blonde disaster

Yet another HolbyCityDay Tuesday is upon us and the week before Christmas is shaping up beautifully.  Catherine Russell is working her usual magic and tweeting lovely pictures of herself and Jemma from the ward what a Christmas present to receive and she might have just saved 2016 and pretty much all feels right with the world.

Having said that, I know there’s been some rumblings in our beautiful dumpster fire fandom as of late as to the total lack of amount of screen-time our lovely surgeons have been receiving and the quality of their interactions. I have some thoughts about this when do I not and decided it might be worth throwing up a little fanciful holiday guide to enjoying Campwolfe.  Because I have zero chill ability to be concise twitter will so never be my medium for communication I will be throwing these thoughts under a read-more to save y’all’s dashes.  Please peruse if you are at all inclined. One thing I will say before I jump to that read-more is that it speaks to how little positive representation we actually have on our screens that we all feel so tender and afraid for this pairing.  I think it is such a shame that we all have to ‘don our bullet proof vests’ in order to watch these two women.  At the slightest divergence from what we might think is ‘good canon’ we all go into fits myself included i WORRY about this pairing and storyline on the daily even though I know that I don’t really have to and it’s not always easy.  All of us, for whatever reason, have fallen in love with these women and we simply want the best for them  We want to have a positive, healthy, loving relationship between two women mirrored for us.  And we’re afraid, I think, sometimes we worry, just as we’re allowing ourselves to enjoy it that it will suddenly be ripped away from us.  That’s tragic.  Hopefully as other shows see how wildly successful a pairing like this can be we will begin to have more and more representation that doesn’t immediately break our hearts.  In the meantime I really don’t think we need to watch Serena and Bernie through our fingers with our breath held.  They’re going to be around and together for awhile longer yet. 

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combeferre and enjolras meeting in the university library at 3:30am. enjolras is stressed mess only alive because he’s drunk six cups of coffee in the past hour, and combeferre (who has been there all day yet still manages to look perfect) suggests that this tiny blonde haired disaster goes home and gets some sleep after he literally falls off his chair. enjolras just mumbles “you should get some sleep” before returning to the book he’s reading. combeferre reaches across the desk to turn the book the right way up.

RWBY Characters
  • Ruby: powerful puppy
  • Weiss: cannot function without iced coffee
  • Blake: sjw furry
  • Yang: busty super saiyan(g)
  • Jaune: blond disaster
  • Nora: would drink bleach for a dare and survive
  • Pyrrha: canadian magneto
  • Ren: mom friend that likes to cook
  • Sun: monkey who thrives in chaos
  • Neptune: Be Kool or Die™
  • Scarlet: emo pirate
  • Sage: has a Big Sword™
  • Coco: wears sunglasses at night
  • Fox: *stares into your soul*
  • Velvet: bunny photographer
  • Yatsuhashi: also has a Big Sword™
  • Ozpin: old man who likes tea
  • Glynda: is done with everyone's shit, wants to retire
  • Ironwood: secretly Bucky Barnes
  • Penny: just wants a friend
  • Qrow: drunk and dtf
  • Winter: Rich Bitch™
  • Port: secretly the monopoly man
  • Oobleck: would be on Man vs Wild
  • Cinder: enjoys S&M
  • Torchwick: ginger mobster
  • Emerald: would sell drugs that give people hallucinations
  • Mercury: prosthetic piece of shit
  • Adam: horn-y psychopath
  • Neo: silent but deadly
  • Junior: wants to know when he can stop rebuilding his bar
  • Raven: bird that left the nest too soon
  • Taiyang: probably keeps all of his dad jokes in his cargo shorts
  • Zwei: boof

How I looked this morning before I had an awful meeting, almost knocked myself out and left my phone in someone’s car… Oh well, still looking up! 😊

Miraculous Ramble #1

You know how there’s the thing going around in the fandom about Plagg’s luck causing him to loose a lot of his chosens and distance himself from Adrien?
What if that’s the same reason he doesn’t transform unless necessary?
Even though he tries not to care about the oblivious blond disaster, he still does and tries to keep him out of danger the best way he knows how? Assuming that Chat’s bad luck is amplified when he gets transformed, that spells out all sorts of trouble that Plagg doesn’t want to go through again.
He wouldnt be able to bare losing another because of his damn bad luck.

Well, since I still have a plenty of time I think I might do what I wanted. And I wanted to properly introduce some of my OCs. Most of them are parts of the same story (alternative universe, magic folk, blah-blah-blah).

This blonde disaster is the main character, named Lisa. Stubborn but cheerful, Lisa is the queen of questionable ideas and she is pretty good at creating problems. Not too big problems though.

- She can befriend almost anyone.
- Every dog in the village loves her with all its heart.
- At some point of a story she looks really unhappy. Maybe because of this stupid old fashioned red dress.
- Her best friend is a freaking half-human who lied her for years. But he insists he is still a good guy.
- (he is)
- Lisa can’t decide what she loves more: sophisticated white dresses or climbing trees.