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The Sweet Blonde

Another pelt I bought a few years ago that also went with some mishaps.  She was from New York and after a friend pointed her out on eBay that I had to have her.  I made a dumb mistake though and improperly stored her pelt and she became beetle riddled.

She was sent to @woodsandfarm where I excepted her to fall apart but they pulled off an amazing save and with just a bit of damage on the paws, she is still as drop dead as I remember her.  I named her Sugar and she is mountable, the hopes was to eventually mount her in a sitting pose.

short-blonde-andaverage  asked:

If you don't mind my asking- what inspired the idea for the shapeshifters(?) like Clifford and the other wolves? I know Wilde Life is based mostly on Native American mythology, but I'm just curious about what specifically they're based on. (As a side note, I love Wilde Life and thank you so much for creating it. It's been my favorite webcomic since I found it.) I hope you're having a great day!

Clifford is one of the Animal People, and a very direct translation of how Animal People appear in mythology. They’re found in lots of different tribes, the most famous one is probably Coyote, who is bffs with a spider god named Iktomi.

Animal People can be all sorts of different animals, and we’ll see other types later on in the story. They’re never deer though. Deer Women are a completely different thing. >:)


Its been a coydog day apparently.  I’m not the only one that scored since creatureundertaker nabbed a black and tan coydog just moments ago too.

Since I’ve been doing taxidermy, I’ve dream of owning a coydog pelt and I was given the chance at one today.  The trapper/taxidermist I got Zen from e-mailed me last night about this gal and asked if I wanted her and i never regretted it.  We actually talked quite a bit today and he mentioned these coydog have been getting caught very close to Atlanta which has me wondering if coyote in that area are indeed breeding with stray dog in that area.  I’ve also been wondering what dog breed it might be mixed with because of the ears curling like they do.  I really couldn’t thank him enough, I was over the moon pretty much.

She’ll be here next week and will once again skinning under my mentor’s supervision due to the fact the ears are wonky on this gal.  She’ll be lifesized with the same color eyes she has.  Besides from this gal, I’ve gotten three wallhanger coydogs, a dark red coyote and trading for a moonlight coyote all in a matter of 3 days.

Its been a good week.

So for YEARS I had the worst and weirdest luck with buying blonde coyotes. The first blondie I bought wasn’t tanned (which the seller didn’t mention and I didn’t have the resources to tan him back then so I sent him back). The second one was a greasy mess with paper thin leather that I had to reinforce and ended up giving away. The third one I bought started slipping when I went to reshape his face…and turned out to be a coydog instead of an actual blonde color morph :’D! Needless to say, it’s been about 3-4 years since I tried my luck again, and this gal Rune has finally broken my blonde coyote curse! 


Fur auction haul for 2017!  Because of reasons that I did not go all out like I normally do with the furs, mostly because I still have a lot of tanned furs listed in my Etsy Shop currently.

That said even though I did scored a lot of pelts this year, I did get some rather unique pelts in the haul that I really have not see before nor have I see those colors up for auction either.  Either way, pretty happy with what I got and hopefully all these will go quick.

Here’s the list of the haul:

  • Raccoon (Not Available)
  • Blonde Coyote ($20, ON HOLD)
  • Coyote (SOLD)
  • Coyote (SOLD)
  • Red Coyote ($20)
  • Gold Platinum Fox (SOLD)
  • Dark Coyote (SOLD)
  • Whitemarked Red Fox (SOLD)

As promised since people expressed interest in buy the pelts as is, they all are available to purchase for a limited time.  If interested, please message me the one you want and I’ll get back to you.  This must be done ASAP because after Wednesday they’ll be off to the tannery and will not be available until they return.

These are RAW DRIED/TRAPPER DRIED pelts and are not suitable for taxidermy but excellent for crafts/garments or for hides to practice tanning on.  Considering some are not the best and they are raw, I’m going to be offering them for excellent prices so do not miss out!

Tricked (Malia Hale Imagine)

“Lydia are you sure it’s in here?” You call to Lydia, who was currently standing outside the classroom while you searched through the teachers desk.
“Yeah, it’s in there, just keep looking.” She said, and as you looked towards her, you saw her begin to shut the door. Instantly you jumped from the desk and rushed towards the door, only to find it was already locked.
Lydia gave you a look, raising her eyebrows before turning away from the door, resting her back against it.
‘Why would she do this?’ You think to yourself, sitting on the teachers desk and closing the drawer. You close your eyes and exhale, patiently waiting for Lydia to open the door.
Suddenely you hear a door unlock and your head turns towards the classroom door, only  to find it was still closed. Turning your head around the rest of the room, you realise the door at the bottom of the classroom had unlocked.
“Are you sure it’s in here, Stiles?” You hear Malia’s voice come through, before the blonde were-coyote stepped into the classroom. Her eyes instantly fixed on you the moment she stepped through. Warily, she turned back to the door, where Stiles had just shut and locekd it.
She growled at him through the window and his eyes went wide, before he gave her a shrug and nodded his head towards you.
“Got you too?” You asked her, desperately trying to lower your heart rate. It was no secret that you had a crush on Malia, the entire pack knew, other than Malia. And no matter how many times Lydia told you Malia liekd you back, you could never be sure.
“What are they doing?” Malia asked, walking up towards the desk where you sat.
“I don’t know, but I guess they both wanted us in a room together……” Your voice trailed off, as soon as you realised their plan.
“Why would they want that?” Malia asked, completely oblvious to the situtiation.
'Oh right, I guess she never seen this happen in TV shows while she was a coyote’ You think to yourself, trying to find a way to explain it to her.
“Well, it miht be my fault….” Your heart was racing, only noticing now how close Malia stood to you. She was practically standing in between your legs. Of course, she didn’t mean anything sexual by it, she just wasn’t bothered by personal space like other people were.
“You see, I might have, kind of, sort of, told Lydia that Ihaveacrushonyou.” You murmur the last part of the sentence, speaking so fast the words combine into one.
Malia tilted her head to the side, furrowing her brows, an action she did on a daily basis and one that you just couldn’t get enough of. The way her hair fell over her shoulder, the way her nose crinkled….. Stop it.
You blink your eyes, realising Malia was still waiting for you to tell her why both of you were locked in the classroom.
“I told Lydia I have a crush on you.” You resent, not meeting Malia’s eyes in fear that she would look at you in disgust.
The room was silent, and you were about to speak up again, when suddenely you felt Malia’s lips on yours. She kissed you hungrily, her lips warm against yours, despite the temprature of the rest of her body. She pulled away when you both ran out of air, leaning her forehead agaisnt yours, both of you breathing heavily from the kiss.
“I’m still new to relationships, but I want to try if you do.” She said, looking into your eyes.
Your lips form a smile before she pulls you in for another kiss, your mind vaguely registering the sound of a door unlocking somewhere.

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Thanks for reading!

- Graham

Brothers Best Friend Part 5

“Can you believe it’s been 5 years today that we’ve been together?” Calum asked smiling as he pushed you on the playground swing.

 "I know. Hard to believe I’ve listened to your corny jokes for 5 years isn’t it?“ You smiled as he grabbed your swing, abruptly stopping it causing you to giggle. 

 He smiled and kissed you sweetly. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and meadows of pretty pink flowers were on the horizon. 

 You looked at Calum and smiled. He smiled back the smile that made you melt into a million pieces every single day.

 "We made it y/n. It’s only sunny skies from here on out. Has been since you decided to wear my ring.” He said kissing your temple. 

 You looked down at the diamond and smiled. It was small, nothing fancy, and it was perfect.

 "I love you y/n.“ He said with big brown sincere eyes. 

 Your heart was fluttering.

"I love you too Ca-” you started to say, until a loud thud distracted you from the moment.

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New edition to the family, a WIP of a beautiful blonde coyote I happened to name Wendigo (aka Sunny).

Now despite her being a coyote, she is being done with blue ice, red fox eyes,  and due to this fact I have had a bunch of people making rude comments about the eyes not being “right” for a coyote but that was MY personal choice as this coyote is based on a Native American skinwalker/wendigo legend that runs through most of the mountains of home town of Pennsylvania. I am VERY happy with her progress.

f(x) Luna cast as the Female Lead in Children Movie ‘Thunderman’s Secret’

It has been confirmed that f(x) member Luna will be appearing in the upcoming children’s film “Lightning Man’s Secret” (working title).

According to an SM Entertainment representative, “Luna was cast as the heroine in ‘Lightning Man’s Secret’ and is currently in the middle of filming.” Ahead of her role in the film, Luna has previously starred in musicals “Legally Blonde,” “Coyote Ugly,” “High School Musical,” as well as web drama “Jumping Girl.” The acting skills she will show audiences in the upcoming children’s film is sure to draw a lot of interest from fans.

“Lightning Man’s Secret” is a spinoff of the EBS show “Let’s Get Together Ding Dong Deng,” which features Lightning Man as a main character. In addition, there is also currently a nationwide performance spinoff featuring the character called “Space Lightning Man.” “Lightning Man’s Secret,” meanwhile, is expected to be released in the second half of this year.