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Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Albums of All Time + Opening Lyrics


Anthony Kiedis and Flea by Andy Warhol, 1985



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summary things get tense once calum finds you and luke getting it on…

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Justice is Blonde

Justice is Blonde (inspired by this post, naturally)

The United States vs Bucky Barnes.

The Winter Soldier is called to account for his crimes. He needs a miracle. He needs a decent lawyer. He needs Elle Woods.
He just doesn’t know it yet.

“You have amazing bone structure. Very classic. Very James Dean.” Elle said, settling into the chair next to him with a magazine, her blonde hair twisted into little bright blue rollers. “Did you ever consider modelling?”

“Between the Depression, the war and then brainwashing, no, it never came up.” Bucky answered, staring at himself in the mirror.

Songs for Aquarius pairings

Aquarius/Aries: Run, Snow Patrol (x)

Aquarius/Taurus: Do I Wanna Know? -Arctic Monkeys (x)

Aquarius/Gemini: Bubblegum Bitch, Marina and the Diamonds (x)

Aquarius/Cancer: Kettering, The Antlers (x)

Aquarius/Leo: Immortals, Fall Out Boy (x)

Aquarius/Virgo: Girls/Girls/Boys, Panic! At The Disco (x)

Aquarius/Libra: What’s Up, 4 Non Blondes (x)

Aquarius/Scorpio: Californication, The Red Hot Chili Peppers (x)

Aquarius/Sagittarius: Bring Me Back To Life, Extreme Music (x)

Aquarius/Capricorn: Fireflies, Owl City (x)

Aquarius/Aquarius: Holding Onto You, Twenty One Pilots (x)

Aquarius/Pisces: You’ll Be In My Heart, Phil Collins (x)


“I practice all the time, and I know about theory, in fact I think of music that way, because I think of music every way that I can. Like, if I’m making up a backing vocal part of a song, I know what interval I’m singing in and I know how it relates to the chords in the song. I believe that when you make music, you’re playing with matter that the infinite is made up of. Understanding chord theory and understanding intervals and notes and the way music is written on a page can make our use of these elements of infinity bigger. On the other hand, technical knowledge can also make your understanding of music’s relationship to infinity smaller. For me it makes it bigger, but there was a time in my life that it made it smaller, and when I saw it having that effect, I just forgot about it all. I forgot that I ever knew how to read music, and I forgot that I ever knew what the name of a note was. And that was when I felt I started coming up with my own style of writing songs and of playing guitar. So when I had my own style, I started thinking about that stuff again, and I found it made my style more magical.”

- John Frusciante

This is a little thing for @vickysnest, because she deserves all the good things in the world. x3

Kili pushed his cold nose in the crook of Fili’s neck, searching for more warmth. It was a cool night and close to the fires of their camp it would’ve been easier to stand, but he wouldn’t give this position up for anything in the world. The fire moon bathed the countryside in its unique light and Kili had never seen anything more beautiful in his life… save for… well…

He grinned, peppering the blond’s neck with little kisses while fingers stroked over his naked back, causing the younger to shiver. Kili was still immensely proud he had managed to stay quiet, the merchants they had to accompany none the wiser to the dwarves’ activities.

Fili wrapped the blanket closer around them, maybe believing Kili’s trembles to come from the cold or it was just the icy nose that had given it away.

“Do you want to return to the camp?” Fili whispered into his ear, humming contently when the archer simply continued to mouth at his skin.

After facing no danger in days they had both gotten bolder and so Kili’s reply was probably not going to surprise Fili.

“No, I want to stay like this,” he breathed against his skin. “I love you.”

Fili’s arms around him tightened, pulling him – if that was at all possible – even closer. A small smile darted to Kili’s lips. He felt warm and protected in the other’s embrace.

“And I love you,” Fili murmured gently.

The Broke Girl’s Guide to Online Sales

Here’s where to shop this weekend

The best thing about working at Wantering is getting a heads up on the best sales of the week. With a new season upon us, it’s been hard NOT to want to go on a shopping spree to stock up on spring essentials all at once. Luckily for you, we’re sharing the top 5 best deals going on this weekend so you can slowly add key pieces to your closet at a good price!    

Trends to check out: Fringe Jackets, Distressed Denim and Bohemian

1. ASOS - 20% off selected new season styles

ASOS Zip Top with Ears Clutch Bag

ASOS Premium Romper With Contrast Ruffle

2. Forever 21 - 30% off spring styles

Abstract Dotted Dress

Chained Ankle-Strap Booties

3. GAP - 30% off regular price styles

Leather tote crossbody

1969 Denim Jacket

4. Shopbop - 25% off your entire order with code BIGEVENT15 

Wilde Awesome Baggies Jeans

Classic Linen Espadrille Sandals

5. Topshop - FINAL SALE get ‘em before they’re gone!

**Online Exclusive Embellished Shift Dress

**Headline Act Over The Knee Boots by CJG

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and in OTHER NEWS theres a boy in my 5th hour physical science retake class, and idk hes really reclusive n doesnt hardly talk (tbh ive never heard him speak before??) but hes really cute, and im not even joking he looks at me ALL THE TIME. i catch him glancing over a lot (mostly bc i look at him a lot too) and we’ve made eye contact like 3000 times and just. idek omg im kinda attracted to him but i dont wanna jump to conclusions too soon???