blond spam

Zach Mitchell Imagine - Interested
Gender - Female
Author - Maddie
Warnings - fluff, swearing

Prompt - “Could you do an imagine where your Owen’s daughter and you act just like him, but when Zach comes. He falls for you”

You held up the sign that read ‘ZACH AND GRAY MITCHELL’ with one hand, and the other resting over your eyes to block out the sun. You were mentally planning murder in your head - how dare your father make you do this?

Owen Grady. The father who you had gotten everything from. Looks, personality, build. You were a exact look alike - apart from being a girl, of course. 

Two boys were heading your way, once tall with brown hair and the other short with blonde hair. You guessed they were Zach and Gray and waved. “Hi, who’s Zach and who’s Gray?”

“I’m Gray!” The younger young smiled, waving enthusiastically. You smiled back, and did a once over of Zach. He was handsome, tall. Though he looked like he’d rather be anywhere else other than here.

“I’m (Y/N).” 

You flirtatiously smiled at Zach before walking ahead, hearing their footsteps behind you.

“What are we going to do first?”  

“We are going to meet your Aunt Claire.” You said, leading them into the large building. “She should be here soon.”

You turned towards Zach and eyed him, he was on his phone and his thumbs were rapidly tapping on the screen. You glanced down and saw a beautiful blonde spamming him.


“Uh - yeah, but I don’t really like her.”

You mentally smirked, stepping closer to him.

“Hm, okay.” You hum, your fingers marching up his chest like little soldiers. You turn back around just in time to greet Claire, giving her a warm smile.

You watched over Claire’s shoulder as she spoke with her nephews, giving Zach a wink once he laid his eyes on you before waving a hand over to Zara. You had to go find your father. 

You opened the door before you paused, looking over your shoulder to see Zach giving you a smirk. 

Yeah, you were definitely interested.


i am sorry that i am kind of reposting the drawing, i really didn’t liked the other one, i couldn’t sit still until i changed it to this, and now i feel way better with the result ;_;

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