5. Zayn Malik

Speaking of One Direction, when Zayn left the group in March, Directioners collectively lost their minds. After five years, one of the band’s two most popular members went his own way in an attempt to leave the spotlight, only to have it shine even brighter on everything he does. While he hasn’t really put out any new music, Zayn did thrust himself into the most stylish celeb conversation this year for the first time. He always felt a little too edgy for the polished image his bandmates cultivated. While we’ve seen less of Zayn this year than any other, what we did see of him secured him a spot on our list. Whether it was his entrance to the Louis Vuitton show this summer, complete with a freshly shorn blonde buzz cut and silk Vuitton shirt, or other appearances during Fashion Week that sent him on a path to style stardom, I’m not totally sure, but, for the last half of the year, all eyes have been on him. Zayn’s typical look nails that British aesthetic of slim trousers, dress shirt (often buttoned to the collar with no tie) and boots or chunky dress shoes, but he’s also branched out to different looks with distressed jeans and Air Jordans this year, showing just how much a change of scenery, like leaving one of the biggest pop acts of the era, can do for someone. —Skylar Bergl


@zayn here is a list of things u need to bring back

1. Veronica Malik (most important)

2. The top knot (gone too soon rip)

3. That really tight red shirt (yall know which)

4. Those extremely rugged jeans

5. The goatee (few understand my pain)

6. The smile with the tongue behind your teeth

7. Veronica Malik ( again its important and she is my wife)

8. Blonde buzz cut (not now we love your hair)

9. Silly interviews where you having fun

10.Those smoking hot insta zelfies before you followed anyone

11. Weird and cryptic tweets (lmao rmr yes now?)

12. The suspenders!

13. That MTV tank top that u cut

14. The sleeked back ponytail with the full beard *sigh*

15. And finally…YOURSELF!