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Supermodel @andrejapejicofficial at the party for the 2nd Anniversary of Lenny In Partnership With Cole Haan at the Jane Hotel, New York, 15th September 2017.

How Silly You Are

She was angry with him.

He knew she was angry with him.

The blonde-haried man also recognized that she was crouching in the bushes–however downwind.  He had to abstain from chuckling.

The Marrok had just left his house and was headed to his car.  

What are you planning, Little Coyote?

There was a twinkle in his eyes.  The bush shook too much for it to be just the breeze.

Bran was almost disappointed in the young girl’s mistake.

He stepped closer to his car and was almost overwhelmed with the scent of peanut butter.  He wanted to wince at its potency, but refrained.

She was young.

He swung open the door and, almost immediately, caught sight of the peanut butter smeared across the seat.  He smiled to himself, hiding it by reaching to the center console for the sandwich his little Mercy had placed–no doubt as a decoy to disguise the true reason for why his car reeked of peanut butter.

He took a deep breath in and slowly brought himself to a sitting position, feeling the disgusting, sticky trap under him.  He let the breath out in a growl for show, and just barely caught the movement out of the corner of his eye–the culprit was running away.

Once the streak of grey fur was out of earshot, he stood up and let out a rumbling laugh.

My Little Coyote, how silly you are.

He had just ruined a pair of pants for that girl.

His little Mercy.




          Niki Haris was Madonna’s backup singer and dancer on the Blond Ambition tour and we see her in the documentary Madonna Truth or Dare ( In Bed with Madonna ). Niki has admitted in an interview she hasn’t watched Truth or Dare in over 20 years. She also hasn’t seen Strike A Pose (about the dancers who were in Truth or Dare). Niki is still in contact with Madonna’s dancers from the Blond Ambition tour. Niki admitted one of her favourite Madonna concerts she has worked on was the Blond Ambition tour.

          Niki Haris worked with Madonna from 1987 to 2001. She started working with Madonna on her Who’s that Girl tour. She appeared in Madonna’s music video for VOGUE and MUSIC. She also worked on Madonna’s Girlie Show in 1993 and the Drowned World tour in 2001. Niki choreographed the MTV Awards for Madonna as well as choreographing The Girlie Show. Niki also had a personal history with Madonna behind the scenes she went to Madonna’s BBQs; she watched movies with Madonna, threw her a baby shower and comforted her when she had a death in her family.

          During Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour in 2004 Haris was replaced with Siedah Garrett, because Niki said she “would like to focus on her solo career and family.” When Niki was asked why there was a falling out between her and Madonna she replied “Maybe there was some drama, but I didn’t buy into it. We were sisters for years… at the end of the day, really she is a gem and I’m so grateful.” Haris said “We both knew by that last tour I had broken my legs, learned how to walk again, how to dance again, and did that tour with really bad injuries. It was okay but painful. Now, I was 41 and pregnant… of course, my ego was involved: ‘Oh, she don’t want me no more!’ but at the end of the day she gave me the greatest gift. Because of her, I got to spend every freaking day with my kid, doing the music I love to do. I’m close to ‘the family’ still. She knows I love her and she loves me.”

          Niki Haris is an American actress, dancer and singer. She was born in Michigan and is the daughter of jazz music artist Gene Harris. Niki Haris has a daughter Jordan Ann who was born in 2003. Niki has performed for charity benefits such as AIDS, Cancer research and Camp Harmony for inner city children. She supports the Music in the Classroom program and Rockers Against Drunk Driving and is participant in the Season for Non Violence.

          She has worked since with her friend Donna De Lory, who also has worked with Madonna. She worked on Donna’s single KINDER which was on Donna’s album THE UNCHANGING . Niki has also released a single BAD, BAD BOY which is collaborated with The Perry Twins. Niki has teamed up with Donna again to cover Madonna’s single RAIN.

          Niki has also worked with a variety of music artist including Michelle Branch, All Saints, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue, Anita Baker, Ray Charles, Mick Jagger, Julian Lennon, LeAnn Rimes, Luther Vandross, Jessica Simpson, Pussycat Dolls, Santana, The Righteous Brothers, Rufus, Enrique Iglesias, Marilyn Manson, Tom Jones, Snap!, Joe Henry, Michael Bernar Beckwith and Ani DiFranco. She has done choreography for Melrose Place and stage scenes for Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. She has also worked on many film soundtracks.