The Sig Sauer AR Pistol Stabilizing Brace has changed the game.  Pistols are afforded a lot more protection under the law in most states, and do not require a ATF tax stamp and federal paperwork.

We’ve got em in FDE and black, in stock!

Available Here

Centurion Arms “Carbine Cut” C4 rail system:  still one of the best quad rails out there:

Eotech EXPS 3-0, FDE

Law Tactical LLC Folding Stock Adapter

Olivia with a 13.7" with B.E. Meyers & Company, Inc. 249F (top ranked) flash hider build.

We’re getting two new types of 13.7" barrels made!

1. Polygonal rifling, 4150 CMV, Melonited, precision profile with a sub MOA or you money back guarantee. Made by MicroMOA for us: innovative gun nerds who put their money where their mouth is with their accuracy guarantees

2. Button rifled, 4150 CMV, Melonited, lightweight profile. Made for us byParallax Tactical, one of our trusted vendors whose barrels have also been very good

Both are a few weeks out, but I’m glad to see innovation is alive and well in the firearms world. Polygonal rifling generally means better gas seal, which results in high velocity and greater dwell times… which is especially important for shorter barrels

Parallax Tactical PXTreme 13.5" MLOK Rail, with intro price of just $139. Never though i’d see the day where there could be high quality free float rails for under $150!

BE Meyers 249F. Patented, nearly 20 year old technology… STILL the best flash hider. Used to be available only to the best commando units in the world, and we were the first to offer it to the commercial market.