Hello, everyone!

I’m Lucille AKA twinkyungsoo, since I’m pretty sure none of you actually know my name. I know I’ve been inactive recently, but I’m finally back and I’m very surprised that my follower count has not dropped! It has actually increased! I’ve reached an amount of followers that I never knew I could achieve. I honestly do not know why any of you actually follow me because all I do is reblog pictures and say stupid stuff in my tags, but thank you all so much. I love each and every one of you. <3  

In all honesty, my blog would not be my blog if not for the amazing blogs that I follow. Which is why I wanted to do my first ever follow forever to give a shout out to all the wonderful blogs that I follow! 

I know I don’t talk to any of you (mostly because I’m very shy and don’t have the courage to talk to any of you amazing people), but I love you all so much and I just want to thank you for making my dashboard so amazing with all of your edits, text posts, gifs, and such. <3

bold: mutuals
italics: favs (bc ur all my favs <3)


annyeongpabo anonymousless areumdown arosoo astrohobi awksoo aya99do baekainmybed baekhynnie baekhyu-n baekhyun-ah baekonators baekthosebyuns baekwus baekyhns baekzone banhsoo blackdyo blondejongin cathieexo chan-soo chankyung chantothesoo chanyeol127 chanyoell chanyoels-dimples chenpagne chenshit chenstellation cheolyans contrdiction cumbaek cumgodkai cumtomeluhan cutekyungsoo daebaksoo damthemboys darklordkyungsoo dazzlingkai derp-yeoll dildoyeol doh-kyunqsoo dohdoro doitlikethis123 doksoo dokyunggie dokyungsoo dokyvngsoo doresque dozen-squishy dumbaek dy0 dyodoroo dyophoria dyosoo


eschendol evildyo exocruciating exohaveruinedmylife exolmao exoluhxion exoluxional exoplanet exsoodus fabulousehun fakekyungsoo flawlesschanyeol flwrsoo flyme-tothe-moon fxckjimin happyvirus holykyungsoo homilks ikondashian ikyungsooexo in-do-isle incrediyeol innocore j0ngsin jeonggok jidam jiguk jong-dork jong-in-you jongdaefinitelynot jonginmyass jongins jonginsdick jonginsertingpenis jonginsidious jongisms


kaebbsong kaifuckinsoo kailifornia kainivore kaiptivated kaisoo-brownies kaisooesque kaisoosex kaisooshipper kaisoosperm kaisoosquad keuriseu khaenine kiim-jongiin kingkriswu kkomadyo krismehard ksoo-tea kuntsoo kvungsoos kwonhoshie ky-ngsoo kyung-baek kyungdick kyungnice kyungsational kyungsensual kyungshawty kyungsol kyungsol kyungsoo-network kyungsooahh kyungsooboo kyungsoocum kyungsooplease kyungsoosgirlfriend kyungsooslut kyungss kyuniqsoo kyunqdae kyvngsoo


l8yen leader-jb lemonkami lip-soo luhan-s luhanimnida lusass maedsoo marktuon melo-dio-us melonsoo milkkxing milkyeoll minrsuga minscot missdyoo mmmexo mongdo namgenius oh-huney oh-luhans-ass oh-sehun ohjong ohmy-kyungsoo ohsehunnie1 osehhun overdyosed pahkchansoo park-onme-chanyeol parkchny parkingthechanyeol pathcode-exo pathcode-katie pohroro pork-chonyal pornbaek pregnantkyungsoo princekjongin princekyunq rainiu rambyun


s-quixotic sassyeol screwufan sebaekhs sebaeksoo-s sedouche see-you-tomorrow-hyung seh-wun sehkais sehunniestwinkie sehunsbigdick sehunscrotch sehunthug sehunyi sehuo sehwun slaysoo soohyvn squishy-dobird squishyksoo steamedbunss stopwoozi suchensgf taekwonn tendersoo thundyo tiniestman tubeey twerking-chansoo uhzitao undergroundkoreans v-dyo webelieveinyoukris weristkai whyamiafool wooyefan wuboxian wubulge wufanqin wuyifather xanyoelxehunter xiumania zhehun

hello~ i recently reached 1000+ followers which is a very big number for me. so i decided to make a follow forever. sorry for the bad quality gif .i’ve met some awesome people on tumblr and i’d like to take this time to thank my favourite blogs. Thank you for being such darlings to interact with,(if we haven’t  interacted before thank you for being amazing blog to admire) and making my tumblr experience A+. I love each and every one of  you. Bolded are blogs i stalk on daily basis, please hover over for messages. 


adorableprince♡ ah-exo♡ aiixing♡ arigataou♡ b-7-o-c-k ♡baekfabulous♡bestfriendslayhan♡ blondejongin♡ bloodedlilyofthevalley♡ chenchenthedancingmachine♡ chengerine♡ chenpagne♡ darkprinceleo♡ deerxings♡ dimplay♡ dimplylay♡ dinosaur-xing♡ dirty-lay♡ dokyugnsoo♡ dopehyung dorkyixing♡


elaysium♡exoanus♡exo-porntastic♡exobitchslap♡ exocytaoxing♡ exolaypairing-otp♡ fan-qins♡ fiveviolet♡ flawfreesuho♡ fuckingjongdae♡ gettinglayd♡              good-to-be-crazy♡ gotlaidbylay♡ hellojongdae♡ hyungsfavourite♡ iamavale♡ icesehcles♡ iixing♡ imseoulost♡ jangissings♡ jongene♡ joonmai♡ junnie0828♡


kai-laydoscope♡kaicecream♡kaiffeines♡kaihormone♡kailifornia♡kaipricorn♡kaixing-uo♡ kaixingworld♡ krisinsanity♡ krismehard♡ krisxinglu♡ ktunxfairy♡ kyungsoocum♡ lay-kun♡ lay-me-kris♡ layfen♡ laygion♡ layhan-mcms♡ lay-kun♡ laylord♡ layonmexingxing♡lil-duckling♡ lobbu-lobbu♡lonlyxing♡ luludeery♡


mainexing♡minteexing♡misszyx♡morninqdeer♡namijay♡ officelhommes♡of-baozis-and-unicorns♡ ohdumbmija♡ohhjongin♡ohmi-ja♡ohsehunthegreat♡oppakai♡pervykoala♡preciousjongdae♡prettyfeetgang♡prixotic♡princekyunq♡purpleuhan♡rain-san♡ro-vixxen♡royalsehun♡


sebooty♡sedouche♡seductiveyixing♡sehun88♡sehunality♡sehuns-vagina♡sehwun♡sekairis♡sekaixinq♡shixing♡soojagi♡ stripperbaozi♡ suave-hun♡ suhotly♡ swag-erikaa♡ taekai♡ taorgasmed♡ taos-dongsaeng♡ teastallpanda♡ teataol♡ thechencellor♡ thelizardgamer♡ tinkerpix♡


uaeriluoxxnt unicornsandgayness♡visually-layed♡wooyoung♡wufantastiic♡wuyifanxing♡xexobringsyoutoneverland♡xing-xing-the-forgetful-unicorn♡xingbaobei♡ xingxingstar♡xiumania♡yixing-taekwoon♡yixingbang♡yixingforpresident♡yixingno♡yixingofficial♡yixings-alter-ego♡yixingscrack♡yixings-laydy♡yixingsosweet♡yixingspixie♡yixingtopswufan♡yixinqs♡zhngxngs♡

I think i’m missing some people. i follow a lot of amazing blogs. if you think you should be on here please let me know. its’s not you its me and my bad memory. 

Since it is Christmas time, I have decided to have my 2nd EXO Christmas Giveaway! It is a little late this year but it was a last minute decision so I hope to surprise you guys with a small belated Christmas gift! This isn’t a big giveaway but I just want to wish every single one of you a very Merry Christmas and I want to thank everyone for following me here and on twitter and just to thank you for everything! Here’s to a happy ending for 2014~!

Here is a list of the things I will be giving away (Updated!):

  • First Place: Choose one: 
    - [Special Edition CD] EXO Concert Album - EXOLOGY CHAPTER 1: The Lost Planet
    - [Photobook] EXO EXOLOGY: Chapter 1 - ON STAGE & OFF STAGE 
  • Second Place: EXO’s 2015 New Album [There are currently no details regarding their comeback but whenever a comeback happens, you will get their new album!]


  • You can reblog and/or like this post only ONCE a day. This is to avoid spamming your followers. I will be checking! Each reblog/like counts as one entry! (You don’t need to reblog everyday)
  • No giveaway blogs (meaning you can’t make a blog just to reblog giveaway posts). I will be checking!
  • This giveaway is open to anyone around the world! I will take care of the shipping costs!
  • If you are under 18 years old, you must ask for your parents permission if you are a winner
  • You must be comfortable with giving your address to me. 
  • The winners will be selected using a random number generator.
  • You will have 48 hours to reply to me if you are a winner. If you fail to reply by then, I will select a new winner
  • You do NOT need to be following me to be a winner! The only thing I ask is that you are an EXO fan. Please be fair about this rule. If you are selected as a winner and if I don’t see EXO on your blog, you will still be a winner. 
  • If you break any of these simple rules, you will be disqualified. 
  • If you are the winner for the new EXO album and the album doesn’t release before the end of the giveaway, then you will have to wait until it gets released~

This giveaway ends on January 17, 2015 EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 18, 2015 at 12:00am EST!

If you have any questions, please check here first to see if someone has asked the same question as you. Otherwise feel free to leave me an ask!

Thank you again for everything! Good luck and Happy Holidays!



Okay, first of all, THANK YOU for following me. I just reached 1000+ followers and I can’t even comprehend why are you all following me? ;; Like, I can’t even edit to save my life?! Why would you follow a damn good-at-nothing like me?? However, you are, and seriously I don’t know how to thank you so I just kind of maybe have tried to edit (if you can call edit to that)  and yes, just for you to know, it is the second time I actually edited something seriously, so yeah. Please don’t judge too hard, at least I tried okay?

So, now. This is the first time I make a follow forever (?) I probably missed like a thousand people and I’m so sorry, really, but I don’t know how the hell I got to follow over 800 blogs? and seriously, YOU ARE ALL SUCH AMAZING PEOPLE and I’m just here like. Damn. Okay, here I go:

# - C

2minhunhanlover / 69withsehunadorableprince / ai-love-sarang / anaexolexi / antluhrs / awwkward-half-asianblondejongin / bbang-me-hard / baek-to-neverland / baeksoul / baekyunbaobae / byunbunnie / baekhyu-n / baekyeol / baekhyuns-asscumbaek / chanyeolslady / chensnut / cehoon / chanyeolismysexualfantasy

D - F

dyontgo / deea-aimee / diohs / dolightfulexo-c-trans / exopains / exo-ho / extremelyexotic / esexoeveryday / exolutelyfy-exo / fingermebaekhyun

G - J

gayasiantwink / hunhansbubbleteashop / iceroses / jingshu / jongini / jonginsdick / jongscrotch / jongins / jonginyou


kaicecream / kai-arrhea / kai-x / kreodaejae / kyungdai / kyungsoostolemyheart / kyungsoo-be-creeping / kbal / kaiscrotch / krisinmypants / krismebaek / krisus-titties / kaurai 

L - O

luhan-s / leikai / loving-suju / loveexozura93 / leuhans / monick87 / mercydel / moontos-chocootp12exo / oh-sehunnie1 / oh-kais / oh-luhans / ohsehunni

P - T 

pup-and-potato / pinkflashcards / parkbaekyeol / pineeinthewest / pohroro / prettybabo / sobbing-for-chen / strawberry-taffy / someone-without-soul / thememorymadememiserableatbest / taemaninmypants

W - Z

welcome-to-on-crack-exo-zoo / wufabulous / wouldyoulikeasideofbaekhyun / weirdmaknae / wukristina / yeolcomebaek / yoohans / yixingdealingdrugs / yixings-laydy / viitakissme / zemnax

Deactivated but people I really liked 

baekhyuns-cock-is-up-my-ass / ivyclub

Those are all, sorry if I missed anyone, which I’m damn sure I did. I uhm…don’t know what else to say? Please tell me what you think of the edit? Uh, yeah..okay. Bye? 

This took me forever pun intended. This is a good 3 quarters of the people I follow. I guess I should stop liking so many people haha.

















































































kaicockkyungsasstickaisteriakyungsno, kkamjongedkrissingyeolkrismeliciouskrismegently, kyungsensualkrisinsanitykristallizedkimjondaeyumkai-laydoscope, krismebaekkaiptivatedkailay-kardashichenkrismehardkai-slapped-your-butt-andkai-xluhanticsluludeery, ludultsluhans-gwiyomi, luhanimnidamminseokmomotaomoanwithwufanmini-minseokmeowhunonce-upon-a-taooppakaiokayjongdaeoh-sehunoh-sehunnieeoh-sehuns-ass


prankchanyeolprecious-baekhyunparkbaekyeol, qrishanruby-sicassexingsehunthugsebooty, sehunalityspookkaisehuun-ssisehuntsmenskip-to-my-luhanspookhansuholdupsuho-ranghaesuhoe, spooksoostrawberry-taffysetakusehunniestwinkie, shidragonsexyguykaisehunkingshexunssootaeny, taorgasmedtotaoyeolthehun-thuglifetaemins–weave, taoribletaozigetaolloweentrickyeoltreattaodah


untaolerablevanityeolwuyifanxingwufabulous, wushupandaswhat-is-life-in-generalwuyifancy, welcome-to-url-too-longxehunfxiumaniaxihun,   yixingyyeolieyeollovemebaekyixingologyzhunnie, zitaoholicziitaozitaos-kokorozitaoozelozi-taoxic, zitaosmom

Wow. So I’ve been on tumblr about 2 months now and I really love it. I recently just hit 500+ followers this past month, so I feel like it’s the perfect time for my first follow forever (I swear only a few weeks ago I was wondering what the heck a follow forever is). These people help keep my dash full of the funny, the cute, the beautiful, and the awkward (I mean this in the most endearing way possible). And some even put up with my awkward messages/rants and I appreciate you all the more for it (I’m kind of smiling like Chanyeol a dummy while writing this, ngl).

I love you all whether you follow me or not, and to everyone that follows me thank you for sticking with me as I tweak my blog and try to find my place as both a designer and a blogger on tumblr. Seriously I love you all notice me senpais !!

Also, I'm really sorry if I forget anyone who should be on here, I follow so many blogs and you are all wonderful <3

And if accidentally bold you or don’t bold you I’m sorry ;a;

Bolded = friends/mutual follow


aiixing | akabaekhyun | antares111 | aqueentiger | babyeollie | baebypink | baekheun | baekhyun-ah | baek-me-a-cake | baektastic | blackdyo | blondejongin | bubbletae96 | celestyeol | changdeer | chankyung | chan-lay | chan-soo | chanyeolife  | chanyeolismysexualfantasy | chanyeolonew | chasinghae | checkeredstamp | chen-s | cheskas-note | cheolyans​ | creepersyeolli | curlybaek


daenso | danshinchen | derp-yeoll | dewusional | dohdoro | doksoo | dokyungsoo | doresque | dyominos | exo-nerd | fansoo | fqzpocky | fyeah-baekhyun | gardenofsecrets89 | gynma | haengel | holykyungsoo | hypertone | hyphen-shawol-loyalsubject


imperyeol | ironthekrease | junmuns | kaiffeineskaiptivated | kaisooyeol | kenyouloveme | kkimji | kyuminho | kyung-soo | lovertronic | luhandeiz | maknaeh | miraclesinyehet | mongdo | monoka | melthi95 | nakima3193noctorn | perfect-affection | phoenix-vixx-fire | pohroro | purelovefx


qanyeol | qrishan | qualityriceraveei | royalsehun | sehduction | seheartless | sehunova | sekai-waifu | seo-han | sexybaekhan | shapleyelf | shynoona | sighfun | soooobeast | starlightbrightness | suholdup | suhoseonsaengnim | suzyelf | themisconceptionofme


wubum | xehunter | xingxun | xiumania | xiumin-nimuix | xkriswu | thelastmanstandingsuju | yan-yannn | ye0shin-s | yeoltube | yehetsoo | yeollovemebaek | yifan-no | yoonyvl | youaremycilieginoyouroppasidealtype

Yes, there are a lot and I still think I forgot some people, but I follow so many wonderful people & blogs >< thank you to everyone that has made my first 2 months of tumblr wonderful and fun!

So I didn’t reach any milestone or whatever, I just wanted to make a Follow Forever simply because these people have made my experience of being in this fandom worthwhile and you all deserve to be slapped with a cactus acknowledged. I’m also really grateful for those who infiltrated my inbox to become my friend. u kno who u are n u hella rad fren. 

In italics are cute mutuals and in italics+bold are some losers.[gif]


aishbaek || ayejongdae || baek-baek || baekaid-o || baekhyun-ah || baek-sehun || baexiian || blondejongin || bubbletea-hun || bunchofkkaebsongs


celestyeol || chanlion || channingyeol || chanyeolife || chanyeolismysexualfantasy || chanyoell || chenchencrazy|| cheol-sa || cheolyans || chicken-eh-style-ani || choyminho || damthemboys || deepthroating-sehun || derpingwithexo || doksoo || dokyungbutt


esexoeveryday || exonario || fangirltosurvive || fan-qins || flower-namja || forhappyvirus || fuckingjongdae || funpunfun || galaxy-fabfab || hersheyjerzey || imaginekris || incrediyeol || innocore || i-put-exos-dick-in-a-box


jogndea || kaillusive || kaiprisun || kiwisses || kmexoplanet || krisinsanity || kyungporn || lay-me-kris || luhanisnotmystyle || lulubaek || lobbu-lobbu || lord-of-all-beings || mai-myeon || milkyeoll || miniseoks || minseoxual || msbubbletea-love


ohbaekhyuns || oh-luhans-ass || omgfishy || oshflowerboy || overdoseu || park-gogi || pork-chonyal || porkdo-bi || qrishan || royalsehun || sehwun || sexoexo || sexolay || supjongin || squishybeagles || sxhunie


tooexoticforya || uhrara-hadoken-by-12 || welcome-to-url-too-long || wufabulous || xehunf || xiuhanempire || xiumania || xiumineseok || xtumtum || yehet-me-harder || yeollaybaektome

Hey hey~ Since some time ago I decided to do a follow forever and here it is! with 48 of my favorite blogs that I won’t even unfollow!

As in: awesome urls and people i love 








jonginnies; jonginaajongins



kimjonquin; koalakriskpopstalking


marceseunghmasturbaek; mint-all










I really think everyone should follow these 48 blogs!! They are really nice! KKKK 


Hi everyone, it has been a little over six months since I made my blog and to celebrate that I decided to make my first ever follow forever. The number of amazing people on this website is huge and I am lucky enough to have gotten to know some of you. Thank you all for making my days brighter and for putting up with me! I love you all ~

☆ ~ thank you for always talking to me and making me smile

68kg - agastopyas - all-the-oppas - amagayus - auf-wiedersehun - blondejonginbluehairhowon - breathing-exogen - byunbaekme - chanyeolismysexualfantasy - chantleman - coffeeaddictchen - dazzlingxing ☆ - deerswifey ☆ - derp-but-hot-boys - dimpleyeol - dmtnkissmelover - exobuttslap - exocoma - exolutely - exo-makes-my-dildo-shinee - flawfreesuho - flowerprincesehun - gay4gyu - gotlaidbylay - grab-sehun-ah-ass - guardian-angel-of-my-heart ☆ - happybirthdaydaehyunhello-again-mysecretuniverse - hellojunmyeon - heyitscanada - holdthephonebro - honeysweetcheeks 

joonmas-shituation - junmoneys-wallet - junmyoaning - justinbiebersunbaenim ☆ - kimjonginmyass ☆ - kim-jong-bros ☆ - lobbu-lobbu - maidyoongi ☆ - ma-kkaebsong - myfairsuho - noona-neomu-ugly - officialparkchanyeol - onew-lets-have-sex - on-ho - oppas-secrets - oppa-touch-my-butt - powderise - queenzico ☆ - ramental - scytamsehunajizza - sehunisalittlecumslut ☆ - sehunq - sexoexo - shingeki-no-sehuna - sugar-daddy-suhot - suhobos ☆ - suhocean - suhomysuho - suhorrified - suhoswag - suhotly ☆ - taochingmyself - taoihands - watersuperho - whoxiu - wooyoung - wufanscrustybutthole6969 - xewmin - yixingbang ☆ - yixing-go-hard ☆ - yourbiaslikesitrough - z-co

I have a really bad memory and some of you changed your URL quite a lot so if you’re not on here I’m sorry I suck, I really do love all of you okay? ~

ignore the crappy gif i made please i beg you

hi guys :D

so, i just recently hit x followers, and my 6 month tumblr anniversary is quickly approaching, so i decided to make this :D

to all of those that i follow, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for keeping my dash lively, and in many cases, talking to me regardless of being timezoned, personal issues, school, and just plain life- when i really think about it, the fact that i can even interact with y'all makes me smile.

this is just a puny portion of the blogs i follow, so be sure to check my blogroll for more beautiful blogs <333

i’m really sorry if i forgot some of you omg but i’m doing my best

bold= mutuals~ (and friends :D)

hover for a message~ everyone gets one :)


adorableprince aishbaek baekby baekhyun-ah baekhyuuns baekshine baekthosebyuns baek-me-a-cake blondejongin chenpagne dancedancereivolution dazzlingkai dimplay dr-jinki


eururongs exolutely exoderant elisexobear ge-you-ghei hexoxogon houseok i-put-exos-dick-in-a-box junmmyeon kaicecream luhan-is-one-fine-piece-of-china luludeery


oh-luhans-ass oh-sehuns-ass omgfishy pohroro screwufan sehduction sehunniez welcome-to-url-too-long yixingy

I recently reached a certain number of followers so, I guess I should do one of these. I mainly follow exo-biased blogs, editors, and edit rebloggers. (I’m supposed to be studying for my exam tomorrow weeps. Excuse the really bad graphic up there.)

( ff ) asslordbaekhyun-ah, blondejonginbyunbunnie, chanlucinationschanyeolismysexualfantasy, doksooexolutelyexo-we-are-one, fnxiing, joomai, krisinsanity, krismehard, luludeery, ohreos, ohsehuna, ohseihun, ohxing, oh-luhans-ass, oppakai, parkbaekyeol, sehuniversity, sehun88, sexyguykaiwooyoung, wuyifanxing, xehunter, xingrenszhxng ( +blogroll )

Happy blogging!


Hey guys! It’s that time of year again where the follow forevers start to come out and I decided to make one as well before the school year starts. Instead of doing an edit, I decided to write out each url instead and I drew a little doodle to go along with each! (sidenote: hehe there was so much baekhyun! Sorry for the really badly taken photos. You can message me if you want a better shot of your url ^^)

So how do I start. It’s been a little over a year now since I’ve been sucked into the magical, weird world of tumblr and the little me who never thought I would have anymore than 2 followers now has, wait for it, 3! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
I’d like to thank every single one of my followers for sticking with me and following my ‘meh’ blog, even if I haven’t been able to personally thank them recently. And for the few who befriended me, I love you so much. I can’t even count the number of times that they have brought me up when I wasn’t feeling my best, and I’ll always be grateful for that. Shoutout to Thumper and my daughter! ♥

On to the people I follow. I admire each and every blog I’ve come across, because well, no two blogs will ever be alike. You can have the same theme, the same posts, whatever, but no two blogs will ever have the same exact person running them (unless you have multiple blogs haha), which makes each unique and special. Therefore, I don’t believe in any one blog being better than another. There is no such thing as not being a senpai because everyone deserves to be someone’s senpai. Everyone’s my senpai whether you’re on here or not, okay? Thank you for making my dash beautiful! (◡‿◡✿)

If you’ve made it down to here, congrats and thanks for taking your time to read my word vomit. You’re beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful day/night ♥

|| 2-perf || amazitao || baekhyun-ah || baekhyunimnida || byunbunnie || byunbyunbaek || blondejongin || exolutely || fondlemynipplesehun || kairist || krismebaek || luhanmebednow || sehuen || soegogi || tao-ism || xiuminoid || wubulge ||