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Any tips for writing an eleven year old male character with autism who has a special interest of maps and adventuring? I just need tips for how to incorporate special interests and possibly stims. Thanks! (Could you tag the post as "cap" so I can easily find it? Its okay if you don't)


Like autistm-asks suggested, a good starting point is to do a lot of research about your character’s special interests. Your character is likely to use his special interest as a lens through which he looks at the world. For example, he might have a tendency to draw a comparison between facts he knows about maps and adventuring and things that he comes across in his life. He is likely to choose to spend a significant amount of time engaging with his special interests, and will probably enjoy talking about it.

We’ve also previously posted this question about how to incorporate stimming when writing an autistic character, which might help.

As your character is a child, you may find it useful to read ‘Writing Autistic Children‘, one of our masterposts. In general, you might find our masterposts to be a good introduction.

Hope this helps!

-Mod Snail
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