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Hey so. I have a lot of things to be thankful for from the Love Live fandom. And I’m gonna take a second on this blog to say that today is a very special day for me.

Today marks a year since I’ve been with my partner, Alex ( @queelava & @typhloo ). Who I met through the Love Live fandom, through this very blog. And I feel like I post more about her than I do actual Love Live stuff but damn she’s just so good to me.

I’ve documented a fair bit of our relationship on this blog, and some of you have shown a lot of support to us and it honestly means so much to us. Long distance relationships are far from easy but I strongly believe that one day we’ll be together, without a whole ocean between us.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, my friends and family have all said so (despite a lot of them not knowing about our relationship at all), and I owe that to her.

So I hope in a years time I can celebrate this same date with you all again. And the years to come after that. Because honestly if this relationship keeps going the way I want it to I’ll be able to call her my wife one day.

So thank you followers, fandom and hellsite. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me find her.

Happy anniversary Alex. I love you.

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"Jinbei, what's it like on the surface? Surely you have some amazing stories!" (Muse: Shinju)

‘I remember the first trips to the surface well, It’s not so different, frustratingly dry sometimes… but It’s been a long time since then, I’m not awestuck anymore although I’ve learned a lot.

Firstly, not all humans are bad, the rest of the sea isn’t after our blood like above the island. For seconds, freedom isn’t something many people have, most live under the world goverment some even under tyrants or as slaves.  Really the story I want to tell you of the most, hasn’t happend yet, but I believe it will, I hope I will see it unfold myself.

The fans: Yo so Sanji’s siblings are all definitely blonde. Like, it would just not make sense if they weren’t, you know? Especially since the Straw Hats confused Yonji for Sanji. Like, that wouldn’t make sense if they weren’t all blonde, right?

Oda: *watching Power Rangers one morning while eating a bowl of Fruit Loops, probably* I have the most brilliant idea!

Later that day:

Shounen Jump: ……….what did you do?

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omg the same parental prompt for sabo, ace and law plsssss

Anything Law. Anything. I mean anything. (P.S. Considerate anon still loves you and your considerate, adorable, amazing tumblr.

The thing with what kind of kids they would have, can you do the same for Drake and Killer?

You’re such a nice and loving person I heart u and yes I do some more parental hcs because jeeeeeeez I love them


  • Sababe would have….one or two kids probably
  • The first would be a girl and the second a boy!
  • Sabo would not be a single parent, I cannot see that, he’d have an s/o
  • His daughter would not look like him at all, she’d take almost entirely after his s/o, she’d only have his blonde, wavy hair
  • the boy would actually look more like him tho
  • His greatest fears are that his children won’t love him, this is why he takes parenting super serious
  • He’s an affectionate and loving but also sometimes kinda strict dad, well…Sabo kind of strict you would see his serious child self shine through again
  • I  don’t think that they’d really differ from each other in personality
  • Let’s say both his daughter and his son would be food loving, dorks like their Papa and on top of that they would have the same gestures, such as the way he walks, talks, carries himself, it’s enchanting


  • Two kids, the first is a boy and the second a girl^^
  • They both look exactly like Ace, the nose, the hair, the eyes, the freckles, you call it
  • Only difference between the siblings is that the boy has bangs and tame hair and the girl has parting and messy hair
  • OMG in contrast to Sabo’s kids, Ace’s kids could not be anymore different, his son is shy, gentle and sweet and his daughter is brash, wilde and rowdy
  • Speaking of his son and his daughter, she has his appetite but the boy has actually manners
  • Everybody’s like wtf I know he looks just like him, but is that really his kid?
  • I could totally see Ace being a single dad but I also could perfectly picture him with a s/o
  • Like his brother Sabo, Ace is a perfect father that only cares about his children’s well being and wants nothing more than their love


  • Law would only one child, he would have one son
  • Law would be a strict father I think, he would love his boy but he would not be too affectionate, rather the cuddles and sweet petnames would go away when his son turns 12 or something
  • As I said he’d be strict, so boy do your homework and your chores and don’t talk back to your dad
  • And Law can sometimes turn into an overprotective helicopter dad
  • I know he does not sound like he would win ‘Dad Of The Year’ award but he really does love his son to the moon and back it’s just that this is what Law is and he only wants to protect him and raise him into a good and responsible adult
  • His son would be…more cheerful than Law and more cocky, like he would not be an awkward nerd, he’d be pretty smooth and he would take after Law physically too
  • Law would have a s/o before having a son, he’d would not be a single father


  • Drake would have only one son too
  • A real tol boy that looks juuuuuuuust like him
  • I could totally see Drake being a single parent, but also with a s/o
  • Thx to his fucked up teenage years with his piece of fuck father, he’d be hella cautious around his own son, fearing he fucks up
  • Like Law he’s not that affectionate, he’s a little distant and he’s strict
  • He loves his son more than anything of course, but he’s not the cuddly type of dad
  • Still he always has an ear for his son and would be an amazing dad overall, nothing overbearing, no ridiculous punishments, Drake is a great and just dad, that encourages and supports his kid and understands him too
  • His son would absolutely adore his dad, like he thinks Drake is the coolest dude on planet earth and admires him HARDCORE
  • *pointing to the sick newspaper pictures and the pictures he carries with him*, “This guy here, that’s my dad. Yeah you heard right.”


  • Killer would have only one planned too but he’d actually have two then!
  • Aaaaaand Killer would have two girls!
  • OMG Killer dad of two girls pretty cute right? Anyways they both have his glorious blonde hair, that’s out of dispute
  • Killer thinks he’s not the kind of dad who is stereotypically protective of his daughter…but he actually is xD 
  • Both the girls love Killer a lot and Killer is infatuated with them
  • They ain’t girly, Killer shows them how to fight and protect themselves
  • Kid helps, #ProudestUncleAround
  • His older daughter takes more after his patient and nice side and his younger daughter more after his rather wilde and ready-to-fight side
  • Killer would be a single dad 
  • Although I don’t really think Killer has a fucked up relationship with his parents that would make his fears of screwing up comprehensible, he still has them sometimes
legally blonde songs: a summary
  • ohmigod you guys: holy shiiiiiiiiit he's gonna propose!!!
  • serious: nope nvm, he's not. also he's kind of a total asshole
  • what you want: "singing and dancing and ethnic movement"
  • the harvard variations: look at all these students. they're very smart and also quite stuck up tbh
  • blood in the water: time for a Complete Asshole to make his entrance but still it's so catchy
  • positive: kick her fucking ass that'll get him back
  • ireland: bro what the fuck?? the fuck??? you're so pretty why the fuck did he dump you wtf. also I kind of have a massive crush on the entirety of ireland
  • ireland (reprise): IRELAND IS HELLAAAAAAAAAA also whiskey
  • serious (reprise): look you're hot but seriously (heh) why are you here
  • chip on my shoulder: literally the equivalent of a training montage
  • so much better: awww so sad I didn't make the cut sYKE I'M FUCKING INCREDIBLE FUCK YOU WARNER
  • whipped into shape: jump rope is incredible also I may have killed a man
  • take it like a man: instead of a training montage it's a makeover montage
  • bend and snap: asses are assets
  • there! right there!: how many stereotypes for gay men and european men can we fit into one song
  • legally blonde: literally the saddest song you're ever gonna hear it comes out of nowhere and hits you like a fucking sledgehammer
  • legally blonde remix: fUCK callhan he's a ASSHOLE also vivian is like the best bro ever
  • find my way/finale: they're graduating, warner and callahan are both failures, paulette and kyle are havin babies and the otp is together at last