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I’m just saying, Beronica is OTP Material like Brittana

Beronica have the main ingredients of what OTPs are made of. (At least for me):

  • Blonde & Dark-Haired Cheerleaders
  • Short Sassy Dark-haired Latina
  • Tall Blonde Dorky Angel (who likes to tilt her head a lot)
  • Happy Place™ (Beronica’s Pop’s is literally the counterpart of Brittana’s Breadstix)
  • Undeniable Chemistry of Actors who play the role

Fuck her. She can wait, Levi growled, suddenly turning back towards the blond & pushing him up against the wooden bookcase. A breath caught in Archer’s throat when he felt Levi’s body pressed against his own. Their lips collided & it was as if no time had passed at all. It was the same love, the same hunger & the same sincere adoration that had always existed between them. So easily he fell in the still familiar kiss. 


God, it is so weird to be back in this house, Archer mused, looking around the small kitchen. So many memories that he’d nearly forgotten were coming back to him as he stood there. 

Levi laughed as he placed the food into the oven. As usual, Jodi was running behind. Not that he necessarily minded this time. It would allow he & the blond some time to talk before she arrived. 

Do you remember that time that Jodi convinced you to jump off of the swing in the backyard? Archer chuckled, recalling the summer days the three friends had spent in this very house. We all thought you broke your leg & your grandmother freaked out. 

Remember how Grandma used to keep the cookies hidden in the top of the cabinet? Levi added, his own memories now flooding in. 

Holy shit, the blond snickered. We tried to get to them & ended up shattering half of her dishes.

Needless to say, Levi continued the story. We failed horribly, ended up waking her from her nap & never even got any fucking cookies.

After a moment, the laughter subsided. Archer’s mood suddenly shifted, getting more serious & clearing his throat. I know we weren’t really talking back then but I was really sad to hear about her passing. I’m sorry, Levi.

Thanks, blondie, he smiled back at the man, stepping closer.  This is going to take a while so we should probably go wait for Jo in the other room.

I love how people describe Elio&Oliver differently in Call Me By Your Name reviews;

  • 17-year-old & 24-year-old: typical one
  • the son of an academic & a visiting doctorate student: me, an intellectual meme
  • Italo-American 17-year-old & 24-year-old golden boy of the kind that might once have graced the pages of Physique Pictorial magazine: beefcake magazine lover,has a crush on Armie Hammer Oliver, for obvious reasons…
  • A 17-year-old & 24-year-old whose body is an epic unto itself, as big as any one of the ancient statues that have been dredged up from the local seas: who the fuck is elio  ~☆~dramatiqué~☆~  one                       ♡:・゚✧follow for more Greco-Roman statue aesthetics ✧゚・: *♡
  • scrawny 17-year-old Italian-American boy with a library for a brain & blonde, tanned, and handsome man, like a real-life version of the Roman sculptures: another one who start daydreaming about Armie in the middle of the review, still +A for the description of Elio
  • thoughtful 17-year-old Elio & the chiseled, showboating grad student: someone who isn’t sure if this american boy deserves his thoughtful Elio

also: can we maybe stop bringing up shit like nazis and neo nazis and the muslim ban as a comparison towards anything or anyone who even playfully makes a jab at steve “white straight male with blonde hair & blue eyes who canonically says the line ‘there’s only one god, ma’am’” rogers

nazis would kill me on the spot neo nazis write articles about why genocide of people like me and my family would make the world a better place like don’t be throwing around this shit like it’s fucking hypothetical, neo nazis are real racism is real xenophobia is real using things that are real life threats to the lives of real life people to demonize anyone who says anything you don’t like about your favourite fictional character is fucking Evil tbh

Crazy Pant's Mile-High Club

Word count: 1, 643

Summary: Adventure stirs when your trapped on a plane with the Suicide Squad.

Pairing: Reader x Captain Boomerang

“Ye, ya wanna ground me, luv?” Boomerang asked with a lazy smirk. He’s sat on a lazy lounge at the back of the government’s private jet. His body takes up the entirety of its space; jittery limbs, he’s always moving.

“Fuck off.” You puffed out. Head flicks in his direction before it shifted back, your eyes locked on the back of Diablo’s chair in front of you. It’s a danger to have this many prisoners on board, but what perhaps nerved you most was the Australian.

Harley bounced up on her chair. As much as you had tried to sit next to Katana, at least the plane ride would’ve been fairly quiet; the amped up blonde had urged you to sit right beside her. Legs bending, she sat in the most uncomfortable position you’d ever seen. Hands whipped out her mobile from her shorts pocket, discretely. Before getting onto the plane, Flag had thrown tracked iPhone’s at the merry villains. It was his not so secret way of Waller keeping an eye on all of you and for Harley, it seemed, a way for her to start yet another conversation.

[ text to: Boomey ] I want y’ to give me an Aussie kiss!

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anonymous asked:

sorry if this has been asked before but what are some of your favorite comfort movies? i had a really long week and just need something simple to take my mind off everything thanks in advance!!

sorry guys i got a couple of these (asking for feel good/comfort movies) and i was swamped with work all day! so: wes anderson! (moonrise kingdom especially, also grand budapest hotel) paterson, amelie, legally blonde, bridesmaids, romy & michele’s high school reunion, 20th century women, best in show, drop dead gorgeous (those are both dark comedies but i find them comforting), frances ha, chungking express and 500 days of summer