blonde and teal


short-lived hair colors

neon orange mingyu / blue jun / mint wonwoo / copper dino / red-streaked s.coups / teal-blonde hoshi


SO!! i wanted to do one of those fusion memes for a couple of my ocs and i went with klein, jophiel and achaiah!! PRETTY ANGEL FUSIONS!! :3c aaaaand this is the final result haha

I’ve noticed a bunch of new followers lately… So I just wanted to say hey there and welcome if you’re new and a big hug to my loyal friends and followers on the interwebs 😙 Keep being awesome and stay high ✌
Much love, Alyssa Sparkles

anonymous asked:

Hey Marc~ Have you seen or heard of the blond!Levi bandwagon recently? Thoughts about it? Yes/no/me liek? And could I please request a blond!Levi art? Whenever you have the time of course and only if you want c:

Yeah, there’s been some really good art on my dash.

I’m not too high on it though, I prefer teal haired Levi if I had to give his hair another colour.

A while ago I did doodle a headshot and gave him some random hair colours though including the blond. If I had to go light, I’d go for platinum instead.

anonymous asked:

How many colors have you done with your hair? What's your natural color?

My natural color is blonde and
I’ve had teal, 4 different blues, 3 different pinks, 5 different purples, green, blue with green highlights, half blue and half orange, white blonde, silver, gray, white blonde to lavender ombre, blue to green to purple ombre, purple to pink ombre, red, red and pink, half blue and half sliver, and purple to blonde ombre. ❤