The Signs As Suburban White Boys
  • Aries: Chad, 16, dirty-blond buzz cut, blue eyes. Enjoys wearing camouflage and hunting.
  • Taurus: Joshua, 17, brown hair, blue eyes. Star of the football team and is currently dating Alyson. Cool guy.
  • Gemini: Branden, 15, blond hair, green eyes. Plans on starting his own garage band. He and Jake hate each other
  • Cancer: Cory, 18, blond hair, blue eyes. Kid whose mother babied them far too long. Expects everything to be handed to him. The "nice guy". Acts like girls owe him everything.
  • Leo: Jack,17, dyed black hair, blue eyes. He dyed his hair black after listen to his punk rock band. He acts as the "edgy kid" at school. His mom, Karen, is in charge of the PTA meetings.
  • Virgo: Brendan, 16, clean-cut brown hair, brown eyes. Smart, A+ student who's also captain of the debate team.
  • Libra: Christian, 18, red hair, brown eyes. The school "heartthrob". All the 9th graders love him. He's the nice older kid who tutors after school.
  • Scorpio: Anthony, 17, blond hair, blue eyes. The kid who smoked weed once, lives in a good, Christian home. Acts like a pot-head.
  • Sagittarius: Jake, 16, blond hair, grey eyes. Star of the baseball team. Hates Branden because he wouldn't let him cheat off of him. Almost got kicked off the baseball team for failing his tests.
  • Capricorn: Brad, 15, black hair, green eyes. Asshole kid who thinks he's the shit. Most commonly used phrases "no homo", "bro", "that's gay". Everyone acts nice to him, but they don't actually like him
  • Aquarius: Matt, 15, brown hair, brown eyes. Plans on joining Branden's band. He can play guitar. He just learned "Smoke on the Water". He's a pro.
  • Pisces: Nick, 17, blond hair, blue eyes. Theatre kid. He lands most roles, amazing singer. His mom goes to all his shows and brags over every role he gets

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what did trin do!!

girl….buckle the fuck up. 
i watched a recording of this and i wanted to link it here but can’t seem to be able to find it. if anyone has links, i’d appreciate if you reblogged this with them so that people can see. 
she was on instagram live and somebody asked her opinion on bio queens and whether she thinks they should be allowed on drag race. she said no and proceeded to ramble about how in her opinion drag & drag race is about “transformation from male to female” (…) and no matter how talented a bio/faux queen could be, they wouldn’t have this type of transformation and thus shouldn’t be allowed on drag race. that’s bullshit. not HORRIBLY problematic, but absolute bullshit nonetheless. 
but then it got so much worse.
either someone on the live stream mentioned peppermint or she felt the need to mention her to somehow “justify” her being on drag race to back up her previous bullshit arguments, but this bitch started talking abt how it was “okay” for peppermint to be on rpdr “because she didn’t have boobs yet at the moment they were filming” and “because she dressed like a man”. my fucking jaw fell OPEN. way to completely nullify all of your apparent growth throughout the season and reveal yourself to be transphobic trash. i couldn’t watch any further so idk what anyone said to her after that and what she said in response, it was disgusting. 
(as someone cleverly pointed out, if drag is about transformation why did you get yourself a “feminine” body through plastic surgery? kinda ruins the fantasy doesn’t it? she sure as hell looks more “feminine” now than me and most of my female friends from the waist down. courtney conquer wrote an amazing instagram post about this, check that & her work out, she’s a total badass.) 
that’s what happened but then it got EVEN WORSE when she completely refused to listen to anyone who pointed out she was wrong, no matter how politely. instead of listening and trying to understand why her fans were upset, she’s out there on twitter liking sassy responses from her sheep headed stans to said fans. very mature, trinity:

(i’ll be sure to do just that, as my queen doesn’t invalidate anyone’s drag, isn’t transphobic garbage and is just a nice person all around who doesn’t support bullying and shit). 
so there’s that. 
moral of this post:

  • i love our top 3 this season - peppermint, shea coulee and sasha velour
  • it’s so cool that none of our top 3 is a cis white man isn’t it?
  • black trans women such as peppermint started drag and it was never meant to be about cis white men 
  • peppermint rocks the fuck out of her lil blonde buzz cut and looks cute as hell with short hair

A/N: This is the first part to my series Unbroken. Eventually in future chapters there will be smut and fluff but not so much in this one. If this post looks familiar, It was originally posted on my old Tumblr @bubblethoughtspost, but that account had some hacker issues so I’m starting fresh :)

Summary: You’re an unidentified creature trying to figure out your identity in the world of Supernatural. You have no memories of your past, driven simply by your purpose to protect the humans who had sheltered you in the beginning.

Pairings: Eventually Castiel x Reader

Warnings: None

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A few weeks ago you appeared on this planet naked and confused in an empty field. Humans had clothed, helped you, and befriended you. They were all celebrating the Suns brightness. You didn’t understand why they were so happy the sun would get dark as it settled and when it rises it was bright. Something was different about that day to them and you didn’t understand why. You left and spent your time saving other humans. They were weak yet fascinating. They felt they had so much to live for yet, they had so little power and could not defend themselves against the many evil creatures who threatened their livelihood. Most of them remained ignorant whereas the ones who didn’t were ridiculed and seen as mentally unfit. You wanted to protect them.

You had befriended two other creatures who’s souls were tarnished.

One was a demon named Meg. Ordinarily you would have killed any demon who crossed your path. But besides her foul mouth and demeanor she was good company and made you laugh. You read her mind confirming she wasn’t lying as she told you the story of how she risked her life and betrayed her own kind to help two hunters and an angel save the human race. Because of this she was on the run and couldn’t allow anyone to be aware of her still being alive for fear that she would actually be dead as her previous friends believed.

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PeterXReader~ Badass...

Request: Anon~Hi!! Can I request a peter parker x reader where the reader is a badass spy but is really shy at peter’s school and one day she shows her badass skills at school and peter falls in love with her plz and thanks

A/N~ hope I did this right, I got carried away…

Warnings~ cursing, fluffy, fighting

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Within hours, he changed three hairstyles and he is  beautiful with all three ... a king

Zayn literally proved that he can rock any hair style. Buzz cut, quiff, long hair, short hair, soft hair all over his forehead, mohawk, blonde streak, top knot, up in one or two ponytails, with a headband, fluffy japan zayn!!!!, blonde buzz cut, blonde, pink, green, grey hair. He’s fucking gorgeous. He’s not real.

Swimming By - Kaldur x Reader

Requested by artynerd23 - how the reader would date Kaldur

You sat on one of the docks in Happy Harbor as the moonlight sparkled in the water. It was after midnight, and you had bouts of sleeplessness. You hoped the sea air would make sleepy, but it had no luck so far.

Laying down, you took a deep breath as the sound of the waves crashing filled your ears. You had to admit while the ocean didn’t make you sleep, it gave you a sense of peace that soothed your every worry.

Suddenly, the sound of rhythmic splashing reached your ears. You sat up in surprise, glancing around rapidly only to see a dark shape swimming towards you. Jumping to your feet, you inched towards the edge of the dock to get a peak of what was swimming. The moonlight gave just enough light as the shape passed for you to see the outline of a person. 

Curiosity beating out your caution, you laid down on the edge of the dock resting your head on your folded hands as you watched the body swim by. The person didn’t seem to notice you, but you were glad for it gave you a chance to see their muscles flex with each stroke. 

Once the person was passed you, they dove deep into the water. You sighed, growing a little worried when they didn’t resurface after a minute. Panic froze your heart as another minute passed with no sigh of them. You quickly stood up, glancing into the water. When you saw nothing, you knew you had to do something.

Slipping off your shoes and sweatshirt, you jumped into the water. The coolness of the water made you gasp as you surfaced. You swam over to where the person disappeared and dived after them. It was dark underwater, but you felt around, trying to find the person. 

Suddenly, an arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you up to the surface. You grabbed the arm, noticing muscular it was, as you broke through the water and into the night air. Gasping, you glanced behind you to see the person holding you. 

He had blond hair in a buzz cut with gray eyes. He stared at you as you took in the gills on his neck.

“You’re…You’re an Atlantean?” you stammered as the man pressed you against his body to keep you both afloat. 

“Yes,” he answered, his voice sent a thrill through you. However, you found yourself annoyed with him. 

“So, I jumped into this cold water for nothing? I thought you were drowning,” you retorted sharply. A smile crossed the man’s face as he chuckled.  

“It’s appears so,” he replied kindly. You narrowed your eyes at him before laughter shook your body. Pulling yourself out of his grasp, you swam for the dock. From the splashes behind you, you knew he was following you.

You climbed onto the dock, shaking the water from your hair and clothes before slipping on your sweatshirt and shoes. When you heard him get out of the water behind you, you turned to give him a smile.

“Do Atlanteans come to Happy Harbor often, or are you the exception?” you asked as he studied you with warm eyes. Your stomach fluttered at his gaze. 

He looked at the ground in thought before meeting your eye again. “I was just passing by,” he answered. In the moonlight, you could see the tattoos on his arms. Absentmindedly, you reached out to gently trace the tattoo on his forearm. He smiled at your touch. “What were you doing out here this late at night?”

“It’s actually early morning,” you explained, a sparkle in your eye as his hand captured yours. “Besides, I like this time in the morning, and I couldn’t sleep.”

“I could not sleep as well,” he commented, his hand tightening around yours. You blushed, but you knew it would be hidden by the moonlight. “What is your name? If you do not mind me asking?”

“(Y/N),” you said, entwining your fingers with his. His fingers were strong and warm. 

“Kaldur’ahm, but you may call me Kaldur,” he responded, taking a step closer to you.  

“It’s nice to meet you, Kaldur,” you giggled as you gazed into his gray eyes. It felt like fireworks were exploding in your heart.

He brought your hand up to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back of it. “It is nice to meet you, (Y/N).” You felt your face burn completely red. Your hand tingled from the pressure of his lips. He kept hold of your hand. The two of you fell into a comfortable silence. studying each other in the moonlight. 

It wasn’t until you began to shiver from the cool air against your wet body that Kaldur break the silence. “You’re cold,” Kaldur commented as he rubbed your hand to warm it up. 

“Yeah, I guess I am,” you agreed, nodding your head. You looked at him for a moment before making a decision. “Will you walk me home?”

He glanced at you, slightly startled, but he soon smiled. “It would be my pleasure,” he answered, taking your arm as you both started down the dock. What you two didn’t know was that this was a start of something amazing.

Most nights, you would meet each other on the dock. Sitting together for hours, you would talk about this and that. His arm would be wrapped around your shoulders, allowing you to cuddle into his side. Part of you wondered if you were moving too fast with this Altantean boy that you didn’t really know, but it felt right somehow. It was like you were supposed to be together.

It was after several weeks of meeting each other on the dock that Kaldur asked you out for dinner. You agreed happily, loving the idea of seeing him in daylight. After all, these meetings at night led part of you to believe that he was some kind of dream or illusion. You couldn’t believe you found someone as wonderful as him.

He picked you up at your house, dressed in a high collared jacket to cover his gills and tattoos. You gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him blush before you walked towards the restaurant. The two of you were so distracted by each other that you almost missed the fact you were being followed.

“Hey, Kaldur,” you started, glancing over your shoulder to see two teenage boys duck around a corner. “Do you think those two boys are following us?” Kaldur raised an eyebrow before looking behind you to see the same two boys ducking around the same corner. 

“I’ll be a moment,” Kaldur excused, leaving you to walk over to the boys. He grabbed them both by the arm and pulled them out into the open. You could see one had red hair while the other had black. The black haired one also had sunglasses on. Kaldur spoke to them in a low voice, scolding them with the harshness of an older brother. 

The red haired boy pointed at you with a rascally grin saying something you couldn’t hear. However, you knew it must have not been pleasant for Kaldur glared at him. The argument continued between the red haired boy and Kaldur, while the black haired boy walked over to you.

“I’m Robin, it’s nice to finally meet you,” he said, holding out his hand. You raised an eyebrow at him before accepting his handshake. 

“Finally?” you asked, watching him suspiciously. He chuckled, shaking his head.

“So, I guess Kaldur didn’t tell you about us,” Robin remarked, glancing over his shoulder at Kaldur and the red haired boy. Kaldur had noticed Robin was by your side and walked over to you. 

“(Y/N), these two are my friends,” Kaldur explained as he took your hand. Robin and the red haired boy snickered to each other at the sight. Kaldur glared at them. 

The red haired boy stepped up, also holding out his hand. “I’m Wally, Beautiful,” he cooed as you hesitantly took his hand. He raised it to his lips, pressing a kiss onto it. Your eyes widened at the touch, finding the kiss to be not as magical as Kaldur’s. Actually, it made you want to wash your hands.  

“Hi,” you greeted shortly, pulling your hand away from him and grabbing Kaldur’s. Kaldur smiled at your reaction. “So, we should get going if we want to eat?”

“Yes, we should,” Kaldur agreed, guiding you down the street and away from his friends. “I will see you both later.” The boys waved, whispering conspicuously to one another. You glanced at them before focusing on Kaldur, who’s face was red from embarrassment

“You didn’t tell me you had friends on the surface,” you began when the boys were out of sight. 

Kaldur gulped, tightening his fingers around your hand. He pursed his lips in thought before speaking. “I could not tell you because it is a secret.”

“A secret?” you asked, giving him a knowing stare. “Is this about you being Aqualad, because I already know about that.” Kaldur stopped, turning to gaze at you with surprise. 

“How did you know?” he questioned, a slight panic in his voice. You laughed, squeezing his hand soothingly.

“Come on, Kaldur, I saw you on the news. It’s not like you wear a mask, and the tattoos are distinctive,” you explained, sighing he chuckled in response.

“I guess so, but you do not mind?” Kaldur replied, studying you carefully. 

You looked into his gray eyes, thinking of your next words. “No, I don’t mind. If fact, I’m proud that you help people the way you do. Of course, I’m going to be worried about your safety, but the good you do outweighs that.”

He looked at you with a sparkle in his eyes. Pulling you close, he pressed his lips to yours. It felt like a bolt of electricity ran through your body as you returned his kiss with a passion. You would have kissed longer, but the whoops and cat-calls from behind you pulled you apart.

Kaldur glared at Robin and Wally. “I thought I told you two to go home,” Kaldur growled. You buried your face into his shoulder while Wally and Robin snickered. 

“We thought you shouldn’t be unsupervised,” Wally teased. “Obviously, we were right.” Kaldur’s face darkened, making both Wally and Robin flinch.

“Go home,” he ordered, his voice taking an authoritative tone. Your abdomen tingled from his voice alone. Robin and Wally ran off, while Kaldur focused on you. You pulled your face out of his shoulder. “Are you alright?”

You smiled, the blush still reddening your cheeks. “I’m fine,” you whispered, having lost your voice in the amazement of it all. Kaldur studied you before he gestured down the street. 

“Shall we continue on our way?” he asked, squeezing your hand.

“Yes,” you agreed as you both walked hand and hand towards the restaurant.

It continued like that for a while with Kaldur and you meeting each other at night on the dock, and scheduling ‘actual’ dates. Eventually, Kaldur took you to ‘officially’ meet the team at the cave. They were very nice to you, and you found yourself going there for movie nights every once in a while.

Mostly, however, you would watch Kaldur train. You would sit in the corner of the training room and watch him. Sometimes he sparred with someone, but most of the time he was practicing with his Water-Bearers. 

You loved watching his tattoos glow as he converted the water into any tool he wished. He would get his look on his face, so focused and calm, and it drove you wild with desire. That was probably why you both would end up in his bedroom afterwards.

Then, it happened.

“My mother is coming up to the surface for a visit,” Kaldur said as you both sat on the dock, cuddling in the moonlight. 

“Oh, when?” you asked, your heart stopping in fear. You worked to keep your body relaxed so Kaldur wouldn’t notice.

“Next week, my king is bring her through the zeta tubes,” Kaldur answered, his voice lightening in a way you only heard when he spoke of Atlantis. “My step-father is unable to come due to his work, but my mother is willing to come without him.”

Feeling his gaze upon you, you forced yourself to smile. You tried to ignore the terror flowing through you. “That’s wonderful,” you commented with fake joy. Kaldur didn’t seem to notice, too wrapped up in the idea of his mother coming.

“She had never been to the surface before, so there will be much to show her,” Kaldur continued as you stared out into the water, struggling to swallow. “I’ll have to see if I can get the others to clean the cave and maybe I should cut my hair…” He rambled on, coming up with new things to do to prepare for his mother’s arrival. You took several deep breaths, trying to calm down. 

“Oh, and of course my mother will want to meet you, my love. I’ve told her about you,” Kaldur revealed, pressing a kiss to your cheek. You gave him a forced smile before nodding your head rapidly. He still didn’t notice your discomfort as he started talking about keeping Wally away from his mother, since he might give a bad impression on how surface-dwellers act. You listened to him, still trying to calm yourself from the fear raging in your heart.

“He wants me to meet his mother,” you shouted as you freaked out in M’gann’s room. She had brought you in there when you entered the cave on the edge of a panic attack. You were sitting on her bed, shaking like a leaf. “She not going to like me. I’m a human.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” M’gann reassured, sitting down beside you. She had posted Conner outside of the door to prevent any eavesdropping. He was also supposed to keep Kaldur away should he come near the room. “Kaldur’s mother is going to love you.”

“No, she won’t. I’m weak and ugly. She won’t think I’m good enough for her son,” you gasped as tears stung your eyes. M’gann put her arm around you, hushing you. “She’ll say I’m not good enough, and he’ll leave me, because he’s such a mama’s boy.”

M’gann blinked for a moment, amused by the idea you would call Kaldur a ‘mama’s boy.’ She had to admit, seeing everything he was doing to prepare for his mother’s visit, you were right. “(Y/N), Kaldur loves you, and I’m sure his mother will see it.” You shook your head as she continued. “Even if she doesn’t, Kaldur isn’t going to leave you just because his mother says so.”

“He would if that’s what she wanted,” you explained, your eyes wild and stressed. M’gann was about to say something, but a knock on her door interrupted her. 

“Conner, we don’t want to be disturbed,” M’gann said to the door, floating over to it. Another knock on the door drew M’gann to open it. Kaldur was on the other side. You gasped before laying down on the bed to hide your tears. However, it was too late for Kaldur was already at your side.

“What is wrong, (Y/N)?” he asked with such a gentle tone that it made your heart ache. You heard M’gann scolding Conner by the door before she dragged him outside. When you didn’t answer him, Kaldur laid a hand on your arm. “(Y/N)?”

You took a deep breath through your tears, gathering the courage to speak. “She not going to like me,” you whispered, taking a peek at his confused face. His brow furrowed in a adorable way. It made you cry even more as you realized how hard it would be to lose him.

“Who is not going to like you?” he questioned. You buried your face into M’gann’s bed, speaking through the bed. It was only mumbles. “I can not understand you, my love.”

“Your mother,” you whimpered before bursting into tears. Kaldur was frozen with surprise, blinking several times. Eventually, he put his arms around you. You accepted his hug, crying into his chest. His hand stroked your hair while he whispered soothing words into your ear. It took you a moment, but you realized he was whispering in Altantean.

It took a while, but you calmed down to a slight tremble in your hands and teary eyes. Kaldur pulled back from you, taking your face into his hands. “(Y/N), I love you,” he stated, his eyes looking into your soul. “My mother is going to love you because you make me happy.”

“You’re sure?” you mumbled hesitantly. He kissed your lips gently, answering your question. When you both broke apart, you leaned forward to whisper into his ear. “I love you too, Kaldur’ahm.”

He grinned at you before taking your hand to pull you out of the room. You didn’t need to ask where you were going for you already knew the answer.

A week later, you found yourself dressed in your best clothes standing beside Kaldur waiting for his mother to arrive. Kaldur was fidgeting mess, but you kept your cool for your heart-to-heart with Kaldur help soothe your fears. However, you weren’t completely calm as your stomach twisted with nerves.

You took Kaldur’s hand, stilling him when the call came over the zeta tube. He stood up straighter as Aquaman walked through with a beautiful woman at his side. You knew she had to be Kaldur’s mother for the features were almost the same as his.

“Mother,” Kaldur greeted, walking up to her while letting go of your hand. You and Aquaman kept your distance giving them some privacy. They embraced, whispering to each other in Altantean. You smiled at them, loving how relaxed Kaldur appeared in the presence of his mother. Eventually, they started walking over to you.

You took a deep breath, wiping your sweaty hands on your clothes as Kaldur and his mother approached you. 

“Mother, this is (Y/N),” Kaldur introduced, stepping to your side to take your hand. You looked at him before smiling gently at his mother. 

“It’s nice to meet you,” you said with a nod. You almost collapsed with relief when his mother smiled back at you.

“Yes, I have heard much about you, (Y/N). Kaldur’ahm can barely stop talking about you when he visits,” his mother replied, making Kaldur blush. You giggled at the sight. “You may call me Mother for I feel as if we are already related.” Your cheeks burned while you smiled at her, your stomach stopped it’s twisting as you relaxed.

“May we give you a tour of the cave, Mother?” Kaldur suggested, gesturing further into the cave. She nodded before stepping to your side.

“Now, (Y/N), can you reassure me that Kaldur’ahm is eating enough? He looks too thin,” she asked as Kaldur rolled his eyes. You laughed before you three headed deeper into the cave. Somehow, you knew you were lucky to find Kaldur swimming by that day for you would have never been this happy without him. 

Gym Cutie Explodes

I was at the gym earlier today and I noticed this young cute guy running on the treadmill. I would say he was about 25, blonde buzz cut, blue eyes, really ripped, and a MASSIVE round ass. He was wearing compression shorts and was shirtless. Thinking about him, I headed into the second stall of the men’s room. There is a very large gap in the back of the stall, which lets you lean back and see the other guy on the toilet. 

I sat there about 35 minutes and nobody came over for a stall. I was about to leave when I heard someone enter the vacant stall. I looked through the gap and realized it was the cutie on the treadmill. He slammed the seat down and didn’t even bother to paper it. He peeled out of his sweaty compression shorts and I noticed his ass was extremely hairy. 

He slammed his ass down and within seconds, I could hear he had the shits. He passed a ton of loose shit mixed with a little bit of gas. I watched him rub his stomach a few times and whince as shit poured into the bowl. He squirted off and on before standing up. His ass looked like it was covered in chocolate pudding. Rather than bother wiping up, he waddled over to the showers to clean up. I saw him exit the shower a few minutes later and he appeared much more relaxed. 

In another universe the Alpha survives as the Meta.
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Chapter 26

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If I were to decide, I will crown Zayn as 2015’s biggest news-maker. From leaving the band, to attending Paris Fashion Week with a platinum blonde buzz-cut, signing an RCA record deal, breaking off an engagement, to some twitter feuds, [hot] Instagram selfies, first solo magazine cover & interview plus a new song snippet and to rumored girlfriend Gigi Hadid – what more can you ask for? Well, obviously the album (honestly Zayn, when?!).

2015 was not a boring year for us Zayn stans – besides that post-March 25 drought where he kinda disappears from the face of the earth – or that’s just me overreacting. Who does that?! Creates a buzz and hibernates like nothing happened … only Zayn Malik. If 2015 was a roller coaster ride, what more 2016 has to bring? Where songs are published and promos are made, it will be a mess – a beautiful mess. Brace yourselves, zquad; we’re innit for a long and exciting ride! Bring it on, Zayn!


5. Zayn Malik

Speaking of One Direction, when Zayn left the group in March, Directioners collectively lost their minds. After five years, one of the band’s two most popular members went his own way in an attempt to leave the spotlight, only to have it shine even brighter on everything he does. While he hasn’t really put out any new music, Zayn did thrust himself into the most stylish celeb conversation this year for the first time. He always felt a little too edgy for the polished image his bandmates cultivated. While we’ve seen less of Zayn this year than any other, what we did see of him secured him a spot on our list. Whether it was his entrance to the Louis Vuitton show this summer, complete with a freshly shorn blonde buzz cut and silk Vuitton shirt, or other appearances during Fashion Week that sent him on a path to style stardom, I’m not totally sure, but, for the last half of the year, all eyes have been on him. Zayn’s typical look nails that British aesthetic of slim trousers, dress shirt (often buttoned to the collar with no tie) and boots or chunky dress shoes, but he’s also branched out to different looks with distressed jeans and Air Jordans this year, showing just how much a change of scenery, like leaving one of the biggest pop acts of the era, can do for someone. —Skylar Bergl


Soo… Like.. Legally blonde is good and all..but can we talk about the implicit message that the women who don’t perform femininity Are prudes? How Elle “pinks out” Harvard and makes it better b/c she’s hyper fem?

You know what I want to see? A lesbian version of Legally Blonde. She’s got a buzz cut, and she’s going to Harvard b/c it’s her dream. She’s surrounded by GC rich white girls, and she’s none of those things.

She has to fight tooth and nail to get everything- including female friendships. But in the end she falls madly in love with another lesbian, they drop out and become activists who help collapse civilization (instead of upholding it) so they can save the rainforest- and really all of planet earth.

You know, it’s a lot for a 2.5 hour movie, but I really think with lesbians you can do anything.

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have you seen this? like what was the point? docbnd9120(.)tumblr(.)com/post/122637360191/flawleszayn-that-doesnt-even-look-like-zayn-to perieedwards(.)tumblr(.)com/post/122700156746/people-are-doing-what-to-zayn-and-perrie

Anonymous said:

so let me get this straight a fan brakes into zayns garden, hides in the bushes to take pictures using SNAPCHAT then claim its zayn and perrie even through two days ago we saw zayn skinny, blond and with a buzz cut, i think they are today as perrie instagramed in the same outfit. was this to make up for the fact that she didn’t go to wireless like the henna lady said? to show she stayed at home with zayn?


X  X

Yeah, that’s definitely not Zayn–too big and hair is too long and dark. Probably her brother Jonnie and probably yet another incredibly desperate stunt courtesy of LMHQ. The snapchat thing is too convenient. Jonnie wearing a red plaid shirt is too convenient. The fan catching them outdoors is too convenient. And they’ve pulled facepalmworthy stunts like this before like when they tried to pass off a Little Mix dancer as Zayn at a birthday party. So, yeahhhh…no.  

And a fan would need to do more than just hide in a bush to get those pix. There would be some heavy duty trespassing happening–possibly involving other people’s property.

Although this fandom can be incredibly intrusive, I doubt the backstory here is legit. It’s a sorry stunt. I think Perrie didn’t turn up at the Wireless Festival either because they couldn’t get Zayn to go with her for whatever reason or because the henna backlash made it in her best interests to stay mostly out of sight until it fades. They don’t need her getting any more bad press. Maybe both reasons apply. So instead, we got a henna free lame as hell ring stunt.

But thanks for making it clear Zayn and Perrie weren’t together today, management. I appreciate that. Gee, I wonder where he could be? ;)  

Of Sucker Punches, Tooth Fairies, and Fuzzy Caterpillar Feelings, or, Roland Visits the Principal’s Office

Prompt from @regal-believerxrizzlexaddict from (almost) a year ago: Hood-Mills Family. Roland is being bullied and Henry protects him. 

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Takes place after Roland Registers for Kindergarten but before Roland has the Flu.

Roland hasn’t been going to school for long, but he’s pretty sure it’s a bad thing to sit in the principal’s office with a bag of ice pressed to his mouth. Of course, the jeering oohs from his classmates clued him in, too, as his teacher hauled him, Henry, Charlie, and Charlie’s big brother off the playground. Roland shifts his grip on the soggy paper towel wrapped around his bag of ice and pulls it away, frowning at the red specks of blood smeared like watercolor paints over the pink flowery pattern.

“Hey,” Henry says, nudging him with his elbow. “Keep that pressed on your gums. You’re still bleeding a little.”

“So are you,” Roland lisps, tongue probing the gap where his two front teeth should be, but he raises the ice back to his mouth.

The older boy shrugs and readjusts the mass of bloody tissues he’s holding to his nose. “It’ll stop soon.”

“We’re in trouble, aren’t we?” Roland whispers, swinging his legs, the toes of his sneakered feet skipping across the linoleum.

“You’re not, but I am. Mom’s gonna kick my butt.”

“Which one?”

“Both, probably.”

“Is Regina gonna kick my butt?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Henry says, his voice sharp like the tip of a pencil as he crumples his bloody tissues and slings them into the metal trash can by the door. He presses his fingers to his nose a few times, pulling them away to check for blood, and sniffs. “It’s my fault you’re here in the first place anyway.”

“You were protecting me,” Roland insists, switching his hands on the ice pack.

Henry shakes his head. “I should have been more careful. Still got your teeth?”

Yes, he does. Roland grabs the other plastic baggie from the empty chair next to him and dangles it proudly, his two front teeth clicking together inside the bag as he shakes the container. “Does the tooth fairy still come if your teeth get knocked out in a fight instead of falling out by themselves?”

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A Christmas to Remember

Summary:  Connor’s dad kicks him out just days before Christmas when Connor comes out. With nowhere to go and not wanting to spend Christmas alone, Connor turns to his roommate Jude, even though he doesn’t know Jude all that well. What will Jude say?

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Part 5

*2 Days Until Christmas*

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Most Stylish Celebrities of 2015 | Complex

These are the men moving men’s style forward in 2015 (and there are only 13).

Whether you believe it or not, celebrities are the true barometer of style as the year goes on. If athletes, musicians or actors experiment with their wardrobes and ascend to stylish new heights, there’s a strong chance that the general public will follow suit. With more events like the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s on the calendar, famous guys had new opportunities to explore the rapidly expanding field of men’s fashion and another chance to show off their personal style. And it wasn’t just the usual suspects making waves. Even athletes—who traditionally land somewhere between hypebeast and Tim Duncan—found style saints in the form of Victor Cruz and Nick “Swaggy P” Young.

A strong coalition of men made their mark on the style scene in 2015. Modern-day icons like A$AP Rocky, Pharrell, and Zayn (fresh off his One Direction years) continued to think outside the box when it came to filling their wardrobes with everything from Louis Vuitton and adidas, to Gosha Rubchinskiy and Midnight Studios. And let’s not forget that this was also the year that Kanye West dropped not one, but two collections, the first of which sold very well worldwide. Yes, his designs had their detractors, but when it comes to West, it’s nearly inevitable that his aesthetic will inspire others well into the future. Moving men’s style forward in more ways than one, these are the Most Stylish Celebrities of 2015.  

5. Zayn Malik

Speaking of One Direction, when Zayn left the group in March, Directioners collectively lost their minds. After five years, one of the band’s two most popular members went his own way in an attempt to leave the spotlight, only to have it shine even brighter on everything he does. While he hasn’t really put out any new music, Zayn did thrust himself into the most stylish celeb conversation this year for the first time. He always felt a little too edgy for the polished image his bandmates cultivated. While we’ve seen less of Zayn this year than any other, what we did see of him secured him a spot on our list. Whether it was his entrance to the Louis Vuitton show this summer, complete with a freshly shorn blonde buzz cut and silk Vuitton shirt, or other appearances during Fashion Week that sent him on a path to style stardom, I’m not totally sure, but, for the last half of the year, all eyes have been on him. Zayn’s typical look nails that British aesthetic of slim trousers, dress shirt (often buttoned to the collar with no tie) and boots or chunky dress shoes, but he’s also branched out to different looks with distressed jeans and Air Jordans this year, showing just how much a change of scenery, like leaving one of the biggest pop acts of the era, can do for someone. —Skylar Bergl