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Sweet As Honey 4

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In truth, Chloe had no other appointments that day, she just needed some space to think. It was a lot to take in:

1) Alya had accepted her proposal (quite literally). Chloe was excited as much as she was surprised but she figured Alya also benefited from this both professionally and personally.

2) Alya had given her a counter proposal: to live her as to further cement their ruse. Chloe had never had a roommate in her life. She was even sure she knew how to share another space with another woman unless it was her bedroom. Wait. Bed. Where was she going to sleep? Chloe had thought she had seen another door to a spare room but what if Alya used that as an office? Chloe wasn’t ready to share sheets with Alya just yet. Not unless she was drunk and demanding or they had been on a few dates and were comfortable with each other. They would have to really talk about this as well as a few other this.

‘We could have if I hadn’t run of prematurely,’ said a snide part of her mind. Chloe huffed at herself. It was just…everything about Alya’s place was so comfortable and a beautiful young woman had asked her to move in with her. She hadn’t planned on that at one at all. Maybe a few outings, meet her father, figure out how to fool the world for a while, and then call off the engagement once the window for her father to use her passed. And while Chloe put on air that she was fine with it, she wasn’t really sure how to feel.

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Back in January 2015, I was made aware by Anonymous and others that they found “Alys” in a promo picture of ‘Dofus Livre 1: Julith’:

It’s coincidental fun; they don’t look all too alike with but a few similarities (mostly colors and hair), but I had a nice little giggle out of it back then.

In the actual movie, I found the blonde lady with the blue head piece in a different scene:

Again, coincidence with not a strong similarity, but it made my day a teensy bit better and brighter to see her walk by.