@creative_lounge_home_studio 📸📸📸 I’ve had a few very sweet messages from some of you offering to buy me holiday gifts, there’s a link to my wish list below or please just send a few £ to an animal charity (which I will be doing myself this weekend)💋


 “What I like about the LOVE Advent Calendar is that they want to showcase women in a sensual perspective, but they do it in a cool, edgy way. The videos are sometimes over the top, showing a bit more of the girls than you regularly see in videos, but they get away with it, as they have a great team of creative people that put all the pieces together in a certain way that eventually makes the videos so cool.”

🌤 My fave snap by @creative_lounge_home_studio 🌦

Taking bookings for photoshoots in London 28th Dec - 2nd Jan, then anywhere else in the world for 2018 📸

Couple of tour dates to be announced soon too 🌏