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1. How tall are you?: 5.8 or something along the lines

2. What color and style is your hair?:oh god i used to dye my hair all sorts of crazy colours when i was younger and im still in the process of letting my natural colour come through so its kinda brown/blonde/low key ginger at some bits. i have got a short straight fringe inwhich I straighten but idc about the rest of my hair tbh.

3. What color are your eyes?: blue/green/grey kinda idk
4. Do you wear glasses / contacts?:nope

5. Do you wear braces?: nah
6. What is your fashion style?: band t-shirts and whatever clothes my mum no longer wears as im poor af.

7.What is your full name?: Kirsty-ann Heather Harley

8.When were you born?: 4th of September (SAME AS QUEEN BEY YAAAASSS)
9. How old are you?: I’m a dancing queen young and sweet only 17

10. Where are you from/live now?: Falkirk Born and Bred

11. Do you have siblings and what are their names?: I have an older brother Called Mark. My 9 year old sister is called jessica and my 8 year old brother is called jack. altho tbh my younger siblings are practically my own children
12. What school/college do you go to?: None I’m a nanny
13. What kind of a student are you?the one that doesnt go to school cause im not a student
14. Do even like school?: HAHAHAHA i fucking hated that shithole so much. “when you get older you will miss your high school days” lol that is yet to happen to me
15. What are your favourite school subjects?: I fucking loved biology and drama (i only liked drama if i was put in a class with my friends and people i was comfortable with)
16. What are your favourite shows?: My Mad Fat Diary, I.T crowd, Friends, Rescue 911 and What would you do
17. What are your favorite movies?: Trainspotting, Annie, Lion King, Forrest Gump and ofcourse the Lizzie McGuire Movie.

18. What are your favourite books?: i must be the only person on tumblr that doesnt read books. although when i was like 13 i went through this weird obsession of paramedics and i collected first aid books and i still enjoy scanning through them from time to time
19. What is your favourite pastime?:eating

20. Do you have any regrets?: winning the sperm race
21. What is your dream job?: idk but i kinda like the idea of ironing clothes for famous musicians that are about to go on stage. just think about it; they would be stoatin about all topless and then you give them the freshly ironed shirt and they are like “thank you” i would love my life so much more if i did that

22. Would you like to get married one day and where?: idk maybe. i quite like the idea of having the ceremony in an open field with just me, the pastor and my partner. and then having the reception at the barrowlands lol
23. Would you like to have kids one day and how many?: ofcourse i fucking love babies! I know from first hand experience all the stress they bring (and believe you me they have REALLY fucking stressed me out at points) but i would love to have about 2-3 kids, maybe even 4 if im still sane
24. Are you a girly girl, a regular girl or more of a tomboy?: ugh i hate the term “tomboy” and “regular girl” idek im just a girl i dont really think about other lables
25. Do you like shopping?: depends how much money i havent got in my bank/purse

26. What countries have you visited so far?: Gran Canaria and England, all courtesy of my friends being from richer households than me

27. What is the scariest nightmare you have ever had?: damn I’ve had waaay to many Lucid Dreams to point out which is the scariest.

28. Do you have enemies?: yes, but secretly so, like none of them know i fucking hate their guts

29. Who are your best friends?: HAHAHAhaahHahaaAh I have about as many friends as tom hanks did in fucking Castaway
30. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name?: Nah

Put your phone on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up WITHOUT SKIPPING!

1.just dont know what to do with myself/Dusty Springfield
2.Saffron/Jake Bugg
3.Movin on up/Primal Scream
4.Magic Pie/Oasis
5.L.I.F.E G.O.E.S O.N/noah and the whale
5.Andy youre a star/The killers
6.Sketchead/Arctic Monkeys
7.Borris the spider/The who
8.The age of the understatement/TLSP
9.Second bite of the apple/Beady Eye
10.Begging you/The stone roses

wow this took me so long to do and i procrastinated about it for soo long but i quite enjoyed doing it:) I tag;

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Way strong people, from many different words too, fighting howler monkey's with blond hair, oversized key weapons, pocket monsters, people who Summons spirit monsters all kinds of worlds. For me to concur ahem I mean yay pretty!

“Howler monkey’s with blonde hair? Ha! That’s absurd!”
Podsquad Episode 5- Crazy Stories and The White People the Documentary
P O D S Q U A D Episode 5In today's episode we explore our powerful Spirit Songs, our craziest stories, appropriate questions to ask people of different nationalities, The Documentary "White People" and much much more!!! *Not that much more actually*. Check it out!!!!

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Maybe vegan mac and cheese or a veggie burger of some sort from the store like whole foods would be a good challenge for you! It sounds like you ate more "normal" balanced meals instead of mostly plain veggies, rice, and fruit before you got ill. Balance is key. ;) the blonde yogini is someone on tumblr who is such a great model for balanced healthy vegan eating. you should check her out :) Did you have a consultation with Aubra?

yes thats so true! i’ve definitely been trying to have more variety to my diet instead of safe foods. omg theblondeyogini is my life i literally love her so much..shes balanced and she doesn’t just promote “one way” of eating and her page always inspires me<3

i didn’t have a consultation with Audra but I’m going to!! :) 

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hey meli, das esch etzd ned bös gmeint aber die haarfarb womer uf dem ungschminkte foti gsed wuerd dir vell besser cho als s blond wo dine hesch. esch nur ehn meinig. schlussendlich muesses ja dir gfalle, aber vode auge und vom huttyp här würdi sege sones hellbrun/mittelbrun chond dir besser als blond. xoxo

Keis Problem :D ich will mich ebe umbedingt mal traue ganz Blond zwärde 😳 aber trau mi eifech ned hahah..