blonde bombshells


Blonde Bombshells + The history of the Platinum Blonde & Hairstyles

The first star who appeared and had gained publicity around this hair color was Jean Harlow: knowing as The Original Blonde Bombshell of Hollywood, during the 1930′s, her hair became a new symbol for the public - despite the decades who passed, the main ingredients in Clorox bleach in the 1930’s are the same ingredients in Clorox bleach today - something that, when mixed with ammonia, produces noxious gas, hydrochloric acid, and apparently, a star-worthy shade of blonde. This harsh and painful process, her stylist said, she’d have done weekly. During the 1940′s, Betty Grable became really well known for her elaborated list of hairstyles, with big rollers. Her mark until nowadays is what we call the “Poodle Hairstyle”, (as you can see in the picture of the post). But the big “boom” for blondes were on the fifties: Marilyn Monroe is probably one of the most well known of them all, at this time, the curls were smoothed and brushed - what many people in nowadays ask is: “But how they did it?” the technique that was most used at this time was the “pin curl” - after they washed their hair, they would separate small sections of hair, curl with their fingers and pin with clips, for the nice weaves and curls, they made the alternate pin curls, (you can see the technique being used on Jayne Mansfield in the picture of this post) . The brushing was the key to give you the effect that you wanted, Diana Dors was known for her impeccable ‘Page Boy’ hairstyle (as in this picture), and Jayne Mansfield for soft curls with a big volume on the front 


Blonde Bombshells + hair extensions & wigs

Is a common belief that wigs and hair extensions are a very modern thing, actually they have a long history - The wigs started to be used by the ancient Egyptian, and the remarkable 17th century & 18th century eccentric wigs made history. But they were used in the glamorous ladies from the Old Hollywood? Yes and very often for some specific characters in movies. In the first photo of the post, for example, Marilyn Monroe is using long hair extensions for her role in the western ‘Rive Of No Return’ (1954), and there’s also this photo of Mamie Van Doren wearing hair extensions in 1963. As many of you guys know, bleaching really damages your hair - and decades ago it wasn’t different. Jayne Mansfield started to bleach her hair in 1954, and in this photo of her on the set of 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour’ in 1962, she was not wearing a wig, you can see that her hair is pretty short here. So, especially for the Blonde Bombshells, wigs were very often used because of the years of hair damage. In the 1960s a new type of synthetic wig was developed using a modacrylic fiber which made wigs more affordable. Reid-Meredith was a pioneer in the sales of these types of wigs. Diana Dors is wearing a short platinum blonde wig in the photo taken in 1963.