Part 1:  I’ve had this blog for a little over a year, and it truly is one of my biggest sources of happiness. I’ve gotten the chance to make wonderful friends, and join fandoms I never thought I would. Even though this blog had many many rough patches throughout, all the good times by far takes the win. Not only was I able to show my support to all the groups I love, I was also able to spread my support to many other fans as well, and I feel like thats a great accomplishment. Not only that, this blog has support from over 10 thousand of you!! Something I definitely don’t deserve. Anyways, this follow forever is me saying thank you to all the people who have blessed my dash with beautiful posts, talked to me when I needed them the most, and just supported me despite all the things that happened. Thank you, and I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. <3

and thank you @changkyuh for the beautiful graphic. I love you!!! <33333 

(bolds are mutuals- I probably missed a lot of you since I follow a lot of sideblogs, and also many of them don’t show up in my search so I wasn’t able to check if we’re mutuals. Sorry in advance!) 

 @10795  @19940106 @1aeyong @1jongup  @1kyuns  @1yngj @26byg @2bangyongguk @2heejun  @305heaux  @4changki  @4changkyun @7luckystars  @92-pcy  @9205x  @93-ed  @94-hun  @94wons  @98hun  @98sline  @absolutehun  @achybaekyhearteu  @actorhun  @adachisyuto  @aerilu  @aestheticineo  @ahreum-ssi  @aishbaek  @allbap  @almokyungsoo @always-hun  @angel-in-slow-motion  @angelaeri  @angelksoo  @apgujeon  @artificialxiumin  @assbuttbaek  @asvang  @auraphotic  @auroraartemis  @ayowonho  @b-ap @baby-hyun  @babydontpcy @babyeol  @babyhyunnie  @babywoon  @bae-hyunee  @baehkkyun  @baek-a-licious  @baek-d  @baek-my-day  @baekagain  @baekbyunbunny @baekdaedream  @baekhny  @baekhyuh  @baekhyun-ah  @baekhyun-mochi-cheeks  @baekhyunbiased  @baekhyungosolo  @baekhyunie  @baekhyunity  @baekhyunloveblog  @baekhyunsama  @baekhyunsbabe  @baekhyunsmochi @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner  @baekhyuntella  @baekiexing @baekintime  @baekirei  @baekk @baeklucent @baekshitbyun  @baekthyun @baektobyun  @baekvocals  @baekwnh  @baematoki  @baexkhyun  @bang2jae  @bangdaeforlife  @bangdaeish  @bangedhim  @bap-ftw  @bapfkedmeup  @baphae  @bapyesir  @basic-bitch-baek  @bbangception  @bbangyonguk  @bbhismycorgi  @bbhsthighs  @bbykino  @bearhugged  @beastdw  @beautyeol  @bebekihyun @beauyeol  @bestabsoluteplottwist  @beui  @bhaek @bhyun  @byunq  @bhyuny  @bigspoonkyungsoo  @binchangkyun  @blond-kimmyungsoo  @blondejongin  @blondnam  @blushyjae  @boononkwan  @booptae  @bootyfulohsehun  @boxianb  @boxofsilk  @brbcrawlingtokorea  @brianskangs  @bryankang  @bunmyun @bunnywonho  @buoxian  @bureureung  @busa-n  @bwiseoks  @byunbaeklr @byunbunnie  @byunbuns  @byunchen  @byund  @byunutella  @byunvoyage  @byuny  @byuny-baek 

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Special mentions: 

@130jeon: You have been one of those blogs that I’ve been mutuals with since forever (back when I was wonwoo-wow) and I sometimes wonder why you still follow me when all the other seventeen blogs unfollowed  haha, but honestly though, I love you and your blog so much! Like your aesthetic is out of this world and I would actually reblog your whole blog if I could (I probably will later on). Your blog is a blessing to my dash and my tumblr experience wouldn’t be the same without you <3 

@17tvs: another wonderful, beautiful human being that I’ve been mutuals forever with. You’re a actually one of my favourite seventeen blogs , and just everything about your blog is goals I also wonder why you haven’t left me haha, but I love you for blessing me with your beautiful seventeen posts (and I also follow your monsta x blog so thats 2x the quality on my dash!). I love you a lot <33333

@babyz: My angel, YOUR BLOG IS LITERALLY GOALS! I still remember when you randomly popped in and sent me a message asking me if I would like to use the URL jeup, when I made a post saying I wanted to use a canon url haha. That was so sweet of you, and I’ll never forget that. Not only that, you gave me the amazing opportunity  to be bangyongguk, aka my dream url!! I owe you so much, and your such a kind person. You literally deserve the world to be honest. Anyways I love you a lot <333

@changkyuh: I don’t know what I would do without you. Your such an amazing human being from head to toe and your SO EASY TO TALK TO! I probably would have deleted if I hadn’t talked to you. Not only that, YOUR HONESTLY SUCH A SWEETHEART AND YOUR GIFS AND EDITS ARE GOALS I MEAN HOW??!! long story short, you’re one of my MOST FAVORITE mutuals and I love you SO SO SO!! much 

@chensguns: YOU ARE LITERALLY ONE OF THE ONLY REASONS WHY I STAYED ON TUMBLR, AND I WANNA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STAYING UP AND TALKING ME OUT OF GOING INACTIVE. I love you to the moon and back, and your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo special to me. You’re such an amazing and selfless person, and did I mention that I love you? <333

@daehyuns-uneven-buttcheeks: you’re one of my favourite mutuals <3 even though we don’t talk as much as we used to, the times that we actually talked were amazing and I’ll never forget that. You do so much for our B.A.P babies and they’re so lucky to have such a dedicated fan like you. I love you <3

@got7europe: Your honestly one of my favourite blogs and actually screamed out loud when you followed me. All of your gifs give me so much life, and your love for jaebum is the cutest thing ever. Your also so sweet and easy to talk to, and I’m sooooo lucky to be mutuals with you despite how many changes this blog went through. I love you <333

@httpxseventeen: I just wanna say thank you for following me since forever. We’ve been mutuals for as long as I remember and you’ve been with me through all my blog changes haha. Even before I accidentally deleted!! Every time I see your notification in my notes, it gives me a smile on my face knowing that I have mutuals who actually care for me and will support me through it all. Thank you <333 I LOVE YOU 

!: I apologize if you got a notification of this like 10 times. I tried to edit the post but I fucked it up.

After 377 days, I have finally hit my follower goal. Thank you everyone for sticking with me through my slow updates, random posts and no posts at all, if that makes sense! For celebrating this, I will of course try to update my fics more this week. And of course I am doing a follow forever!  Please inform me if I did mistakes on the list as I am extremely tired at the moment so I may have made mistakes while doing this!

Bolds + ♡ : mutuals


@365mm, @3kpop2jagi1, @700wang@absolutehun, @absolutehun@adoringdo@aexthetic-suga, @annyeongs, @asterials@atomumu, @baby-chen, @baekhny, @baekhyun2k17 ♡, @baepseok, @bangtan-monsta@bangtanexonyeondan @bangtanmyass@bangtanscript, @bearbrickjia, @benkris, @bethestaronmyeyes ♡, @blondejongin, @bluemushyroom, @brbcrawlingtokorea, @btsinfiress, @bulba-suho-r​ ♡, @bulldok, @bulldokgirl, @byulmoon, @byulyidiot, @byunutella, @c-plaus, @c-smicyoongi, @causekpop, @chateau-all-over, @chenshiregalactic​ ♡, @chogiwarrior​ ♡, @creepy-luhan, @darnzypie​ ♡, @dazzlingkai, @defwang, @dexfiles, @dlazaru, @do-me-kris, @dolchen-gabbana, @doseofchanyeol, @dreamwiththeoppa , @duckhymne, @duizhangdeluxe, @dyonamja


@echo-writes, @ellieljade, @etherealchen, @exo–sexo, @exo-smut, @exo-whiskey, @exoasdads, @exocausetearsandsmiles@exofictionrecs, @exoisnotmystyle, @exokmplanet, @exolq, @exomemes, @exomoodboards, @exorexic, @exosmutxoxo, @exoticdaydreams, @exowolf-reactions, @exoxoscenes@exoyouaredrunk, @fanartyomi95, @fiftyshades-of-lay, @floralseokjin, @flowerpotfanfics, @foxistrash ♡, @fuckboyjohnny, @fuckyeahmamamoo, @fuckyeahxiumin, @fy-kimkai, @fy-yongsun, @fy-zyixing, @fydokyungsoo, @fyeah-chanyeol, @fyeah-zhera, @fyeahwheein, @fyhwasa, @fyifan, @fyzitao, @galaxychen, @getlayd, @hallyuchild ♡, @hallyuwriters, @hanbingabong ♡, @heungtxn-sonyeondxn, @hey-seoul-sistah, @hobibliophile, @holy-jungkook


@idolscenario,  @i-am-the-one-keeping-you-alive​   , @ibabybaek♡, @ijustyehethatlotto, @imchanbaektrash, @imgonnasooyou, @incorrect-mamamoo-quotes, @incorrectexoquotes, @iridescentjam, @iwishiwaslessawkward, @jackoffjae, @jeonghanurl, @jinsoku-sarusarukung, @jinxkook, @jjingdae, @jonginssoo, @jung-kookie-ah, @jungkook-thighs, @kaibrowsonfleek, @kaizzzi, @kiimjongbae, @kim-jonginism ♡, @kimjunnoodle ♡, @kimkiyum, @kittae, @kpop-meme-cavern, @kpop-wallpaperss, @kpoppantydrop, @kpopsicle-smut, @krisinsanity, @krismegoodnight, @ky-ngsoo, @kyuhyu-k, @lawlliets, @layshands, @little-miss-exo, @littlekatlizzy ♡, @lottomp3byexo, @lotus-39 ♡, @luhans-manliness, @lukaimin-reactions , @lunarimagines


@mamamodels , @mamawoo-d, @merthemaknae, @midnighttricks, @minsvga, @mochibaeks, @mokaiccino, @monsieurjunmyeon, @moobyulie, @mytrashsunshines, @namjiggles ♡, @namjoni, @nut-elicious, @oh-so-scenarios, @ohmahgot7, @ohs-hun, @ohsefuq, @ohsehons, @ohsh-art, @onadatewithexo, @onlylovekpop, @oohsenun ♡, @osh-paradise, @overdosed-for-exo, @pandabearlikes, @parked-jimins, @peter-pan-yeol, @petityeols ♡, @pheonixart, @platumoon, @pokaypop, @pornbaek


@randomsuperjuniorgifs, @real-kpop-imagines, @remembeo, @saliechelon255, @schmudt, @sebaeked, @seoulthirsty, @sexonextdoor, @shit-exosexo-says, @silencesneeze, @smuttyfairy, @solarexact, @soobadnoonecanstopher, @soofflay , @soosoocute@su-lay, @suhocean, @t-yong, @taehyundeservedbetter​ , @taehyungs-sidehoe ♡, @taetae-prince ♡, @take-it-easy-kpop , @taonsil, @taonsillitis, @tellmesometinggood-exo@thekpoptopshop, @thelittlelittlestar, @thesammtimes, @trashbagfullofkpop, @triptychero, @universitykpop


@vblah, @vvu-yi-fan, @wannatouchmagoodgood, @wetsekai, @whatdoyoumeanheresnosub, @whenyousmile–sunshines ♡,@whynotbulldok, @willisyehet , @windeer3, @wolves-in-neverland, @wouldyouimaginethat, @wufanqin, @wugalaxy, @wuyifanet, @wuyifankris, @wuyifanxing, @x-or-o, @x-ratedkpop, @xehun, @xiaomitaozi, @xiumania, @xiuminsdreams, @xiuminsm, @y-ta, @y3h3t-ohorat, @yehetkpoptrash, @yeolhighness, @yeolswritings, @yfwu, @yixingthetype, @yuniizu, @zephyoongist

See you all on another follow forever, hopefully!

Graphic design is my passion🐸

Hey guys!! THIS HAS BEEN SAVED IN MY DRAFTS FOR 3 MONTHS AND I KEPT EDITING IT THINKING I WOULD POST IT AND IMGIFDJFVIGS YOU GUYS CHANGE YOUR URL SO FAST anywaylsdkjf…. I was gonna do a follow forever when I hit my first goal but I got lazy and procrastinated but now I reached my second goal and I’m so thankful I had to do it this time. Thank you to all my followers and mutuals!!! I love you guys so much. I put love letter emojis next to my amazing mutuals💌 have a wonderful day and happy late valentines!🎀💕


@03highlight @1aemin @1boba 💌 @1daehyun💌 @1gwangmin💌 @1macchiato💌 @1rapline💌 @1smooch💌 @1stlove💌 @1strawberry @1sungmin💌 @3uyu💌 @3wonho @4gust💌 @4lov💌 @4wns @7oongi @7ten @17dad @95trbl💌 @305heaux @19940106


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@back2u💌 @baekheefromtheblock @bangedhim @bangtan @beanjoo @bfminho💌 @bighitdidthat💌 @bitchface-suga @blackpinkstan💌  @blondejongin @breadface @busansbaby @bwikooks

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@danceliners💌 @darkandwi1d @deanthefluenza💌 @deantheofficial @deantrbl @deantrl @dok2💌


@epik-infires💌  @eunhasgal💌 @exoheartattack12 @exosheaux💌 @exoyouaredrunk

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@hayi @highlightsvt💌 @himchan💌 @hyorin @h0-seok


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@zayn-jmalik 💌 @zephyoongist @zeungkwan

HEEEYYYYY! I didn’t expect to make another one of these within about 2 of the last one. I honestly can’t believe I just hit 1000 followers (currently at 1004)! Thanks to all of you for making this a great 5 months and thanks once again for following my shitty ass blog.

These are all the people I follow and my mutuals! I’m pretty sure I’ve most likely forgotten someone, but I’ll remember next time.



Ps. I promise I won’t do this again at least for a while.

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Hello, loves ❣ I’m year again for third consecutive follow forever because somehow, by the ridiculous grace of the universe, I have reached 2k+ followers?? Which is a number I’d never even?? thought about reaching?? why are you all following me??? I have no idea but ily beebs

I suck with words and expressing myself so let’s skip all the mushy thank you and ilys and just get on with it ✌

  • Bold - mutual babes aka a must follow
  • Italics - plz be my friend babes aka i admire from afar
  • Bold italics - how tf are we mutuals i’m not worthy at all
  • ♡ - extra specials

A - B

@at1stsoo // @babyminseok // @baek-a-licious♡ // @baekon-laytuce-tomatao // @bbhsthighs // @behkhoon♡ // @bffsoo // @bigspoonkyungsoo // @blondejongin // @bloomingkai // @blowchanyeolsflute

C - D

@chanyeolcide♡ // @chanyeollipop​​♡ // @darklordkyungsoo // @delusoonal // @dika-dika​ // @dokaixing♡ // @dolchen-gabbana // @dorkdo♡ // @duckhymne // @dyodorant♡ // @dyoful

E - F

@elluts// @ethereal-baek// @exodus-lawliet​ // @fallforkadi​ // @flawlessohsehun

G - H

@getlayd // @glorious-soobooty

I - J

@imgonnasooyou// @jongbaee // @jonginssoo // @jongsooyah

K - L

@kaidoscopes // @kaisooology // @kingdyomhearts // @kp-optimistic // @ksooslipring // @kyungception // @kyungsoosjigglynalgas // @letoutthechanyeol // @littlebyuns // @livinka-n-diland // @lovemeleft​ // @luhans-jawline

M - N


Q - R


S - T

@sehunicorne​♡ // @sehunnified♡ // @sehuntiful // @smhsehun♡ // @soofection // @squishyssoo // @starlightkai// @staygoldenbunnyboy // @strongastitanium♡ // @stunningsoo♡ // @t-okiio // @top-soo // @twowishestomany​​

U - V

@unbleachedkai​​ // @vitunkpoppi​​

W - X

@wannatouchmagoodgood// @whatiskanye

Y - Z

@yeollovemebaek​​ // @yixingsosweet​​ // @yuhi-dusk​ // @zeprimadonuts

fy- blogs

@fy-kadi​ // @fy-kimkai​ // @fybaekhyun​ // @fychenbaekxi​ // @fydk-translations​ // @fydokyungsoo​ // @fyeahkyungsoo​ // @fykaisoo

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite blogs? Sorry if this is annoying I'm new to tumblr and need more people to follow. Thank you!

I’ll start with my bias’ and work my way down~ it’s going to be long cause I have a lot ASDFGHJKL

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I hope that’s enough for you baby! These are all my faves!

EXO’s Reaction to Hitting You When They’re Angry

Readers, be warned. It gets a wee bit angsty here. ;A;

Thank you for requesting, madighost, even if it broke my heart to write these!♥

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would need a moment to compose himself. He’d take a step back, taking a large breath to calm himself down. He hadn’t meant to hit you, but it had happened, and there wasn’t much he could do about it. He’d wait patiently for you to forgive him.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would escape from the situation as soon as he could. He didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with him around after what he’d done. He’d stare at himself in the mirror, taking deep breaths and running over the scene in his mind, bringing himself down a little more with each replay. His mind would then start racing with ways to apologize, willing to do anything to earn your forgiveness.

Chen: Chen would be more angry with himself than anything else. He’d have no idea what had come over him. Figuring you both needed some time to chill out, he’d shut himself in his room, but there would be no calming down for him. The more time he was alone, the more he’d think about it. And the more he thought about it, the more frustrated he’d get with himself.

D.O: Kyungsoo would watch with a straight face and sad eyes as you walked away from him with tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. He wouldn’t blame you if you never came back to him, but he’d be hoping that you would.

Kai: Kai wouldn’t be able to properly look you in the eyes afterwards. He’d give you all the space you needed, not wanting to push you too hard into forgiving him, because he’d be unsure as to whether he deserved to be forgiven or not. He’d leave that decision up to you, hoping with all his heart that you’d somehow find a way to look passed it.

Kris: Kris would stare at you with sad eyes for the longest time, trying to figure out what the hell he was thinking. The moment tears started to fall from your eyes, he’d break, leaning down to your level and bracing himself. “Here. Hit me back, Y/N, I deserve it.”

Lay: Lay wouldn’t even wait for your tears to fall. His arms would be around you in an instant, apologies flying from his lips as his own hot tears threatened to fall from his eyes. He wouldn’t even be able to remember why he was angry, all he’d care about in that moment is you.

Luhan: Luhan would be ashamed of himself. He would’ve never thought he’d lay a hand on you, but he had lost himself in his moment of anger. He’d approach you slowly and gently place his hands on your shoulders while looking in your eyes. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I promise, I won’t ever let that happen again.”

Sehun: Sehun would have absolutely no idea how to properly deal with the situation. He had hit a girl, and not just any girl: the girl he loved. He’d escape from the house, thinking you wouldn’t want anything to do with him right away and giving you plenty of time to yourself. By the time he returned, you’d be asleep and he’d carefully crawl in beside you, gently wrapping his long arms around your body and whispering hushed apologies into the nape of your neck.

Suho: Suho would be surprised at himself for allowing something like that to happen. He would feel his heart break when he tried to get closer to you to apologize and you’d flinch away, but he’d know he only had himself to blame. He’d find a way to make it up to you. Somehow.

[GIF from blondejongin]

Tao: Tears would be flowing from Tao’s eyes, long before your mind would have even registered what happened. He’d sink to his knees and hug your lower body tightly, pressing his tear-stained face to your thighs. “I’m sorry, Y/N, I don’t know what was going through my mind.”

Xiumin: Whatever he had been mad about, whatever had pushed him that far, it sure as hell wouldn’t be worth what he had just done. He’d carefully cup your face in his hands and look you seriously in the eye, opening his mouth to speak, but no words would come out. He’d settle for gently pressing his forehead against yours, mumbling a croaky apology.

Part 1: 

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can you say your favourite blogs for the other members like you did for baekhyun and chen

Of course!! Here you go:

Baekhyun and Chen: (here are a few i forgot on the other one sorry)

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I think I got a few people’s bias wrong but these are all great blogs and people and everyone should follow them  💕💕💕


This is so random lol

KAI (Credit to Blondejongin for the gif :)

*You dropped to the floor and got up within a matter of seconds which he did not expect so it scared the life out of him when he was crouching down next to you*


*Didn’t really know what to do when you got up and walked off*

SH: “So like are you okay or..?


*Was prepared to spend any amount of  money to get you fixed because man that wasn’t normal*


*He rushed over and managed to catch you before you fell to the floor, he tried to wake you up for the seven seconds you were out until your eyes shot open*

Y/N: “Well hello there how nice that you are staring into my eyes”

CY: “Well they were closed a minute ago what the hell just happened?”


He couldn’t get over how you managed to get over a fainting spell after ten seconds*

Y/N: “Don’t worry it happens a lot”

BH: “Well thats not frightening at all”


*As you walk off he turns and gives you a good look over. He thinks he should take you the doctor*


Y/N: “Don’t worry Jongdae it’s perfectly normal”

C: “Where did you hear that, something is up here you rose up like Frankenstein” 


*You were in public when you fainted and then rose up again leaving the people around you wondering what the hell was going on. He just tried to get people to not care*

T: “Show is over folks everything is normal”

PERSON: “She just fainted are you sure is gonna be alright”

T: “Have you never seen someone faint before whats with you”


*Was a bit surprised but was obviously happy you had woken up however he didn’t stop questioning you about it and asking if you were okay*

L: “Are you sure you’re okay jagi because I feel that normally this is something to be at least slightly concerned about”


*When you woke up and tried to tell him you were fine he looked at you like you were crazy and he wouldn’t let you out of his site the rest of the day*

Y//N: “Kris why are you following me?”

K: “In case you faint again”


*Wouldn’t accept your excuse as this being normal and not to worry*

LH: “Okay so imagine if I said I loved football so much and then one day I got on the kicked the ball once and said you know what this is boring and I hate it. Is that Just about as abnormal as you falling down and then rising like a ghost from the past”


*He knew a lot of things about you and a lot of time he found them funny but weird but that was okay. Now you had just fainted and woke up all within the space of ten seconds made him think that you were a bit crazy especially after you reassured him it was normal*

XM: “In what world was that normal..crazy what a mess”

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

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I want to thanks all of you (the new one and the old one) to being part of my little world *///* , your blogs create my own little world, thanks to exists!

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My first follow forever :)

Ok so I kind of hit a follower goal yesterday and I felt like I should do one of these thingies :P

And more importantly, I joined tumblr for the simplest of reasons. so i could see more of exo. When i joined tumblr i had no idea what to expect. Obviously exo pics and vids but none of the lame/cheesy/funny exo posts that y'all post which always manage to crack me up. None of the beautiful/cute/downright breathtaking artworks and cartoons that you all make. None of the twitter and instagram screenshots of exo related stuff that helps me keep upto date with a social media that I don’t have. None of the emotional/encouraging posts that are there for exo. None of the other kpop posts that help me broaden my mind in kpop and help get to know more and new groups and shows. NONE OF THE GIFS that y'all painstakingly make! NONE OF THE FANFICS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, none of the most amazing people that i have gotten to meet here (i’m looking at you mutuals ;) and honestly its just been such an amazing learning experience so far and i don’t wanna let go of this ever. 

So, for this post, just wanna say thank you. thank you for chancing by on my dash everyday and entertaining me. thank you for whatever you do. and even if you don’t do any of the artwork or post any of the stuff and you just reblog? that is good enough too! in fact reblogging is so much more imp because if you hadn’t reblogged then my tumblr wouldn’t be what it is now. thank you for helping me out in appreciating a group and a fandom to its fullest extent. thank you for making me feel proud of exo, proud of being an exo-l and proud of being a part of this crazy little  world called kpop :)

*mutuals are in bold <3


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ethereal-nini  asked:

Could you send me some good EXO blogs to follow? Thank you! ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

of course! alright i’ll list as many as possible ahdjdfd

@suhoro @suavesehun @1yutas (has a lot of nct but she loves exo too) @wolfbyexosavedkpop @bbhgrl @kaisgiantdick @dyorable @saintksoo @kimjongdweeb @bbhsthighs @thickdicksuho @ilysmjongin @21jngdae @305heaux @asshun @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner @baekshitbyun @bearhugged @brbcrawlingtokorea @chensguns @dazedjongin @dazzlingkai  @dazzlynini @death-by-jongin @elluts @exeauxs @funniestinexo @galaxychen @gomminie @heyyplayboy @iluvpcy @intokai @jaewonandonly @jongdaeshappytrail @jonginence  @jonginice @jonginization @jonginnation @jonginplease @jonginsdreaming @jonginssoo @jongin-trash @jongintuitive @juliet-cbx @kaibility @kaisoo-on-ice @kaiternity @ksooslipring @ksoosoo @kyungster @lawlliets @lottomp3byexo @oohsenun @peachysuho @puervy @robodt @royalnini @sebaekkk @sefuns @sehuntiago @sekaisgf @solozhangrise @starlightkai @sxngforyou @tellmewhatislove @vocalistjongin @yourbiaslikesitrough @blondejongin 

@fy-exo & @dailyexo giv updates on th boys on a daily and give updates on like everything they do its nice and @fykai & @fy-kimkai do th same think but for kai only ;) hope this helped!