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Coffee and Crosswords

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Tags: muggle au, coffee shop au, Hermione is a great wingman, Pansy is a tolerant wingman, crosswords, the smoothest pickup line of all time.

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“This is my favorite new coffee shop,” Hermione said, the bell over the door chiming softly as they stepped into the bright, high-ceilinged shop. “Go sit down,” Hermione pointed to an empty table near the counter, “I’ll order for you. I promise you’ll love it.”

Harry made his way over to the table and slid into a seat. It was the only empty table in the busy store, through everyone seated already had their drinks so of the two baristas only one was actually working, a young woman with her short black hair cut into a blunt bob.

The other employee was bent over a newspaper, folded in half at the crossword. He was tall and lean with impossibly white blond hair that would fall over his eyes whenever he bent over to fill in an answer. He rolled a blue pen in his long fingers, his brow creasing faintly in thought. Harry watched spellbound as the gorgeous blond tapped the pen on his mouth and then bit the end absentmindedly, his eye teeth sinking into the plastic.


Harry started and flushed, “Y-yeah?”

Hermione followed where Harry had been looking and grinned, “He’s cute.”

Harry groaned, “Please, no, ‘Mione.”

She rolled her eyes, “You’re no fun.” She dug around in her massive shoulder bag and pulled out a book, settling back in her chair and opening it to her place, “Don’t mind me.” she shooed at him with one hand, her eyes already glued to her book, “Go back to your staring.”

Harry felt himself flush, but despite his embarrassment, found his eyes pinned on the blond again. He had paused from chewing on the pen to press his lips together into a thin line and slowly relax them, tracing the shape of his bottom lip with the end of the pen.

The blond looked over at the black haired girl, “Hey, Pansy, what’s a ten letter word for 'smitten’?”

Pansy had her back to him, finishing their drinks, and shrugged dismissively.

“You’re absolutely no help whatsoever,” he retorted with airy dismay.

“Says the one doing the crossword instead of working,” Pansy muttered just loud enough to carry.

Harry bit his bottom lip and impulsively blurted out, “Captivated.”

Harry didn’t think the blond could be any more attractive until he looked over at Harry with the most amazing pale grey-blue eyes, framed by pale lashes only a little darker than his hair.

Harry swallowed hard, “A ten letter word for smitten, captivated.”

“Hmm…” the blond looked down at the paper and shook his head, “No. The 'ed’ at the end is right through,” he leaned over on the counter, “any other ideas?”

“Fascinated?” Harry said, his mind already winging ahead for other words that might fit, his hand under the table counting out letters of words.

The blond glanced down and then back up, a smirking smile on his mouth, “Nope.”

“How about….” Harry’s brow furrowed and he chewed his bottom lip, “…Infatuated?”

He glanced down and smiled triumphantly, “That’s it!” the pen scratched across the newspaper filling in the missing word.

Pansy bumped the blond with her hip and pushed two cups into his hands, “Be useful Draco,” she nodded at their table.

“Your name is Draco?” Harry asked as the blond walked around the counter carrying the two cups.

Draco nodded with a grimace, “Constellation names are somewhat of a tradition in my family.”

“Um, I’m Harry,” Harry said hurriedly as Draco slid the cups onto the table.

“Nice to meet you, Harry,” Draco smiled.

Hermione pulled out her phone, which absolutely hadn’t gone off, and said, “Well, would you look at that, it’s Ron. Sorry, Harry, I have to get going. Wouldn’t want to keep my boyfriend waiting.” She pulled her bag over her shoulder and put her book away in one smooth movement. She was was out the door before Harry could say a word. 

He finally managed a groan and glanced over at Draco, his cheek feeling hot.

Draco was looking faintly flushed himself, “Well. That wasn’t subtle at all.”

“No, it wasn’t,” Harry agreed.

Draco went back to the counter leaning over and grabbing his crossword and pen. “I’m going on break, Pansy.”

“You’re an arsehole, Draco Malfoy,” Pansy retorted without looking up.

Draco came back to Harry’s table, “Is this seat taken?” he asked.

“No, not at all,” Harry said.

Draco sat down across from him, sitting the crossword down in front of himself and helping himself to Hermione’s abandoned latte, “A ten letter word for hopeful starting with P.” He tapped his mouth with the pen and then carefully wrote in, “P-e-r-s-u-a-s-i-v-e.”

“You do a lot of crosswords?” Harry asked.

“There’s a lot of downtime working here,” Draco said, one side of his mouth quirking up in a smile. He barely glanced down at the paper and said, “I need a four letter word for dinner and a movie.”

“A date?” Harry said after a half a seconds thought.

“I’d love to,” Draco said.

Harry let out a startled laugh.

“Too cheesy?” Draco asked.

Harry shook his head with a grin, “How about tomorrow?”

Draco smiled, “I get off at seven.”


Lily is 11 and she doesn’t like boys. She loves Sev but that’s different. She loves him the way she loves Petunia, the way Petunia doesn’t love her back. She likes the way the the concrete feels in the summer, it burns her feet but she dances on it anyway. She likes pressing her fingers to her veins and trying to feel the magic. She likes the dark blue curtains in her living room that her mum constantly complains about. She likes the funny chocolates they have at school and the way they jump around. She likes running late to classes with Marlene and laughing at Mary’s attempt to cover for why they were not on time. She likes Alice’s soft voice that reminds the rest of them that they have plenty of homework as they lounge in the common room. She doesn’t like James Potter and the way he struts about thinking he’s so grand and funny, she knows grand and funny it’s her and her friends and most definitely not him.

Lily is 12 and she doesn’t like boys. She still loves Sev the same way as she always has but no longer the way she loves Petunia. Petunia makes her heart hurt as she spits out the word freak and makes witch sound like its poison in her mouth. Lily loves Petunia sadly and Sev happily and she thinks she’s okay with that. She likes baking with her mum and licking the spoon and fighting her dad for the bowl. She likes hiding behind the blue curtains after sneaking a frog in Tuney’s shoe. She likes the way her dad can’t stop laughing as he tries to scold her for it. She likes drawing pictures on the window of the train. She likes that her friends all try to guess what it is before she’s done, Alice always gets it right but that isn’t hard when Marlene and Mary are fighting to figure out who can come up with a ruder version of what it is. She likes eating in the great hall and feeling so apart and at home in something. She likes mimicking Marlenes snores with Mary at all times of the day especially in class. She likes quidditch and watching the games but severely less so when Potter is playing. She doesn’t like Potter no matter how good he is at the damn sport.

Lily is 13 and she’s starting to like boys. She likes them differently than Sev. Sev doesn’t make her palms sweat or her stomach do tumbles, he steadies her and lays with her and he loves her- more than Petunia ever has. He’s her real sibling, well the only one that really loves her and Lily thinks she’s okay with that, its better than having no one after all. Lily likes the breeze on her thighs when she wears her skirts. She likes the way the grass feels against her legs as she lays with Marlene in the courtyard skipping yet another divination lesson. She likes making up wild stories of what their futures probably hold including but not limited to, Marlene marrying a giant and becoming a giant queen, Lily sprouting wings and becoming accepted amongst the dragons, Alice turning out to be a unicorn in disguise, which they both agreed would be too plausible for it to be considered actual divination, and Mary one day waking up with a third leg to kick them both with. She likes telling these theories to try and get a laugh out of a begrudging Mary who actually DID go to class and was left by herself. She likes the way Alice dances with Marlene to make Mary smile which eventually leads to the four of them dancing and laughing all night in the common room. She likes the way Potter and his friends are totally bewildered by it asking loudly what the hell had gotten into them, she knows he could never understand the pure joy of dancing with your friends. She likes the way Marlene tells Sirius she’d rather dance with a pig’s privates when he asks if she has any moves left for him. She likes painting Alice’s nails and listening her talk all about how much she loves her little brother and wondering what it must feel like to have an older sibling that not only tolerates you but actually loves you back. She likes chasing Mary’s cat, Sniffers, and complaining loudly when he won’t let her hold him. She thinks she may like Remus Lupin a little more than she previously thought. She’s always liked how kind and smart and quietly hilarious he is but she’s only just realized how cute his nose is and how she thinks she may want to hold his hand. She likes that he’s different from his total gits of friends but remains loyal to them. Loyalty Lily knows is one of the most important things in a friendship, which is why she doesn’t let her friends judge Severus. She likes that she can tell Alice about her crush on Remus without her making fun of her or suggesting that she do something crazy like fling her bra at him to make him love her (something Marlene and Mary promised would do the trick). She likes transfiguration because Remus sits next to her and tells the funniest jokes quietly so only she can hear. She likes that she spends most of the class laughing at him which may be why she isn’t doing her best, Potter on the other hand excels in transfiguration which is something that really grinds her gears, probably because it’s the one class he doesn’t laugh much in, for some reason he spends most of it quiet giving her and Remus rather annoyed looks.

Lily is 14 and she likes boys. Not the way she likes Severus, whom she still loves… despite everything. They’ve been fighting quite a bit lately mostly because he’s been hanging around with scum and Lily can’t understand why he can’t see that they’re scum. They tell him she’s dirty and disgusting and not a real witch and he hangs around with them anyway it infuriates her and he hangs around with them anyway. But even though he has his flaws and can’t see how disgusting his new “friends” are, Lily loves him anyway. She loves him because he brings her her favorite sweets and let’s her hold his hand and listens when she cries about Petunia, even though she’s found she never likes what he ends up saying about Tuney. She loves him because they’re siblings in every sense of the word so she guesses that it’s ok that they argue, after all they don’t argue nearly as much as her and Tuney do. Or did rather, after all petunia hasn’t answered a single letter Lily has sent her this year and she stayed at a friends house during Christmas holiday to avoid her. Lily thinks she’d rather Petunia call her a freak everyday and spit in her tea twice every hour than have her deny her existence, it would hurt way less. Lily likes dancing. She likes stepping on her dads feet as he twirls her around the kitchen. She likes potions. No lily loves potions. She likes to see the magic actually being created right in front of her she likes that she can hold it and see it and it’ll never stop amazing her. She likes Benjy Fenwick and his bright blonde hair. She likes his small smile and big blue eyes. She likes the way her stomach flips when he’s around. She likes the way her friends act more excited than she does when he finally asks her to Hogsmeade. And she pretends not to like the choruses of “Lily and Benjy sittin in a tree”. She still likes Remus Lupin even though she’s over her crush. She likes studying with him in the library and debating and debating about all the injustices going on in their world. Injustices that were really starting to scare her. Against her better judgment she’s found that she also likes Sirius Black and Petter Pettigrew. For completely different and all around confusing reasons. She never really thought much of Peter, he was just one of potters friends. She assumed him to be an intolerable arrogant git and she found herself to be so wrong. It was when she was assigned to sit next to him in charms after causing too much of a ruckus near Marlene. The first day he nearly made her pee from laughing so hard. She liked that he always brought an extra quill because he knew Mary would forget one. She liked how he copied an extra set of notes for Marlene the day she was sick, something Lily herself hadn’t thought to do. She liked how pretty soon he was joining in on hers and Lupins study sessions which would leave them all doubled over laughing. She found that she liked Sirius and that he really wasn’t as much of a prick as she assumed. She liked the way he over dramatized everything and she was actually growing to find him funny. Of course not nearly as funny as he thought he was but funny all the same. She liked that he spent more time in detention than her, (which she’ll admit she was in quite a bit) him James and the rest of their lot always got in trouble for their pranks. But it was their fault they had to boast and let everyone know it was them. Her Mary Marlene and Alice on the other hand pulled off far better pranks with far less the track record, a feat she liked a great deal. She doesn’t like James Potter and the way he arrogantly asked her on a date while she was holding hands with Benjy. (She did however like her response to the question which included several curse words and threats to his well being).

Lily is 15 and she hates boys. She’s rocking back and forth and tearing at her hair and sobbing so hard she can’t catch her breath. Because he said it, he really said it. She couldn’t believe he actually said it. Her throat is raw from her screaming into her hands.He became the thing he promised he never would and he said the word. No matter how hard she shut her eyes she couldn’t get the image of his face out of her head. The word was stuck in her ears repeating itself over and over again. Mudblood. She felt like her stomach was in the floor as she laid her head in her knees and sobbed. Petunia still looks through her instead of at her. She had lost both of her siblings. Lily laughed out of the sheer irony of it all, because Severus and Petunia did have something in common after all, they both hated her. She disgusted the both of them and if it wasn’t for her friends she might have began to disgust herself too. Lily likes Alice. Soft and timid Alice who could never hurt a fly, was lying in the hospital wing getting her bloody knuckles bandaged. She was a different kind of calm than Lily was used to, no perky smile or scrunched nose sat on her face. Instead her eyes had this fierce fury, she sat perfectly still and the combination made her look deadly. “He’ll never say that word again Lily” she whispered. Reaching up to wipe her face with the back of her hand she only managed to smear it with blood. Lily likes Mary, who always butters her toast for her because “honestly Lily watching you do it is so slow and painful and look!! You’ve got chunks that won’t taste right just let me do it Merlin”. Lily likes Marlene especially when she’s yelling and fighting with all the professors, “I certainly do not think my skirt length has any effect on my ability to do magic. And if you don’t stop looking at my skirt I’ll show you just how capable I am at charms and charm your foot up your arse!!!” Lily was forced to charm Potters head to his desk in order to get the same two weeks detention that Marlene had gotten for that rant. Something Marlene was quietly greatful for, the two never spent a detention without the other. Lily likes rock n roll. She likes blasting it from her room and complaining to her mum that that’s the way it needs to be heard when she’s chided to lower it. She likes painting her nails black so they look especially badass when she flips Potter off. She likes going for car rides with her parents. And it’s ok that Petunia never comes because she gets to lay down in the back seat and dangle her feet out the window. She likes sneaking out at night with all her friends just to lay on the grass and look at the stars. She likes daring Alice to skinny dip in the lake and loves when she actually does. She likes that it took only seconds until the rest of the jumped in after her. She likes that Sniffers finally lets her hold him. She likes that Alice held her when Benjy cheated on her, she didn’t even like him that much but it hurt all the same. Mary and Marlene had left the common room quietly together and when she asked where they were going they both only shrugged. She liked that after only an hour later they returned with all of Benjys clothes, “we left his stuff from second year for him to wear tomorrow” Marlene said proudly as they all died in laughter. She liked Mary’s loud comments at breakfast the next morning, “Oi! Cut back on the breakfast Benjy looks like you’ve put on a few pounds. Your jumper buttons are ready to burst!” She yelled it while she buttered Lily’s toast with a smile. Lily secretly liked the way Potter threw death glares in Benjys direction mumbling about how he was an absolute fucking idiot, not that she’d ever admit that to anyone. She still didn’t like Potter not one bit, not even now that he’s grown to be so tall.

Lily is 16 and she can’t help liking boys. Not Severus though who she refuses to so much as glance at. Sure he tried apologizing several times but it was just too little too late. Petunia’s actually been civil lately, she made Lily a cup of tea without being asked. It might not be love but lily was sure it was something. Lily likes tea and pouring as much sugar in it as possible. She likes when her mom tells her that she might as well drink the sugar packets instead. She likes when her dad comments on the situation by doing just that and drinking the sugar. She likes the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and loves playing all the music for her dad to hear. She likes that he’ll sit with her for hours and just listen to the songs and talk about them. She loves when he surprises her with band tshirts that she wears until they’re ripped and faded. She likes chocolate and competing with Marlene to see who can stuff more of it in their mouths. She likes Marlene’s signature victory dance she does every time she wins. She likes Alice’s yells that they’ll both get stomach aches and ruin their appetites. She likes sitting up late at night in bed and talking to the rest of them. They can talk about anything and everything and they do. She likes the way Alice bashfully told them that Frank Longbottom had asked her out. But what she liked even better was helping her get ready to go. She liked the way Mary did Alice’s hair as Lily did her nails. Marlene watched them work and told Alice detailed stories about all the sex her and Frank would soon be having and not to worry cus she’d gladly tell her what goes where and how to do what and what boys like. She only stopped because Alice was blushing so hard Lily couldn’t do her makeup. Lily likes Sirius, loves him actually. They’d become very close over the year. She likes the way he gives her piggy back rides to class and his sharp wit. She likes that they can insult each other all day and know the others joking. She likes the way he’ll dramatically fall into a chair in the common room and claim he’s died of boredom. She likes that he understands. When she talked to him about Petunia and about how much it hurt to have a family member not love you back he actually understood. She nearly cried when he told her about his family but she was guiltily grateful to finally have someone who could relate. She likes James Potter now. They’ve decided to become friends. Just friends. That’s it. She doesn’t like him anymore than that. And if she has to say it again to Marlene or Mary or Alice or Remus or Sirius or Peter or any one else in this goddamn school she’s going to completely lose it. She likes that they’re friends he’s actually a very good friend. She likes the way he laughs. He does it with his whole body so his long legs kick up and his glasses nearly slide down his nose. She likes when he makes her laugh which is almost every minute of every day. He’s constantly whispering something in her ear or yelling across the dining hall or sneaking her notes in class. She likes the way he defends his friends so fiercely and loudly. When Alex Benditen made a nasty comment about Peter’s weight James made his stomach grow three times the size. She likes the way he runs his hand through his hair just to mess it up. She likes the way he’s constantly tapping his foot or his pen. It’s as if he just has so much energy it’s ready to explode right out of him. She likes his eyes and the way he looks at her like no one else does. She likes Potter, likes him a lot actually. But only as a friend of course she reminds herself, only as a friend.

Lily is 17 and loves her boys. Not Severus, who she barely even thinks about anymore, but Peter and Sirius and Remus and James. She loves Petunia and she’s starting to think that Petunia just may love her back a tiny bit. But it’s ok if she doesn’t lily decided. She’s finally content with being the sister who waits the sister who loves more freely. Lily likes going for walks at night. She likes grabbing her ratty pair of sneakers by the door and sneaking out. She likes the way the streets look when no ones on them. She likes the peace of it all. She likes the way the night air gives her a feeling of suspense. The night makes her feel like anything is possible and anything could happen at any moment. She likes do laundry with her mum. She likes sitting on the dryer and folding the clothes that her mum passes her while she tells her stories about when when she was younger. She likes the warmth of the clothes and the smell of the laundry and the sound of her mums laugh. Lily likes socks. She likes wearing the ones that are mismatched and the ones that have holes in the toe. She likes stuffing the dirty ones in Mary’s face for her to smell. She likes falling asleep in places that aren’t her bed. This particular habit happens to be one that she shares with Remus. The result of this led to a chart being made by Sirius and Marlene. Next to Lily’s name was, common room floor, Mary’s bed, staircase, great hall, peter’s bed, floor of boys room, floor of girls room, library, and charms class. Remus was the clear winner next to his name he had, every class he has ever taken, common room floor, every seat in common room, courtyard, astronomy tower, quidditch pitch, great hall, Sirius’s bed, boys floor, library, three broomsticks, supply closet, and a few passages. She liked the chart and the memories and teasing that went along with it. She liked napping next to Remus in the common room and the way he looked so peaceful. She likes firewhiskey. She likes the way it warms her all the way from her stomach to her fingertips. She likes proclaiming loudly and often that she could drink anyone who dares under the table. And she liked even better that she actually could, a fact that Sirius still gripes about. Lily liked dares. She liked both getting them and giving them. Her favorite dare to date was the one she gave Marlene the first week of this year. Marlene and Sirius had been loudly and aggressively flirting for the past year and a half and lily was tired of neither of them actually doing anything about it. So one night after a few bottles of firewhiskey she dared Marlene to give Sirius a Lap dance. Marlene was never one to back down from a challenge drunkenly stood up and Sirius nearly passed out before she even walked over to him. The music played and she swayed her hips and not even thirty seconds went by before he grabbed her and the two were heatedly making out. She liked the way the rest of them yelled and laughed and the choruses of finally. She liked the two of them together they were loud and obnoxious and completely in love. She still likes dancing in the common room. She likes twirling so fast that her skirt goes up and laughs at the hoots and hollers of her boys. Lily likes Mary and she couldn’t give less of a fuck that Mary liked girls. She liked that none of them cared at all and instead we’re always in constant search of finding Mary a girlfriend, something that always led to Mary blushing and hiding her face in her hands. She likes when they all play hide n seek like they’re little kids again. She always hides with Peter because he some how manages to find the best hiding places. She likes the way everyone groans that they win every round and the way Peter holds her hand up in victory. She likes Alice and Frank together. She likes watching them talk quietly to each other and giggle. They’re both soft and kind and absolutely perfect for each other. She likes cauldrons. She likes talking constantly about all the different makes and models and the proper ways to clean them and the slight effects each has on every different potion. The only person that will ever listen to her drone on and on about them is James. She likes James more than she’s ever liked anyone else before. She first kissed him after the first quidditch game of the season. James had been very worried before hand and was constantly griping about how essential it was for them to win. Lily showed up to every practice beforehand to scrutinize and give her advice. It usually led to the two of them arguing but she did it anyway. At the last practice before the game she told him that he needed to do a full roll fake out before shooting to avoid a defender. “ I can’t do that do you even know how hard that is?!” He had yelled back at her. “Liam pofcery does it all the time!” She answered arms crossed. “He’s been a professional for ten years how am I supposed to do that?” James had groaned. But at the game she watched from the stands and he did it and they won. She sprinted on to the pitch afterwards jumped onto him nearly knocking him over and kissed him. She liked the way the world stopped for a moment when she did it. All the people screaming seemed to blur for a moment and all she could see was him. She was kissing James. She liked his stupid face of surprise right before she did it. She liked the way he immediately kissed her back fiercely and intensely. She liked the way he grabbed her tight as if she might let go or change her mind and pull away. She had no intention of doing that because she liked the way he kissed way too much. She likes kissing James. After the first one it all started to rush into place. She could finally admit to herself all the things she liked about him. She liked his eyes and how they were always bright as if he just told a joke. She liked his hands and how they were big and rough from holding a broom. She liked his hair and the funny way it stuck out at all ends. She liked how fucking tall he was and how she had to pull his tie for him to lean down and kiss her. She liked laying with him at night and hearing him breathe. She liked pushing him off the bed when he snored and laughing when he tickled her in retaliation. She liked the way he exasperatedly yelled her name when she made him mad. She liked that he’d twirl her in the common room and on the quidditch pitch and in the astronomy tour and anywhere else he could think of. She pretended not to like when he constantly went around and told everyone she was his girlfriend. She liked that he was bestfriends with her friends and she with his. She liked how everything was perfect. Even when it wasn’t. Peter served detention four times for cursing Slytherins who threatened her. Which was three less than the 7 times Remus served for doing the same thing. Mary and Marlene both were in the hospital wing twice with broken knuckles. But nothing beat Sirius and James’s 10 detentions and 3 hospital wing visits in the matter of four months. Lily yelled at all of them that she didn’t need their help that she could take the insults and threats just fine and handle herself perfectly on her own. But she liked the way they all rolled their eyes when she screamed. She liked that when the letters from the Order came they all said yes without hesitation. None of them needed a second to think or consider it. They were all ready to get out of school and start actually doing something to help. They were all ready to fight. She liked the way they spent their last few days in school. They broke out every night and drank and danced in the courtyard. She dared Alice to skinny dip again and soon they were all freezing and splashing and dying from laughter. The world was fucked up and the war was coming but for those few nights they were kids in love. In love with their friends, in love with the night and the stars, in love with the laughter that gave them aches to their bones, in love with the naive idea that they’d all be ok that this and them would all last forever. She liked remembering those nights and that feeling right before she went to sleep. She liked sleeping with all of the blankets wrapped around her, a fact that always led to James complaining. She didn’t like James Potter at all. She loved him.

Friends Part 2

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1265

Warnings: Fluffy and angst

Part 1

Thank you @amrita31199 for beta this for me you are amazing

credits to the gif owner

Your Saturday was pretty boring, you promised yourself that you would clean your apartment and after getting ready for the party last night you really should clean this place. The floor of your room was full of clothes, you had a sink with a lot of dishes and you found an item of makeup in every room of the apartment.

You definitely need to clean your place.

Even knowing that you have to clean, you didn’t want to. You have one of the worst hangovers of your life, your head is pounding and you feel dehydrated. So here you are, lying on your couch texting Dan while you bargain with yourself to clean this place.

You try everything, if you washed your dishes you would reward yourself with a cup of hot chocolate, if you put your dirty clothes in the washing machine you could nap for a half hour but that didn’t work, so you stay on your couch all day.

“Are you still in your pajamas?”  You open your eyes, seeing Bucky holding a pizza box and some ice cream. You nod, you must have fallen asleep on the couch “Yes, they are so cute they have little bunnies on them.” He sits on the end of the couch, putting your feet over his lap “Did you eat something?”

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No Longer a Monster » Prince Adam

Pairing: Prince Adam x Reader

Fandom: Disney + Beauty and the Beast

Words: 724

Summary:  Adam is having a nightmare and you’re there to comfort him.

A/N: Damn, it’s been one whole month since I uploaded a story, but I’m back now and I’m ready to write! It’s Spring Break and I hope that I can come out with a lot more stories. So, I watched Beauty and the Beast yesterday and I fell in love with the characters! It’s an amazing movie! I recommend watching it!

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Drunken Confession

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k-ish

Summary: The Reader confesses to Dean. 

Warnings: None really. Just a bit of fluff :) 

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for  @winchester-writes Rose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge!! My prompt: Republic Tequila - “Y'know know, they’re all ‘Well…you gotta drink too.” it’ll be bolded in the fic. I hope you guys like it!!!

Drunken Confession

I’m not that much of a drinker.

Usually, it was Sam and I that had to drag Dean’s drunken ass back to the Impala after he made a complete idiot out of himself in front of the bar’s waitress.

It was never me.

But tonight was different. Especially when the feelings you’ve been harboring deep inside your core for the green eyed Winchester were finally reaching maximum overload.

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9 & Ethan - Prompt list request.

“Fuck off, she’s mine.”

Ethan and I both agreed that we needed new clothes, even though we really didn’t but, it’s nice to treat yourself sometimes, so that’s exactly what we did, we drove to the mall and after walking around together for a little bit, Ethan got impatient and told me he would be in the Nike store looking for new workout clothes.

While E looked in Nike I made my way to Victoria Secret, deciding it was time for a new bra, as my boobs have become too big for my old bras. I spent around 15 minutes picking out some cute bras and matching panties, I try them on, making sure they fit and as I’m walking to the cash, something from the PINK side of the store catches my eye, as I’m looking through the sizes a voice, who I don’t recognize, speaks up.

“That would amazing on you babe.” I look at the tall stranger, he had blond hair, blue eyes and a cocky attitude if he thought I would fall for him.

“Thanks but I have a-” Just as I was about to tell the creep off, I feel a hand pull me towards a strong chest. I smile smelling his familiar cologne. I look at at him, his jaw was clenched, he was locked, loaded and ready to fire.

“She looks amazing in everything, but only I get to see her in this.” He motions to the sports bra hanging on the rack. The man in front of us eyes Ethan down.

“If you couldn’t understand what that just meant, it means fuck off, she’s mine. ” Ethan kisses me and leads me to the cash so that we can pay and leave that douche behind.

What If?

Title: What If?
Summary: You indulge yourself in a harmless passion, following a train of thought, but when Mikey catches a glimpse it may not be so harmless after all.
Author: Velcr0Kitty
Characters: Mikey (2016) x Reader
Word Count: 1846
Warnings: Angst, fluff, body image… issues? I guess?
Author’s Notes: Welcome to my first fic, I’m so sorry. I seriously didn’t expect it to become so sad my original idea was so happy ;-;

You drift to the bottom of the sketchbook and scrawl a title of sorts.

What If - Mikey

Under it, you put your signature. It’s hard to deny your feelings for the charismatic turtle, but with that whole “different species” issue complicating things you doubted the feelings would ever be mutual. That hasn’t stopped your daydreams yet.

You never imagined you’d be in a situation where you even could think that. Once upon a time you could only imagine yourself with your beloved art degree in a pleasant flat somewhere other than NYC. You would be a master of your passion and your passion, a career. Before you got your chance, however, your best friend fell very ill. You spent your time with her, being supportive. This was the snowball that became the avalanche.

Your friend was released after a few weeks. Then in succession, like a machine gun of shit, your mother died in a car accident, you were hostage in a bank robbery, your new apartment building out of town exploded (You didn’t honestly believe the landlord at first). Three foot clan attacks and a load more bull-shit later, you were broke, homeless, family-less and living, quite literally, under a rock (a storm a few months prior had upturned it in central park.) That’s where the turtles found you. Dirty, starving, and huddled up under a blanket some random do-gooder’s gave you. Though you suspect it was mostly Donnie’s doing, for whatever reason, they took you in and welcomed you into their home.

That was three years ago. Over those three wonderful years, they nursed you back to health, welcomed you, and loved you as one of their own. It didn’t take long for feelings to develop for the youngest. You spent day in and day out with all of the brothers, of course, but most of your time was with Mikey. Donnie always patched you up and made sure you were okay, but Mikey sat with you and made sure you were okay. He quickly became your best friend.

He comforted you, stayed up with you when you couldn’t sleep, you two have more inside jokes than you’d care to count. The only thing you don’t know about him is how much the guys have been hounding him for months, just small remarks during training or while on patrol, to get him to “just turtle up!” and ask you out or something.

For some reason, you kept your art from them. As close as y'all were, having even one thing to yourself can do wonders for your sanity. Sometimes, while the boys trained or for the hours Splinter had them in the Ha'Shi, you snuck out to buy supplies. Nothing too big, just sketchbooks and pencils that you stashed under your bed when not in use.

You often drew the brothers, for good reason. They had both ridiculously interesting lines and unique shapes, as well as always being around. Plus you had found a few well-hidden hidey holes to draw from if you wanted a live reference.

It’s only natural when crushing on a giant talking turtle to, even just once, imagine what he’d look like as a human, right?

Today, you ran with that thought. So, as you finish the drawing, you scan the page for any last minute fixes. You run your fingers over the sketch, being careful to not smudge. You feel the bumps and ridges of your pencil marks travel underneath you like a road map. As you move over his face, your hand reveals his brilliant and goofy grin, but you can almost see the way his blue eyes light up and glint with mischief when he laughs, the way the green of his cheeks shimmer in the light with his constant smiles and grins. You soften and fall into a lazy smile.

Your hand continues over his torso, your mind wandering to the endless amazing hugs, his muscular arms, his surprisingly comfortable plastron. Hesitantly, you move left, over a man. Lean, but built, muscle hidden under a wildly patterned t-shirt. His mid-length blond messy hair falls into his eyes, but the mischief and brilliant smile remain. He stands with his arms crossed. His pose screams youth, confidence and energy. Your eyes flick back and forth between the drawings. You are nowhere near as familiar with this man, but your curiosity is sated.

The sounds of training float from the dojo as you come back to reality. Heavy grunts and dull thuds tell you how far into training they are and, not realizing how late it really is, decide it will be some time until they’re done. You abandon your art supplies on your bed for the makeshift shower down the hall that Don whipped up last year.

When you emerge toasty and clean in your favorite PJ’s, you waddle towards your room and revel in the silence. You’re nearly winded when just how silent it was hit you like a freight train and you took off for your room. Mere footsteps away from the right corner and a soft hiccup of a sob makes you freeze, your heart dropping. You stop, inches from the door. You know what’s coming. Something in you tells you to run. What’s around this corner? You know it will break you. You can leave. You don’t have to see those baby blues hating you. Thinking you’ve betrayed him.

You run a hand through your hair. Ruined.

You wring your hands. He hates you.

You take a step into the room, almost trembling. Looking everywhere but where you need to. His eyes are burning into you. Your room is dull. Face this. You could have run, but you didn’t. So, FACE. THIS.

When you make eye contact, you couldn’t and will never be able to accurately describe the sheer betrayal in his eyes. He’s gripping your sketchbook, the drawing. His eyes are red, his mouth agape. He opens and closes it a few times, searching for words.


“You know, we were almost human once?” You drop your controller and shift on the couch to look at him better. Disbelief paints your face.

“No kidding?”


“… What,” his voice breaks, as does his eye contact, which drops to the paper in his hand. “Y/N, what is this?”


“Seriously, Angelcakes. It’s crazy, Donnie had this ooze that we got from…” As he tells you his story you can see how important it was to him to find some normalcy. He wasn’t cracking jokes, he was barely moving. Just talking. This became the most personal and serious night you two had ever shared. He spoke of growing up with ninja turtles. You, of school, of bullies, of humans. You shared worlds.


You couldn’t find the words. You knew you had hurt him. Badly. It was just a drawing and a thought to you, but to him… to him it meant you didn’t like him for him. Maybe even not at all.


You swapped so much about each other that night, not just talking but learning. He finally opened up wholly when he wouldn’t look at you.

“I wish…” His hands suddenly become very interesting. “I wish I was human, you know? It would just be…” he searches for the word. The word he finds will break him. As he says it, he will cry through his half-hearted smile. You will hold him until you both fall asleep, cradling him to your chest, TV still on.

He looks up with pain and resolve.

“… Easier.”


Y/N!” Mikey slams your sketchbook against the wall searching your eyes for an explanation. For the first time you’d ever heard, your best friend raised his voice. He was pissed.


The next morning he woke up embarrassed. He remembered your sweet coo’s and soft-spoken words of comfort from the night before as he took down a wall he never knew he had, for you. He never realized how much he wanted to give you the life you deserve, and just how much he couldn’t actually give you. A certain melancholy took him. He felt so bad as you talked about your life. As far as he knew no one in his family knew anything about you from before they found you, just that you had suffered a great deal and had no one left, but last night? He hadn’t thought about how much had to have happened for you to end up that way. For a moment, you had both bared yourselves, completely.

As these thoughts ran through him, the grogginess of waking up left him. He watched your eyes move behind your eyelids, your mouth open slightly as you breathed through your dreams. He pushes himself up so his full weight isn’t on you and with the loss of heat, you stir. Your sleepy eyes captivate him and he feels like he’s really seeing you. You have no idea. “Morning,” you quietly utter, not wanting to break the peace. Running a hand down your face, you sit upwards slightly. Noticing the vibe rolling off your normally talkative terrapin you sober up and give him a questioning look.

He hovers over you effortlessly, arms holding him up on either side of your hips. He has yet to move his gaze away from you, drinking in your features like a dying man. The only thing he can think of is kissing you until you melt, of running his hands down your waist. Steamy images fog his vision as he disappears in the thought of you. All you see is his expression softening until he closes his eyes with a small sigh.

“Um… Mikey, you good?” This snaps him out of his trance. He’s blushing and burning up but, lucky for him, you don’t notice a thing. He coughs.

“Uh, yeah babe,” the nickname that had been used countless times felt heavy on his tongue, “I’m fine, just uh… tired. Do you mind if I…?” He slowly lowers himself back onto your midsection, eyes asking permission.

“Oh yeah sure,” you stammer, concerned. “Go for it.” He snuggles into you further, wrapping himself around your stomach and breathing in your smell, suddenly feeling like a brand new person.


When you don’t say anything for a few seconds he storms off, taking your sketchbook with him. You yell a helpless ‘No!’ after him. The room swarms around you and you feel like the floor left without you. The air leaves your lungs and you land on your knees. Soft, wary footsteps pad into your room and pair with your light sobs. Leo reaches down and wraps you up in his arms rubbing your back, speaking calming words, soothing you.

You can faintly hear Raph yelling after Mikey but as your own sobs wrack your body you lose all concentration on them and instead melt into Leo. He picks you up, carries you to your bed and lays you down. He hesitates, wanting to ask about what just happened but not wanting to push your already fragile state.


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A Little Part of Me ; Draco Malfoy (AU)

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran would be nice to hear with this short dribble  // Inspired by my favourite blog!

I ran my finger along his jaw, feeling the sticky liquorice drink on the top of my pointer. He’s beautiful, really - with his eyes as blue as the ocean, his golden blonde hair reflecting on the pool surface, his smile so widely spread.

“You’re hopelessly romantic,” he whispered, and I laughed. One - he is indeed, right. Two, his voice sounded croaky from the alcoholic beverages and I like him like that; careless. The boy who I fall in love with.

He looked amazing when I first saw him at the field: The captain of the football team of Beverly High, what with his dark blue letterman jacket on, his hair sticking messily but still managing to look handsome.

He gave me a sly smirk and I swooned to my friends, knowing this was precisely the problem -

This boy, who mom warned me about.
This boy, who will break my heart soon.
This boy, who isn’t afraid to let go of me.
This boy, who think of this as a fling.

I leaned up from his lap and straightened my blouse, tossing my black hair to one side and giving him my best smile, “Are you hungry?”

The feeling of him leaving me to the darkness of this world engulfed me as I wrapped my cardigan around me, as if it would protect me from that. From the nightmare that can bring me down completely in a matter of seconds.

The normal siren of the police cars rang throughout the city as we stayed beside each other’s comfort. The warmth radiating from his body warmed me from the cold atmosphere of New York City in mid December, another reason to love staying up on top of an old building with him at 3 in the morning.

“Do you want to run away?”

His voice wasn’t a whisper. It wasn’t a loud one, either. Too soft. It sounded real, like he really wanted it.

“Draco, I’m-” I stared into his eyes, because I could feel the eagerness in those eyes, and I was afraid. Afraid of the possibilities. Afraid of the consequences.

He grabbed both of my hands in his and plastered them with warm kisses, and I held my breath. This boy, who I’d give anything for.

Okay,” I whispered back, and his frown disappeared into a smile. The widely grin I always admire. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

“I’m so joking,” he poked me, and a laugh escaped from me, filling the empty air with the sound of choking and laughing combined.

That was when he leaned toward me, and our foreheads touched. “Please don’t leave me,” he said, and I closed my eyes swiftly.

“I won’t,” I replied back, to which he planted a kiss on my cold lips.

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Imagine meeting Kozik for the first time.

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You worked as one of the mechanic’s at TM ( Teller - Morrow ) and you occasionally you helped Gemma with the paper work but you really enjoyed being under the hood of a vehicle. You have been working there for quite sometime now, you were very comfortable with the club and the whole lifestyle because honestly its all you’ve really ever known.

You grew up with Jax and Opie, practically a sister to the two of them, and you considered Tara to be one of your best friends. Gemma was like a mother you never had, you never knew your biological mother and from what your junkie dad always said about her your kind of glad you never did. Your dad wasn’t exactly father of the year either, he was a drunk, a junkie and he was incredibly abusive towards you and most of the time he wasn’t around but when he was it never ended well for you. One night while he decided to make an appearance he was drunk and high and took out his anger on you, but this time he held on to your neck a little too long. You blacked out, you happen to wake up on the floor and your dad was passed out on the couch. You managed to stumble your way to Gemma’s.

Gemma took you in no questions asked, and the club dealt with your father. You never seen him again and you never did ask, because deep down you knew exactly what happened and quite frankly you were glad he wasn’t around anymore to hurt you. From that day on you’ve been apart of the SAMCRO family. You are incredibly grateful for Gemma and the club, they saved you and gave you a safe place to live and a family that never let you down and that were always there for you no matter what.

Clay also took you as one of his own, considered you a daughter and he taught you how to work a wrench. He was the one that introduced you to the mechanically world. You loved working in the shop, loved fixing vehicles and bikes.

Over the years you were used to the guys hitting on you, but the one guy that you actually flirted back with was Kozik. He wasn’t the usual biker type that you were use too. He was very large, muscular and he was literally eye candy. He had this very amazing smile and blonde spiked hair. The moment he rolled up onto the lot, course you didn’t notice right away considering your head was the hood of a car. He on the other hand noticed you almost instantly.

Your beautiful ( Y/H/C ) hair hanging loosely in a messed up bun, your faded blue jeans that fitted you in all the right places, and a white oil and grease splattered tank top that you wore perfectly almost blew Kozik out of the water. He was smitten with you, and he walked over towards you, you could hear the footsteps of someone approaching you but you didn’t pay attention.

Kozik leaned against the car admiring the view of you, and just before he spoke he removed his sunglasses and put them in the front pocket of his kutte. He cleared his voice and said;

“Hey darling, how’s it going ?” 

Right away you responded but didn’t look away from your work;

“Well just cleaning the oil and then this old girl ready to go’’

Kozik had a smirk on his face because you didn’t look up or even notice him yet. Just then you decided to lift your head to put down the hood and Kozik moved out of the way just so you can do that. You grabbed the rag from your back pocket to wipe off the grease and oil from your hands and you finally looked towards Kozik. You were shocked to see his gorgeous man standing in front of you, and here you were thinking this was some dirty old man that just couldn’t take a hint. You smiled at him and gave him a shy little giggle and said;

“Uh, hi .. i’m Y/N’’

His smile grew as he seen your smile, your Y/E/C eyes were bright and beautiful and said while he reached out his hand to you;

“ nice to meet you darling, I’m Kozik “

You fumbled with your rag to quickly clean the rest of the oil and grease that was still on your hand and grabbed to shake Kozik’s hand.

“Hey Kozik, nice to meet you”

He didn’t let go of your hand right away and when he did, he never lost eye contact with you. That made you blush a tad, which never happen to you before. Every guy that you’ve ever encountered always stared at your chest or just literally checked you out with very little discretion. You asked;

“So a son hey, why is this the first that I’m meeting you?”

Kozik adjusting his kutte and said;

“Uh, yeah. I’m from the SAMTAC charter, and I don’t really come this way”

You nodded and acknowledged him and said;

“Well I’m glad you’ve finally made it down to Charming”

He gave you a crooked smile and before he could respond Clay came out of the clubhouse and yelled over to Kozik;

“Hey, Kozik !”

You both looked over at Clay and Kozik nodded and just before he took off over towards the club he looked over at you and said;

“So will I see you later?”

You flashed him a smile and responded;

“Yeah, I’d like that”

You watched him walk over to Clay, they greeted each other with a hug and greeted the rest of the guys. You turned around and looked over the car once more, before Kozik walked into the club he took a quick glance back at you.

You finished up and walked into the office to find Gemma cramming through the Teller-Morrow paperwork. She peered up from what she was doing and she happily greeted you;

“Hey sweetheart, all done ?”

You sat down on the couch and answered;

“Hey Gem, yep she’s ready for pickup”

Gemma noticed that you seemed distracted and leaned back in her chair, she pulled out a cigarette and asked in her motherly-tone;

“Something the matter sweetheart?”

You didn’t answer because you were thinking about Kozik. Gemma waited for you to answer but you didn’t and so Gemma almost screamed at you;

“Y/N ?! Hello?!”

You almost jumped up off the couch and responded in a startled tone;

“Yeah? sorry I was just thinking”

Gemma chuckled and lit her smoke, she inhaled and said;

“So what has you so distracted?”

You hesitated because Gemma was a little overprotective of you especially when it came to men. You shrugged and tried to pass it off as nothing, you said;

“Oh it’s nothing, I’m just tired today.”

Gemma could see right through you, since you’ve known Gemma you could never lie to her and when you tried she always knew when you were lying. Gemma pursed her lips and said while giving you her ‘seriously’ look, and sat forward towards you.

“Y/N, I’ve known you for how long and you can’t lie to me baby”

You giggled and bit your bottom lip and said;

“True, don’t know how you do that. Um, so what’s the story with Kozik?”

Gemma got up from her chair and walked over to you and sat down beside you. She looked at you, kissed your forehead and said;

“Oh baby, where do I start?”

The two of you shared a smile and talked for a long time and shared a smoke even after awhile Gem pulled out a joint. You got a lot of info about Kozik, you found out that he’s very loyal to the club, he use to be a junkie but overall his past demons Kozik was a great and caring guy. After the two of you chatted Gemma asked you if you were going to pursue Kozik.

You paused for a few mintues then said;

“Even if I do anything with Kozik, he’s from a different charter Gem.”

Gemma nodded and said;

“I know baby, just protect yourself okay? Don’t fall for a good dick, at least not till your certain that he feels the same way about you”

You smiled, gave Gemma a hug and said;

“Yes mother, I know. You taught me very well”

The two of you got up from the couch and just as you got the door you asked Gemma while gesturing towards the club;

“Wanna get a drink?”

Gemma agreed and the two of you walked over to the clubhouse side by side. You guys walked in and the guys greeted the two of you. The guys were playing pool, at the bar drinking or just hanging out on the couch just chatting amongst themselves. There were the usual crow-eaters that seem like they never left the club, Tara was there with Jax by the bar.

Gemma walked over to Clay, he greeted her by wrapping his arm around her waist and planted a kiss to her lips. She gave him a very loving look and said;

“Hey baby”

Clay smiled and responded;

“Hey my love.”

You smiled, admiring their love and affection that they have for each other. You sat between the two couples. Jax and Tara embraced you, Chucky was behind the bar and offered you a beer. You got your beer and took a sip, you turned around and scanned the room. Your eyes met Kozik’s who happen to look up at you while he was talking with Opie.

He smiled, you matched his and turned around shyly. Jax noticed you and Kozik’s little eye contact and Jax nudged your shoulder lightly and said;

“Uh, so did you meet Kozik yet?”

You took another swig of your beer and said with a smirk;


Jax looked over at Kozik and you joined him and you batted your eyelashes towards Kozik and you said;

“So you going to introduce me to him?”

Jax looked over at you and before he could say anything, Tara lightly touched Jax’s chest and said;

“Hey babe, I gotta run, hospital just paged me. I’ll see you later?”

Jax looked a tad disappointed but he understood and said while cupper her face and leaning in for a passionate kiss;

“Alright babe, see you later”

After they shared a kiss, Tara looked quickly over at you and said;

“Hey Y/N have fun and call me later, I wanna know every detail”

You laughed and agreed to what Tara said, Jax loved the relationship that the two of you shared. His sister and his wife, the two of you knew each other since you were kids. After Tara left, Jax called over to Kozik.

Kozik walked over to where you and Jax were at the bar and Jax said to Kozik;

“So Koz, have you met Y/N”

Kozik looking down at you said with a smile;

“Yeah, earlier I did. How you doin Y/N”

You smiled and said;

“Hey handsome, wanna have a drink with me?”

Kozik nodded and sat beside you, Jax was smiling from ear to ear and told Chucky to pour everyone some shots. Everyone was drinking and having a good time just talking and drinking, hours went by and soon enough it was it was just the two of you talking.

Kozik leaned in and said;

“You wanna go get some fresh air?”

You smiled and agreed. The two of you walked out, the members that were still inside the clubhouse were still drinking and having a great time. It was kind of loud inside and the sound of the jukebox still danced through the wind out by the picnic tables but at least now the two of you could talk to each other alone.

You sat down and Kozik sat right beside you, he pulled out  a pack of smokes and pulled one out and put it too his lips and offered one to you. You gave him a smirk and pulled the one from his lips and said;


His smile grew even bigger and let our a little chuckle and grabbed himself another smoke. He lit his smoke and yours, he inhaled and exhaled the smoke and said;

“So .. a mechanic, how did that happen?”

You leaned back, eyebrows creased together a bit and said in a curious tone;

“Uhh, yeah why? never seen a chick work a wrench before or fix vehicles?”

You seemed a tad offended and you were and Kozik trying to explain his question said;

“No, no I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant how did you learn how to do all that?”

You laughed at his nervous-ness and replied calmly while tapping at your smoke;

“Easy Koz I was just playing, but Clay taught me how. Well all the guys actually did but yeah I guess they figured since I’m always here might as well put me to work”

The both of you shared a laugh and he added;

“Well you are the first mechanic that I find incredibly sexy”

You looked at Kozik and he looked at you, he gave you a little wink which made you blush and he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer. The two of you sat there for a few more hours just talking, it was a great night. About 5am you decided to call it a night, Kozik offered to drive you home. The two of you reached his bike and he lifted his leg up and over his Harley, he grabbed his spare helmet and passed it to you. You put it on and hopped on behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

He inhaled nervously to himself as he felt your grip tighten as he pulled out of the parking lot. As you guys pulled up to your house, Kozik killed the engine and you got off. Slowly taking off the helmet and passed it to Kozik. He took off his and got off the bike, you guys walked up to your driveway and to your front door. The two of you stood in front of the door like nervous teenagers and Kozik leaned in towards you, making you back up into the wall.

He placed his hands on each side of you, and he was inches from your face, he licked his lips and it was like electricity coursed through your entire body. He gave you that devious smile that made you weak in the knees. You bit your bottom lip and Kozik couldn’t hold back any longer and so he crushed his lips into yours. His tongue danced with yours, his hands caressed your lower back and eventually made it to your ass.

You moaned against his mouth, which made him growl with lust. You wanted him so bad and he wanted you, there was no denying that. You could feel his large member growing against hi jeans. You wanted to invite him in but you weren’t that type of a girl. You managed to part lips and you said in such a lustful yet you could hear the regret in your tone;

“Umm, well I better go. .. will I see you tomorrow?”

Kozik was surprised, most chicks that’s he’s been with usually take him to bed or are undressing him by now but not you. There’s something different, something intriguing about you that Kozik just seems so drawn too. Kozik said with a smile, still holding onto you;

“Of course you will, well goodnight beautiful”

You blushed and cheerfully;

“You mean, Good Morning”

You both looked around, it was starting to get light out, you both chuckled and he leaned down and placed such a gentle almost loving kiss to your soft lips. As your lips parted he said in a low voice;

“Your right, Good Morning baby and I’ll see you at the clubhouse later”

You nodded, grabbed your keys and opened your door. Kozik was sitting on his bike just watching you go inside safety. You waved at him, he smile and drove off as you closed and locked your door. After Kozik left you did not sleep, instead you showered and just laid in bed. Not long after you got up, made coffee and then there was a knock at your door.

Peering through the peephole you could see it was Gemma. You unlocked the door and opened it, Gemma said as she walked into the house; 

“Good morning sweetheart”

You smiled and said;

“Good morning mom, coffees fresh”

She placed her handbag on the floor by the chair and grabbed herself some coffee and said;

“Oh okay thanks baby, so how was your night?”

You sat down, sipped your coffee and said;

“It was great ma, why you ask?”

Knowing exactly that she wanted to know about what happened with Kozik. Gemma sat down with her cup of coffee and said;

“No reason, just when I left you and Kozik seemed pretty cozy”

You smiled and nodded agreeing with her and you told her about your night. Soon you went and got ready and the two of you headed off to TM. It was about 10am, bikes were all lined up in their usual spot, some of the guys were in the garage fixing bikes or some were working on vehicles. Gemma parked her Cadillac and you jumped out, both you and Gemma walked over to the office. Sons greeted the two of you, you put your bag away and grabbed one of your favorite overalls, slipped them on and tied it around your waist.

Gemma said as you were putting your hair in a loose ponytail;

“I’m going to see if there’s any coffee”

You answered as you made your way to the garage;

“Alright, I’m going to get some work done”

Gemma went to the clubhouse, you found Dog and asked if there was any work to be done, he motioned to the Toyota that was parked not far from where you were standing. So you got to work on that, Tig was in the garage and he walked up to where you were working and said;

“How’s it going doll?”

You looked up and said;

“I don’t know, I just opened the hood Tiggy”

You both laughed and you asked;

“What you working on today?”

Tig gestured with his head towards his bike and said;

“Ah just changing the plugs and giving her some love”

You nodded and bent over and looked under the hood. Tig cleared his voice, you knew something was up because Tig only ever talked to you when he was in one of his frisky moods and usually he’d cut to the chase by now.

“So, you with Kozik now or what?”

You almost banged your head on the hood but you said;

“What? .. Where. .. where did you hear that?”

Tig now looking at you, felt like his piercing blue eyes were burning a hole right through you and he said;  

“Well I was here last night, seen you two getting close”

You scoffed lightly and said while looking back at the truck and said;

“Well yes I hung out with him last night but nothing happened and if anything did happen Tiggy, honestly it’s not any of your business”

Tig nodded and understood that he had no right but he said before he moved over towards his bike;

“I know Y/N, but your still family and I’m still going to protect you”

You were confused, why would Tig act that way about Kozik. Gemma said he was a good guy, and honestly if he wasn’t I really doubt she or anyone would let me be around him. This bothered you, you wanted to talk to Kozik but before you could go find him a call came in ‘ pickup halfway to Lodi’. So you and another mechanic went with the tow truck.

- Couple hours went by -

You finally made it back to Teller-Morrow and you were still boggled by what Tig said so you went into the clubhouse looking for Kozik. Everyone was in church, so you had to wait even longer. You decided to go back to the garage hoping Gemma was there but she went to see Abel. You were frustrated so you just decided to go home.

Few more hours went by, your cell phone rang and it took you awhile to answer it but eventually you did.


“Y/N? it’s Kozik”

Your heartbeat quickened and you said;

“Uh hey, Kozik .. whats up”

“Nothing much, wondering where you are ? Didn’t see you the garage”

“Oh yeah, I was there for awhile but then decided to come home”

There was silence for a few seconds and you said;

“Uhh, how’d you get my number?”

Kozik giggled nervously and said;

“Ohh um, Jax gave it to me. I hope that’s ok”

You grinned and you bit your lip lightly and said;

“Of course it’s ok, I’m glad you called”

Kozik asked;

“Can I see you?”

Here’s your chance to finally get some answers and you didn’t hesitate plus deep down you really wanted to see him;

“Yeah sure, come on over”

Kozik let out a relief sigh and said;

“Okay I’ll be over in 10″


You both hung up and you went to your bedroom and looked yourself over. You ran to your kitchen and living room and quickly tided up. You sat down on your couch and waited. You heard the roar of Kozik’s Harley come down your street and pulled up your driveway. The excitement that you were feeling was like a kid waiting for ice cream. Kozik knocked on your door, you jumped up and rushed over but before you opened the door, you inhaled and calmed yourself and waited a few seconds because you didn’t want to seem to eager.

You opened the door to a smiling Kozik and he said;

“Hey beautiful, you look great”

You gave him a smile and greeted him;

“Hey handsome, thank you. Wanna come in?”

Kozik nodded and agreed, he walked in slowly and closed the door behind him. As you walked to the kitchen you asked;

“Wanna beer?”

“Yeah, sure”

You grabbed two beers and passed one to Kozik and he responded.

“Thanks babe”

You sat down with Kozik, he took a drink and you asked after you took a drink;

“So how was your day?”

Kozik took a drink and said while trying to clear his throat;

“Not that great, if i’m being honest”

You looked puzzled and asked;

“Why what happened?”

Kozik sat up a little straighter and said;

“Well, reason why I came here was because I want to transfer to SAMCRO. SAMTAC is getting rather crowded, I wanted to jump to a smaller charter”

Your heart was racing as you heard him say he wanted to stay here and you said;

“D..Did you guys take a vote yet?”

“Yeah we did actually, this morning”

You didn’t know how to respond because you knew it didn’t pass that’s why his day was so crappy. You then said;

“So who voted no?”

Kozik looked pissed when he said;


You sat up and asked eagerly;

“Why? what’s his deal with you?

Kozik’s eyebrows creased in anger and said;

“Just bad blood between us, past bullshit that he should have forgotten by now”

You acknowledged him and said with a hesitant tone;

“So what you going to do? Are you going to go back to Tacoma?”

You really didn’t want to hear him say he was going back so you waited in silence and drank your beer. Kozik killed the rest of his beer and sat forward and said;

“Um well my plan was if I didn’t get voted in I’d go to another charter. ..”

The expression on your face was ‘ dissappointment’ but then Kozik finished saying;

“But then I didn’t think that I would meet someone like you in Charming”

Your eyes brightened up and you looked at Kozik, your cheeks were becoming hot and there was hope again and then you managed to say;

“So I take it I’m going to be seeing you more often?”

You leaned towards Kozik and he came closer to your face, gave you a crooked grin, licked his lips and said in an almost whisper;

“Yeah, I mean if that’s what you want”

You couldn’t hold back any longer and you smashed your lips into his, giving him the most passionate kiss that you have ever given and when your lips parted you said;

“Yes, its most defiantly what I want”

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part 2 coming soon..

Drunk Love M.C

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Anon: Omg so I was listening to the song after the party by the menzingers and then I was thinking about how Michael would be so tired of girls only wanting to date him for his fame then he meets you and tries to take you to a big party but you convince him to stay home and get drunk in his basement and he’d realize he loved you while you were drunkenly dancing in circles around his basement just omg Michael feels
Omg same them Michael feels hitting me hard as fUCK right now, damn girl. But this sounded so cute and I just couldn’t help myself from wanting to write something like this!! (Also Michael’s P.O.V)

Word Count: 1.5k +

Warnings: Profanity



I walked by myself into the mall with my sunglasses covering my face and a baseball cap on my head. Obviously, not my best disguise, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered to put something a little bit better on. When I walked in, I instantly noticed two girls looking at me and whispering. I winked at them and continued through the mall. I got a few fans who recognized me, and took some photos with them.

There was also the insane amount of girls that wanted to hook up, but I wasn’t feeling like taking a girl home from the mall, unless she was really hot. I walked into journey, and started looking around for something new to buy. I had just come in to look, I didn’t really think I’d find anything I wanted to bring home tonight.

That is, until I saw her. She had the most beautiful blonde hair, it didn’t seem bleached, it was more of a dark blonde, but it was all natural. At least, that’s how it looked. When she turned around and diverted her eyes from the shelf she was looking at, her eyes met mine and I couldn’t help but gape. She had the most amazing eyes I had ever seen.

They looked grey, but with a hint of blue in them. In the light, they seemed to shine and sparkle. I heard her giggle and walk towards me. I instantly smirked, she was coming over. When she reached me, she smiled. It was a genuine smile that made my smirk change into one as well.

“Hi, I’m Y/n.” She said as she took in my face with a smile. I smiled back, “I’m Michael, Michael Clifford.” I started smirking as she nodded. “I know, and it’s nice to meet you Michael.”

“I’m sorry for staring at you earlier, I had just never seen someone with such beauty before, it amazed me.” I smirked as a blush over took her features. I noticed her look down with I small smile as she fiddled with her bracelet. “Thank you Michael,” She said as she looked back up, “It was nice when I noticed and cute guy checking me out from afar.” She smirked back as mine fell off my face.

I shook my head with a smile as she started laughing, “Ok, maybe I was checking you out, but how could I not? You’re absolutely stunning.” I smiled when she stopped laughing and just smiled at me.

“My, my Michael, what a flirty boy you are.” She giggled, and holy fuck, a dimpled popped out. I laughed, “You’ve got dimples.” I pointed out with a small smile. She blushed with a nod, but didn’t look down like she normally would.

“Yeah, I’ve had them ever since I was a baby.” I laughed, “I would assume so.” I was about to continue to speak, but was cut off from her phone ringing. She looked down, and me being the nosy guy I am, also looked at her phone.

“It’s my sister, she needed me to get something for her boyfriend, it’s his birthday next week, and he wont let her get him anything so I had to pick it up.” I said with a smile and a roll of her eyes.

I nodded, “Um, wait, do you think you’d like to go tot a party with me? Maybe so we could hang out or something?” I asked as she shook her head, “Sorry, parties aren’t really my thing, but I do want to hang out.” She said with a smile.

I nodded again, “Ok, then maybe you’d like to come over? We could just hang out at my house and get drunk or something.” I offered with a laugh. She laughed, and lightly pushed my shoulder.

“Alright, sure, just let me get your phone number, and you can arrange a time to meet? And ill need your address too.” She chuckled as we swapped phones. I put my number in her contacts, and saved myself as Michael❤️

She took back her phone and looked at my contact, she giggled, “Well now I don’t feel bad for putting a heart next to my name too.” She smiled. I smiled, and noticed she had done the exact same thing I had.

“It was nice meeting you Michael, I’ll text you, and then text me back so I don’t look like a loser.” She said with a slight laugh. I laughed back and nodded, “I’ll let you know later when I can get my band mates out of the house.” She nodded and smiled, “I’ll see you later Michael.” She said with a slight wave of her hand.

Michael: Y/nnnnn

Y/n: Michaaaaeeeelll

Michael: Are you free tomorrow? My band wont be here :)

Y/n: Yeah, I’m free, I just need to know your address.

Michael: Here you go, but I could have always picked you up if it’s easier?

Y/n: No, i’s fine, don’t worry about me :-)

Michael: Ok, I’ll see you at say 7? Or 8?

Y/n: 7 sounds good, I’ll see you then xx

Michael: I can’t wait, see you then :) xx

“You losers need to get out now! She’ll be here any minute.” I complained as I tried to shoo the boys out of the house, she didn’t need to see them, or else they’d want to stay and hang out.

“Ok, ok, gosh Mike, we’re leaving.” Calum laughed as he walked outside and into the car. Ashton followed behind, and so did Luke, but he stopped at the door and turned around, “Why can’t we just stay?” He whined as I growled. His eyes widened and he laughed. “Ok, I get it, I’m leaving. Bye Mike.” I grumbled out a bye back to him and set up the food in the basement.

I heard the doorbell ring, and my eyes went wide. I ran up the stairs, and dashed to the door, I almost slipped on the floor with my socks on, but I didn’t fall, thankfully. I opened the door and saw her standing there. She had on leggings and a black shirt.

“Hey Michael, thanks for inviting me over.” She said as she placed her bag down on the bar stool near the kitchen island. “Where are we going?” She asked as she looked around in amazement. I chuckled, and her eyes instantly went to mine.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got beer, alcohol, and video games in the  basement. I thought we could go down there, and if you don’t want to play video games, we could just like, watch a movie and get to know each other.” I suggested as I lead her to the basement.

“I like video games, let’s play.” She said as I looked at them games we had. She gasped and I looked over at her to see her eyes lit up. “I haven’t played Mario kart in ages! Can we please play?” She asked as she reached for it with a smile on her face.

I chuckled and nodded. She smiled and looked at me, “How about, whoever wins each round, between the two of us, gets to ask the loser three questions.” I smirked and nodded, “Game on, but the loser has to drink while they answer the questions, makes it more interesting.” I smirked as I grabbed a bottle of beer and gulped some of it down.

She smirked, “Oh, you’re on.”

She lost.

Every single round.

And she was drunk, that’s what happens when you drink every time you lose, while losing every single time. I laughed when she was trying her best to tell a story about when she was younger, and tripping all over her words.

“And then-then, guess what she did?” She started giggling and she swayed back and forth on the couch. I laughed along, “What?” She giggled even more now, “She-she tripped, and then-then,” She started giggling even more.

Suddenly, the song changed to another one. The Drug In Me Is You by Falling In Reverse came on and she instantly stopped what she was saying and jumped off the couch to stand up. Before I could ask what she was doing, she started dancing in the weirdest ways.

She would spin around with her arms up in the air, she would head bang, and she would jump around the room, all while screaming out the lyrics drunkenly. “C'mon Michael!” She slurred as she tried to pull me up to dance with her.

I shrugged with a smile, “I don’t know, I’m not really the dancing type.” I told her, she had a sassy look on her face as she placed one hand on her jutted out hip.

“Yeah? Well I can’t dance, but I’m still doing it.” She sassed as she grabbed my hand and started swaying our interlocked hands together. She started jumping around and spinning in circles, while she giggled the whole time.

The only thing running through my mind was her. And I had a feeling she wouldn’t be leaving it for a while.

The Five Stages of Grief

Arthur hasn’t gotten out of bed although he’s been awake for three hours. He heaves air through his lungs slowly, as if it was painful- but the only pain is the dull ache in his chest where his heart is supposed to be.

Francis was gone.

The realization hits Arthur as if he had run into a brick wall. Mumbles of no, no, no, fill the air. The quiet if effectively broken for just a few moments, but it settles back into silence when Arthur feels the tears sting at the corners of his eyes.

Although the mantra remained alive in Arthur’s head, he let the sound fall out because he just wanted Francis to come back. He would come back, right?

Light shines through the light off-white curtains of Arthur’s bedroom, yellow rays spilling across his bedsheets, his clothes that he hadn’t bothered to change out of last night, and his ungroomed face. The house that had so many memories, situated in the British countryside and very estate-like, seemed empty now. Weeks had passed and still Arthur felt numb, cold. Was their decades of a relationship just a fluke to the country of love?

And some country of love he is! Up and leaving like that, not leaving a trace after so long! What did he even do?! It’s not like there was anything new or changed about their relationship that might have caused him to leave, the only possible reason is that Francis Bonnefoy is a huge dick! In fact, he’s such a fucking dick that his actual dick looks like a toothpick in comparison!

How dare Francis. How dare he leave Arthur and take all his things like he was never there in the first place? Did he think that Arthur would just move on with his life, casually pick up a new partner, fuck around with a whore for a little while? Fuck no.

Arthur hasn’t gone to work in weeks. When he tries the Queen or the Prime Minister or Matthew stops him because he’s clearly not okay and honestly at this point he’s willing to do anything just to have Francis back.

To have that long, blond hair, smiling blue eyes, the skilled hands, Arthur would sell his soul. He wants what he used to have back; after all doesn’t the saying go “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”? Well now Arthur knows and he wants back his Francis. He wants the teasing and the play fighting and the amazing sex and the actually good French food and Francis’s hands and arms and love back. He wants Francis back but for some reason God decided that he couldn’t have back the one thing that kept Arthur going these last few decades.

Another wave of sadness washes over the Brit, and he rolls over on his mattress, pulling a sheet up and over his head. Memories flash in and out of Arthur’s head and he groans. Why now, why does he always have to think about him when all Francis cared to do was leave?

Of course that didn’t help his growing depression. All that he did each day was gripe about Francis, make himself tea, try to eat something, and get back into bed. Occasionally Matthew would visit, but he had his own nation business to handle. No one has the time to deal with Arthur but he himself.

But maybe, if Francis wants to be away from him, Arthur will just have to deal with it. It’s not as if Arthur can drag Francis back to the countryside house and they’ll start living like they used to again. Francis is such a free fucking spirit.

Arthur would just have to move on after another few hundred cups of tea.

Unoffical Big Brother

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Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Avatar!Reader

Warning: tad bit of violence, swearing

Summary: When HYDRA captures a teenage girl to wipe her memories away and use her powers to kill, Bucky feels it’s his job to free the girl. There’s a connection between them, it’s not love, he’s protective of her.

Word Count: 1539

A/N: I made up a birthday and an age, I hope that’s okay! And also I don’t really have any knowledge of the Avatar, I just used what I remember from the show!

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Not Enough - One Shot

Summary: You and Steve have a bad break-up, and you wind up running to Bucky for comfort.

Prompt(s): (Anon request) -91,87,56,4• Angsty as hell, just like One Last Time, but like… no happy ending
91. “Tell me you need me.”
87. “Stay awake.”
56. “I’m late.”
4. “I’m too sober for this.”

Warnings: Swearing, let’s talk about sex baby!, SO. MUCH. ANGST. Don’t expect to leave this with a smile.

Word Count: 2890

Author’s Note: Ok, dear, I will make this angsty as hell, and while I considered writing an alternate ending to One Last Time at the time I was working on it, I think I’m happy with that story, and don’t want to touch it. So I will give you this similar storyline, but everyone suffers. How’s that?

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You were used to the fighting by now. You’d been with Steve for a few years, and at first it was incredible. He was so sweet and attentive, god he loved you so much, and you were completely swept off your feet. He could be so unbelievably charming. You loved how he made you laugh, he was so sweet and naive sometimes. You loved how he was protective and you knew you were safe when you were with him.

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wonho for 109: why are you naked?

❥ wonho, ‘why are you naked?’, this isn’t relevant but i really think wonho deserves to drive a maserati or royce or smth he’s amazing

in your time knowing wonho, you’ve been subjected to viewing him in quite a few compromising positions that have led to…even more compromising behaviour that no one would have been proud of. 

 like, for example, when wonho saw a girl he claimed liked him so panicked and pushed you back against the wall, kissed you and made you moan so loudly into his mouth that the girl most definitely got the picture and never spoke to him again. 

 or when you were convinced someone was following you home that one night so wonho dropped everything and came to your rescue, except he had nothing but an oversized coat and boxers on and there was absolutely no one following you in the end. but, anyway, you’d not bring that up again. 

 except now you’re standing opposite your rather strange wonho sitting, no, laying, on your couch with his tousled blonde and blue hair looking as amazing as ever and his body even better. 

 but there was no explanation to it, and that was the more confusing aspect. ‘uh..hey wonho.’

 ‘hey!’ he greets, smile wide as he sits up a little to welcome you like a proper guest should do. ‘how was your day?’

 you have to pause for a moment to fully digest the fact he was acting like nothing was wrong. your mouth is slightly gaped and you can only assume this is something very normal in his eyes. ‘i’m great, but… uh… why are you naked?’

 ‘oh! because this car soaked me when it drove past me and through a puddle. i was soaking and didn’t want to get hypothermia.’

 decent enough excuse, you assume. 

 ‘well, uh,’ you stop yourself when wonho’s eyes meet yours and he raises a brow to question what you’re asking him about. ‘did you not want to like borrow some clothes?’

 wonho shakes his head and returns back to the tv. he’s half paying attention before he turns back to you and shrugs his shoulders. ‘i wasn’t going to rummage through your room and find clothes for myself. i’m not an ass.’

 ‘no, but you’re sitting in my front room naked,’ you remind him. 

 ‘but still! i’m fine, it’s okay.’

 you frown yet again, not moving despite wonho’s slight dismissal. ‘i’m sure that you’ve left some clothes here before. it’s fine, i’ll get you some.’

 ‘wait!’ wonho exclaims. it brings your attention straight back to him and you almost freeze in your spot and crane your neck back in his direction to see what the problem was. ‘aren’t you enjoying the view?


 wonho freezes at your question. ‘i-uh…uhm… the view?’

 his wink is a little misplaced, as is his laugh that’s meant to be for the added effect of making him seem like he was successful in his awful attempt at flirting. you just turn and walk in the other direction like before. ‘just put some clothes on, wonho.’

Least Wanted - a Tina-centric/Newtina fic

So I decided to split the fic up into multiple parts because it’s so long. The next part will pick up to the events just after the film and onwards :)

With that in mind, I hope you all enjoy the first part of this fic – it’s been many months in the making, and I’m very hyped (and nervous) to share it with you all!

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10-15 please!

wow what a great anonymous message this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111

10. Best date I’ve ever been on?

This was with a girl I didn’t end up pursuing or anything but basically it was the most simple date ever?? we went to In n Out, I bought her a fucking burger and fries, then we drove around in her car lip syncing to old ass Justin Bieber songs. I like the Simple Things. Also with this other girl, we watched the sunrise in Malibu and drove around the mountains and it was gr8!!! Cute simple dates with people who I ended up choosing as friends but the dates themselves were so simple and effective for me. THE BEST IS DEFINITELY YET TO COME THO ;-))))

11. Worst date?

Some girl drove me around and all she did for the entirety of it was tell me how much she loved smoking weed and how she was sad because she had offended her Trump supporting friends on twitter by speaking out against him and uh. Yeah it was just Bad. Terrible. Awful. A monotone loaf of bread personality wise too lmao.

12. Are you single?

I’m dating the person who sent this WOW coincidence??? I think not!!!! anyway I’m taken as fuck bih 100001%

13. Describe your girlfriend?

God WHERE DO I EVEN begin!!! she’s this breathtakingly beautiful girl with STRIKING blue eyes and luscious blonde hair and the most incredible smile I’ve ever seen in my life. She has THE perfect dimple and whenever I see her smiling my lil’ gay heart BUSTS A NUT I swear to fuck. She is so ridiculously funny, my cheeks hurt from smiling so damn big every time she texts me or opens her beautiful mouth. She has such a great sense of humor and never fails to make me laugh so obnoxiously loud the neighbors can hear me snorting, it’s pretty amazing. She’s so driven, oozes passion, when she wants something she goes and she gets it one way or another, SUCH a hard worker, someone who takes action instead of continuously daydreaming and I find that to be so damn admirable. Her French makes me melt into a puddle, she is so good at it and I hope I can learn some too so I can try and keep up whenever she speaks it because there is nothing I’d love more than to understand the meaning behind it on the spot, especially something that sounds so appealing to me. It’s mesmerizing to hear. She’s also learning Spanish, being the language-enthusiast that she is, and she’s absolutely killing it. She’s a writer, a reader, an artist. She draws such pretty flowers and she’ll deny it to hell and back but she is so good at it. Her voice is honey, I could hear her talk for 20 million years honestly, and when she starts to hum I can’t help but smile yet again, on top of all the smiles she already gets out of me. She is a model by nature and such a hardworking passionate woman, again, and she’s going to go so damn far, I’ve never bet on someone as much as I’m betting on Casey, she just makes things happen when there’s passion involved. Her music taste is IMPECCABLE to boot. She’s one of the smartest people I know in every sense of the word, she’s independent, extremely coherent, so fucking kind and so loving, everything feels right in the world whenever she’s around because of the energy she radiates. I believe in vibes, so strongly, and my girlfriend’s vibes are infectious, flat out contagious and I cannot get enough of them. I’m so ridiculously fortunate to be able to call her mine. She’s raised all my standards tenfold because she just keeps showing me every single day what I truly deserve, what I’ve been denying myself from for a long time. That girl is so special and I hope she knows, and if she doesn’t? That’s okay too, because I’m going to remind her every single chance I get. She’s the definition of ‘’worth it’’ and inspires me and motivates me constantly to better myself while reminding me I’m also perfect the way that I am. I value that so much. I value HER so much, I adore her with my whole entire heart. (Have I mentioned she ran a fucking marathon? In France? yeah)

14. Blah bLAH I’m looking for Casey. ANYWAYS.

15. Ideal wedding?

As long as it’s by the beach and there’s plenty of bonfires and good fucking food, with some friends and family sprinkled here and there, I’m set. :-)