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High Hopes [Billy Hargrove]

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Prompt: Billy Hargrove takes a liking for Steve Harrington’s little sister. 

Pairing: (eventual) Billy Hargrove x Reader, (platonic) Steve x sister!Reader

Fandom: Stranger Things

Author’s note: I don’t like Billy, but I like how this is turning out. I may be turning this into a series. 


Steve Harrington noticed it. The smile on the mullet-wearing blond made it so obvious, even he noticed it. For it wasn’t like Billy Hargrove to smile, but he was now doing it. And it made Steve Harrington’s blood boil to know that Billy goddamned Hargrove only seemed to smile whenever (Y/N)) was around. 

“I already told you no,” Steve heard when he walked out of the bathroom. His heartbeat quickened with worry. 

“Come on, princess,” another voice said. Hell no. “It’s just a movie,”

“Hargrove -” (Y/N) started, but didn’t continue. 

Steve quickly drew his arm over his sister’s shoulders, pulling her close to him. “She’s not interested.”

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Home Alone -- Billy Hargrove

Requested: “Can I have a smutty billy one? Like you open the door in your robe maybe like Mrs. Wheeler did but you’re his age😂 and he just can’t handle it. If it could be super smutty with like choking that would be good. Thank you ❤️” “I need me some rough billy smut man, just some pure fucking.” “hey, was wondering if you could do a really smutty imagine w/ billy x female reader. Maybe he pursues her for a while but she keeps teasing him and he’s not used to because he usually charming girls in an instant, in the end she reciprocates and maybe really passionate rough smut? Thanks!”

Warnings: Smut (16+). Rough sex. Unprotected sex.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: With your house empty, and your mind trained on Billy, you call him and tell him to come over.

Words: 1524

Listen to: Sexual by NEIKED and I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons

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Give bighit stylist’s a raise!!!

Serving looks FAM! Not a mullet in sight👌😂

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Because of you, I've started writing FanFiction, in my head before going to bed, of Lance somehow ending up back on Earth a few years after them leaving and Mullet Instructor finding him. Instead of the Lance he knew, this is a battle hardened man that doesn't understand how he's back on Earth. What have you done to me?


And I’ll call him Roy. my blond mullet<3

And you’re welcome. Now you are on the ship where the characters don’t even talk to each other. But here I am making things like they are a real couple.

Once is Heartbreaking; Twice is Tragic

Basically this is a Voltron FanFiction that has yet to be completed and will take time due to the fact my laptop crashed. I own nothing but the idea. I will work on it when I fix my laptop. Roy is a fan-named Character aka blonde Mullet Instructor. This is for @blf19. Please excuse the one Spanish part as I am not a fluent speaker.

Lance stared the desert terrain, frowning as he walked around, the moon of the night sky lighting the way. Everything seemed… familiar. So much so that his heart gave an uncomfortable squeeze. He knew Blue was hiding something, but this?

“Blue? Please tell me this is where I think I am…”

After a moment of hesitation, She nudged through their bond. Lance’s grip on his bayard slackened as he looked around, taking in shaky breaths. Hooking the bayard back onto his suit, he pulled his helmet off and breathed in. Home. He was home. After three years, he was back on Earth. He let out a choked laugh before freezing, the sound of foot steps making their way to his ears.

That voice. It couldn’t be.

“Lance… Is that you?”

The crash had to have damaged his brain somehow.

“Lance, please..” The voice seemed to choke up. This was real, please let this be real.

Lance turned around, hoping this wasn’t a dream. Before him stood Roy, the one instructor who had believed in him. The one person who did everything they could have to help him. The one person who could make his heart feel like this. He took a step forward, letting out a small whisper of the man’s name before they both collided with each other. Lance clung to him, trying so hard to not crying, and buried his face in the man’s neck.

Roy held him close, tears slowly falling. “Where were you… Lance, where did you go?” He whispered, tightening his hold. He couldn’t believe it. Lance was home. Lance, who had been gone three years, was back in his arms. He was no longer a lanky boy. No, in his arms was a young man, covered in scars, who’s build was so much larger than before. What had happened to him?

Lance looked up at him, gripping the back of his uniform. “ You wouldn’t believe it. Roy… Roy, Shiro’s alive! He’s alive and so is Matt Holt. The Garrison lied. They lied….” There was a nudge in his mind and he let out a shuttered breath before straightening. “I need you to meet someone.” Grabbing Roy’s hand, pulling him as he walked quickly, Roy forgetting about the other officers in the area for the moment. He stared at Lance’s back, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Lance grinned, pulling him to the large rocks that hid Blue. He felt her purring, her heart soaring for the happiness Lance felt. He tugged the blond around the rocks, Blue laying in wait. Roy froze eyes wide as he looked up at the robot. What was going on? This… This had to be a dream, there was no denying it now.

“Lance… Lance, what’s going on?” He begged.

Lance turned to him, looking at him with eyes that held so much pain that it caused Roy’s heart to clutch. What had happened to boy he knew? To the boy he would have given his heart to if he was given the chance.

“Mi cielito..” Lance raised his hand, cupping Roy’s face gently. “So much… So much has happened… I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

Roy realized what the look in Lance’s eyes truly was. This was the look of someone who had been to hell and back, of someone who had seen the unthinkable. This was the look of someone who had been to war and finally, Roy’s heart shattered.

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56, 15 with reddie my bois

Bloody Knuckles

From prompts #15 and #56  — “It happened again.” “I’ll kill you, you sick bastard. I’ll kill you. You’re a fucking monster who deserves to die!” 

Warning: Depictions of physical violence! Please don’t read this if you know that will bother you. Stay safe! 

Eddie didn’t show up for fourth period until it was halfway finished.

He came in with a limp, and beneath his left eye was a fresh plum bruise as big as a fist. His lip was split at the middle, too—the smears of crimson on both his chin and the sleeves of his sweatshirt showed that he’d tried multiple times to stop what had been seeping from it. 

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I Surrender

did i get the title from that one song by hillsong? absolutely. i love my terrible, narcissistic, sociopathic solipsist with a god complex. i also love my mullet wearing evil baby boy. its a problem. here u go enjoy


”Aw, shit. I think I’m in love.” Summer was over, school was back in session, and the students of Derry High School were less than ecstatic, to understate it. Same faces, as always; when you live in the same, small New England town your whole life, everyone knows everyone (whether they want to or not). Or, at least, that was the policy until you showed up. It was as if a sudden jolt of energy suddenly surged through the building; everyone seemed to automatically sense that there was a new girl in their midst. The Bowers Gang, situated at their usual place below the steps, watched the students shuffle into school with glaring eyes. When Henry himself set his eyes on you, all sorts of thoughts rushed through his head. “I say we go give our new classmate a proper introduction. Don’t you, boys?” he smirked.

”Oh, this’ll be fun,” Patrick agreed. He never ceased to amaze himself. What fun he’d have figuring out your place in his little world! Like all others, you’d soon learn to bend to his will. Everyone did, why should you be any different? “And where are you headed to this fine morning, little dove?” he asked as they approached you, daring to place his arm around you shoulder.

Oh, no, you thought. Not this early. “Okay, no.” You threw his arm off your shoulders; the others scoffed or “ooooh’d.” “Go bother some other poor soul. I don’t put up with this.” You pushed through the wall of people blocking you; a lanky, bleach blond, a heavier boy with a snapback oh his head, and another tall blond with a mullet.

”Watch how you talk to my friend there, babe,” mullet guy said. He walked up to you, getting in your face, until you were backed into a tree trunk with nowhere to go. The other lanky tall boy, the one with dark hair, got up in your space from the side. Starting to panic, throat closing up, you grabbed your Miraculous Medal handing off of your necklace and drew your closed fists to your chest.

”Well now, what’s this?” the creepy boy to your side asked. Grabbing your hands and trying to pry them open, he smirked even wider when you yanked away from him, desperately searching for a way out. “Oh, come on now, you don’t trust me? I don’t bite… sometimes,” he winked. He was right up in your face now, though the blond was still in front of you. He got closer and closer, forcing his leg between yours so you could barely move.

”You’re pretty. I’m gonna have fun with you,” he whispered, face almost touching yours. You closed your eyes shut and turned your head away from the both of them. “Whatcha think, Pat? I say we keep her,” he smirked.

”Please get away from me.” Your voice was barely audible and you sounded like you were about to cry. the boys got a kick out of that. “I’m not confortable with this. Please just leave me alone.”

”Now why would we wanna do that, dove? You’re just too much fun,” spoke the one now identified as “Pat”. He reached his hand into the bag still resting on your shoulder, and pulled out your beloved Bible; the edges were worn and there were multicolored tabs sticking out all over the place. The only things still perfectly intact were the golden engraving that read “HOLY BIBLE” and the message of spiritual salvation written inside. “Oh no,” he laughed, “Look what we got here boys! God’s little prude!”

Mullet boy grinned and chuckled. “Damn! She’s a Jesus freak? Oh, this just got so much better.”

Pat (which, you assumed, was short for Patrick) got up close to you again. “I can’t wait to show you a good time later, babe. I’ll have you on your knees worshiping me, and your ‘God’ can watch.”

This was the tipping point. You could handle the mockery and the bullying for your faith. You knew that there was a place for you in the Kingdom of God when all was said and done, and what people said to try to hurt you would never be able to take the love of God away from you. But you would not sit idly by and let some bullies disrespect you God, your creator, your father, your infinite love, your savior, and theirs (whether they believed in him or not).

“Don’t ever speak about my Savior like that EVER again. I don’t care if you mock me, I don’t care if you bully me, I don’t care if you antagonize me every day until I leave this town. You do not EVER disrespect my faith. I’ll pray for you through the intercession of ALL the saints and angels, because ‘my God’ is a faithful and forgiving God. But I am not going to let you blaspheme His name to my face. Now leave me alone and give me back my Bible!” you finished, snatching it out of Patrick’s hand before any of them had the chance to come back with a rebuttal.

”Dude…” Vic started, as they watched her quickly pacing toward the front door, “That was kinda hot.”

The day went by for you relatively quickly. You thankfully had no classes with those awful boys who had been harassing you that morning. Other than that and having to introduce yourself/be introduced in every class and then having to be seated in the middle of a bunch of people you’d never met, your day was not bad. Some sophomore in your English class even had the kindness to talk to you and make you feel less out of place. (His name was Bill, he said, and the school had let him skip a level of English because he tested out of it.) When you heard on the afternoon announcements that they were beginning auditions for the fall play (The Crucible, one you’d already done before, and one you enjoyed), you made a mental note to check out the department.

Heading out for the day through the big double doors, your eyes flitted to all of your surroundings, the thought of having to face that terrible group of boys again scaring you like nothing else. You glanced over to the far end of the quad at the same time Bill waved to you, smiling. “Have a good night, (Y/N)!” he yelled, before turning back to his friends.

One boy with dark hair and thick glasses let his jaw drop when you actually waved back and said, “Thanks Bill, you too!”

You were startled by a voice jumping out of nowhere. “Oh, really now, bird? St- st- stuttering Bill? You’d rather spend your precious time with him?” It was Patrick again. You internally cringed, but kept a straight-faced façade. “You know,” he said, circling about you like a vulture, “My offer still stands.” He gave you a wink before backing you into the wall below the steps, hands on either side of your head. He rested one arm above your head and his hand shot down to grab yours. If some random bystander had happened to walk by the two of you, they might’ve even mistaken you for sweethearts.

But the both of you knew this wasn’t so.

His hand clasped around yours, he drew it up to his chest. Leaning down, he whispered in your ear, “I can teach you how to pray.” Faces almost touching, reminiscent of the encounter from that morning, you received a devilish grin. If you weren’t so absolutely mortified, you might’ve even considered his smile to be a lovely one.

”I know how to pray just fine, thank you. Maybe someone ought to teach you.” With that, you kicked him in his right shin. Dropping your hand and bending over to nurse his wounded leg (and ego, no doubt), you ran off across the street and turned the corner to the nearest church. You hurried inside, blessing God that people were currently receiving Reconciliation.

You sat in a pew towards the back, waiting for the rest of the ley people to confess their sins before you did. You prayed and prayed, asking the Trinity to forgive you for your violent outburst. You prayed for the boys who harassed you. You prayed for Bill. And you prayed just a little extra bit more for Patrick. And then you were the only one left to confess to the priest.

”Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been… about 2 weeks since my last confession,” you said as you sat down behind the screen, not quite ready yet to be seen by this priest. “I’ve been especially bitter today. And I held onto a grudge I know I shouldn’t’ve. And I kicked a boy just before I came here. I’ve had a tough day. I know that’s not an excuse, but it is true.”

”Thank you for your confession. We all have tough days. And it’s especially easy for us to sin on those days. But I believe it takes good self discipline and a strong faith in God for you to be so prompt in confessing these sins. Usually, it takes people a couple of weeks, or months, or they never to it at all. So props to you!” he chuckled, and you did too.

”I have a feeling, Father, you might be hearing from me often. Not that I want to sin, but… there’s a boy at school. A mean boy. He and his friends mock me and they harass me for my faith. The boy I kicked? He was being… obscene, and blasphemous and… oh gosh, I must sound so self-righteous. I know that’s not a reason to hurt someone but I… I panicked. So I kicked him and I ran straight here because I just felt so awful about it. The worst part is, I know it will just be worse tomorrow.”

”This boy sounds like he could use some prayers.”

”I pray for him. I prayed for him just now, as I was waiting. And his friends. They think I’m weird, but… if nothing else, it makes me feel better. And I know that God is listening to what I say, even if they don’t.”

”Right you are about that. Look, you are obviously very regretful of what you’ve done. And you sure sound like you’ll try not to do it again. And God loves to see that in people. Go say an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be. I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

You returned to your pew in the back corner, quietly finished your penance, gathered up your belongings, and left. Walking out the door to the front steps, you checked your watch. It was about 5 P.M. now. You trekked back to the school parking lot to grab your car and head home; your mother was worried sick by now, you knew.

You were hit by an intrusive thought when your car finally came into view. What if you see those terrible boys again? You prayed that you wouldn’t. You were already so drained and didn’t want to go through the trouble of being harassed by those boys again.

And you were suddenly hit with a passage from a book you once read. “Everything that happens once can never happen again. But what happens twice will surely happen a third time.” And unfortunately, the book was right.

”Oh look! God’s little prude came back to hang with us!” Gross. That blonde mullet boy. Oh well, you thought, the lesser of two evils. He and his posse must’ve been smoking in his car just before you arrived; he smelled thickly of smoke and had a cigarette hanging between his fingers.

He grinned smugly, walking closer and closer to you, the other bleach blond and the larger boy following him a few steps behind. “You gave Patty-boy quite the kick earlier. Had to go home to ice it. It’ll probably be bruised by tomorrow. You’re not as perfect as you pretend to be, huh?”

He was right in front of you now, but you weren’t entirely cornered. You weren’t backed up against your car and there were a few inches between you and him. “I never said I was perfect. I know I’m not perfect. I’m human. I hope your friend feels better. Tell him I said sorry.” You turned and unlocked your car, desperate to get away from this boy who apparently was such a heavy smoker a cloud seemed to be following him around; you could barely breathe.

He grabbed your arm roughly. “Now why would I do that when you can come on and tell him yourself?” He nodded his head over to a blue Trans Am. “Why don’t you come on with us? We’ll have a good time.”

”I don’t think so. I have better things to do than willingly get into a car with a bunch of boys who I barely know, who’ve been harassing me all day. Thanks for the offer, though.”

You opened your door, got in, and closed it, setting your bag and your book in the passenger seat. Pulling out of your spot, you got a quick glance at the three of them walking back to their own car. Hooligans, you thought.

The next day, to your surprise as well as theirs, you sought them out first. You marched right up to Patrick and said, without a hint of hesitation, “Sorry for kicking you in the leg. I hope you’re okay.

He gave you a strange look before grinning down at you. “Nah. I thought it was pretty kinky, actually. Maybe next time we fool around we see what other kinda stuff you’re into,” he suggested, like a creep. Any pleasantness in your expression vanished.

”Okay. Goodbye.” You turned on your heel and went to walk away before, once again, a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you back.

Backing you into the side of the steps, he brushed some stray hairs out of your face before grabbing your chin and forcing you into a rough kiss.

Your first kiss. And you didn’t like it at all.

Making an exasperated noise, you pushed against his chest, urging him to back off. “DUDE! What the heck? That was so not okay! That’s literally sexual assault? Don’t you know how messed up that is?” you outburst. Needless to say, you were not going to deal with this in a calm, civil manner. You were enraged.

Patrick, however, was having a field day. By far, you must’ve been the best creation his brain had ever come up with. If he were any other person, he might’ve even said “She can’t be real,” but he knew that was already the case. At any rate, toying with you was the highlight of his day, without a doubt. “Aw, come on babe, don’t act like you didn’t like it. Don’t you love the rush you get when you know you just committed a sin?”

The smarmy bastard, you thought, quickly apologizing to Jesus for your outburst as well as bad language. “Let’s get one thing straight- I didn’t sin just now. That was you. All you. And I’m leaving now.”

“Better hope your boyfriend Billy don’t hear about this! I’d hate for him to get his little heart broke!” You looked back at him and merely rolled your eyes. “Or your other boyfriend Henry! You know, he hates competition!” But by this time you were up the stairs and ito the building. Today was going to be a long day.

And this was going to be a long year.


Hola chicas!! I’m not really sure what this is but I mean if y’all want more then I can make more.

And maybe if i do that then it will start to make more sense.

In case you can’t tell, my worst habit is trying to make my fics short, when in all honesty they’re gonna end up being like entire novelas.

Anyways feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

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You're making me ship things. You're making me ship the blonde mullet adviser and lance... wwwhhyyy is it so cute???



I didn’t think that I’d fall into deep for this ship. HELP!! 


Loverboy (RichiexReader) Part 2

(Authors note: So, this is going to be one of the times before the big bonfire that Richie and YN hung out ALSO just for stories sake because I like drama in my shit, the Bowers Gang ain’t fuckin dead lmao)
Word count: 3921
Trigger warning: strong language, and just Henry in general tbh
You can read part 1 here

               Richie watched YN intently, studying her inside his head, afraid that if he looked away for even a moment she would just disappear from his life. She was too good to even be real. Too perfect. And for some odd reason, she chose to talk to him. Trashmouth Tozier. The kid that grew up getting the shit kicked out of him for his looks and the fact that he didn’t have a filter between his brain and his mouth. But every time she looked at him, he would lose the words that he was previously saying, his mind going blank. There was something about her that shut him up instantly.

YN could feel herself drawn to Richie, and she wasn’t sure what it was about him that drew her in so much. She wasn’t sure what aspect of this loud mouthed, trash talker it was that made her heart beat quicken and her words turn into a stuttering mess and her mind turn into a giant puddle of nothingness. She wasn’t sure what it was about him that she liked about him, maybe his curly mop of hair or his large framed glasses that she just thought were just the cutest thing she had ever seen. Or maybe it was the way that he would dress himself, some cross between trying and not trying at all with his oversized shirts, cuffed jeans and high-top Van sneakers. She loved how he didn’t dress the same as any other guy she had seen around this small town, and at the same time it intrigued her. She wanted to know how his brained worked, what made the cogs turn inside his mind. Whenever she would look at him or try to get his attention, it was like he was trying everything in his power to avoid her eyes, like he didn’t want her knowing anything about him.

That night, Beverly invited herself over to YN’s house, not that she minded since this was something that Beverly did often enough to the point that YN was used to it, and both of her parents just let it happen. They were sitting on YN’s bed, YN’s back pressed against the wall, her head turned up at the ceiling while Beverly took pictures of her, not really saying much.

“Bev, does Richie like anybody?” YN asked, tilting her head towards Beverly and raising an eyebrow questioningly. Beverly lowered the camera slowly, looking as though she was legitimately thinking about the question that she had just been presented with, then looked back at YN again.

“Other than you?” She asked, causing a faint blush to spread of YN’s cheeks and she shook her head, giggling awkwardly.

“No, Beverly, he doesn’t like me…” YN denied, shaking her head again and looking down at her lap. Beverly rolled her eyes as she raised the camera again, snapping a few more pictures before the sound of the film rolling back into the canister could be heard.

“YN, you’re really oblivious.” Beverly told her in a monotone voice, standing before walking over to her bag and reaching around inside of it for another roll of film. YN pulled one of her knees up to her chest, resting her chin on it. What if Beverly was right and Richie really did like her? That couldn’t be true, Richie had never shown any sign of having feelings for her before, but maybe he was just good at hiding it?

“Do you want to go down to the sewers?” Beverly asked, a sparkle in her eyes as she asked the question. YN looked up at her, raising an eyebrow.

“Are you expecting me to say yes? Beverly, it’s getting late.” YN told her, looking down at the simple silver watch that hung on her wrist. The watch face shown the time ‘6:32’ and YN looked up at Beverly again. Beverly stood in front of her, her features slowly melting into a puppy dog face, knowing that if she pouted enough she could possible get what she wanted from YN. Finally, a defeated sigh escaped through YN’s lips and she slid off the side of her bed, looking around for her shoes.

“I swear to god, Bev, if I get a staph infection from those fucking sewers, I will kill you and myself, don’t test me.” YN warned, pointing a finger at her as she walked towards her bedroom door, leaning over to pick her shoes up that she had kicked next to it when she and Beverly walked in. Slipping them on, she opened her door and motioned for Beverly to walk through. A large smile spread over Beverly’s face and she giddily walked through the door, almost skipping through it. YN rolled her eyes, shaking her head as she followed and took the stairs down two at a time to the front door, picking her keys up off the hook by the front door. Not bothering to call to her parents to tell them that she was leaving, she opened the door once again for Beverly, locking it on her way out. Beverly turned, taking pictures of YN again as she walked towards her old Ford Fiesta, swinging the keys around her finger absentmindedly.

“You’re going to have to tell me where the fuck we’re going, Red.” YN said, looking over her shoulder at Beverly while she opened her door, smiling at her as she snapped another picture. Beverly ran to the other side of the little car, scooting herself into the seat and automatically kicking her feet up onto the dashboard, smirking over at YN.

“Come on, just follow my directions. I got you.” Beverly cooed, causing YN to roll her eyes again in response.

“You’re so ridiculous.” YN said to her, shaking her head and putting the car into reverse, backing out of her driveway. Beverly turned the radio up, bopping her head to the beat as she gave YN directions to one of the sewer openings.

“You’ll have to park your car up on the main road and we can walk down to it.” Beverly told her quickly, looking over as YN groaned and shrugged her shoulders.

“If I die, it’s your fault.” Was all that YN said in response, turning the corner and passing by Mike and Stanley who were riding their bikes to what seemed to be the arcade. When Beverly saw them, she stuck her head out of the window and waved to them, making them laugh and wave back. YN turned her head, looking over her shoulder to see who she was waving at and smiling slightly whenever she saw Mike and Stan peddling a bit faster to keep up. She slowed her car down, so they could catch up and waved at them slightly.

“Where are you guys going?” Stan called through the open window. Beverly leaned against the open window, her head pressed against the side of the door.

“We’re going down to the sewers to take some pictures, do you guys wanna go?” She called back, raising an eyebrow as Mike and Stan looked at each other.

“We’re going to meet up with the other guys, so we’ll be there soon. Is it the main opening?” Mike yelled, getting a nod in response from Beverly.

“You’ll see YN’s car there!” She called as YN turned another corner, now out of view from the two boys. YN looked over at Beverly really quickly before pulling off to the side of the road.

“Do you think that Richie will be with them?” YN asked, getting a smirk from Beverly in response and a shrug of her shoulders.

“If you’re lucky.” Beverly sang out in a joking voice, hoping out of the car. YN slid out, locking her car as she did. Her eyes scanned the wooded area that Beverly was leading her into, a sigh escaping her pursed lips. She trusted Beverly majority of the time, but she wasn’t sure just how much she trusted her at this moment. She wasn’t fond of dying today. The walk down to the sewer opening was more difficult than YN was expecting it to be, what with the upturned roots that she hadn’t been expecting and the jumps that she didn’t know she would be required to take. If she had known, she would have worn different shoes. When Beverly looked back at YN, waiting for her to catch up, she reached her hand out for YN to take. YN took it without a second thought, allowed Beverly to lead her the rest of the way to the opening of the sewer. When they walked into the opening, YN scrunched her nose, stepping her way around the murky water carefully.

“Gross…” She muttered, stepping towards one edge of the sewer, leaning herself up against it. Her fingers touched the cool concrete delicately, tracing over the writings that were there. ‘Bowers’ was spray painted in big letters that she looked at carefully, wondering who this Bowers person was. She still didn’t know a whole lot about this town, and was still trying to meet as many people as she could. Beverly raised the camera to take a picture, hearing the film roll back up soon after the photo snapped. She looked down at it with a frown, then looked back up at YN.

“I left my film in your car. I’ll be right back, okay? I don’t want you to have to go back up there, you were kinda slow.” Bev teased, turning so that she could walk back up to the car. YN watched her, walking back to the opening of the sewer, leaning against the concrete again so that she could wait. It was starting to get later, and it was making her more uncomfortable the longer she waited for Beverly to come back. She heard a cracking noise around her, but she was too afraid to turn her head to see what it was. It hadn’t been too long since Beverly had left, so it couldn’t possibly be her already. She heard footsteps over her shoulder and she slowly turned her head, hoping with everything that she had that it was maybe the other Losers, but it wasn’t.

“Well what do we have here, fellas?” A boy with a sandy blonde mullet asked, a smirk on his face and a glint in his eyes that made YN uneasy. She stood up a bit straighter, taking a step away from the sewer, turning towards the boys. A tall boy with longer, black hair was looking at her like an animal, eyes crazy and hungry. Everything about it made her want to run away as fast as she could. He looked dangerous, and she didn’t fucking like it. The other two boys looked slightly more harmless, still obviously capable of something, otherwise they wouldn’t be with the two more intimidating boys. “Oh come on, girly, we ain’t gunna hurt ya.” The mullet boy said, getting closer to her and reaching out, brushing her hair over her shoulder and causing her to flinch back.

“I never said you were going to hurt me.” YN defended, crossing her arms over her chest, standing up straighter. The boy snorted, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Then why do you look so scared?” He asked, leaning himself closer as he jammed his hands into his pockets. YN took another step back, flipping her long hair over her shoulder and watching him carefully, looking at the other boys quickly from over his shoulder. “My name is Henry. Bowers. That’s Patrick Hockstetter, Belch Huggins and Victor Criss. But you can call me daddy, baby girl.” He winked, making her skin crawl and her face turn a bright red color. He made her uncomfortable and he knew it. Everything about him was making her uncomfortable, and something about him screamed to run away and not turn around. Every step she took, he would take another step closer to her. Finally, her back hit the hard bark of a tree behind her and she knew that now she was stuck. There was no way for her to get away from Henry Bowers.

“Uhm…I need to go find my friend.” YN tried saying, hoping that he would let her go without a struggle, but she knew better than that. She wasn’t stupid, and obviously neither was he. He chuckled, one of his hands reaching up and pressing against the tree next to her head, raising an eyebrow at her again.

“If they were your friends they wouldn’t leave you out here in the woods by yourself, now would they?” He asked her and she looked at him, anger blooming inside of her.

“They’ll be right back.” She told him, readying herself to kick him where the sun don’t shine when she heard someone call from the other side of the sewer opening.

“Get away from her, Bowers.” Eddie yelled, anger filling his voice. Eddie didn’t get angry like this easily or often, but he hated Henry Bowers and his gang of assholes more than most people did. Henry looked over his shoulder at Eddie and smirked.

“Oh yeah? What are you losers going to do about it?” Henry asked, pulling YN around with one arm, her back pressed tightly to his chest. She squirmed slightly which only caused him to pull her in tighter. A low whimper escaped her closed lips and her eyes searched her friends, obvious distress on her face. She wanted them to run forward and save her from this boy, but at the same time she knew if they did he would either hurt her, or his friends would stop them before they could even get to her. She felt him reach into his pocket and pull something out but she couldn’t turn her head to see what it was. She wanted to look but was more afraid that he would hurt that she didn’t dare look over. The look on the others faces told her that it wasn’t good whatever it was, and it only made her more worried by the second.

“Henry, just let her go, you have nothing to gain from this.” Ben tried reasoning, but Henry just laughed, pulling something cold to her neck delicately, tracing over her flesh. Her eyes went wide once she realized the tip of knife was pressed to her skin, and her eyes locked with Richie. His face was stone, no emotion being shown, but his eyes held all the words he wanted to say in that moment. It was obvious that he was freaking out just as much, maybe more than the others were. The knife pressed slightly harder into her neck and she winced, trying to move away from the blade that would surely end up hurting her in the end of this show down. Richie took a step forward, anger covering his face now.

“Why can’t you just fuck off? Do you always have to be such a cunt?” Richie almost yelled, anger dripping from his words. YN was caught off guard at his sudden burst of confidence, but this confidence was much at her expense because she was the one on the receiving end of this knife. Henry growled slightly under his breath, then took a fist full of YN’s hair, a smirk on his lips.

“Want me to fuck off? Fine, I will, Trashmouth. Not without a little souvenir though.” He replied, pulling the blade up to her long hair and cutting off a fist full, not close to her head, but now one whole side of her hair was almost even with her chin where it had previously almost been touching her waist. A large gasp escaped her mouth as he pushed her away from himself, laughing with the rest of his fucking idiot friends, walking away from the girl who had stumbled over her own feet, landing roughly on the ground, grabbing at her hair frantically.

“He cut my fucking hair!” She screeched, jumping back to her feet and turning around, wanting to go after him as she watched him leave with that fist full of her hair. “I hope you get hit by a fucking train you asshole!” She screamed in a fit of anger, grabbing at her hair again and feeling as if at any second she would burst into tears. She felt a delicate hand grab her shoulder just as a tear escaped from her watery eyes and she looked over her shoulder at Stan, who had been the first to walk forward.

“It’s not that bad, YN…we can cut the rest of it, so it doesn’t look weird…” He tried to calm her, wrapping an arm over her shoulders. “But…your hair doesn’t look bad short.” He added, causing her to finally burst into disgusting sobs, pulling herself away from Stan and falling against the first person at her other side. Richie looked down at her as she pressed her face on his chest, the sobbing only getting worse as he stood there, not sure what to do. Finally, he wrapped his long arms around her, pulling her closer into the hug and pressing his face against the top of her head.

“It’s okay, YN. You still look beautiful.” Richie whispered to her in a serious tone, low enough that only she could hear.

“I’ve been growing my hair out since elementary school! It’s the only thing that’s never changed, you don’t understand.” She almost yelled, and she was right. Nobody knew the emotional attachment she had to her hair, and Henry Bowers just stripped that from her like it was nothing. From all the moving, heart breaks, everything that she had gone through in her life, her hair was the one thing that never changed and that she was in control of, and that fucking asshole took that from her in one swift motion, as if it was nothing. She reached for her hair again, feeling how short it really was, then feeling the other side, how it still hung close to her waist. She pulled her body away from Richie, shaking her head and looking back at Beverly.

“I want to go home now.” She said to her, turning and walking back up the hill, through the woods to her car. A soft buzzing rang through her ears, drowning out the sound of the footsteps from the Losers that followed her back to her car, all of them in silence as they watched YN pull at the long side of her hair as she walked, still in shock from what had happened. Maybe she was being ridiculous, a lot of people wouldn’t act like this over some hair, but to her this was a huge deal.

“We can cut the rest of your hair now, if you want. I think I have some scissors in my second fanny pack.” Eddie finally said as they reached YN’s car, and also where they had left their bikes when they showed up. YN shrugged her shoulders, feeling as if her world was crashing down slowly.

“I guess. Just do whatever.” YN said in a defeated tone, sitting down on the hood of her car. She looked down at her shoes, shaking her head and looking up again as Eddie pulled a pair of scissors from a black fanny pack that he got from his bike. He held them up to her, allowing her to take them from him. She looked at them for a minute, then up at the other losers. Her eyes landed on Richie again, much like they usually did when he was around, and she held them out for him to take from her.

 “I want you to do it.” YN said in a quiet voice, watching as Richie’s face changed, his eyes growing wide as he looked at her. His eyes flicked to the scissors that she held in her hand and he reached out, taking them from her and walking closer. She stared at his chest that was directly in front of her, studying the way it rose and fell as he breathed, trying to focus on anything except for the fact that right now he was going to be cutting the hair she had been working so hard to grow out. He put his hands on her shoulders, bringing his face down so that it was even with hers before even putting the scissors near her hair.

“I just want you to know that, no matter what, we still think you’re rad as all fuck. And I think you’re pretty, even with short hair.” He told her, making her heart beat a little harder in her chest, not expecting him to say such sweet things to her, but maybe it was because he knew that right now we really stressful for her. He turned her shoulders slightly, getting her to turn her body around so that her back was facing him, and pulled all her hair so that it was straight down her back. He took a deep breath before raising the scissors up and cutting the rest of her hair even with what Henry had cut, his ears picking up on the soft crying from YN as he did this. When he was finished cutting the rest of her hair, he brushed it gently off of the hood of her car and took a step back, giving Eddie back his scissors. The Losers looked at the back of YN’s head until she finally turned around, looking at all of them. A smile spread over Beverly’s lips as YN’s eyes locked with hers. She gave her a small thumb up and YN giggled a bit, tucking some of the hair behind her hair.

“Yo-yo-you look cute, Y-Y-YN.” Bill told her, his cheeks slightly pink when she looked at him and grinned widely.

“Awe, Billy!” She almost squealed, jumping up and hugging him. The others laughed at Bill’s confused expression, just shaking their heads in response. Finally, YN looked at Beverly again and pointed to her car.

“NOW were going home.” YN told her, waving goodbye to the boys as she and Beverly slid into her car. YN continued to feel her hair as she did this, running her fingers over the ends gently. She let out a large sigh and looked at herself in her rearview mirror before pulling away from the boys, leaving them standing there with each other, talking quietly. Richie was rubbing the back of his neck, looking down at his shoes. Why had she acknowledged what Bill had said to her, but not what he had? Did they have something going on that the others didn’t know about. Richie looked over at him, glaring from behind his thick glasses.

“Are you fucking her?” Richie asked in an angry tone, catching everyone off guard by the sudden question. Bill looked at him with wide eyes, shaking his head.

“Ri-richie no! What the hell?” Bill asked, giving his friend a confused looked, causing Richie to blush and shake his head.

“Just wondering…” Richie said in a quiet voice before walking back over to his bike, picking it up off the ground. “Are we going back to the arcade or what? I want to beat my high score and you panty sniffers are keeping me from doing that.” He accused, pointing at them. Stan rolled his eyes, picking up his handle bars and punching Richie gently in the shoulder.

“You’re disgusting.” Stan and Eddie said almost simultaneously, shaking their heads.

Just Come On (7)

summary: After Nine had secretly taken Dustin’s memories and made him pass out, they go on a strange adventure.

series: Stranger Things

taglist:  @strangesteds @nightynightnyx @unstoppableangel8@kennfore@strangergays11 @electric-widow @weasley—twins@lordmoldymort@velvet-boyys @gemmielii @thekidsofneibolt@nerdyalienhybrid1987@just-a-bit-odd @mess-is-my-aesthetic@ohokaybyethen @stanleyboii

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The Champion

chapter 7


You watched as Dustin held the walkie-talkie to his ear, looking frustratedly down at his shoes. You knew why he was frustrated, why he was pacing back and forth on the red lines. It was because you got a vision, one that got out of hand. You wished he wasn’t there to see, you wished that you could have gotten rid of the Monster before you met them.

But you didn’t. You couldn’t. It was too strong, it knew what you wanted. It knew everything and that’s because you let it, you let it use you because it would leave the others alone. It was your only choice. Now you have Dustin, Will, even El wrapped up in your problems. It was your fault, just like Papa said.

“All my fault,” You stared down at your hands and set the pudding and candy bars beside you. You felt sick to your stomach, you didn’t deserve everything they’d done for you. It was like you were a child. A small, defenseless baby that they felt obligated to defend, to help. But you wished they didn’t. The Monster would get them, too. 

You glanced up at Dustin one last time before you sighed and stood up, carefully stepping down from the bleachers. You climbed over the second to last step and took a deep breath, knowing that the last step was the creakiest. You took a look back at Dustin and noticed his brows knit together, he seemed even more frustrated. You pursed your lips and felt your chest tighten. 

As you lifted your foot to the other side of the seat, you sighed in relief. It made no sound. You prepared to lift your other foot before your shoelaces stopped you and you tripped, falling onto the shiny floors of the gym room. 

Dustin heard the thud and turned to you, “Nine? You okay?” 

You hurried up and you two stared at each other in silence. You couldn’t bring yourself to say it, even when Will told you it was the nice thing to do, you couldn’t. He told you, “see you means again, goodbye means forever.” You took in a shaky breath before you parted your lips, preparing to tell him.


“What? Nine, what are you talking about?” He pressed the line down and his hand flopped to his side. It took a minute for your word to sink in. That’s when his eyes widened, “Wait. Nine, you can’t. We- what? Come on, don’t- don’t joke around like that.”

“Goodbye,” You raised your hand and your stomach felt like it was being punched. The look in his eyes said everything; he was scared, confused, worried. He shouldn’t be worried about you or scared for you, he shouldn’t have gotten into the mess you were in. No one should have. 

“Wait, Nine. Wait, just wait.”

You felt the blood start to slide down from your nose and the worry in him distorted into fear. You concentrated on him, trying to break down his energy. He didn’t need to remember this.

“Nine, stop. Son of a bitch, Nine!” Dustin felt himself go light headed and shifted from foot to foot, feeling a tight, sharp pain in his head. He didn’t know what it was, but judging by how guilty and sorry you looked, he knew it was you. Dustin took a step toward you before your jaw tightened and you tried harder, his body suddenly going numb. “Nine?” He took a short breath before falling to the ground and passing out in front of you.

You choked on the lump that formed in your throat and your hand dropped to your side. You could feel his confusion wash away and you finally felt him drift into sleep. You knew it was bad to have done that to him, but he wouldn’t have ever let you go. He wouldn’t let you and neither would El.

“Goodbye, Dustin,” You glanced at him before turning around to walk out of the gym room and into the outside. As you opened the door you looked up at the clouds. It was mid-day and the clouds looked gray, the air was cold, and the sky was pale blue. You stepped outside and kept your back to the indoors, closing the heavy door behind you once you were fully out.

You took in a deep breath and felt tears prick the corners of your eyes, stinging like needles. You let out a shaky sigh and before you knew it, you turned around and ran back into the gym room. You grabbed the wrapped up Mars bar you forgot to eat and put it into your pocket, walking over to Dustin. 

You knelt down and grabbed onto his arms to drag him toward the bleachers. His head hit the metal with a solid thud and you gasped before checking the back of his head. You sighed in relief after seeing no bruise, resuming to lie him down in a comfortable position. You grabbed hit talker and lied it down next to him and then moved it over a bit to place the Mars bar beside his hair. 

You placed your hand on his head and took off his hat to make him more comfortable. The sight of him sleeping peacefully made you feel proud, confident that one day, when you defeated your Monster, you’d come back for him and he’d be okay. You felt the corners of your lips quirk up in a smile, but the tears still dripped down and you felt your eyebrows knit together.

Everything was going to be…



Billy banged his head to the music blasting through his car, tapping the palms of his hands on the wheel to the beat. Queen was one of his guilty pleasures and We Are The Champions was one of his favorites to listen to. It was 5pm and he’d just dropped off Max at Lucas’ house, despite his anger at the Sinclairs, he knew that Max would absolutely murder him if he didn’t keep his promise. 

So now here he was, driving down through the twisting and winding roads of Hawkins woods, looking for a place to hang out and smoke until sun up. He wasn’t happy about living in the shit hole of a town,  but he’d have to get used to it. Thanks to making a truce between himself and Steve, he was recommended a good smoking place. 

That recommendation was probably the only thing keeping Billy from absolutely ripping the wig off of Steve’s head. If it even was a wig.

As Billy got closer to the darkest parts of the woods, he turned on the front lights and didn’t pay attention to the road. He stared down at his hands which were wrapped up from the time he’d punched the wall in frustration a week ago. That was when Max had actually felt comfortable helping him. Of course, it wasn’t direct. She just threw gauze and disinfectant onto his bed and left without a word. 

It was as close as he was going to get in forgiving him with her. No one would forgive him, he wouldn’t forgive him. He was a dick, and if that was what his father ignored him for, then he’d be just that. 

As Billy looked up, he noticed a figure in the middle of the road. He felt the urge to keep going, to drive right over them. The sound of a thud on his car was even more tempting the farther he pressed onto the pedal. As he got closer, he could feel his heart racing the faster he drove.

The figure neared and turned around. Your eyes stared blankly into the headlights as the car got closer. You glared down the car as it became only feet away and suddenly, one of the tires went out and the car swerved into the bushes. You made sure it was unharmed and the person driving was okay before you got closer. 

Billy groaned as he lifted his head off the wheel, feeling the cut across the side of his forehead. He brought his fingers down and stared at the blood before he wiped it off on his jacket. Billy turned to the passenger side window and saw you. He became furious and immediately kicked open the door. As he climbed out, he glared at you and slammed the door shut.

“Hey! What the fuck? What the fuck is wrong with you?” He walked around the car and stomped toward you, glancing at his dented car. You stared at him expressionless and watched as he got closer. “Huh? Are you deaf or something? What the fuck did you do to my car!” As he got closer, your hand shot up and his body froze. Your fingers stiffened and he could feel his bones practically crack under the pressure of whatever you were doing. 

You stepped toward him and the fear in him rose, yet he was still flaming with anger. You stared him down and held him in a tight grip before you stood face to face with the mullet-styled blond.

“Wh-what… the f-fuck… are you d-doing.. to… me,” His voice was strained from how much force you pushed against him. His skin felt like fire with no flame, his blood felt like ice with no cold. It was confusing and overwhelmingly painful. As you stood a few feet away from him, you stared him in the eyes and could feel his fear raise to a peak.

“Take me to Chicago.”

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How dare you? i just wanted to scroll through tumblr and then I SEE THIS DAMN LANCE AND BLONDE MULLET INSTRUCTOR SHIP AND I????CANT???!!! ITS SO CUTE AND PURE???!!!! HOW DARE YOU???!!!!

I can make everything I love cute and pure! it’s my super power lol

love your reaction about this ship, though. You have to suffer with me… because I’m so alone now 555555555555555555


The New Girl

Request: “Can I get a request where the reader is a new girl at Derry and Henry Bowers and his goons want to tease her but she turns out to be even more psycho then the Bowers Gang and Henry ends up catching feelings for his match?”

Pairing: Henry Bowers x Reader

Warnings: Slight profanity

You were the new girl at Derry High School, but you weren’t just any girl. No you were the bad girl. After getting expelled from your last school your parents decided to move from Castle Rock, Maine so that you could get a fresh start. But that wasn’t going to happen, you decided you would tone it down with all the bad girl stuff but you weren’t going to quit.

“Hey fresh meat!” Someone shouted. 

You rolled your eyes and turned around slowly glaring at the four boys standing a couple feet away from you.

A tall boy with long hair chuckled and whistled, “My you are a beautiful fresh piece of meat.” He smirked.

“Patrick tone it down.” A blonde boy with a mullet said.

Standing next to them was a chubby guy and a skinny short guy with blonde hair styled to the side.

“No no let him. Frankly he’s going to regret it.” You said as you cracked your knuckles.

“Yeah I don’t think so.” 

Patrick circled around you, placing one of his hands on your butt and squeezing it you grabbed his wrist.

An “oooh” came out of the mouths of the boys as they witnessed the scene unfold in front of them.

Taking advantage of the fact that you were holding Patrick’s wrist you slammed him into the lockers. You wrapped your fingers around his hair and slammed him two times before he fell down on the floor.

The boys ran to his side except the blonde boy with the mullet.

“What the hell!”

“You’re a psycho.”

“Glad you noticed, there’s more where that came from. Next time don’t mess with me or else.” You threatened.

The boys stayed silent until the boy with the mullet spoke up.

“You’re new here so let me introduce you, my name is Henry Bowers. The guy you just beat up with some lockers is Patrick, and kneeling right next to him are Belch and Vic. We’re The Bowers Gang and you honey don’t know who you’re messing with.” Henry explained as he looked you up and down. 

“Oh I know exactly who I’m messing with. Some childish little boys who think that they’re the kings of this school. Well newsflash little babies you’re just some immature kids who have no life because they spend their time bullying other students.” You stated.

Henry was shocked by your words. Never in the world did he think that you would stand up to him and beat up one of the members in his gang. 

“Well how about you join these childish little boys as you call us. You’re bad and we’re bad, maybe we could join forces.” Henry suggested.

“Henry!” Victor exclaimed but Henry stuck his finger out signaling the boy to be quiet.

“I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it. But if I joined it would have to be under my conditions starting with making me a leader as well.” You stated.

You weren’t about to be one of Henry’s goons you wanted to give the orders as well and have people listen to you not step on you. 

“Deal, I could use a partner to help me with these boys.” Henry winked. 

You smirked, liking this side of Henry, “Okay but I’ll still think about it.”

You turned around and looked at Victor, Belch and Patrick, “Toodle loo boys, see you in your nightmares.”

Once you walked away the boys were in shock, wondering why Henry had done what he did.

“You told her to join our gang?” Victor asked.

“What the hell man that bitch is psycho.” Patrick grumbled as he rubbed the side of his face that had been slammed into the lockers. 

“You deserved it you grabbed her ass and we need her in the gang she’s a perfect candidate.” Henry said. 

“You only asked her to join because you like her don’t you Bowers?” Belch asked.

“Maybe but that’s not the point. If she accepts my offer say hello to your second new leader.” 

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Headcanons where the reader is working at the kissing booth, and Bill/Pennyboi tries to scare everyone away but it's really hard for him to do so openly because the reader specifically told him not to cause any trouble for her. In the end, she agrees that he could scare Bowers & Co away because they were being jerks.

OKAY SO- I don’t normally do this- loved this idea so much that I wrote a Oneshot! Anyway, here yah go! 


The date was July 4th, the sun hung high in the summer sky and you found yourself seated behind a cherry red painted carnival booth. Around you, the pastel festivities of Derry’s 4th of July festival rained down in a shower of confetti and streamers, outlined by a ferris wheel and a large merry-go-round. Children and adults alike ran circles around the carnival stands, partaking in the games and stuffing their faces with sugary foods. On any normal day, you would be among them, laughing and smiling as you played in the summer sun. But fate had other plans for you, a fact that you begrudgingly discovered as you were placed behind this booth.

A kissing booth.

The red paint of the wooden booth came off under your nails as you angrily scratched at the table beneath your hands, the little bar stool you were sitting on squeaking under your weight. Sure you had volunteered, and yes you had agreed to help with the carnival, but you did not sign up for this. And yet, you grit your teeth and bared it, this was for your school and the fundraisers for the classes that put you here. As much as you hated being here, you loved your school. The booth was small, only built for one unlucky kisser, with a set of little scarlet curtains that could be drawn closed when the booth wasn’t being used. Right now, you wished you could pull them over your head and hide.

Strangely enough though, you hadn’t had any customers since this morning. A few people passed, took a look at you and quickly left with only a few laughs in your direction. You glanced over to the glass jar on your left where a few dollar bills rested inside and sighed, feeling a little confused over why no one was taking up the offer that hung over your head. You leaned over the wooden counter, brushing aside the velvet curtains to re-read the sign that loomed over you

“Killing booth- $5”

Yeah, just how you had left it, killing- WAIT.

You panicked a little and ran out from behind the booth, looking up to realize that instead of the word “Kissing” that had been there this morning, two large, blood red letter “L”s had been painted crudely over the s’s to form the work “KiLLing”. You were appalled, your fingers curling and tugging into your hair in confusion, When did this happen!?

“Yah like it? Seems to be working!”

A quirky and high-pitched voice giggled from behind you, making you spin around, and then you saw it. The undoubtable cause of this, Pennywise the dancing clown. Well- more like Pennywise the “currently hiding in a grouping of hedges” clown. All you could see was the top of his head and the shine of his bright blue eyes, but there he was. You gently placed your index finger and thumb against your forehead and sighed, of course this was his doing.

“Penny!? What are you doing here, why did you paint over my sign?”

You asked, a deep and exasperated sigh following your sentence. The clown smiled and placed his two pointer fingers together.

“I know you told me not to come, but I can’t just stand around while dirty, nasty, humans put their filthy mouths on what’s mine”

The clown used a particularly harsh voice to describe your past customers, no doubt he had seen for himself what exactly a kissing booth was, and he clearly did not approve. You felt a little rose of flattery bloom in your chest at the thought of Penny wanting to keep you to himself. But you quickly shook it away as you pointed your hands at him

“Pen, I appreciate your protection, but I have to do this”

You said. The clown frowned, crossing his arms as his eyebrows knitted together. You smiled a little how at cute the monster was when he pouted, but walked over to the bush and kneeled down towards him.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, it’s only a one day gig! I’m still yours, these little kisses mean nothing!”

You tried to explain. Pennywise looked at you with his bottom lip puffed out, his eyes looking you up and down before he finally uncrossed his arms.


Penny said and snapped his fingers, the large L’s disappearing from the sign. You smiled and sighed before turning back to him. You were about to speak but a gloved finger is pushed against your lips before you can get a word out

“But i’m staying close. If any of these horrible little humans hurt you, or try to get away with more than they should, I’m going to grab dinner early”

Pennywise snickered, his eyes flashing yellow for a second before he disappeared back in the hedges, mysteriously melting into the emerald green leaves. You sighed, getting used to it, and stood back up to face your booth. Hopefully, the day’s patrons would take the quick peck to the cheek and leave, for their sakes.


A few hours later and the majority of the younger crowd was clearing out, nothing but adults and teenagers remaining on the carnival grounds as the sun began to set. You still sat behind your booth, now pretty pleased with the amount of money sitting happily in your jar. You sure hoped you got to keep some of it for how many strangers you’ve had to kiss today. A few strands of fairy lights no glittered along the edges of your booth, glowing brightly alongside the millions of others that filled the fair. It was a beautiful night, one that was dragging on and making you hope for rain. The idea of your nice warm bed and a cup of tea waiting for you at home made your feet ake, you wanted desperately to leave and go home.

Just as you thought that you’d be able to get away without any more trouble for the night, a familiar dirty blonde mullet came into view. Henry Bowers and his band of idiots came parading around the corner, your hair instantly stood on end as you prayed to any god worth praying to that they wouldn’t see you. Unfortunately, the punk spotted you just as he was about to disappear behind the trees and almost instantly you wished that you hadn’t agreed to this job.

“Hey boys! Get a load ah this!”

You heard Henry shout, all of the other boys turning to face you, their smug faces turning up with wide grins. Your eyes rolled, looking the other way as they waltzed up to you.

“Get lost Bower”

You said. The kid, obviously, didn’t listen and marched right up until he had his whole weight leaning onto the wooden counter of your booth, his arms crossed as he leaned in close.

“How bout yah give me a kiss instead sweetheart~?”

Henry sneered, his eyes half lidded as he grinned his regular shit-eating grin. Two of his boys closed in beside him, blocking your view of the carnival and making you painfully aware of how much the lot of them smelled of beer and sweat. You backed away and waved your hand towards him

“You wish. Go away, you guys reak”

You said, holding your nose and snickering right back at them. Henry’s jaw clenched and he shifted his weight to one arm, using the other to run a hand through his hair.

“That ain’t nice doll, denying a paying customer”

As Henry turned to look behind him, the two boys on either side of him reached forward, grabbing onto you and holding you in front of him. He turned back with a smile, no doubt he had checked to see if the coast was clear.

“I think I deserve one on the house!”

He chuckled, his own arms reached down to hold your waist as his boys pulled you closer.

“Fuck off!”

You struggled, pretty sure that you could beat his ass if you could get free of his goons. Bower cheesily pressed his lips into a kissy face before licing them and laughing as you got closer and closer, one of the boys grabbing hold of your chin to keep you still.

Suddenly, a sharp and shrill scream rang out behind the group of boys. One of them on your right turned to see what had happened and as he did he released you, His hands flailing as something reached down from the tree above you and pulled him up into the leaves. Henry flinched, looking up into the tree, his hands loosening to give you just enough leeway to break free.

You managed to back up in time as a long and boney arm reached down above Henry, a set of clawed fingers gripping around his skull and lifting him into the air. The goon on your left screamed, freaking out as Bower was lifted, his hands struggling and grasping on the arm that held him. Henry was jerked up out of your view as the other one quickly fled the seen, scrambling around the roots of trees. You immediately knew what was happening, and although you’d love for the punk to get what was coming to him, you knew better than to stir up more trouble.

“Pennywise! Do not kill him!”

You shouted up into the sky, the gargled screams of Henry becoming louder as you imagine Pennywise unhappily letting him go. The leaves and branches above your head shook a little, and soon a very scared looking Henry Bower came tumbling from the sky in a mess of limbs as he scrambled to stand.


He sobbed, looking at you in bewilderment before he fled off into the night. You couldn’t hold back a laugh as the bully tripped over himself in an effort to get away, thankfully without any bad wounds or broken bones. As soon as he was gone you sighed, catching your breath and letting out a long laugh as you leaned back in your stool.

“Penny, they’re gone now!”

You called, suddenly feeling a body behind you as you leaned back, soft pom-poms brushing up against your neck. A familiarly long arm reached in front of you, pulling the drawstring to the set of curtains and coming to rest on your shoulder as they flapped closed with a soft hush. Penny turned you around in your stool and looked at you, his eyes boring into your own in the dim light. You smiled shyly, nervous as to whether he’d be mad or not.

“Did they hurt you?”

He asked in a deep voice. You smiled, shaking your head.

“Nope. I’m fine Penny, you saved me”

The clown seemed to like the sound of that and me smiled, pulling you into his chest and growling protectively as you held him back.

“Little monsters, thinking that they can touch you”

Pennywise grumbled under his breath. You pulled back and looked up at him, placing a hand on his cheek.

“They won’t ever be trying again though, and I think that, deserves a kiss~”

You said sweetly, leaning in and placing an honest, soft kiss into your Clown’s left dimple.


Thank you so much for requesting this! It was such a fun one to play around with! I hoped you liked it too, and thanks once again for asking!