Forgetful : Tom Holland

Prompt: you lose your memory and your best friend Harrison and boyfriend Tom are a wreck, and they try to help you regain it by bringing you back to London.

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

words: 1082

a/n: this is kinda based off of young and hungry haha and it’s 12:30 but I decided writing this was more important than sleeping! I’m trying to catch up on all my requests and drafts and this is a good start to get the ball rolling

y/b/d: your birthday

“y/n. y/n?” A soft voice repeats a name over and over again, running their thumb over your hand.

You open your eyes groggily, taken aback by the brightness of the room.

“Oh my God, y/n. Harrison, get the doctor, y/n’s awake.” The boy who’s holding your hand says, and out of the corner of your eye you see a blonde boy dash out of the room. You focus your attention on the boy who’s seated at your bedside, still rubbing his thumb on your hand. He’s got brown messy hair and brown eyes, sparkling.

“W-why am I in the hospital?” You ask, sitting up on the bed.

“Um, you got knocked out pretty bad.” The boy says, dropping your hand.

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I’ve have this friend (Linds) for about 6 years who is an amazing writer.
We bonded over our mutual love for a broken and disturbed blond boy.

After many years of not moving in the same fandom circles, I managed to convince her to watch Riverdale and so she wrote me a Bughead Fic.
It is simultaneously hot and sad - which is typical of her because she used to make me cry while writing hot stuff for American Horror Story all the time. It’s her gift. I legit cried. It doesn’t have one of those hopeful endings… it’s officially a smutty angsty fic - so if you’re into Smutty Angsty fics - you should read it.

what they call love is a risk. by @ohhyellowbird

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/“…he has to smile. Because she was his once, and for right now, she still is.” – This is where I started crying - it was so freaking gorgeous and sad and hot and all good things…. Read it!