the ways his parents met had been lies because of the amount of times they changed the story over the years when he asked. Though, he had no proof he was from the future if he could produce reliable information about his own parents, how was he going to get Tony to trust and help him get back.

You had been invited to one of Tony Stark’s infamous parties. You were an old buddy of Sam Wilson’s so you had received an invite, you decided to go but you weren’t looking forward to it all that much. When you arrived there was already a swarm of people and loud music, thankfully Sam spotted you and pulled you over to meet his friends.

“Y/N, my friends are so great, you’re gonna love them,” Sam yelled over the music and you could tell that he was already tipsy if not mildly drunk. You held onto his wrist as he dragged you through endless crowds towards a booth at the back where you assumed his friends were.

James watched from aside as everyone partied, he had been one of the first to get there and Tony hadn’t showed up yet so he was waiting for him and denied any drinks, he didn’t want to be drunk out of his mind.

He had spotted his father in the crowd with his Uncle Sam and Uncle Bucky, they all looked younger but it was certainly them. He watched as they downed several beer bottles each, Uncle Sam getting more tipsy without the aid of the soldier serum. Still, there was a small bottle which he recognised as the special Asgardian liquor that his father and Uncle would sometimes drink at special occasions.

They all laughed and had fun together, it was odd for James to watch it. He had always thought of his parents as, well, his parents, but watching his dad here clearly without a child and getting drunk with his friends was incredibly weird for him.

His Uncle Sam got up and his eyes followed him as he disappeared into the crowd then returned soon later dragging someone with him. It only took a split second for his to recognise you as his mother, there you were looking young and free.

From this perspective, James had a perfect view of you and Sam going up to Bucky and Steve.

“You’ll love them!” James heard Sam yell.

“Stevie, Buck, this is Y/N,” Sam introduced you at the same time as Steve was trying desperately to uncork a bottle of champagne. Steve had been struggling for a while and the bottle got shaken, just as Sam said your name the cork popped and flew directly at your face and hit you in the eye. The assault was soon followed by you being covered in the exploding champagne.

James couldn’t help but laugh at the sight before him, he watched his dad rush forward and begin apologising for opening the champagne all over you. He grimaced when he saw that you had got a small cut near your eye from the impact, James assumed this would be the part of the story where you would wave him off and he would help clean you up and his parents would begin the journey of falling in love with each other.

Instead he watched as you full on decked Steve in the face, sending him crashing back into the table.

He would have stayed and watched what happened next but he saw Tony enter the bar and had to tear himself away to speak to him whilst it was still possible to have his attention. At first Tony didn’t believe James was from the future but after he took him back to his lab and took a few blood tests he confirmed that he had the DNA of both Steve and you.

Tony helped James get back to the future where he belonged, James described the machine that had taken him back to this time period and Tony wrote it all down. A week later Tony had built a similar machine, James looked it over and curled his lip.

It looked a lot shakier and less well built than the one from the 2040’s but the familiar clear blue portal was in the middle. With a deep breath James stepped through the portal and was free falling once more, this time he landed back in the lab.

James jumped up, he was back, it was the future again and he was alive. He breathed a sigh of relief and switched off the time travelling portal. Tony wasn’t back yet so either no time had passed or a lot of time had passed and the place was just unused. “FRIDAY?” James asked hesitantly.

“Yes, Mr. Rogers?” the A.I. replied.

“How long was I gone through the portal for?”

“3 minutes and 21 seconds,” came the robotic voice.

James hummed happily, “Thanks FRIDAY.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Rogers.”


James was back visiting you and Steve for Sunday dinner. “So, guys, how did you meet? I don’t really remember.”

You and Steve glanced at each other, “Just, y’know, around,” you said, stuffing food in your mouth so you wouldn’t have to speak.

“We met at the cinema,” Steve supplied, pretending to remember, “I was sat in your seat.”

James hummed, “Right, how did you actually meet?”

You choked on your mouthful and Steve almost spit out his drink. “How-how do you know that’s not how me met?” you asked cautiously.

“Because every time I ask that you tell me a different story,” James said smugly.

You and Steve nodded, that was fair.

“I opened a champagne bottle and the cork flew and hit her eye, it broke the skin. Then your mum punched me in the face,” Steve said plainly.

James laughed and you swatted Steve’s arm. “I did not punch you in the face,” you protested.

“Doll, you decked me. Sam and Bucky are witnesses,” Steve chuckled.

“How did that turn into a relationship?” James asked with a smile.

“I followed her round until she forgave me, I could tell she was interested in me,” Steve grinned.

You scoffed, “More like Sam and Bucky told you to ask me out because you were oblivious,” you corrected with a smart smile.

“But you were interested in me,” Steve countered.

“It was love at first punch,” you smiled.


A/N- Hope that this was everything that you wanted!! Happy Birthday <3 Let me know what you thought, requests are open xx

so many overdue projects but it’s kuroken month so who cares?? on the other hand i can’t believe i forgot it was june i thought i missed it omg

title: utterly, undeniably, hopelessly
pairing: kuroken
tags: for kurokenmonth prompt: firsts. falling in love with your best friend. lots of that shoujo sparkle and kuroo being a sap.
summary: The first time Kuroo realized he was utterly, undeniably, hopelessly in love with his best friend, he walked into a wall.

read on ao3 or or click below!

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I'll Always Be Right Here - Solangelo

Remembering Bianca was always hard for Nico, no matter how much time had passed, how many hours he spent grieving her. It was the fourth year since her passing, and as the anniversary of her death neared, Nico found it harder and harder to get out of bed. His eyes would open, the sun would filter through the cracks of his curtains, but he felt like he had no motivation to do anything, no motivation to live his life. His sister was dead - why should he have motivation to live?

The emptiness his sister left behind seemed to grow as the days passed and now, at the anniversary of her premature death, he couldn’t even find it in himself to sit up. Instead, he lay silently under his warm duvet, wishing to feel something other than numbness. Pain, sadness, anger, something. But he knew that wishes didn’t come true, so he continued to lie alone, longing for the one person who he’d never get back.

Unlike the other campers, who seemed oblivious, Will had noticed Nico’s sudden absence to all his usual camp activities almost immediately. He wasn’t exactly alarmed when the younger boy didn’t show up to the the bonfire three days prior, but when he wasn’t at breakfast, lunch, or dinner the next day he knew something was up. He decided to go to Percy Jackson, a guy who seemed pretty close to Nico, to ask about his absence, but the raven haired teen had simply shaken his head and told him that Nico was fine. Well, Will was Will and Will didn’t take “fine” as an answer. Years of working in the infirmary had taught him that when someone said they were “fine” they weren’t actually fine.

So Will went to Annabeth Chase for answers, but she had basically said the exact same thing as her boyfriend - that Nico was fine. She did, however, add that the son of Hades had some “things” to deal with that couldn’t be helped, which simply made Will want to help even more. What could he say? As a son of Apollo, he wanted to help and heal people. It was in his blood. Well, that and the fact that, although he’d never admit it to anyone, he had grown feelings for the younger boy since the Giant War’s end.

Fast forward two days, and Will still hadn’t seen even a glimpse of Nico’s familiar face. Everyone he’d gone to to ask about the Hades-born had said to leave the matter be, that Nico was fine, but Will refused to believe that Nico, who had been missing for days, was simply fine.
So despite everyone else’s advice, Will made his way down to the Hades cabin, which looked out of place under the bright sun that shone over Camp Half-Blood. The charcoal-coloured stone door loomed over Will intimidatingly as he reached the porch, and it took the blonde a moment before he had the guts to lift his fist and knock.

At first, he received no answer, but Will - being as stubborn as a bull - refused to give up, and found himself knocking on the door of the Hades cabin for a good twenty minutes until he got a reply

“Go away.” 

Will frowned, unsatisfied. While the voice belonged to the boy he’d been searching for, he didn’t expect to be so coldly rejected, which only made his curiosity and need to help Nico grow. 

“Nico?” Will called, but there was no reply. “Nico, it’s me, Will.” Again, much to Will’s dismay, there was no reply. “Nico, please?”

He kept on trying for another response, but once he realized that the chances of him getting one were minimal, he chose to try and open the door for himself. And since the cabins still hadn’t been reinforced with locks, breaking in wasn’t all that hard. Will pushed the door open with ease, but the slight pleased smile that touched his lips disappeared and was replaced with gut-churning worry as he stepped in and took sight of the cabin. 

All of the vacant beds had their sheets ripped to shreds, the floor was littered with dirt and pillows, the crimson curtains drawn to prevent any intruding sunlight, and the small mirror that hung in the far back of the cabin was shattered in its frame. In the midst of the destruction was Nico, who looked tiny as a mouse with his body curled in on itself under a thin grey sheet. His eyes were clenched shut, dark bags hanging heavily below.

“Nico!” Will cried, panic seeping into his voice. The door slammed shut behind him as he rushed to Nico’s side. “Nico, gods, I should’ve checked on you sooner! What the heck happened? Are you okay? Of course you’re not okay! You’ve been missing for three days! My gods, I’m a damned idiot…” Will’s hand came to a rest on the shoulder of Nico, who had just hardly cracked one eye open. Through his dark lashes, Will could see that Nico’s eyes were bloodshot. 

“What are you doing here?” Nico mumbled with aggravation, tugging the thin sheet that blanketed him up until it covered his face. 

Will frowned, feeling lost. He had no idea what was wrong with Nico, no idea what he could do to make the younger boy feel okay again. “What am I- Nico, I haven’t seen you in three days and everyone I tried to ask about you didn’t tell me anything other than ‘he’s fine’, even though it’s now obvious to me that you’re anything but fine. I’m worried about you.” Will reached forward and took Nico’s blanket into his hands, slowly peeling it off of the younger boy’s body and tossing it to the floor. 

Nico exhaled heavily through his nose, both of his eyes fluttering before opening widely. While they seemed to be focused on Will, they were lost and distant. “I-I am fine.” 

“Fine? You call this fine?” Will gestured to Nico’s now-uncovered body, which appeared painfully thin and weak, as if he hadn’t eaten in days, and Will was pretty sure that he actually hadn’t. 

Nico glared up at him, red eyes narrowing. “Yes, I call this fine. Now, would you leave my cabin?” He spat, but his tone wasn’t as angry or venomous as Will expected it to be - it held a certain emptiness to it that Will hated hearing coming from Nico. He was struck with a pang of concern at the hollow tone, feeling even more desperate to make Nico better. 

“Nico, ple-” Will tried, but the dark-haired boy cut him off with a sharp wave of his boney-looking hand. 

“Just go. I’m fine, okay? I’m perfec-“

“No.” The blonde’s tone suddenly hardened. “You’re not fine, and I’m sick of people believing you everytime you say that you are. Now tell me what’s wrong, why you’ve been holed up in here for the past couple of days because I know you’re not fine.” 

Nico gaped at Will, a mixture of shock and worry boiling deep within him, because while no one had ever looked past the “I’m fine”s, he had never had to tell anyone what he was really hurting about. 

His eyes stayed trained on the ruined mattress of a vacant bed across the room before he forced them to lift and meet with Will’s hard yet concerned blue ones. “Four years ago today would’ve been the day my sister. Bianca, died.” Nico said, but as the words tumbled out of his mouth without restraint, part of him wished he could take them back. He had no clue why he decided to tell Will this, no clue why he would open up so quickly and easily, and he was scared that it might’ve been because of the excessive trust he seemed to feel for the Apollo Councellor. Will opened his mouth to speak, but the exhausted-looking Nico continued before he had the chance. “And I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel like she should be the one here, not me.” His eyes shut, the threat of tears scaring him. He was Nico Di Angelo - he didn’t cry. At least that’s what he told himself. He also told himself that he didn’t cuddle or hug others, but when two strong arms made their way around his body, he leaned into them instead of fighting.

“Oh Nico…” Will murmured, stroking Nico’s back comfortingly. “I shouldn’t have been so hard on you…” He could feel Will’s head shake above him. “I’m so sorry… I didn’t know…” His grip seemed to tighten around Nico. 

“I didn’t expect you to know - it’s not… It’s not exactly a popular topic.”

The two sat in silence for a moment. “I miss her so much.” Nico whispered, and the rawness in his voice made Will’s heart clench. “I know I’m the son of Hades and I should take death a lot easier-“

Will stopped him by pulling back just enough for their eyes to meet. “No. Don’t say that - just because you’re Hades’ kid doesn’t mean you have to take death easily.” He said sternly, not letting Nico’s eyes escape their connection. “Please, don’t carry that bullcrap weight on your shoulders. Now, I’m not going to tell you that you’ll get over her death, or that she’s happier where she is now because this is the first I’ve ever heard of her. And I’m not going to tell you that I can fix you, or help you get over her.” Will’s thumb brushed lightly at Nico’s cheekbone. “But I am going to tell you that I’m right here for you if you need me, okay? Staying like this, holed up in a hostile, dark room… It’s unhealthy and won’t help anything. So come to me when something’s bothering you, okay? You can trust me, because like it or not, I care about you.” With that, Will brushed the softest of kisses to Nico’s forehead. 

Nico looked up at him, dark eyes wide. No one had ever really said anything so… So important to him, had never told him that they cared about him, and to hear it coming from Will, the man whom he thought was only acting as his friend out of pity? If his heart wasn’t feeling so heavy, he was sure it would’ve fluttered out of his chest. “Will, I don’t… I don’t know what to say.” Nico said, continuing his battle against threatening tears. Apparently, said battle was an obvious one as Will caught on almost instantly. 

“Holding back tears isn’t going to help you either, Ni.” For some reason, the sentence caused Nico to break. The younger boy crumbled, all of his weight falling onto the older boy as Nico clutched his orange shirt in his hands. Will, unsurprised by Nico’s tears - because the boy had withheld such emotion for so long, it would only be surprising if he didn’t cry - continued to rub at his back until Nico calmed down enough to mumble out words.

“Thank you.” His voice was muffled by Will’s shirt. “Thank you for being the o-only person to come here… Th-thank you for c-caring.” Nico couldn’t believe how soft and raw and out of character he sounded, but at the moment, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was Will - the only person who seemed to make him not feel like a pile of complete crap when it came to thinking about his sister, the only person who actually seemed to wholeheartedly care about him. 

“You’re welcome.” He replied. “And for future references, I’ll always be right here.”

MYSTERY TEXTER | Chapter Three | A Gail x Holly Original Fanfiction

part one | part two ]

MYSTERY TEXTER (chapter 3)

Gail hated desk duty almost as much as she hated being at the morgue. But at least she could drive her colleagues crazy while on desk. She grinned as she picked up a paperclip and tossed it across the desk at Chris, then quickly turned back to the computer in front of her, feigning innocence.

“Mature, Gail,” Chris said, tossing the paperclip back at her.

“I am mature; thank you,” Gail said, flashing him a wide, over-done smile.

Chris just shook his head and resumed his work. Damn. He must be in one of his pouty moods. Gail couldn’t blame him—he had just found out his ex had hidden his child from him for three years. Still, he was boring.

Gail sighed and slumped in her chair, glancing around the squad room to see if there was anyone else she could annoy. No one stood out. But then she spotted her phone on the desk’s surface and grinned.

Save me?

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Here is the jasico anime con au I said I would write.  Thanks to librosylozasucia for reading through this.  My awkward nerd boys.

Jason is a bit caught off guard when he and Leo walk into the hotel.  It’s not that he hadn’t been expecting… well, weird things, but the full extent of it just sort of blows him out of the water.  When he’d agreed to go with Leo to an anime con, he’d known he probably wasn’t going to be around your average crowd of people, but he’s seen a few animes and he likes them well enough.  He assumed he would fit in okay, meet some cool people, and Leo wouldn’t be alone.  God knows his best friend isn’t the most gifted at social interactions.  

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Someone requested pipabeth and pipabeth setting jasico up.  Well, lucky for you, people setting oblivious ships up is my favorite cliche.  I like to think somewhere inside Piper there is a stereotypical Aphrodite girl that gets joy from getting couples together.

Piper lays her head in Annabeth’s lap, sipping at her soda contentedly.  Annabeth is vigorously typing on her laptop and hardly looks up, but adjusts so she is seated more comfortably in the grass.  It’s almost peaceful at Camp Halfblood today, the overcast skies and the threat of rain keeping many campers from venturing too far from their cabins. The two girls are seasoned counselors now though, and they know just the right trees to sit under to avoid any potential downpours.

“Watcha working on…?” Piper asks, stifling a yawn.

Annabeth hums.  “Plans for Apollo’s temple.  He’s never happy with it.  He wants to paint it with haikus he’s personally written himself, but none of the other gods seem too keen on that idea.”

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