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y o u  will be the prettiest there!

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Would rue ever dye her hair another color? :D

She might dye her hair other colors too, but she quickly changes it back to blue. She is with the 501st after all! She partly dyed it for Tala too, her “padawan” (*cough* lil sis *cough*) who has natural blue hair. And she feels good in the color :p
Rainbow Rue incoming!

which one do yall like the most?

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Could you do prompt #35 and #108 with Alex Standall please?

My sweet little blonde bby. The only character on that show (besides Jeff) who had his head on straight 💛

35. I’ll just tell your mom on you.

108. I’m glad you’re mine.

“What even is that?” she tilts her chin up at the sugary concoction placed in front of her boyfriend. 

“I honestly don’t know,” Alex shrugs indifferently, “Tastes good though.”

“It probably has like a thousand grams of sugar,” she grimaces at the thought.

“Okay now you’re just being dramatic,” Alex rolls his eyes playfully.

Alex was on a mission to try every drink Monet’s had to offer, and they recently came out with a new spring specialty drinks menu that he was tearing through quite quickly. Every drink seemed to get more grossly sweet than the previous, and Alex’s arteries were probably screaming in agony.

“When you end up having a heart attack at the ripe-old-age of twenty remember this conversation,” she flips through the pages of her textbook vindictively. 

“Babe, quit your nagging. I’ll be fine,” he assures, taking a sip of whatever the hell he ordered.

“Fine,” she grumbles, “I’ll just tell your mom on you.”

“You wouldn’t,” Alex makes an overly serious face, his mouth agape in horror.

“Oh but I would,” she wiggles her eyebrows in a sinister way.

“Why must you rain on my sugary drink parade,” he pouts, jutting out his bottom lip, which happens to be covered in whip cream.

“You should be glad I care about your health,” she laughs, leaning across the table to give him a peck, licking off the stray whip cream.

I’m glad you’re mine,” Alex admits, licking some more whip cream off the top of the drink.

“I’m glad you’re mine, too. Which is why I want you to live a very long time and not suffer from carotid arteries before you reach adulthood,” she adds.

“Oh my god, here we go,” Alex chuckles, dipping his finger into the remaining glob of whip cream and booping her on the nose with it.

“Very mature, Standall,” she rolls her eyes in good nature, wiping her nose with her sleave.

“It’s why you love me,” he winks.


“I practice all the time, and I know about theory, in fact I think of music that way, because I think of music every way that I can. Like, if I’m making up a backing vocal part of a song, I know what interval I’m singing in and I know how it relates to the chords in the song. I believe that when you make music, you’re playing with matter that the infinite is made up of. Understanding chord theory and understanding intervals and notes and the way music is written on a page can make our use of these elements of infinity bigger. On the other hand, technical knowledge can also make your understanding of music’s relationship to infinity smaller. For me it makes it bigger, but there was a time in my life that it made it smaller, and when I saw it having that effect, I just forgot about it all. I forgot that I ever knew how to read music, and I forgot that I ever knew what the name of a note was. And that was when I felt I started coming up with my own style of writing songs and of playing guitar. So when I had my own style, I started thinking about that stuff again, and I found it made my style more magical.”

- John Frusciante