blonde bookworm

stuff my big sister and i have said to each other sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to suit your muse!

  • “college is fun. trust me.”
  • “what a lovely shade of basic you’re wearing. where can i get it? can i get it at macy’s?”
  • “let’s get slushies…on you!”
  • “we’re not telling mom, right?”
  • “you don’t want your boobs entering the room before you do.”
  • “i’m not good at taking care of drunk people.”
  • “hey, i wasn’t the one here that was dropped twice as a child.”
  • “she jumped from the top bunk and to the couch and broke the futon.”
  • “your boyfriend finally followed me back on instagram after a year.”
  • “if i had your eyes on my face, i’d be perfect.”
  • “you wanna get starbucks? i want starbucks! let’s get starbucks!”
  • “remember when that boy cornered you on the couch and i left you there?”
  • “you’re throwing so much shade, we may as well be under an umbrella. tell me everything!”
  • “date a boy with a dog, you’ll be ten times happier.”
  • “we aren’t wombmates! we weren’t in the womb at the same time!”
  • “i look like 2007 threw up on me.”
  • “your friends are annoying.”
  • “the speed limit is a limit, not a suggestion.”
  • “MISS ME?!”
  • “we don’t speak of this to anyone.”
  • “my life all through middle school was people telling me my older sister’s hot. and it was really creepy.”
  • “why am i sitting across from your boyfriend at this wedding?”
  • “half the family doesn’t even know that you exist. you can get away with anything.”
  • “decaffeinated tea and chastity, that’s my motto.”
  • “sing one more frozen song. do it. sing a note. i dare you.”
  • “every time you touch my hardcover books, you need to sanitize. go in my dresser drawer.”
  • “when we get older, let’s be hippies together.”
  • “i bet i’m gonna be the family disappointment.”
  • “you’re like my child, i practically raised you. be thankful, you little pancake.”
  • “i may have made out with him once. twice tops.”
  • “use protection. we don’t need any more mini blonde bookworms running around.”
blonde-bookworm replied to your postoh my god I pulled out my old, old writing…

rereading old notebooks = path to self-destruction

IT REALLY IS. Painful. But it’s nice to be able to go back and laugh at myself and to see how much I’ve improved (if only slightly). But god so embarrassing.

laughsandcuriosity replied to your postEmbarrassing writing blog?

Omg so want to make one haha?

wearesilverandashes replied to your postEmbarrassing writing blog?

ANYTIME!!! have lots right here


tertiagladio-archive  asked:

A tiny rust-colored rabbit with cute yellow eyes bounces forward a few steps and looks at the birb. "Happy Easter from Bionis!" a certain blond haired bookworm's voice rings out a second later. "This Happy Rabbit is said to bring happiness to anybody who touches it!"

“Oooo!!” The birb’s face immediately lit up when he saw the cute looking bunny. “Peep, are you the easter bunny?! Peeptoo said you weren’t real, is it really you Mr.Easter bunny?!” As soon as he heard the Holm’s voice, he looked up and happily peeped. “Peep peep, Shulk I found the easter bunny, peep!!”