blonde coyote


Fur auction haul for 2017!  Because of reasons that I did not go all out like I normally do with the furs, mostly because I still have a lot of tanned furs listed in my Etsy Shop currently.

That said even though I did scored a lot of pelts this year, I did get some rather unique pelts in the haul that I really have not see before nor have I see those colors up for auction either.  Either way, pretty happy with what I got and hopefully all these will go quick.

Here’s the list of the haul:

  • Raccoon (Not Available)
  • Blonde Coyote ($20, ON HOLD)
  • Coyote (SOLD)
  • Coyote (SOLD)
  • Red Coyote ($20)
  • Gold Platinum Fox (SOLD)
  • Dark Coyote (SOLD)
  • Whitemarked Red Fox (SOLD)

As promised since people expressed interest in buy the pelts as is, they all are available to purchase for a limited time.  If interested, please message me the one you want and I’ll get back to you.  This must be done ASAP because after Wednesday they’ll be off to the tannery and will not be available until they return.

These are RAW DRIED/TRAPPER DRIED pelts and are not suitable for taxidermy but excellent for crafts/garments or for hides to practice tanning on.  Considering some are not the best and they are raw, I’m going to be offering them for excellent prices so do not miss out!


Wallhanger/Unmountable Quality Pelts

Using my coywolf Jagger and blonde coyote Sheba to show how these pelts would be no good for taxidermy or any kind.  Wallhanger/unmountable pelts, no matter your skill level in taxidermy is will never produce a quality mount.  If you are able to successful turn and split everything on these hides, there’s a risk of slippage in those areas because the meat wasn’t properly removed in those areas in the raw phase of the hide.

Sheba especially is a great example of a pelt that “looks” like she can be mounted. First glance, she’s got everything there as she has all her paws, the paw pads aren’t missing and she has her lower jaw.  But all too well many people believe having all those features that the pelt is mountable.  She’s indeed not mountable because her nose, eyelids and lips weren’t split properly, her ears were not turned and the ear butts cut and that the genitalia skin is missing.  It would be one hell of a time to mount her that would not be worth the headache.

Unfortunately this happens a lot with new members who are coming into the collecting pelts/taxidermy trade.  I hope that my photos can help educate people who might be look for pelt for mounting and not end up in disappointment to find its no good.