blonde raccoon

@/Lexa stop
  • me: i love lexa but my life doesn't revolve around her.
  • me: *doesn't eat for two days when lexa dies*
  • me: *cries listening to music in my car if it reminds me of lexa*
  • me: *names my pokémon go character smollexa*
  • me: *names my main final fantasy xiv character lexa extra*
  • me: *creates a male wrestler for wwe 2k16 career and names him lexO*
  • me: *starts a new pokémon game and calls myself lexa where i used to put my real name before*
  • me: *puts my raccoon and blond bunny toys kissing visibly in my room so that when guests come they'll ask me about it and i'll talk about clexa*
  • me: *gets a jus drein jus daun tattoo*
  • me: *kicks people off towers*
  • me: i love lexa but :-) my li..fe.eeEE..

Without going into detail, I think I’ve made the worst best decision in a while - a box of seventeen tails turned up on my doorstep this morning. They were bought from someone clearing out their private collection and I’m very happy with the price I paid.

Although each tail is gorgeous, there’s a few of particular note. There’s a marmot tail, a gorgeous silver fox tail and that beautiful blonde raccoon! These tails will be mostly for sale, bar a few favourites that I plan to keep.