blonde-heiress has entered the shop!


The teen managed to subdue her ostrich wings she managed to have for some reason (she rather anyone not ask her) as she looked up from behind the counter to see someone enter her shop. “Welcome to the Star Courier Express, how may I help you?” She greeted with a smile on her face.

Welcome new followers teeteringtraveler, blonde-heiress, and leftpartedhitachiin!

Lext scribbled absentmindedly into her notebook when the sound of footfalls caught her attention. Without moving she peered over her notebook’s edge to see visitors. Excellent, she thought to herself.

People meant new stories; new stories meant new meat for her articles. It was a win-win scenario, right? Of course it was.

Behind the pad of paper she allowed the ghost of a smirk before setting it on her lap. By this time a glowing smile lit her features. 

“Welcome. I’m Lext, female journalist of Ouran Academy. Let me know if you have any questions~.” She continued the same cheery tone in her head, I’ll probably ask them first though~