blonde with blue eyes

I love how the persona writers just don’t acknowledge how genetics work. Like Ann is ¼ white so she has blonde hair and blue eyes? huh

Random thought, how did the blonde hair/blue eyes being superior become a thing? Because what I learned in genetics is that blue eyes are a recessive gene and brown eyes/darker hair are dominant genes.

So wouldn’t the darker hair and eyes being superior make more sense?

Cause if they were all about genetics and stuff with twins and weeding out the perceived “imperfections”, wouldn’t they know that the dark features were dominant? Or was that a later study?

So if Hitler had dark hair (and eyes I’m assuming. I’ve only seen black and white photos of him), and was part Jewish if I remember correctly, why did he push so hard for everything he’s not to be the higher race?

This is something I’ve always been confused about. Like, Hitler didn’t even fit his own criteria, did he?
(I’m asking as someone who just got off two 17 hour shifts and 5 hours of sleep between so if I’m wrong please educate me I really want to know and understand this mess)

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She felt peaceful, to look at, to be around, even just to know of. Her shoulder length blonde hair looked soft and strong and her blue eyes even when hidden behind glasses shone enticing you to want to know more. She had her own style, seeming fashionable without compromising comfort, this only served to accentuate her peaceful and friendly vibe. What you couldnt tell just by looking at her was the level of talent hidden behind those curious eyes, her stories just as captivating as she was.

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I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]