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Writing my first eruri...

I am spanish speaker so I started in spanish but in the end I chose English, I shall check grammar and stuff but hopefully it’s going fine.

Black tea

.–I would call it love–. His steps stopped before the door of the Survey corps’s capitain. “I am glad, I am really happy we both share the feeling”–. He listened before the door was opened.

–Ey, need any help?—said Mike with a relaxed expression. The soldier went inside the office without pronouncing any word, he left que tray and teapot, serve two cups of tea and place before the blond man some sandwiches; perplexed blue eyes on him. Levi took one of the tea cups for himself and chose to sit in the more distant couch available there.

–Mike–, the capitain called—you can have this cup of tea, you have got a hard day–. No word was pronounced by Levi, he took a sip of his own tea, tasteless.–That kind of thing is not for me, so fancy–, gazing to Levi–: I am amazed you actually like it.

–What? Is it to unfitting for me, a rat from the Underground?—glaring back at Mike, who simply smiled.

–I am simply saying you don’t look like it, there’s nothing wrong with you liking tea, you’re special–. His smile too brightful, unusual—Erwin enjoys it also, very much actually–. Levi ignored him again, as if trying to get distracted by whatever else.—However, Erwin, is that meat? Why are you eating meat? Isn’t it racionalized?—Levi newly glared, damn fucker.

–Help youself if you wish Mike–. was everything Erwin said before keeping on with his job, tons of papers Keith had given him with a pat on his shoulder and saying he was being helpful. “Helpful”, bullshit. “Are you ok with it? Meat is costly, I mean it’s not a luxury but if this was sent by a patron of you may be I should not”–. Serve yourself, it’s fine. Levi, why are you here? I am assuming you have finished all your dury and shores, right?—no answering he got—I am just questioning because it would be unfourtunate you get a reprimand otherwise. Commander Keith was very serious about you getting discipline.

–He can go and fuck himself–, said while seeing Mike eats what he has prepared for Erwin himself—Not my problem if his soldiers are so useless they cannot finish their own shores, however, I did trained, groomed my horse, helped in the damn kitchen and washed my part of your disgusting clothes which I don’t get why the hell we must wash since all of you damn assholes have hands–. Took another sip of his tea—My job is done for today hence, leave me alone.

–Are you serious? Are you washing clothes?—Mike mocked at him—isn’t that something just newbies do? You’ve already go out with us, you’re supposed to be graduated from that already. Might be commander Keith just want you do what everyone of here did once, and since you arrived without the ´proper training´ thing… or might be he despises you?

–Ja, well, that would be mutual.

So far that’s what I translated, hope my narrative in English is not so bad, I have written fanfics for more than 10 years and I am probably known good enough in inuyasha’s fandom but since I have hardly ever written in English, this is new XD, anyway, let’s celebrate eruri. Even if Isayama fucked it up.

Fic rec

Because I see people asking for fics everyday….


-Drift, by  tanglingshadows:  If he could go back, if he could be in that moment again. It shocked him what he would give up to be there and have her close.

- pick it all up and start again by Wellthatdepends: he couldn’t imagine her anywhere else (tales from Alexandria / ZA AU)

-Who Sings in the Dead of Night, by  dynamicsymmetry:  Post-Coda. Beth is in her grave, the group is moving on, but of course the story doesn’t end there. A storm is coming. And for Daryl, who can’t and won’t let go, the story is moving both backward… and downward. Persophone/Hades AU…with a twist. 

-In the Dark I Thought I Heard Somebody Call, by  dynamicsymmetry: A series of thematic vignettes. ASZ, an arrival, a transition, a return, and what follows. Beth is alive.

- Between the Fire and the Sky, by  SwiftSnowmane: Between ‘Still’ and 'Alone’, Beth and Daryl travel through the countryside and deep into the wilderness. As their journey brings them further into each other’s worlds, Beth begins to wonder if there is any safe place left on earth.Perhaps all that remains is the fire that burns between them out there beneath the dark night sky.

-Winter lilies, by  PunkyNemo (TheVampireCat) After rescuing Beth from Grady, the group travels north to Jersey. But they’re still reeling from death and disappointment and they all need something normal so that they can start living again.

-Reflection, by PunkyNemo (TheVampireCat) He’s trying things now. Different things, new things. Asking if he can. Asking if he can’t. And he’s growing in confidence too. Everyday. At first it’s small changes. Confident kisses. A hand on her thigh, her ass. And then later those little things lead to bigger ones. slight D/s

-Call of the abyss, by  PunkyNemo (TheVampireCat): Sometimes he wants to fall apart and sometimes he does.But not now. Because right now, she’s beside him and that’s enough.For now, that’s enough.

-Play with me, by Schoozie:  Daryl’s had a shit day. It’s about to get a lot better.   Rought sex.

-Crash the gates, by YonduDixon:  BANG
Aaron narrowed his eyes at the gate and shrugged at Rick again. “This has been happening since dawn. It’s slowed down a bit now.”
BANG Alexandria

-Windows, by Snogirl:  Daryl and Beth are arguing if Daryl still has a soul after everything that he’s done. Beth makes a comment about how if maybe he cut his hair once in a while she would be able to check and see, and Daryl would be a better shot. He lets her cut his hair, and it turns out that she likes what she sees…a lot.

-Love bites, by Schoozie:  Beth gets bitten, but not in the way you’d expect.

- Who We Are, by LemonStar: .Daryl/Beth.. He shrugged, looking at her and even in the darkness of the porch, she could see the blue of his eyes. “Rick got what he wanted. A safe place for his kids and for everyone else, too. None of 'em need me anymore.”

- Of Wings and Fire by  Lexi-Nou:  He’s not sure if it’s the light or the way his head’s been spinning but she looks like an angel and it scares him. One shot set after the end of 3x15


-Disagree, by Popculturesalad: Based off the Tumblr Prompt: a one night stand that ends in pregnancy. Beth has only done two crazy things her whole life. This wasn’t one of those times. This was a category of its own. AU/No ZA

-Ever since, by  spicehnoodles:  Two years. On Daryl’s part, it was two years of hesitantly approaching whatever they had going on and then immediately retreating cowardly. On Beth’s part, it was two years attempting to cope with a silly crush that soon escalated into something deeper, new, and welcoming. AU/No ZA

-House Call, by LemonStar: AU/No ZA basically the life that Beth and Daryl deserved. AU/No ZA, Follow-ups:  After Hours, House of gold, Daryl Dixon goes down, The Dixons (well, this one is in the middle of House Call), Orange Sky, What´s in a name, Drean House, The white house , My kind of man.

-A slice of life, by SwiftSnowmane : A Pushing Daisies AU.

-Less Kind Without, by  moonwalkingdead:  It’s hard sometimes, loving the man that is Daryl Dixon. AU/No ZA

-1000 miles to paradise, by  ronsparkyspeirs:  I’ll take the life of crime, all to make you mine. (Criminal/thief/partners in crime au) AU/No ZA

-Moonshine, by Pandabomb:  Two strangers encroach on Greene pack lands, and Beth’s soul mate just happens to be one of them. AU/No ZA.  Werewolves

-All I ever needed to know I learned from Winnie the Pooh, by  Feliz: AU/No ZA   Daryl life changes when Beth Greene and her daughter Emma Kate moves to nest door. The second part: All I ever needed to know I learned from the Dixie Chicks

-Sharing sandwiches, by Burningupasun, AU/No ZA.: What if Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene were only a couple years apart and lived in the same town? How different would his life have been if one day, a sweet little blonde girl shared a sandwich with a lonely, hungry boy?

-Bruise Easily, by Feliz. AU/No ZA  I bruise easily so be gentle when you handle me.

Adventures in babysitting, by wellthatdepends: You want me to spy on your babysitter?“ [babysitter!AU

-Be wild by Wellthatdepends: It’s a truth she feels in her bones. Biker AU

- private lessons by Wellthatdepends:  Daryl Dixon, dance uncle.

- Heart on fire, by Wellthatdepends: it’s the feeling of infinite falling. the feeling of hurtling towards something amazing. the feeling of finding everything you’ve ever been searching for and more. [high school AU]

- Now playing, by Wellthatdepends: you can’t look for something you don’t know exists [record store AU] 

- Something real, by Wellthatdepends: the engine roars to life and her dream feels so much closer [hitchhiker/truck driver AU]

-Take me home, by Wellthatdepends: she watches from the nursery window until she sees the cottage light go out [upstairs/downstairs AU]

- someday you’ll have a beautiful life, by Wellthatdepends: they’re sick of waiting for something good to happen instead of making it happen. [school teacher/mechanic AU]

- even when you wake up, by Wellthatdepends: he’s always on hand to right her. florist/tattoo artist AU.

- Nashville AU, by Wellthatdepends: Three part:  inside your head (there’s a record that’s playing),  we’re alone in our own world,  always calls me home: It’s a dangerous road they’re on. She’s sees the flowers and the sunshine. He only sees the cracks.

-The distance, by  tanglingshadows:  AU/No ZA Daryl never understood the term "whirlwind romance” until he met her. Hell, he never understood romance at all before Beth Greene. 

-Cornestone, by LemonStar:  AU - no zombies. Beth’s the new girl that Dale has hired to answer the phones and handle the invoices and balance the books at the garage and while the other mechanics all try to give her their most charming smiles and best pickup lines, Daryl stays away from her as if she has some disease he’s afraid of catching. Eating disorder. Follow-up: I´m with you:  “I’m with you. No matter what else you have in your head, I’m with you and I love you.” - Ernest Hemingway Another follow-up: Your Mess is Mine: Daryl and Beth are both looking to have a forever with the other but both have resigned themselves to ache for something silently rather than talk about it with one another and maybe finally find their happily-ever-after together. 

- Merle’s Angel by  burnedupasun AU/No ZA  When Merle’s drunken night lands him on a bench outside an apartment building, the girl who comes out to sit with him becomes his Angel, changing not only his brother Daryl’s life when those two fall in love, but Merle’s life as well.

-Waiting on you, by LemonStar:  ..Daryl/Beth.. AU - no zombies. Beth needs to get away from everything and gets into her car, just driving with no destination in mind. She finds herself in a small Georgia town in the middle of nowhere and decides it’s the perfect place to start over - especially when she gets a job at the town’s diner and sees one of the regulars, sitting in his corner booth every night. Follow-up: The Dixon path:  Told from Merle’s POV. Kid can rot for all Merle cares now. Tried his best to help that boy get through life and he just drops ol’ Merle the second some girl spreads her legs for him and has a kid she claims is his. Another follow up: The Dixon blood: Being a male and having the Dixon last name has never really worked out for anyone in the family before.

- Chained, but free (unexpected, ironically), by  bodyeletric:  The guy comes in for the first time on a particularly uneventful Tuesday, and he doesn’t look like the type who’s going to become a regular until he does.   AU/No ZA

- Just twin fire signs, four blue eyes, by  bodyeletric: “We make good music together, babe.” Daryl kisses her hand and sniffles, because shit, he has never heard a more beautiful thumping sound and never seen such a pretty peanut

-To be Loved as to Love, by  Schwoozie:  On the 24th day of the 12th month of the 5th year of the Second Great War, a man comes to see her about a hand.

-Every Now and Then the Stars Align, by  Dawnofthedusk:  He knows about it, of course. It didn’t happen to everyone but it did happen. He heard how it could mess a guy up, waking up with words written on him out of nowhere. Soulmates, they called it. Daryl called it a load of bullshit. Except now here he was with new ink on his arm and no other explanation as to how that pretty little writing got there. AU/No ZA

- Comfy cozy, by Schoozie:  Beth finds a man walking along the side of the road on Christmas Eve, and decides to extend a bit of Christian charity.

-Overloaded by  Schwoozie:  Merle’s always been one to play to stereotypes; in his mind, cat-calling women is just another day on the job. Daryl’s trained himself to ignore it—at least until a certain blonde walks into his life and refuses to walk back out. AU/No ZA. Sexual harassment, reference to potential rape, racist language.

-it’s been a long, long time, by ronsparkyspeirs: not even a couple of wars could keep these two apart. a set of au drabbles spanning the end of world war i all the way through afghanistan. AU - no zombies

-How to save a life, by StephAnneDixon:  He wasn’t able to save Merle, but he promised himself that he’d try like hell to save the injured and petrified girl he found by the bottom of the bridge. The only question was; How do you save another person, if you had managed to already lose yourself a very long time ago? Non-apocalypse AU

-Fire and rain, by  holdupjustnow: Daryl’s there most nights, but one night she comes in. That farmer’s wife. And she’s carrying a baby and not much else. Oh, and it’s 1am in the morning, for Christ’s sake.Or, how about we pretend Daryl has known Beth since she was born. AU/No ZA

-Fix me, by Peachuzoid: Non-apocalypse AU in which Beth, the youngest of the Greene family, has lived a really sheltered life: typical southern belle, attends church on Sundays, gets straight A’s, etc. But what happens when she decides to try something new? Slow build with slight crossovers involving Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, though full knowledge of either show is unnecessary. 

-Things That Were Left Unsaid, by  defyingthelawofgravity: Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon have history. After two years apart, they meet again.Kind of angst.

-Seen, by  swiftasdeer:  Daryl only works with his hands when there is something he can’t shake. Daryl as gravedigger. AU/No ZA

-Like real people do, by  swiftasdeer:  Daryl’s a drifter who just wants to make a few bucks and ends up getting more than he bargained for. AU/No ZA

-Respectfully, CMC Dixon, by Riain:  Beth gets a Holidays for Heroes card from her local church and decides to send a care package off to a deployed service member in Iraq. Daryl never got care packages from anyone when he was deployed, so when a box comes with his name on it from New York, he doesn’t know what to think. AU/No ZA

-The road, by Alwaysmonchele: Homeless Daryl/Mommy Beth. “She approaches him too fast, and she barely has enough time to react to the white wings she suddenly sees in front of her as she jerks the car to a halt, and suddenly she realizes that she doesn’t hear the wailing anymore.”

-The Orchar, by Lemonstar:  ..Daryl/Beth.. AU - no zombies. 1945. The war is over and soldiers are flooding home, ready to pick up the lives they have had on hold for the past few years. Daryl Dixon has no life to return to and no plans of what he is going to do with himself. When he meets Hershel Greene, and the man offers him a job on his farm, Daryl has no reason to turn him down.

-A piece of rought,  by  Schwoozie:  Screwing a stranger in the bathroom of a biker bar was never part of the plan—but Beth’s rolling with it. Every good girl needs her piece of rough. AU -No Zombies


- Out After Dusk by  Alfsigesey: Beth’s stupid-ass friends are determined to make her eighteenth birthday memorable. Their antics leave her stranded in the bad part of an unfamiliar town, currently patrolled by Officer Shane Walsh. Threatened by criminals and cops alike, she’s forced to hunker-down with a group of roughs, including a certain ornery redneck. AU - no zombies

- So much closer, by Wellthatdepends: She is a one-night stand gone awry. 

-Settle With Me by  Schwoozie: It’s part of the plan, he knows: get close to the inhabitants, earn their trust, act like they aren’t planning a violent takeover in a few weeks time.It’s all part of the plan; and yet, Daryl could never have planned for Beth Greene. Basically Daryl never meets Beth until Alexandria.

-Bloom, by Ramblingon: Beth loves to run through the forest and howl at the moon. That hardly changes when a strange group with an unfamiliar wolfman arrive at her daddy’s farm after a deadly virus breaks out. Werewolves AU.

COMPLETE ZA but CANON DIVERGENT (written before season 5 or fuck canon): 

-  Delicate Words and Invisible Gestures, by  iheartteensoaps: Five years after Alone.  

-Helping Beth to die, by Bumblelellie: Beth Greene wasn’t made for this world of death and generally ugliness, and she was prepared to finish something she started back on the farm, only she’s going to need help. And who better to help than a biker redneck with a strong enough stomach?

- Tales from the Keeper of Songs, by  burnedupasun:  There is an old woman who lives in a town called Alexandria, which sits by the banks of a river. She is a wise woman, known to all as the Keeper of Songs, and if you knock on her door and step into her home she can tell you her stories. Tales of the Hunter and the Healer, the Stealthy One and the Singer of Songs, the pair known as the Saving Angels. Will you listen to her?

- Fleeting Images, by  StephAnneDixon:  No, Daryl Dixon didn’t want to think about the last five years of his life. It was too hurtful, too painful, and full of too much regret. But more importantly, he wished that he could forget-or at least stop thinking about the fleeting images of the last two years in particular. Two years after Alone, Daryl never find Rick and co. 

-Waste of an arrow, by Frankielouwho:  Lizzie is convinced that Daryl and Beth are meant to be, but Carl thinks she’s crazy. Can two meddling kids get them together? Or will past demons and present danger keep them apart? “Seems like loving someone is as good as putting a curse on them.”

-Relativity, gravity, chaos and fussion, by Seren23:  "You gotta remember that it ain’t just what’s in front of you that you need to look out for. It’s everything around you. It’s the whole scene.“ Post-Still, incorporating events in 'Alone’ and going AU after that

-Icarus, by  sistertenenbaum:  "He’s just Daryl Dixon. That alone is enough to make him unfit to lick her boots.” Or, Daryl encounters an unprecedented situation.

-If, by  spaceshipdear:  What if the walkers never attacked the funeral home that night? What if Beth and Daryl had stayed there for good? What if Glenn and Maggie had been reunited but never met the trio?

-Warming up, by Silverspoon 6609: Daryl and Beth, together and apart, before and after the prison falls.

-My love, you don’t know what you do to me, by  khaleesibetch:  Beth finds Daryl, Daryl is struck dumb. “I hope you fall in love with someone who makes you wonder why you ever wanted to be alone in the first place” or Katie saw a textpost on Tumblr and was struck stupid by Bethyl feels, because that’s exactly how far down the rabbit hole I am.

-in your bones, in your soul, by  khaleesibetch: She might think of him as a good man, and maybe he even was one these days, but that didn’t mean he deserved her. His past ensured that; he should be keeping his distance, holding up his end of the bargain he’d struck with God or whoever.Or, Beth gets taken, Daryl gets locked up by cannibals, and what happens afterward.
Mentions of Rape/Sexual Abuse

-and i will fall to her again, by khaleesibetch:  The in-between moments.

-This year, by kclaura2003: Beth tries to keep track of the passing days with a calendar in her cell all the while striking up a friendship with Daryl. Set between Seasons 3&4. Daryl/Beth.(The prison never falls in this fics, fuck canon)

-Shifting boxes, by Kerri240879, Ten times that Daryl realizes that Beth is no longer safely tucked into the little girl category that he keeps her in.

-Day Zero and  Keep living, by  briallnanson: Zero days without an accident…and it’s always the same thing he needs on nights like these. 

-Changing gears by Wellthatdepends: her drivers ed handbook never covered any of this [prison-era

- Steal me away, by Wellthatdepends: why would you believe in fairytales when your life was one?

- heavy mitted love by Wellthatdepends: heads she is taken, tails she is not (here’s both). 

-All 'Round the Sun, by  tanglingshadows: Everything they knew was gone, and the people they cared about were scattered. There weren’t many guarantees in life outside the prison, but one thing was certain, nothing was coming between them now. Bethyl. AU after 4A finale.

-En route, by tanglingshadows:  "Beth started to step forward, and without a second thought, he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.“ Daryl wasn’t about to let her step into the line of fire, not when he just got her back. AU of mid-season finale and beyond.

-Halo, by  tanglingshadows: Daryl had done a lot of crazy shit before but letting her into his cell had been the craziest. Everything was just so dark, and he couldn’t bring himself to say no to the warm light she brought into his life. Nothing is ever simple, though, especially in the apocalypse.

-Gasp & Ignite, by tanglingshadows:  There was no hesitation in his grip, no second thoughts. He could feel her trust seep into his skin from where his hand lay on hers. She needed it, and he gave freely.  (This is what happened in Too Far Gone and nobody is going to convince me otherwise.)

-Wild Things (The Moonshine Poet), by Abelina:  The night they burned the shack to the ground, Daryl Dixon has a revelation. Now they’re running through the night together like a pair of wild things, and when Beth Greene takes his hand, he realizes he never wants to let go. He wasn’t sure where they were goin’, but for the first time since the prison fell, he felt like they were moving forward, heading for something instead of just tryin’ to survive. And that, he knew, was entirely because of Beth Greene. An alternate timeline following the events of Still. Season 4 (4x12). Bethyl.

-Together We Will Rise, by  dynamicsymmetry:  "Daryl and Beth, the last man and woman standing.” They’ve lost everyone. It’s just them now. But a world in which all they have is each other might not be such a terrible one.

-Married to Amazement, by  dynamicsymmetry: Zombie Apocalypse weddings aren’t like normal weddings. They can’t be. And Daryl and Beth have never exactly been traditional.(Post-Coda, unspecified time and place, Beth is alive, take all that as read)

-The walking deth, by Deni269:  What happens when Daryl and Beth are unexpectedly thrown together? A canon inspired story. Rape.

-The broken ones series, by  badboy_fangirl:  After Daryl goes through some pretty heavy shit, he gets reunited with Beth. Rape.

- The East of Eden Series, by  badboy_fangirl: In his old life, he might have been one of those guys who sat in his truck and watched pretty girls walk by. He might have hollered out the window, rude words that would attract only the cheap ones, and girls like Beth would have scurried away, a little bit afraid.

-Home, by  Mccorv3:  A slow burn story of Beth and Daryl after the fall of the prison as they search for their family, to struggle to survive and develop a budding relationship. AU after episode 4X08 - Too Far Gone.

-Breaking free, by Complete Denial:  Fix for Coda and rest of season by working Beth into the episodes. She stood with him, but he kept his eyes on the danger, determined to stand between her and it. He pressed his hand to her, trying to keep the blood inside, barely aware as she did the same for him. Beth/Daryl. A lot of Momma Beth with Judith/Momma Carol with all. Character Deaths.

-Two worlds, by  PunkyNemo (TheVampireCat): He doesn’t fit in in Alexandria. Like the rest of them he’s too wild, too feral for these nice folk with their nice houses. They’re scared of him, scared of all of them. But it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter at all because there’s only one world that needs to accept Daryl. Only one world that counts.

-Lessons Verse, by Avulgarys:  What Daryl Dixon taught Beth Greene, and what she taught him: a series of ever-lengthening vignettes.

- we’re drivin’ cadillacs in our dreams, turn my soul into a raging fire and the feeling I get when I wake to your face (it’s love), by badboy_fangirl:  So, this is basically PWP. For reals. [Well, there is a little plot, because I’m me. And Daryl is Daryl. And Beth is BETH!]

- S for Sure and R is for Real, by Penelope Muir: Beth and Daryl attempt to navigate their changing relationship following the events at Terminus.

-Universe at largue, by  bookstvnerdlove:  first kiss. partly contrived, partly chance. she draws him near and nature does the rest.

-small town witch (come to mess me up), by  bookstvnerdlove: bethyl smut. no plot, just smut.oral fixations, cigarettes, leather and lace

-Talk (Dirty) To Me, by  bookstvnerdlove:  Beth loves his voice, the way he sounds when he speaks so softly, voice low and raspy. It makes her think of all the dirty things he could say to her but doesn’t. Until he does.

- Power and Control, by  bookstvnerdlove:  After the group finds Beth, Daryl takes some time to reflect. Mention of rape

-Bittersweet, by  Rune-Spirit:  A series of short scenes that depict the growing relationship between Daryl and Beth, emphasizing their individual strengths and dynamic. When the Governor’s insanity changes life in the prison, Beth proves she’s not the same child from the farm. Daryl and she grow closer not because he saved her but because he sees her for who she has become. Bethyl (DarylxBeth) Post S3 Rape, but no explicit.

- Damaged heroes, by Mondieu666:  Beth only knows one person who can understand the darkness inside Carl and help her friend. But she doesn’t anticipate all the ways he’ll change her too. Beth seeks him out to be her hero but in the end she’ll be much more to him.

-18 Miles out, by Mondieu666:  Beth’s life has been easy until one day, it isn’t. She struggles to cope with the demands of surviving the apocalypse. Everyone has always protected and sheltered Beth, so she expects the same treatment as she finds her feet but one man seems to go out of his way to antagonise her. Beth starts to learn the reality of the world and people.

-Love Me Some Home, by Schoozie: “It’s only once things have settled down—after the tears and embraces and her baby sister’s hand, once again familiar within hers—that Maggie begins to notice something strange."or: Daryl and Beth are gross, Maggie is concerned, and Rick’s blood pressure can’t take much more of this.

-Curiosity, by SeatleGirl359: Beth’s curiosity gets the best of her when it comes to this handsome redneck that shows up at the family farm. She has a hard time resisting him and needs to know more about him. Daryl and Beth end up with this undeniable connection that neither of them can ignore, starting back at the farm.

- The Road We Take by SeatleGirl359:  A continuation of 'Alone’ if the walker invasion of the funeral home never occurred. This is Daryl and Beth’s story and what happens when two people are stuck together and feelings start to grow.

-Days Gone Bye, by  tanglingshadows:  He wasn’t sure what it was about her, but Beth Greene made people feel like they could open up, and for some reason, that’s just what Merle seemed to be doing. Merle survives and everything changes.

- Killer & Mother, by  Alfsigesey:  Nothing will ever be easy again. Escaping from Terminus. Defeating an unholy horde of walkers. Finding food, for sobbing out loud. But none of that will be as difficult as falling in love and actually trying to build a life together in the midst of all of it. (Bethyl, and from Beth’s POV, takes place after Alone, through post season 4 finale) Violence. 

-Within these walls, by SeatleGirl359:  AU prison story starting in late season 3. Shows the evolution of Beth and Daryl’s relationship if things had gone differently.

- We Found Each Other In The Dark, by Schoozie:  After the funeral home, after Gabriel, after everything, Beth’s spent months on her own; enough time to lose herself. When she finally finds her family, it’s up to Daryl to bring her back. (Writen before season 5 so fails a little in canon but since that this fic is way better fuck canon)

- Like the Kentucky Derby, by  the queen conquers (dastardlydame) Maggie uses her powers for good to tease Beth and convince her sister that Daryl has feelings for her.Daryl is not subtle at all, and nearly makes a grown man cry.

-Black Blood, by  holdupjustnow: Daryl doesn’t grow up with no tats and he’s just fine with that. Him and Merle (also tattoo-less) have a good laugh about the whole thing until one day, Daryl wakes up on his 19th birthday with the stupidest thing he’s ever seen tattooed onto his arm. A goddamn jar of peanut butter.Or, the tattoos guide our heroes to each other.

-She´s breathing, by Burningupasun:  Canon up until the events of "Coda” (5x08). An alternate ending where Beth does not die, and she and Daryl get to have their reunion. 

-can’t bury anything (without digging it up), by  pprfaith:  Daryl and Beth after the fall of the prison. Becoming.

-Something Good, by ronsparkyspeirs:  Beth and Daryl’s first time. Awkward touches and non-choreographed sex. No Sex God Daryl here.

-This is not a fairytale, by Mrs. Monster:  He found them just after one of those ghost towns, just when he was getting into the thick silence of another stretch of forest. They were huddled nearly into the very roots of an oak, so dirty that they melted right into their surroundings. Daryl finds two little girls in the forest. When one demands a bedtime story. Daryl has to think fast and come up with something good.

- Shine a light; by Lila82:  Beth comes back and Daryl finds another reason to believe, and  as they head towards Terminus, Beth and Daryl confront their truths.

-We demand, by Zagzagael:  I wanted more action for Beth and Daryl while still in the prison. So, I wrote it. Early Season 4.

-No Cars, by Sintina: Daryl Dixon drifts to sleep in a coffin as Beth plays sweet music and softly sings.The song eventually fades. Beth takes a moment to watch his long, slow breaths. She can’t help but sneak a single kiss…Beth is not kidnapped. Daryl finds her in the road. During and after “Alone”.We follow the two of them as they make their way to Terminus, together, and their relationship deepens.

-Once upon a time…, by  5t4c3y:  Once upon a time…that’s the way their story was going to be told. Rules be damned…

- Temptation, by  Tiffasian:  The unspoken rule among the men in the prison was that Hershel’s youngest daughter was untouchable. When Beth begins to show feelings for him, Daryl tries to keep his distance but finds it difficult to resist temptation

-The Comprehensive Seduction of Daryl Dixon (By the Illustrious Beth Greene), by  ali_inthejungle: Reedus said in an interview once that he thought the idea of Daryl being a virgin was “interesting,” so I took that and ran a 30k word marathon with it.

- (they move) on tracks of never ending light, by Abbyli:  A series of Merle AU’s, starting with him surviving the Governor and living at the prison with his brother. (this is more a Merol fic but includes bethyl and is beautiful)

-Hold on, by Incog_ninja:  Beth/Daryl, post-Home AU. When she saw him outside the prison gates in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, she was still pissed at him for leaving. But now he’s back for good and she has to deal with what she really feels.

-Starting over, by Ramblingon: Each time Daryl failed to save Beth, and the one time he did.

-You found me, by LemonStar:  “They chose the wrong girl then.” After the events of 5x04, “Slabtown”, Beth and Daryl find their way back. Follow by a multi-chapter: Fire in the blood, and another follow-up: Inferno:

-Who we are, by LemonStar:  He shrugged, looking at her and even in the darkness of the porch, she could see the blue of his eyes. “Rick got what he wanted. A safe place for his kids and for everyone else, too. None of 'em need me anymore.” And Beth opened her mouth to tell him that that wasn’t true; that she needed him.


-Not that I miss you, by AlisaRB:  Daryl meets Maggie in a very unconventional way, and despite their differences they soon become friends. Daryl becomes a member of the Greene family, and for the first time in his life he’s surrounded by people who love him for who he really is. But when he meets Beth, he realizes that he’s been luckier than he thought.

-I´ll be your for a song, by  dynamicsymmetry:In a small town in which he doesn’t expect to stay long, Daryl Dixon comes upon a girl walking by the side of the road at two in the morning, soaked to the skin. He could offer to drive her home. But he very much wants to not seem like a creep. He also doesn’t want to just leave her there.He has no idea what he’s getting into.

-Liquid courage, by  tanglingshadows:  Beth thinks Daryl needs a little push in the right direction when it comes to their relationship, but she should have known moonshine wasn’t the best idea… AU/No ZA

-Spiced Molasses, by Mondieu666:  Hershel Greene has kept a secret from his family. When his past catches up with him, the entire family is torn apart. Separated and hunted, justice must come second to surviving. [AU -No Zombies].

-The Demon moon, by  dynamicsymmetry: Out of a world long moved on, a stranger comes to the Greene farm. He immediately earns Hershel’s mistrust and the fascination of Hershel’s youngest daughter - fascination which leads to disaster. Madness and death are dogging his track, with a past he can’t escape and a future he can’t avoid. Ahead lie strange allies and stranger lands… and in the distance, rising above it all, a Tower.The Walking Dead/The Dark Tower AU. Because. Having read the books helps but isn’t necessarily necessary in order to get what’s going on.

-The dirty hot Neighbor, by the queen conquers (dastardlydame): Beth Greene thinks her hot neighbor might be a murderer, and her sister is no help at all.Daryl smolders attractively.(Not complete but are one shots, so no cliffhanger) AU no AZ

- Secrets (Give You Indigestion), by  the queen conquers (dastardlydame) Glenn only wanted to share his big news, so how did he end up running away from Daryl to avoid spilling Beth’s secret?He should not be allowed to know things.  (Not complete but are one shots, so no cliffhanger) AU no AZ

-Wild geese, by  SaraiVe: Beth Greene is Daryl Dixon’s mail order bride in 1865 Montana. AU no AZ

-The problem, by  SuperNintendoChalmers: Daryl Dixon has a problem. Beth is Rick babysitter. AU no AZ

-I know it now, by AlisaRB: Beth works as a nurse in nursing home Rosewood, and she’s one of the very few people who Mrs. Dixon seems to tolerate, but when the management threatens to expell her if her behavior doesn’t improve, Beth starts looking for her relatives and runs into Daryl Dixon. AU no AZ 

-Anything we want, by Lemonstar: Daryl has finally gotten himself away from his brother and though he has no idea where to go now, he knows he just needs to get there. Beth has dreams of performing on a stage somewhere other than in her small Georgia town. Her daddy tells her to be smart so picking up the hitchhiker from the side of the road may not be what he had in mind.

-Certaintly, by Popculturesalad: Beth Greene is a shy librarian working at a college where she spends part of her lunch hour fantasizing about the handsome man sitting across from her. A chance encounter, as well as a tragedy, bring Beth and Daryl together, and a strong bond is formed. This is a slow burn, good ole’ fashioned love story folks


-Sea Sweep, by  ZazuWoods: When the world ends, Beth Green finds herself promised to a pirate captain to save her sister’s life. A/U but mentions of zombies. Zombies, pirates and good writting.

-Redneck takes a wife, by Complete Denial:  "Do you want her?“ he asked his brother but he knew the answer. Beth meets Daryl & Merle as the ZA begins, Daryl shows interest, so Merle takes her with them. Most would see it as abduction, he saw it as keeping her safe, and keeping his brother happy. Begins before Epis1, then runs parallel to canon through the episodes. Beth/Daryl, Merle/Carol later. (Seems like this fic has been abandoned, but is good and ends in a good place)


-All that remains, by  SwiftSnowmane:  There may be no safe place left on earth, but that does not mean they cannot live. (Second part of  Between the Fire and the Sky)

-Fall right in, by Abelina:  If Beth hadn’t interrupted him when she did, calling him back with the melody of her voice, he might’ve done something dumb like opening the door for a doomed dog and maybe dooming them both while he was at it. Beth and Daryl escape the funeral home together. An Alone-divergence Bethyl story. Season 4

-Burn, by  PunkyNemo (TheVampireCat): "I was waiting,” he says, his mouth dry.“Waiting for what?”“You,” there’s no use denying it any longer. She knows, she has to.When Daryl finds Beth, he has to let go of his demons, even if that means letting go of her.

-Were the tracks meet, by  PunkyNemo (TheVampireCat):With plans under way to get Eugene to DC, there’s a little time for reflection.A series of interrelated one-shots set post-boxcar once Beth has reunited with the group.

-Relationships, by abitterkitten:  Relationships aren’t the same as they were in the old world, but Beth and Daryl will take what they can get. A series of interrelated Bethyl moments.

- Look Alive, Sunshine, by Autumn Skyy: Charlie was never introduced to any kind of faith. She didn’t know God or religion or even heaven. All she knew was hell because they lived it every day. After being separated from his last remaining companion, Daryl Dixon is left to care for their child on his own. [Daryl/Beth].

- See You In Hindsight, by  AU: After the showdown at Grady, Beth finds herself traveling back in time to the moment she attempted to kill herself, with all of her memories in tact. From that moment, everything changes, but a lot stays the same, and Beth must figure out how and who to save, and if she can save anyone at all, including herself.

-Fall Right In, by Abelina:  If Beth hadn’t interrupted him when she did, calling him back with the melody of her voice, he might’ve done something dumb like opening the door for a doomed dog and maybe dooming them both while he was at it.Beth and Daryl escape the funeral home together. An Alone-divergence Bethyl story. Season 4 (4 x 13).

- Copper Wires, by  MidnightAconite:  "She was like a copper wire, conducting electricity directly to his heart.“ Daryl and Beth’s relationship, as seen through the eyes of the various members of the group. Bethyl [Beth x Daryl]. AU after Coda.

-Helping Beth to live, by Bumblelellie: Sequel to Helping Beth to Die, BUT also works as a fresh story so don’t be put off. Beth and Daryl have the pressure removed from them now that they’re home. What is acting normally, and what do they mean to each other now that their excuse to be around each other doesn’t exist?

-say yes, say yes, by  Schwoozie: Surely the dead don’t walk, in a world like this, where a young blonde girl can stand in her home and sing.Daryl and Beth, season two.

-What We Became Along the Way, by onborrowedwings: They’ve been out on the road too long, he knows that. Too much time out in the wild, and he’s begun to forget what safety feels like, begun to forget how to be around people - how to be around anyone but her.

- Footage Not Found, by  dynamicsymmetry: 

Things we weren’t privy to. Things we didn’t see. Things that may have happened, may be happening, may have happened elsewhere and elsewhen, might happen still. Basically a collection of missing scenes and internal stuff from canon, as well as some what-ifs. 

-Pacify, by  dynamicsymmetry:  He doesn’t know how to tell him that she needs him to be harder, needs him to make her feel him. She doesn’t know how to tell him that she wants what he did before, something that felt like it was treading an edge. A sharp one. Something a little dangerous.  BDSM

-The new sheriff in town, by spicehnoodles:  She survived, and only Daryl got it. 

-Give me love, by  Vahkhiin:  His eyes never leave her and hers never leaves his when she finds him in the crowd. Beth finds her way to Terminus and the first thing she seeks out whilst Maggie embraces her is him.

-Parapraxis, by Sliverspoon6609:  A look into Beth’s bedroom at the end of the world. 

-Still breating, by Burning up a sun: Second part of Shes Breathing.  "Maybe this is a chance for us to run towards something, finally. Something that’s ours.”

-Hold on, by JodyBarsch:  Beth stands close to Daryl. Daryl’s eyes always float to her. The group is beginning to notice… [Set post Season 3, the bulk written before Season 4 aired, so now it’s a little AU, i.e. no Zach, Carl’s not in the farming penalty box, etc.]

-Faith, by JodyBarsch:  If Beth had NOT been kidnapped and Daryl and she had stayed on the road together: On the road, searching for safety, searching for community, keeping an eye out for their dispersed group, Daryl and Beth make a go of it as best they can, becoming a solid unit of two. Encountering both the living and the dead, they must fight not only for survival but for faith the fight is worth it.

-Feral, by  Silvergryphon06: That gunshot left her with more than one scar. Wounded and wary, Beth looks at the world with new eyes. The girl she was and the woman she’s become are at odds. Her instincts are telling her a lot of things. What they’re saying the loudest is that Daryl is the only one who can understand her pain. And that he might be the only thing that can help her heal. 

Yesterday I promised an ot3 Steve/Tony/Peter sketch to laireshi and the choice was between fluff and angst and OH MY GOD I DECIDED TO GO FOR ANGST IS ANYONE SURPRISED I surely am not
(but I’ll probably do the fluff one too because I had a cute mental image)

(onto another note I wanted to use this notes for the sketch-galore but I’m rethinking my decision, the paper quality is kinda low… OMG WHAT DO I USE NOW [commence panic mode])

Dear Diary,

Yesterday morning I woke up and made myself some eggs and threw a shao bing in the toaster. Turned on the Today Show because I like the noise in the background while eating, and also sometimes I learn useful things like how to keep my sock drawer organized or how to cook Kabocha squash three ways + one way to carve it into a jack o’lantern.

Usually breakfast is when I scroll through my social media feeds, but this morning I dropped the canister of pork floss I was trying to stuff in my shao bing all over the ground and I was busy sweeping and then I had to get my face on and figure out what was appropriate attire to wear to a second grade Victorian-themed birthday party where I was hired by the well-meaning lady in my book club to type haikus for eight-year-old girls on a real typewriter. “Or limmericks,” she told me, “the kids love limmericks.”

The birthday party was okay, except one five-year old, somebody’s kid brother, kept asking me why my eyes were like that, like genuinely curious, and I didn’t know what to do but laugh. The other kids called me “Yuffin” rhymes with “muffin”.


So it wasn’t until late afternoon that I got Facebook and saw my name everywhere – a HASHTAG even! – and I was like what? And that’s when I saw that some doughy white guy was going around submitting poems under my name, and not only had he gotten them in somewhere, he got into a damn big-deal poetry anthology, like one of those places where you can brag about it to everyone and it’s in your bio forever and it makes feel like you made it for real.

I looked closely at that guy’s picture, trying to remember if I knew him from somewhere, but I don’t know, I mean he could have been anyone. He could have been that dude last week who approached me when I was reading at a restaurant bar and told me he really enjoyed chicken teriyaki as a pick-up line, or the guy who passed me on the street and said, “yum, yum dim sum” or maybe that blind date I went on once who looked at me funny when I said I was a poet, and he said, “Oh, that’s cute” – that’s cute – and then started telling me about how one day he was going to write a book too. 

Or maybe we knew each other when we were kids. Maybe he was that little white boy at camp who taught me that song while pulling on the sides of his eyes – “Chinese, Japanese, in-between” – the song that I took home to my parents who looked at me in abject horror and told me never to repeat that in their home, harshly and angrily. I cried, because I didn’t understand why they were so angry. I’d thought they’d like the song because it was about Chinese people.

I read the dude’s statement, something about how he only used my name when he couldn’t get a poem published, then looked back at his publication credits – Poetry magazine! – and his flippant aside on his “detailed records” and I thought of my own detailed records, highlighted in red for all my rejections, big panels of red all around, a fucking red sea. I thought about the times I dated white boys JUST because maybe I’d marry them and my last name would be Smith and then I’d change my first name to Yvonne – the name I used to beg my parents to let me take instead and the name I used to secretly use at school when I was nine and embarrassed – and I’d never be asked by a well-meaning mentor or writer friend why my “culture” wasn’t more present in my poems ever again.

“Ethnic writers are SO HOT these days!” one friend once told me. Tinge of envy in her voice. 

Then I read the people who were invoking my name, saying it shouldn’t matter if dude stole my name or used his own name, since his poetry was good enough anyway (I thought his poems were really weird, but hey, what do I know? I’m only a Chinese American woman, after all), and I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream – but it’s MY name, it’s the name I’ve spent my whole life being OKAY with, it might not be Yvonne or Angela but it’s MINE, my parents GAVE it to ME, and I used to hate it, it used to make me so ashamed, it’s the name kids used to yell, “Eeww Effin’ has stinky BROWN eggs, she smells like ROTTEN EGGS like her lunch, EFFIN ROTTEN!” and I used to pray to God please when I wake up tomorrow let me be just Veronica or Kimberly, let me be Dawn and have blonde hair and ham sandwiches, let me have big green eyes and let Mama and Baba be Mom and Daddy and talk less funny – that’s my name that I hated and was awful to and disparaged and ignored and claimed and learned to love.

Fuck man. Do you know how hard it was for me to learn to love my name?

And this guy’s just throwing it on like it’s nothing. Like it’s a new tie.

But I was too exhausted after all that reading, plus all those terrible limericks I’d had to write. Besides, who could I tell all of this to? Who would listen?

I made dinner. Spaghetti carbonara, which always comforts me.

I’m just me, you know, and nobody knows who I am. Everyone knows my name, everyone has an opinion on my name, but so far nobody knows me. Nobody has asked me who *I* am. I’m more than my name, but my name is part of me. Who cares about me?

I’m the most famous invisible Asian American girl I know.



Start Me Up

Author: maiammitchell 
Genre: smut, humor
Summary: Request for Lucas working on cars and turning Maya on in the process. 

A/N: So this is sloppy as fuck, but it’s also kind of hot? Please let me know what y’all think. Oh! And CJ is an original character, Shawn and Katy’s son who is born when the gang are juniors in high school. He can also be found in my other story. They’re 18 in this though, enjoy!

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