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Once is Heartbreaking; Twice is Tragic

Basically this is a Voltron FanFiction that has yet to be completed and will take time due to the fact my laptop crashed. I own nothing but the idea. I will work on it when I fix my laptop. Roy is a fan-named Character aka blonde Mullet Instructor. This is for @blf19. Please excuse the one Spanish part as I am not a fluent speaker.

Lance stared the desert terrain, frowning as he walked around, the moon of the night sky lighting the way. Everything seemed… familiar. So much so that his heart gave an uncomfortable squeeze. He knew Blue was hiding something, but this?

“Blue? Please tell me this is where I think I am…”

After a moment of hesitation, She nudged through their bond. Lance’s grip on his bayard slackened as he looked around, taking in shaky breaths. Hooking the bayard back onto his suit, he pulled his helmet off and breathed in. Home. He was home. After three years, he was back on Earth. He let out a choked laugh before freezing, the sound of foot steps making their way to his ears.

That voice. It couldn’t be.

“Lance… Is that you?”

The crash had to have damaged his brain somehow.

“Lance, please..” The voice seemed to choke up. This was real, please let this be real.

Lance turned around, hoping this wasn’t a dream. Before him stood Roy, the one instructor who had believed in him. The one person who did everything they could have to help him. The one person who could make his heart feel like this. He took a step forward, letting out a small whisper of the man’s name before they both collided with each other. Lance clung to him, trying so hard to not crying, and buried his face in the man’s neck.

Roy held him close, tears slowly falling. “Where were you… Lance, where did you go?” He whispered, tightening his hold. He couldn’t believe it. Lance was home. Lance, who had been gone three years, was back in his arms. He was no longer a lanky boy. No, in his arms was a young man, covered in scars, who’s build was so much larger than before. What had happened to him?

Lance looked up at him, gripping the back of his uniform. “ You wouldn’t believe it. Roy… Roy, Shiro’s alive! He’s alive and so is Matt Holt. The Garrison lied. They lied….” There was a nudge in his mind and he let out a shuttered breath before straightening. “I need you to meet someone.” Grabbing Roy’s hand, pulling him as he walked quickly, Roy forgetting about the other officers in the area for the moment. He stared at Lance’s back, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Lance grinned, pulling him to the large rocks that hid Blue. He felt her purring, her heart soaring for the happiness Lance felt. He tugged the blond around the rocks, Blue laying in wait. Roy froze eyes wide as he looked up at the robot. What was going on? This… This had to be a dream, there was no denying it now.

“Lance… Lance, what’s going on?” He begged.

Lance turned to him, looking at him with eyes that held so much pain that it caused Roy’s heart to clutch. What had happened to boy he knew? To the boy he would have given his heart to if he was given the chance.

“Mi cielito..” Lance raised his hand, cupping Roy’s face gently. “So much… So much has happened… I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

Roy realized what the look in Lance’s eyes truly was. This was the look of someone who had been to hell and back, of someone who had seen the unthinkable. This was the look of someone who had been to war and finally, Roy’s heart shattered.

knightlaurkon  asked:

You're making me ship things. You're making me ship the blonde mullet adviser and lance... wwwhhyyy is it so cute???



I didn’t think that I’d fall into deep for this ship. HELP!! 


anonymous asked:

Because of you, I've started writing FanFiction, in my head before going to bed, of Lance somehow ending up back on Earth a few years after them leaving and Mullet Instructor finding him. Instead of the Lance he knew, this is a battle hardened man that doesn't understand how he's back on Earth. What have you done to me?


And I’ll call him Roy. my blond mullet<3

And you’re welcome. Now you are on the ship where the characters don’t even talk to each other. But here I am making things like they are a real couple.

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danielle doing asmr: “corn.”

Halloween Movies for Hallo-wimps

Guys I love Halloween. Like, LOVE it. Who can resist an occasion to wear weird costumes and eat copious amounts of sugar? Honestly one of my favorite Halloween pastimes is dressing up in my costume, pretending not to be home when the trick-or-treaters come so I can eat all the candy, and marathoning movies all night. Despite my love for the holiday, however, I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to ~scary~ Halloween movies. Sure I loved the supernatural elements of Udolpho, the darkness of Buffy, and the goofy macabre of iZombie, but when it comes to actual psycho gore I’m kind of a weenie. So, I’ve decided to compile a not-at-all-complete list of a few of my favorite wimp-approved Halloween-friendly movies for your viewing pleasure.

1. Ghostbusters

Need I really explain this one? Either the original with Bill Murray and the Gang or the recent remake with your favorite badass comediennes will do. Goofy enough to keep it from being too scary but still filled with enough of the undead to fill the holiday quota. WHO YA GONNA CALL?

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2. Warm Bodies

It’s really just Romeo and Juliet with zombies (and much better than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - don’t even get me started). Yeah people do get chased around and ripped apart by zombies, but it’s mostly an awesome rom-com with a *killer* soundtrack.

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3. Pretty much anything Hitchcock

Ugh, his movies are so gorgeous. Alfred Hitchcock knew how to be creepy in a smart way without going overboard on the blood and guts. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I love Psycho, Rear Window, Strangers on a Train, and The 39 Steps.

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4. Heathers

This movie is like Tim Burton meets John Hughes and throw in some Clueless. A teenage revenge story spirals out of control in the most bizarre and unexpected of ways. At the very least, watch it for the foxy young Christian Slater and excellent blazers. 

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5. The Addams Family

*Snap* *Snap* Gomez and Morticia are basically #goals and Wednesday Addams is all of us when we’re hangry. The creepy, cooky, mysterious and spooky family is the perfect Halloween companion. 

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6. The Lost Boys

Vampires! Motorcycles! Jim Morrison! Girls named “Star”! This movie has it all. Including a very young, very blond, very mullet-y Kiefer Sutherland. I think my favorite thing about this movie is the earnest vampire hunting by Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

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7. Hocus Pocus

Don’t even act like you don’t love this movie. This is classic Disney Channel-style film-making at its best, and Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are bewitching as the Sanderson Sisters.

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8. Monster Mashes

Every. Single. Creature. Feature. They’re just too good! The Blob, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, Them!, Godzilla, and many many more. If you could’ve conceivably watched it in a drive-in in the ‘50s or ‘60s, then I think it’s a good fit. 

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9. Young Frankenstein

That’s Frahnk-en-steen. So many brilliant one-liners and pure Mel Brooks moments. Each comedian in it is so strong and hilarious, but my personal fave is Madeline Kahn.

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10. Clue

Speaking of Madeline Kahn…

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11. Practical Magic

Movies about witches and sisterhood really speak to me. The girl power is so strong in this movie! Also, I would not mind living in an adorable Victorian home in a coastal town using my witchy powers to make margaritas.

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12. The entire Harry Potter franchise

Not something I would traditionally associate with Halloween, but the movies are filled with all manner of ghouls and witchcraft. Plus I am always down for an excuse to revisit my favorite wizards and witches.

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13. And finally, anything and everything Tim Burton

The man mixes creepiness with whimsy for the perfect Halloween brew. Tim Burton is the true pumpkin king.

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tickedoffshortie  asked:

How dare you? i just wanted to scroll through tumblr and then I SEE THIS DAMN LANCE AND BLONDE MULLET INSTRUCTOR SHIP AND I????CANT???!!! ITS SO CUTE AND PURE???!!!! HOW DARE YOU???!!!!

I can make everything I love cute and pure! it’s my super power lol

love your reaction about this ship, though. You have to suffer with me… because I’m so alone now 555555555555555555


caitlin-mendoza21  asked:

I don't know if I can draw this, but can u draw a photo of blonde mullet Simon with him holding a short blonde girl. Can u also put color in it. If u can do this, I will send u the photos I would like for u to go from. I admire your artwork. 🙂❤️❤️

thank you :) could you send me the photos? I think I can do it,or try to do it as good as I can ♥



1. Wavy dark brown wig
$8, shipping included
This wig has a horrible net on it, and a bald spot as pictured (if you brush the hair over that spot and wear a dark wig net, it’s not obvious). The hair itself is pretty nice, might recommend using it for wefts rather than just the wig.

2. JJBA Diego mullet wig, a slightly lighter blond than pictured
$13, shipping included
It has a great texture/slight waviness for JJBA mullets. There are hot glue wefts in it so it’s a little bit messy on the inside, but with gentle combing it shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Dark green/grey blended short wig
$12, shipping included
VERY thick in the front

4.  Lace front blended blond mullet wig (filters used to try to get a more accurate color)
$25 shipped
It’s on the thin side, but no wig net showing.

5.  Really choppy cosworx wig (it’s basically an antique at this point)
Just pay for shipping and it’s yours.
Please take this off my hands.

5. Epic cosplay Atlas style wig (I think it’s cocoa brown)
$20, shipping included
I cut the very top a little bit but for the most part it’s untouched!

6. JJBA Kakyoin wig
$15, shipping included
Has a little bit of hair gel clumping but that can easily be washed out/brushed out

I’ll provide discounts if you buy more than one!